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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various narratives behind the term "ENThrany," including the theory that people of Jana will enter Jana and become strong and never die, the theory that the prophets of Islam will bring death to people of Jana, and the RAM will be " edema." They also discuss the upcoming announcement of the people of our RF, which cancel each other almost equally, and the importance ofbuilding a botagious life and being aware of one's own limitations. They also mention Jana's journey to success and her desire to protect herself from harm.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Baraka

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Al Hamdulillah. Abdullah Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Baraka Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Sleeman Kathira So Mama van Do you guys know what's the meaning of

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eternity in Jana? How does it look like

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when you talk about holiday Novia, Abba, they live their eternity. Do we even know what does that even mean?

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How does it look like because anyone can imagine that eternity in Jannah let's see what the professor was telling us about this and Hadith number 1892. In the other solid green color and ibsat and wherever Herrera Radi Allahu Anhu Omar and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam makan either the halal Halal genital Jana Yuna, the Monado. The Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam said here, when the douleurs of corridas, the people of paradise, they enter Paradise, and announcer will call in telecom and Tahoe Furla, terminal two, you have a promise from Allah that You will live therein and you will never die.

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We're in telecom and Tessa, who further just tamo Abba, and you will stay healthy therein and you will never fall ill will in nella come antiship boo fella taharah mu Avada and he was the young and he will never become old. Or in Allah come Anton Ambu Fela su Abba. And you will be under a constant bliss and you never feel miserable, raw Muslim.

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Who wants to live a life like this? Imagine anybody wants love like this? Are you guys working for it?

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I hope so.

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The cost is a lot. It's a very heavy cost over here. But to go over these words quickly and shallow Tara so the first thing the Prophet SAW Selim says that when the people of Jana they will enter into Jana, Jana Dima, that somebody will be calling. And just to let you know, there are multiple calls and cries that people have Jana will be hearing and others as well to like when people have agenda will be there. May every now and then there'll be an announcement. One of those announcements, the people of our RF you know, those people hold good deeds and bad deeds. They cancel each other almost away equally. So they're stuck in the in between in limbo. They're not in Jannah. They don't

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Johanna. So these people will arrive. They look at their people have agenda and they call them

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they call them could you please you know, salaam alaikum. You know, we're here. Could you please take us with you? The people are off the economy. People will Jana. The people of Johanna will call the people will Jana. They call them Galois field or RA namun. Alma alma mater is aka Comala. Could you please just send us some of the blessings that Allah bestowed upon you or someone just some water please?

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We will Johanna. And in many, many ways, many times the people of Jana will receive some announcement and of course, one of them is this one.

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And it was elaborated on a different Hadith when the people have agenda the internal Jana, someone will call ya Jana, and everybody will look we'll be looking at and see what's going on. And he will tell them, Allah subhana wa has promising you that you should live this life in this Jen and Jen and this paradise, you will live eternity and you will never die. There was another narration that explains that in which the prophets of Allah Salam says that Allah subhana wa Taala will bring death in the form of around

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like a big sheep of a goat.

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And will be placed between Jana and Johanna. And they will be called for the people agenda and Jahannam Yeah, hello, Jana. Yeah, hello. Now, do you know what that is? They all look at it. And Allah subhana wa Taala give them that knowledge. They recognize this to be death. They say yes, we know it's death.

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Then while they're watching, that RAM will be sacrificed. Or does that mean edema?

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No more death. As for the people will Jana they rejoice. No death, Allah Akbar. What they've already been enjoying now becomes what? Permanent for them? But for the people Johanna? When they look at that scene, what do they what do they go through?

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If it's worse for them, like Oh, my God, it was it was bad enough, you know, for an instance. And that's going to be eternity. May Allah protect us from that era Bananaman. The second one, as a prophet Salla Santa mentioned, He now speaks about the quality of this life. Like, okay, we'll never turn it. But what kind of quality is that? How does it look like for God? Well, in the lack of analysis,

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you should always feel healthy. And it should always be healthy. You will never fall ill like what's the point of living eternity and you keep falling sick every now and then. You eat something, you start throwing up. You walk somewhere, you break a limb. I mean, what's the point of that?

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But when your life is eternity and it's always healthy, it's unbelievable.

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And then, okay, but I'm not gonna get old through this and says no, you will always not just feeling young, you will always be young.

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So it's not like getting older and feeling young mashallah like us to do Joomla No, no, no, you're always be young. I just want to ship bufala horombo Every whenever I get old car, we're in nella calm and 10 Ammanford before that, actually. So when you're young or old, what does that mean as a man?

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The maximum maximize and what? enjoyment and pleasure

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because when you're young, you want to enjoy everything. When you're getting mashallah and younger. Also, with age, when you become past 50s and 60s, what does that mean that you don't have the same enjoyment of what you used to enjoy when you were 20s.

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You don't enjoy the food that way, you know, other younger ones would enjoy it. You don't enjoy. I don't know recreational time like other people will do you have different perspective on things. But being younger all the time, you have the exact same maximum level of enjoyment for everything that you do in general.

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And then finally, he says call for another time and 10 ammo. In that age, in that quality of life, and that eternity of life. You should always live a life of bliss. You will never, ever feel miserable in any moment of your life.

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That is a summary of what eternal life is going to look like in Jana. Now, what kind of pleasure it was I mentioned over here, but it was mentioned different than that as well too. But the idea that you can always live a life of bliss. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us this life you're on Bananaman. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make us among those will be enjoyed for those that Allah We ask Allah subhana wa to forgive us our sins, our shortcomings. We ask Allah subhana wa to treat to treat us with his Rama Just Mercy not not with justice. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to overlook our shortcomings or mistake or Brian Amin accept from us the best of our deeds, your Bananaman and we

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ask Allah subhana wa for brother the same Reza to relieve them from the oppression that go on through Allah. We ask Allah subhana wa to bring that ceasefire instant and immediately out of barrel. I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa to have mercy under shahada We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give healing to the sick and Ileana Brahmin recovery to those who are injured Dr. Brian Amin, and for those who remain alive We ask Allah to provide them safety in this dunya and the acarya Allah but Allah mean, we ask Allah to restore life and peace or so peace and tranquility and the lightsheer Brahmin, y'all Allah we asked to protect them from any harm that might come in and out

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but I mean, and yeah Allah We ask Allah for them and to be for them and give them victory against their oppressors. Rahmanir Rahim hamdulillah Mohamed salah and the question is your ma

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Mala go work hard for Jana Gemma. Now Allah said Samira Brahman

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