The Most Underestimated Major Sin

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you unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his blessed path until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allah him. I mean, the brothers and sisters, one of the wisdoms of us witnessing the darkness of injustice and oppression in this world is so that we manifest the exact opposite of those things in our personal lives. It's not just that we see the cruelty and reject it, it's that we see it and we

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examine ourselves and make sure that we don't have any traces of it. And much of what we are witnessing right now and the atrocities committed by Israel and the United States, against our brothers and sisters in Gaza,

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is the ugliest of spiritual diseases manifesting at a global level. And while we watch and watch and watch as the same courts as the same international bodies that were set up by the powers, that are meant to hold them accountable, always let us down at least a little bit. We remind ourselves of a day of judgment, we remind ourselves of a hereafter we remind ourselves that there is a time in which justice is served. But at the same time, we hope that just as we wish to see, our brothers and sisters in Palestine and the oppressed brothers and sisters around the world, get justice, that Allah does not find us guilty of any oppression, on the Day of Judgment, ourselves, be the servant

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of Allah, that is not alone. Do not be the one that is likely to be the one that is McTell Do not be the one that is called to be the one that is oppressed, not oppressing. The one that is killed, not killing. This is fundamental to the teachings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now one of the things that happens when you start to read through the Quran, is that every time Allah subhanaw taala mentions the ugliness of a sin, He also mentions the way that the believers manifest another quality. So when Allah subhanaw taala condemns financial corruption of Riba, usury and interest and stealing and all of those things, Allah subhanaw taala mentions the believers Lissa

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County, that a loan, those who purify their wealth and they purify themselves by spending of their wealth in ways that are noble, and make sure that they always earn in ways that are noble, when Allah subhanaw taala condemns Zina, when he condemns adultery, Allah subhanaw taala praises Well, Ladino homely for Raji him, Have you learned those who guard their chastity? So there's always a beautiful counterpart to an ugly spiritual disease that Allah speaks about, that can manifest both at the individual level and at the community level. And I wanted to speak about today, what is in my opinion, and Allah knows best, probably the most underestimated of the major sins of the Kabbalah.

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Now, there's a toss up here, whether it's between the sin that I'm going to speak about or a riba when a user in interest, why because there are major sins that are very obvious murder and adultery and all of these things, drinking alcohol, these are things that are very obvious to us, right, and they're not as normalized within Muslim communities. As some of the other things, especially when it comes to financial transactions that are becoming more and more digital. It's a lot easier to transgress in that regard, and it's definitely something that we should be careful with. But Subhan Allah this hadith always gives me pause because of the way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam said what he said, and it's a hadith by the companion, Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Taala and who not back to the Sadiq or the Allahu anhu, but another companion, who is less known, and it's an authentic hadith, where he says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah do look home, shall I not show you Akbar Al Qaeda? Allah Akbar Al Qaeda, what the worst of major census? Shall I not tell you what the worst of major sins is? And the prophets lie Selim was always teaching. He said this, I think his Salatu was Salam while he was reclining. So he's talking to his companions and teaching them even while he's reclining. And he says, Shall I not tell you what the

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worst of major senses and the companion see Bella, Yasser Allah Yes, O Messenger of Allah. So he said, sallallahu alayhi wa salam, Al ich Rocco Billa.

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First and foremost a sheikh. Then he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were Kokua leading

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and to disobey your parents to harm your parents to violate the right of Allah upon you than to violate the right of your parents upon you. Then he said sallallahu alayhi wa Salam wa shahada to Zoo

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And to bear false testimony was shahada to xuer. And to bear false testimony was shahada to xuer. And to bear false testimony he said it three times the Allahu Allah Salam, while he was in that position in that posture. Now if you hear those things, the one that seems the least scary is false testimony. What does it mean to bear false testimony? I never went to court, hopefully never went to court and you know, more false testimony. What does that even mean? But the prophets I'm saying that three times in and of itself should catch your attention. And then I will record all the alo time and who says condom with Tukey and it has Salatu was Salam. Fidelis, he was he was reclined and then

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he sat up sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said hola Como Zoo, Allah wa shahada to Zoo hola Como Zoo, Allah wa shahada to Zoo he kept on repeating it until we got it. Beware of bearing false witness beware of false testimony to the point that Abu Bakr ah says cleaner later who suck at it. His Salatu was Salam we wish that he would stop sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not because we don't like hearing him not because we're not heeding the warning, but it's like he's tiring himself either his Salatu was Salam trying to impress upon us. Hola Hola. Como Zoo? Be careful with bearing false witness, be careful with bearing false witness, what is false witness? And how do we see it

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manifesting both at the political level in the global arena, as well as in our personal lives? Now the opposite is Allah azza wa jal says, What Lavina home be shahada to him on the moon. It's beautiful. Those who are upright with their testimony, they are upright, you don't fear that they will ever lie, no matter how consequential The truth is. And there is a connection here, that the believers live the truth no matter what the consequences are, both in terms of Tawheed and abiding by the way of Allah subhanaw taala and believing in God no matter what persecution comes with that to say La Ilaha illa Allah no matter what persecution comes with that, to abide by your principles,

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no matter how far the society around you has drifted from those principles to stay upon your way, no matter how strange that makes you so you are not afraid of the consequences of truth. Why do people lie sometimes because they're afraid of the consequences of telling the truth. There is a clear benefit to lying so Allah azza wa jal situates. This within the resume of a believer when Medina Humby shahada team called Iman, they will never lie in their testimony, not to benefit someone else or to benefit themselves because they fear the consequences of that lie on the Day of Judgment, far more than they fear the consequences of that truth here. They will stick to it. They are upright,

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they can be trusted. The names of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before Islam Asad Amin. The honest and trustworthy one. You knew Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for 40 years. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never told a lie, never cheated. Anyone never twisted anything, never did anything that could compromise His credibility was a man of principle before he was declared a man of prophethood and everyone knew it in society. When Lavina Hornby shahada team called Iman, we're a people who are to be upright in our testimony.

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Now Allah subhanaw taala describes about the Rahman the servants of the Most Merciful and we can build on it and sha Allah to Allah and why the prophets lie Selim is impressing this upon a so much and what the applications of that are today, Allah subhanaw taala says, well, leadin Allah Masha dunya zouche a people who do not bear false testimony do not witness false testimony. What either Maru beloved we ma Rukia Rama and when they come across vain speech, idle speech, they proceed with dignity. They leave with their honor intact, when they come across people who have departed from that honor. If they come across them talking and Subhanallah the way that the scholars described the

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second part of this verse is profound. Sometimes a gathering takes a wrong turn.

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You didn't intend it to take that turn, you're sitting with people and then all of a sudden, the gossip starts all of a sudden that Did you hear what so and so sad? Did you hear what so and so did all of a sudden the gossip starts all of a sudden it takes a certain turn. And you did not anticipate that? What either Monroe Billahi Maru Kurama you get out of that gathering and you spare yourself. You preserve your honor, and you preserve the honor of the one that's being spoken about. I'm not interested in the decrease of that person's honor or in my own honor, by debasing myself by being a part of a gathering where people start to slander and people start to diminish other people

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I'm not going to do it. And it's important because Allah never talks about a spiritual disease in isolation. Just like inserted here July, Allah subhanaw taala builds up to the crime of backbiting, right? Allah Subhana Allah starts off with what is her calm woman calm? I Sonya Kuno, Hydra minhang Whether Nissan Nissan, Hydra min one, look, first and foremost, don't think you're better than anybody else. You're not better than anybody else Don't, don't start to put people down and mock people, even in front of them. Don't think you're better than anyone else. Want to just sue Well, I have to battle Kumbaya. And do not Allah Subhana Allah says it's tenable. Kathy, Ramona, one

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inevitable Vani Ethem don't make assumptions about people. If you start to make assumptions about people, if you start to spy or you let your suspicions take you to the next level, let me check up and see what's going on with this person, you're going to go to the next level, right? It's not an isolation, and then you'll start to spy and then you'll start to search for their faults. And then at that point, it's only natural that the next step is when I asked a Bible combat law, you're going to end up in a situation where you are consuming the flesh of your brother or your sister, it didn't happen like that, in this situation, Allah subhanaw taala also situates false testimony with people

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who spare themselves who spare themselves of gatherings or groups, where they're going to diminish their own honor by being a part of those groups.

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So back in the day, that meant passing by a gathering or a gathering, taking a long turn a wrong turn. Now it's your Whatsapp group. Now, it's your social media, you know, your algorithm tailors to you. So if you're only seeing nasty people, it's not a very good sign about where you've taken yourself to. If everyone on your feed talks a certain way, right, or interacts in a certain way, then that means that the shape ponic algorithm has figured you out. That that's what speaks to your your insight. That's what speaks to you like that stuff. Right? So let me feed you more of what you like. And so you continue to diminish your own honor while taking from the honor of someone else. So

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similarly, to sort of draw to Allah subhanaw taala situates false testimony in that shahada to Zoo when Medina law you're shadowing a zoo or either Mr. Robot lovely Maru que Rama. Now, why is it that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about this the way that he did? And why is it that Allah subhanaw taala places this sin alongside a schicke fetch stany would read staminate mineral Athan, which then he will call the zoo, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah says, Leave off the worship of idols and leave off cola xuer Leave off that false testimony, because the scholars say that false testimony is usually of another degree of severity. And this is where I want you to pay attention.

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Your lies have consequences on people's lives, your lies have consequences on people's lives. Once you share something, you own it. Once you retweet, you own it, once you forward you own it. And if that is not true, if there is a lie in there, and it has a consequence to someone else's life, unfortunately, that's Sahara Desert. That is false testimony. And so the scholars say that false testimony is a lie that brings about an oppression and there is no greater oppression than shidduch. It's the lie that's told that an oppression is built upon, alone is then built upon, and there is no greater oppression than shirk. Now, what does this mean in the global scene? And what's an example

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of polar Zoar? Your president who is trying to solicit your votes today, who's hoping that you will forget your president who looked into the camera and said, I saw 40 beheaded Israeli babies with my own two eyes,

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seemingly with tears in his eyes, lied to the American public lied to the world, bore false testimony and said he saw something that he didn't. And then his White House spokesperson walks it back afterwards with a statement that no one reads, but what was the consequence of that lie? A president who sees 40 beheaded Israeli babies but not the 10,000 beheaded Palestinian babies with his bombs. What was the consequence of that lie? We ended up with a beheaded almost beheaded six year old boy in Chicago,

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stabbed 26 times, partly due to that false testimony. Right? You put out a lie that has consequences. The consequences of that lie can never be walked back that is shahada to zero. That is exactly what false testimony is to see it in its most evil manifestation. Every accusation against the Palestinian people as we say, this is an Israeli confession, everything that

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They say that we've done, they have done to us 100 times worse, proven documented. But the thing is, is that once the lie is told, the lie is then sold to the public. And then unfortunately, lives are taken as a result of that how many lives are taken as a result of false testimony, how many lives are taken as a result of those lies, because you can't take it back, especially in this world when you speak it, and it already travels around the world.

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And then your president wants to come to your community and make sure that you're still going to vote in him and vote for him in November. I hope you sent him the right message in sha Allah Tala as a community. And let him know that his false testimony was witnessed by the rest of us. We saw it, we felt it. And we see the impact of global lies on global lives, especially the lives of the people of Gaza. Now for us, what happens when I pass something on? What happens when I pass something on carelessly that involves someone else's life, and I have not done my due diligence to verify it as truth. And then it has a consequence on that person's life. Even if you were not in front of a judge

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and standing in a courtroom, you better believe that you will one day stand in front of the judge.

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In a great courtroom, the cord of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and he himself will be the judge. And you will not be able to say, well, it looks like it was real, or everyone else was saying it. Careful Dear brothers and sisters. Allah will call the zoo, Allah wa shahada to Zoo imagine the prophets lie Selim in a manner Lacombe man zealot team violet, Lima, calm I am to like a father I teach you imagine the prophets lie some in front of you in saying hola Como Zoo. Be careful with bearing false witness. Be careful with passing on a line that can have a consequence on someone else's life. Be careful with your recklessness be upright, even if you think that the person that's being spoken

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about and this is so important. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never lied about the people of Makkah, even after they ran him out of Mecca, and even after they killed his relatives, and they did to him every form of evil that you can imagine the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam never reciprocated, their lies, their tactics, their methodology because we have to be better than them.

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We can't see the moral ground. We can't see the moral ground. So the prophets lie. Some didn't go around and say hey, let me tell you about Abuja. And what I heard about Abuja, let me tell you about Ebola happened when I heard about Ebola help, none of that, in fact, subhanAllah

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one of the most powerful lessons we take from the Sierra is that the people that were persecuting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam and Mecca. They left their precious belongings with a sidecar, Amin even after they persecuted him, because they knew that the prophets lie Selim would not do away with their precious belongings even as they took away the most precious people to him. Can you imagine if you're the prophets lie some and you have a Buddha has watched with you. And what does the prophets lie some do when he leaves Mecca he son Satan, that ideal all the Allah Tada and he says, Go return back to Amman, not the trust of all of these people.

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Even though he's fleeing their attempted murder, I will not be like them. I will not excuse myself to act like them no matter what they did to me, because we are not like them. And in his own personal lifestyle alone when he was 10. I'm taking the amanotes back. And I want you to think about this. How many secrets

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in 40 years? Do you think the prophets lie some had about Abu Lahab and Abuja and about these people that he could have destroyed them with? By passing it out in public. How many things do you think they took him? The most approachable human being in the world? sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? How many times do you think they took the Prophet slice and I'm aside and they could talk to him when they could talk to no one else. And you think of the prophets like some did not give away. Their m&r did not steal their m&r the trust's of them you think he would divulge their secrets? No. Because we're different. Well, Lavina Humby shahada to him caught him on we don't bear false testimony. We don't

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see the moral grounds. We don't become like the people who oppress us. We don't justify our own oppression by saying, well the environment as such. And there's a common thread with all of the major sins here by the way, Xena everybody commit Zina riba everybody does.

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Alcohol everybody drinks come around. Everybody does this. Everybody does that. Everyone talks like this. Everyone does this. Everyone does that. Stop looking to the person to your right and your left. And thinking Well, if he's doing it or

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She's doing it.

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instead ask yourself am I willing to meet Allah Subhana Allah with it? Allah kolu Allah wa shahada desert. Be careful, dear brothers and sisters lies have have consequences on people's lives. Don't put your name on anything that you know is not true. Don't sign on anything that you know is not true. It might seem small, but it is big in the eyes of Allah in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And we see, we see what the lies of the President of the United States have led to and the destruction of the lives of our brothers and sisters in Gaza. And even here, may Allah Subhana Allah protect us from that evil and rid us of that evil all around the world. And may Allah subhanaw taala

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allow us to see justice in this life and the next and to never be on the side of the oppressors in this life or in the next Allama I mean, a Kurokawa or stuff Allah EULA commonly cited Muslim infested Filipina Hello off

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Karim Allah Allah He was Sami at Marine, everyone could please come forward as much as possible inshallah to accommodate everyone in the hallway

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along with me and me not when we're sleeping or when we're sitting here even when I'm in like a semi or on carbon Mooji without

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a llama hooded and I would have no Wi Fi now whether to either

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Robin alumna and Fuson, our inlanta for Luna hotel Hamner, Ko Nana mineral hypersaline La Mina careful when Kadima to Hibbeler alpha for ANA alarma fiddly Wadena Hobbit home welcome bonus Ivana Robina habla naman as well as you know the reality now Kurata Aryan or Jana little matcha Pina Imam Allah Han Solo one still that I've seen a few Philistine Lamas sort of one muscle that I've seen a few Philistine Allah on sort of one muscle that I've seen a few mosaddek or the Omega Ruby Allahumma it could be Lolly mean Allahumma Halekulani Mina with Lani meanwhile Regina with one human being him certainly mean any other line Allah Hi I'm Robin Abdullah Hassan where Ito Cordoba en Heron and

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fascia you wouldn't want to carry well buddy you're either coming Allah come to the Coronavirus, Corolla has croquembouche crew and Erina is it luck? What are they called? Allahu Akbar Allahu jamoma Toss in our own working