The Beginning And The End – EP 33 Your Brothers From The Jinn

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You know, many times we associate we think that evil is to inherently be attributed to the gym that all of the general evil all of the dinner bad because obviously when we talk about the jinn, usually we talk about them in the context of the sheltering of the devils and protecting ourselves from them. And as we said, the first thing we should do is talk about their rights upon us. And particularly, remember that there are believers amongst the jinn, we have people we have some amongst the jinn that we should actually feel an affinity towards, even though we don't reach out to them. And even though we don't see them, so we should be extra careful when dealing with them. And

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even Mr. Little De La Anhui narrates that a deputation of Jim came to the Prophet slicin and they even complained to the Prophet slice lm Yeah, Mohammed, your community, your oma they cleaned themselves with bones and with dung and with charcoal. And they said, What in the law, Jelena viharas called our last panel to Allah, please sustenance for us in those things. So you know, so this is harming us because we're not able to use those things. Now, obviously, cleaning themselves here means after using the restroom, they didn't have toilet paper back then. So they would basically use whatever was drying whatever was hard to do, you know, to clean themselves. And the

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profits license them after that incident after that encounter with the jinn. He forbade the oma from using those particular three things. And another Hadith in Sahih Muslim, the prophets lie some he actually pointed out to the people, the remains of their charcoals. And he and he warned them to be wasteful or to use them in a way that's inappropriate. And also last I saw him he said that the jinn asked him about what their risk was, what is allowed for them, what's permissible for them to consume, what's permissible provision for them. And the prophets lie Selim, he said, every bone on which the name of Allah has been mentioned will have something on it for you. So you know, for us,

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our you know, halal food is that which has been slaughtered in the name of the last panel to Allah for them, the bones that have had the name of Allah mentioned upon them. So when you eat and you mentioned the name of Allah upon your food, you're actually you know, you might be doing sadaqa without even realizing it, because the jinn would consume it after you and the prophets lysozyme said, and the droppings are for your animals. So when he said, your animals, he means the animals amongst the jinn. And as we said, it's established that the jinn have animals amongst them. And it's interesting because the prophets lie, Selim, he actually mentioned to the Sahaba, that this is

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fourth in, you know, to leave these things to, you know, to not use these things to clean yourselves. He says, For inner who's wanting communalism. These are the provisions for your brothers from the jinn. So he's even saying a kewanee come in Elgin. And it's important for us to remember that again, they are believers, and as they are believers, they are brothers and sisters to us, and we wish well for them. And when we say about the law and slaughter him, the righteous when we make the art for them in our prayers, we're including them as well. And even when the prophets lie Selim, you know, he sometimes he made this distinction very clear, even in Ramadan, recognize that there

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are jinn that are fasting in Ramadan as well. There are jinn that have their if thought and so on, so forth. And so the prophets lie Selim said, Sophie that the shale clean will not honor that religion, that when Ramadan comes the shale clean are chained away, and the evil ones amongst the jinn, okay, the believing jinn are fasting, just like us. When suta najem was revealed the very famous incident where everyone makes the jute as soon as the najem was being recited. The Prophet slicin mentioned that they that every human being pagan or believer, and every gin pagan or believer, as they heard, throughout the najem, recited at that time, they all fell Institute, the

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prophet Sly Stone, he also said to us to raise our voices in a van because he said, Every human being in every jinn, and every rock and every tree that hears that event will testify for you on the Day of Judgment. And some of their intimate they said, even the disbelievers would testify for you on the Day of Judgment, the most wicked of humans and jinn. Why because this was a means of conveyance of the message to them, when they heard your other even though they were disbelievers, they would be forced to testify on the day of judgment that they heard, you're done. So you have to be conscious of that somehow, like, even as you're reading. And even as you're reading event, you

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don't know who's hearing you. And remember that even the prophets I saw them in life when human beings turned him away. Some of the first believers were jinn on the last kind of title, he mentioned them and sort of took off and sort of religion, that the prophets lie Selim thought that he was completely rejected in this instant of five. And you know, so Pamela, that's really something powerful that when you're doing data, what even if the human being in front of you rejects it? How do you know that a jinn didn't hear you doing that well, and accepted and so on law says there was a group of jinn that heard you yesterday eronel and they were listening to you recite the Koran. And

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this was a Jewish group of jinn from the area of Yemen. They went back to their people and they said in US american apparel and

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algebra we heard a beautiful recitation and amazing recitation. And they mentioned that it guides to the truth and that this confirms that which has come to musataha salaam. So this was a believing group of jinn. And again they believed in the prophets lie someone human beings rejected him and love, the prophets lie Selim he also, he says laqad karatu, allergenic Layla telegin that I recited core and to the gin on the night of Elgin and the night of Elgin was the night that the prophets lie Selim couldn't be found and some of the Sahaba thought that he was killed, but then they saw the Prophet slicin come back and also loss lights, and I mentioned that he was reciting to the jinn. And

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he says, For can or Santa model duden income, they were better in their response than you. And he said the other solo What are you speaking about? He said, I recited to them. So Tawana and when I came to for ba de la, B Kumar to cover the band, Then which of the favors of your Lord will you human beings and Jin deny? They responded and they said, lobby say in near America, Rob Bannon who kept them that there is nothing from your favorites, oh, a lot that we deny for like a month until you belongs to the province license, that sort of man, they actually responded more appropriately than you did. And a lot mentions and sort of non well, human half Mr. Palmer rhombi he, Jen Nutan,

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for ba Allah, your ABI Kumar to catch the man, whoever fears the standing in front of his Lord on the day of judgment will have to gardens and alum mentions that Virgin and for men, and so they would enter into gender. And the last time he even mentions meats for them in sort of the Rockman as well. So they would enter into gender. And when they enter into gender and factory mom has an A bossy Rahim Allah said they would enter in a different creation, and you will be able to see them, okay? So you'd be able to actually interact with them in general, and they would be in a different creation, they enter in a perfect way, just as human beings enter in a perfect way, because it's

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only a test in this world, that you're unable to see them. And, you know, lastly, the prophet Sly Stone, he mentioned that there's, you know, there's this dispute that takes place as well amongst the believers and disbelievers amongst them. There's there were, there's rejection, there's acceptance, it all exists amongst the gentlemen as well those dynamics are there. And the last panel to add, in fact, revealed an idea, particularly about a dispute that took place amongst the gym that we didn't have access to, except through this verse of the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, He says regarding a group of jinn that used to be worshipped by their people, but then they became

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Muslim. Okay, so this was a group of evil jinn. There people used to worship them, and then they accepted Islam, the ones who are being worshipped. When they accepted Islam, the people refused their people, the jinn refused to stop calling upon them and refuse to stop doing a bother to them. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed Ooh, la la cadena de una Yabba tahona Isla de human vasila a you home a club, that those to whom they call upon those who are being called upon themselves seek the means or access to their Lord as to who amongst them will be nearest to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So it's Pamela There's our there's rejection, there's acceptance, and you never know who's

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listening to you and you never know who's hearing you out as you do that. And you never know who amongst your brothers and your sisters from the gym. You are benefiting with your good actions and you never know they might testify for you on the Day of Judgment, and you might just meet them in gentlemen.

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