Ali Albarghouthi – Loving the Prophet

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The importance of love and faith in one's life is discussed, as it is crucial for everyone to show their love to others. The speakers emphasize the need for strong emotions and common sense in pursuing Islam. They also discuss the use of "hamdu" in English to describe actions of the Prophet Muhammad and how individuals can increase their love for someone by sharing experiences and words. The importance of strong emotions is also emphasized, along with the use of salary words to describe actions. The speakers stress the importance of providing love and respect to one's partner in relationships.
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In Alhamdulillah, no one is saying who and

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when Oh the villa Himanshu Dorian fusina with the Dr. Molina Mija de la De La Hoya utilize the Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah. Mohammed Abu hora sudo sallallahu alayhi wa ala and he was he was in a MOBA alpha in the hero Howdy.

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Howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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all praise and things belong to Allah the Most High we thank him. As we said, we seek help from him and aid and forgiveness for our sins and protection from our evil sin, selves and the sins that we have committed. We testify

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that if someone wanted to guide someone knowing chemists guide him, Nicola wanted to misguide someone, no one can guide him. And we testify that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah alone. And then metal Allahu alayhi wa sallam is a slave profits and messenger, the best of speeches of Kabbalah. Another set of guidance is the guidance of hundreds of Allahu alayhi wa sallam and the words of religious matters are those that are invented and every religious innovation is a leader. And his guidance and his guidance will be in hellfire.

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The question that I want to ask inshallah, for today's

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is, do we love our Prophet Muhammad? sallallahu alayhi wasallam?

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I mean, do we really love them?

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When we consider how many people we love in the world today, including ourselves, and the reasons why we love them.

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And the manifestations of this love, how we exhibit how that love is reflected in our lives.

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Then you divert your attention to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and ask yourself in comparison to this other love that we have,

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and the expression of this love? Do we really love him? sallallahu alayhi wasallam? And what expressions of love do we have?

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How much do we know about him? how interested are we in following him? What stage does he occupy in our life, that we can actually say that he is a prophet of Allah that was sent to us and we really want to follow him. And as a result of that belief, we say we really love him. So a lot of it was said

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when you look at the Koran, you'll know that Allah subhanho wa Taala sets the bar high.

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For the love that we should give to him subhanho wa Taala to give to His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he sets the bar high, not be unreached

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but high.

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Demanding from us. Something that we may not be aware of though we read the Quran when we read desire, what Allah subhana wa Taala says according to cannot

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wait one

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year to come see

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if your parents and your children

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and your brothers and your spouses and your extended families or your tribes

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and money that you earn

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what Shona casada and commerce and business that you're afraid is going to go down under you're going to lose

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a second bone

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and dwellings houses that you love. If all of these things or any one of them that have a legal mean Allah He was sued he was he has a piece of Ed your local more than Allah and His Messenger salami or send them and Jihad for the sake of Allah.

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Then wait hedayati along bhambri until Allah will bring the consequences command. Wait for it. That is what from Allah zoton that is a threat.

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Coleman Vaseline and Allah does not guide those who are in the state of disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala meaning that I was so again

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to the type of people who would put these things ahead of Atlantis Prophet sallallahu wasallam that notice, Allah is not telling you not to love these things, not asking you not to love your parents and children and family and spouses and what you have. But allies saying that this love is greater than the love that you have for Allah and His Prophet sallallahu wasallam then basically, there's something wrong. Basically, there is something wrong and if you continue on this path, what you have set for yourself, and your community and your own man is a disaster.

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Waiting for you because you've loved something other than Allah azza wa jal. And the consequence of this is that when you find that there's a conflict between what Allah and His Prophet, and what they love, and any of these, see these things, you would follow them instead of Allah. And you would follow him against Allah, Allah, Allah yourself sallam, Allah is saying this is deficient. That is a deficient type of Eman and deficient type of belief. And its consequences disasterous

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meaning that we will have to love our profits in the long run, it will send them more than our parents and children and spouses and families.

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And that is exactly what Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said, There you will mean,

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one of you does not believe,

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who now have Bailey he Meanwhile, he wanted to he wouldn't marry until I am more beloved to him than his father, his parents and his children and the rest of humanity.

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Now this to some of us today, if you've hearing this for the first time, or you've heard it before, can be for some of us unimaginable How could this really happen?

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A man who had lived more than 1000 years ago, and I only hear about him through narrations through things that I read, how can I love him? More than I love my own child? More than a lot my parents more than I love my family and my money and my house? How could that be?

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We say it's a product of email.

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It's a product of email.

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Failing to reach that level, the problem is not that it's impossible. The problem is that our evolution hasn't propelled us did not graduate us to that level. Because what does he say that you mean? One of you does not believe meaning when you have a man, you can reach it. Let's take it step by step. All of us can agree that to have love for Allah zildjian is a condition and a pillar of faith, isn't it? You cannot be a woman you cannot be a believer. Whatever faith you're gonna be having as long as you believe that there is a creator and deity. You cannot be a member of that community and claim that you believe these things without loving

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without loving God.

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That is a basic.

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Now, it also should be common sense. And it follows from this, that you should love what Allah azza wa jal loves, isn't it

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that you should love what your beloved loves. This is evident among humanity as well. And I want to make this as common sense as possible. Among humanity, if you love someone and you really love this person, I'm talking about humans you really really love this person, you're naturally going to be attracted to and attached to the things that they love. If they love a particular type of food, you will like it. Not necessarily if you want to eat it, but you will like the fact that they like it. So you will have strong emotions towards it because they love that food. They love the house. They love it something because of your love to them. You will love that thing that they love. Poets spoke

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about this Wiseman spoke about this, this is common sense. So if you love Allah azza wa jal Wouldn't you love what Allah loves? And probably Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told you and the Hadith that if I he says I'm free of any

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meaning taking anyone on this earth to be a close, beloved one to me, because because your companion mean I meaning the prophets a lot he was Ceylon is Helene Allah. Allah has taken me his family, his most beloved as he has taken Ibrahim Ali Salaam to be his most beloved. So when you look at a lot of zolgensma he loves this prophet sallallahu wasallam so much

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So much all of humanity has taken only to for that position of

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the hammer salon he was in the mini Brahim ali ali salon while and Amina Sit down. You'll note that he loves him so much that I should love him. Similarly

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my man should push me to love him. So a lot of you it was, but it doesn't stop there.

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When you read also read in the Koran and be you older be more meaning I mean and to see him I want you to think about this.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam is closer to the believers more worthy than their own selves. Think about that.

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That is closer should it be closer to you than your own self

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he's more worthy has more white upon you than your own self.

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You may know this howdy when the prophets of Allah audio to send them was with Omar and Omar said to him so a lot of you send them a prophet of Allah I love you wanted to see how much love they had for him. ceylonese an old prophet of Allah, I love you more than I love my family and my children and everyone that I know all of humanity, except myself all profitable.

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And Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, Oh, no, you're not until you love me more than you love yourself.

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And then Omar reflected

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a little bit. And he said, Now prophet of Allah, and now I love you more than I love myself. And he says that, he says, Now, now you've really completed your email. You think about it, how can I love him? So a lot he was in a more than I love myself. It takes effort, it takes struggle, it takes contemplation and pondering, but it's possible. How is it possible? Ask yourself, this self that you have

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inside your body, cause you to what is good, but also cause you to what is

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takes you to what it rescues you, but also sometimes could dam you know, it's good for you sometimes. But sometimes it's bad for you. But you look at Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And you know that whatever he's asking you to do, saves you and never gives you, whatever he's asking you to do is the best and there's no harm in it. He is the One

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more than your parents, too, sometimes. And hamdulillah. Sometimes your parents asked you to do some good things, and sometimes out of ignorance out of emotions will ask you to do some bad things. But now

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if you listen to him, he rescues you by the will of Allah, he rescues you from Hellfire, and from pain, misery in this life. Every good thing that come to you religiously had come to you through him sallallahu wasallam and every harm that you have avoided religiously. And also in the dunya. If you are listening to him, you avoided because of him salani while he was 11. So the ride that he's upon you, the good that he has done to you is unparalleled and unequal by any other human, including your parents, and including yourself, he benefits you more than yourself benefits you.

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Because as I said, your benefit yourself harms you at times, but not himself.

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He benefits you more than anyone else and protects you from harm more than anyone else. And if your email is high, and you keep thinking about it, you'll start to love him. So a lot of you and he was in them. And you'll start to honor him and respect him and to follow him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So in the second part of the I want to ask the question, how can we increase our love from

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them? What are some of its expressions and some of its consequences?

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stuff with lolly

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and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Hamden. Kathie Lee even O'Gara confy will suddenly we'll send him Why not a Sunni Mohammed? So

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he was he was in

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the question and it's a good question is I know that I should look

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I know this but how can I do it? How can I walk that have at least start walking it? First of all, you have an I have to increase my Amen. In order for us to be ready to live him sal Allahu Allah you early with cinnamon, meaning I cannot disobey Allah and be so far from him and distant from the guidance of the Prophet and an expect that my heart is going to be alive and susceptible and open to his love

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if you disobey your distance,

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And if you're dissident, there is some friction between you and him. So a lot of us in there will be, there will be some tiny hatred. If he says something and does not agree with what you love. There'll be some tiny hatred and friction. I don't like that he had said this. I don't like that he had commanded that. So for you to love him, so a lot of you it was sitting the foundation has to be there. And that foundation is increase your email and how do you increase your email? you increase your Eman by frequent practice, by your Salah by fasting by remembering Allah azza wa jal by staying away from sin. You're here are fertilizing this land so that you can plant in a developer of

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Mohammed Salah la vida you and he was sending them. But if you disobey the shaytaan is sitting in your heart and officiate on his there is not going to let you love him. So a lot he said and not as much.

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So he man, increase your email and read the Koran. Second thing, think and contemplate and ponder the favor of Mohammed Salah lohani while he was sitting him upon you, and the things that he keeps giving to you every day, that the way that you pray is through his teaching. So lohani while he was in the way that you can make your eyes accepted what is not accepted, if what he had taught us a lot of you it was how to treat your children how to be good to them, how to be good to your parents. And if you're the recipient of this new good treatment, know that it happened because of him. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told your children take care of your parents. He told the parents, if you're the

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child, take care of your children, he told the spouse take care of your spouse, he took care of you by reminding the other that they could come close to Allah azza wa jal through being kind to. So think about all the favors that he's allowed to send them gives and keeps giving to you.

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read his life, his biographies, sierrasil, allow audio send them get to know him better, because unfortunately, a lot of us only know very few things. And they're very superficial about Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, very superficial. We get angry when they say something bad about him, but we really don't know him. We really, really don't follow him. And do we actually love him. So a lot he was

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really Ceylon. And when you read his car, you'll understand His sacrifice, that he had to stand alone. So a lot of you it was against his own family and against his own tribe, and against his own city, and he had to sacrifice and lose money, family members, well loved ones, and to continue with our from the first time, the first moment what Allah has sent to him with the revelation till the time of his death. That so that you can receive this Islam so that you can be saved by Allah azza wa jal, so he had given his life. He could be doing anything else, but he had given his life for the sake of Allah. So did you understand His sacrifice, and his pain and his agony and what he went

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through, and when you look at it, you start to appreciate him sallallahu wasallam more. And then you'll and also know his character, his.

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And you'll love him because of it. You'll love him because of how merciful he was, of how generous he was, of how humble he was.

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He was so panela because he was not a seeker of leadership, a seeker of glory on this earth.

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One of the many, many, many, many, many incidents, the sun, the eclipse happens. And then people start saying the eclipse happened, because the son of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, Ibrahim died, and he was a secret of glory. Love them believe all of that. Yes, this all of that this cosmic event happened because my son died. But he still allottee while he was in them says, No, the sun and the moon do not Eclipse because the death of someone or their or their birth. This is an area from Allah has his origin. Someone comes to him.

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And he says,

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No, no, I have no hiring. He says you're our leader, our best our master set of our master our best of our best. He said stop.

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Seek your regular speech, do not follow the steps of the Shakedown by Allah I do not love that you raised me above the level that Allah had given to me. He could have asked for more. He could have demanded from people more glory titles, but he did not do that. So a lot of you it was cinema. He never event himself for any personal injury. Someone could come and shake him somebody could come and insult him. And if it's a personal insult, he would not replace a lot of you it was in them. They could do whatever they want to do if it's attacking him in person, but if it is

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religion of Allah azza wa jal, he stands up like a lion sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was different. He was unique. When you read about his love his manners, his character, you have sought to love him sallallahu wasallam now there has to be some expression. What is the expression for this love what happens when you do this? The first thing, you will honor him so a lot of you it was cinema defending and champion him in our sanaka he didn't know what to do. He told me we know what

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to do, so that you will have to reset Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah in the Quran, he says,

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Do not raise your voice about the voice of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam if he was speaking, you see, but he's dead. Now. How do I apply this? When you go to his message sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you don't raise your voice. When his Suna is being read while they're in a hotel, or in a study circle. You don't talk to anybody else. And again, again, we keep reminding people

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when a man is speaking Baraka low FICO, don't talk to anyone else. Don't play with your phone, don't play with anything else, because you negate the rewards of your drama. If Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his words are being shared with you and you're busy something else says if you're raising your voice, above his voice a lot he was listen to him, slaughter you it was an honor Him and protect his son and protect his commands. When someone tells you that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam did this or commanded that let not the first question be, is this an obligation or a Sunnah? Some of the automap said that. The first question be, is this an obligation or assume now, only when you

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fail to comply? Should you then ask? Did I commit a sin or is this a sin? Otherwise your attitude should be if he did it, I'm going to do it.

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If he lived this way, if he commanded me to be this way, I'm gonna do it. Like he did it. So

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if I fail, I'll ask, was this a sin or was it just simply a sinner But otherwise, all of what he did all of how he lived, that's my life. He's my leader. He's my He's my master. He's my inspiration. And I want to know as much about him as possible. Our hearts today are attached to this star. And this sports figure, and we know so much about them in so much detail. And it comes to

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them we know very little and we spend so little time with him and reading about him. And yet we say to people who are not Muslims or our model, our leader is

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where is this? Where is this in our lives is he you're in my leader.

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So follow to follow him.

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is a sure sign that you love him and that you love him more than anyone else. More than any other suggestion or opinion coming from other people. His opinion is supreme sort of lohani you early with cinema. And also important here is for us to follow on not innovate.

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We don't add anything to what he said a lot. He was said to what he said a lot. He was an idiot. If he did not do something we stay away from it. And if he did something we do it and we do not try or think that we can complement and add something to what is the perfection of his religion and as soon as he knew it was silly because what he brought is complete. To add something to it is to suggest and believe it was incomplete in one way or another.

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An expression of Islam is that if you love someone, you talk about them. You mentioned your name, you see some Allahu Allahu alayhi wasallam especially on a day like Friday. If you love Mohammed Salah love it was in them Wouldn't you love for him to know that you said so now upon

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for him to actually personally know. So that is available because the prophets a lot of them said sallallahu alayhi salatu Kumar,

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he says makes a lot upon me especially on a day like Friday because your Salah will reach me an angel will go to the prophets of Allah Allah

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will mention your name and say so and so said Salah upon you. If you want to be close to him so low on a UID we'll send them you'll increase your

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frequent as possible. If you are feeling so Pamela if you're under stress feeling down and you want to take this away or forgive your sins of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sent him when his hobby came and he said, How much of my garage Should I give to your prophet of Allah? And then he said, ultimately, that's a hobby. I'm gonna give it to you and he said either

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Then Allah will take away your sense and will take away your burden whatever has distressed you. So on a day like Friday if you love him Salalah honey you are you send them we will keep sending them to him. So he will send them

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what is the consequence of this love?

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Someone came to the messenger salon

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and he said, Oh prophet of Allah, I love you more than I love myself more than I love my children, my family when I leave you and I go home, I can't wait to come back and see you again. And then when I think about it, when I think about the fact that when you die and I die, and you're gonna go to the highest levels of gender and alone and what I will go and I think about this separation, it breaks my heart. What is gonna happen to me? Then,

00:25:50 --> 00:25:52

Prophet Allah has revealed

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Allahu alayhi wa So the thing is, and the one who obeys Allah and His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he will be with those that are like less among the prophets on the subjects, etc, etc, to the end of the ayah. If you obey Allah, His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is telling you that you can expect his companionships to have a lot of value, and he was selling them in general. And another Heidi is also very beautiful Heidi.

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Someone comes in he says, Oh prophet of Allah, when is the day of judgment? So the Prophet of Allah Of course does not know he asks him, what did you do for it? Rather than question when the wonder about when will ask what, what did you do for it? He said, a profitable lot, not a lot of praying, not a lot of fasting, not a lot of

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meaning some but not a lot. But here's what he's he has.

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I love Allah, His Messenger, so a lot of audios. And then he tells him and model mayhem and you will be with the people that you love.

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So the Muslim said, we were not happy. As much as we were happy when we listen to this.

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Because we know that we're not at a level of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam we know, but we know that we love him. sallallahu wasallam despite our mistakes, and all the bad things that we do, if we love him, sallAllahu wasallam and we do what we can allow will join us together with him. Subhana Allah will put us together with him. There will be people and a visitor to Hades unfinished with insha Allah loving Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam so much today is possible. You can love him, and he would wish to see you. For one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said what into another I wanna, I wish that I have seen my brothers. Let's have a car and we are brothers, oh prophet of

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Allah says you're my companions. But my brothers are people who come after you and they have not seen me. They come after you and they have not see me ever do a HUD home? No, Ronnie Lee O'Malley one of the wishes, or one of them would wish that he sees me even if he were to lose his family. And well, there is I am dear to them than my family. And well, actually to be given the choice Who's your family and most but get a glance at Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam at a minute sitting with him. He said our favor that.

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So these people

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exists today. And our hope should be that would be one of them. That the Prophet sallallahu Sallam looking more than 1000 years ago looking at you and he's saying, I wish I could see you. And I wish I could sit with you. I wish I could talk to you. Think about it and think about how much he loved you. And then rise to that station. I've loved him a lot. He was an ambassador, and express that to follow him suppose a lot of you it was to so lots of Hanover data to makers of those who love

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more than we love ourselves and our families and anything that we own. Make us you know those who follow him more than we follow anybody else making the model of our lives the leader, the master in our lives, the

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makers of those who follow and defend his sooner. But I mean who read and know him better, and spread

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them all around them.

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That you will fill our hearts with love for you and love for your Prophet sallallahu wasallam Allah we ask that you forgive us all of our sins than ones that we know about and the ones that we've forgotten about. We ask you to give us a sincere true repentance mole SR Murakami and there is a sin that has overpower us because you have been strong enough and give us power over it and allow us to continuously worship you with a floss on a man and upon the son of your prophet and make us of those who live according to Islam and die as Muslims now as resurrected as Muslims and the company of your

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them along Medina Petunia has an

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agenda to

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becoming an

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to come.

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When I will be coming surely Messiah coming to come

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along my boo boo sorry fluvanna Allah. Allah

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