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Are the villa him the shadow nauseum is La Banda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala ashrafi moosonee so you know Mohammed was early he also have remained My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakatuh just like Allah Hey, thank you for joining us mate number 19 of this year's Ramadan Alhamdulillah we are reaching the end of the second third of the month of Ramadan, Allah Subhana Allah blesses, and grant is all the heat of what remains. I mean, we also came to a conclusion last night as to the fourth section of surah. Yaseen, and we begin a new section this evening, a very short section, which will speak about the prophets

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of Salaam and mentioned his latest and his position. It's a very short section, we might even conclude it this evening as well. And maybe as a recap, to understand where we are the introduction, the first section was Allah Subhana, Allah ccse, or unhygienic, elemental Mussolini began by saying, Mohammed Salim, you are a messenger, you are on the straight path. This is a guidance from Allah. And therefore Don't feel bad if someone turns away from it. Those who have a man or those who are fearful and conscious of Allah, they are good human beings, they have some decency. They are the ones who will see the truthfulness in this and as for the ones who turn away, they turn away for

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their own detriment. And they turn away often knowing the truth. They'll either oblivious they completely blind to all the signs or symptoms. We're seeing them enough reminders, and so they turn away. I'm living a life that is heedless, uncaring, they have no consideration, where am I going? What is my life, they just go through the motions in life or if they know then they deliberately rejected and this of course, is like the the the senior members of the Quraysh. The likes of Abu Jamal, the lights of unworried and moving Leto will speak about this evening, and so they turn away and Allah subhanho wa Taala then has closed off their hearts, Allah subhanaw taala then mentions in

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the second section, the consequences of a city that rejected the ayat and how they were destroyed. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala went into the third section, speaking about all those signs that are around us, the plants, the sun, the moon, how we travel through the earth, how Allah has made life easy for us, and that we take these signs for granted and how in everything we can see Allah's power and His Majesty, we can see the resurrection, we can see that Allah subhanho wa Taala has blessed us and so we either acknowledge the signs and are grateful or if we turn away it is to our own detriment. In the fourth section on was panel autonomy went into detail explaining what will be

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the outcome of the way we live our life, we will all be resurrected and in the east as journalism, amazing place of Allah May Allah grant us to to be there, all the benefits in the bounties of Jana, then Allah subhanho wa Taala explained that, besides general is another place Jan Nam. For those who reject the idea to don't follow the messenger will turn away from the reminder in for them is is this place called Jan Nam and Allah subhanaw taala into that section and yesterday we spoke about these, those last few is of Section four, where Allah Subhana Allah says that if Allah so well, Allah could cause that these disbelievers they become blind and paralyzed. And so they would not be

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able to reach the straight path meaning that they will be stuck on the misguidance forever. If Allah so called cool it also shows that Allah has still giving them a chance they are still alive and they still chance for them. But of course, this is not only remember, this isn't only a reminder to the curation is a reminder to you and me that if we do not submit ourselves to the guidance on luck and take the guidance away from us, there's a blessing of Islam, that we should not take it for granted, we could wake up one day and Subhanallah if we neglected, it will be gone. And that is why that last idea and will perhaps the most eloquent eye on the surah it's almost poetic in nature. And that's

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why the next IO which will speak why poetry also is woman no I'm middle wherever we increase him in life lucky Sophia colloquy decreasing in his in his creation, the long he loves, the less and less he is in terms of his creation, a lot will take away more and more as you become older. May Allah make it easy for our old people And grant them their help and strength. As you get older, all it takes away your strength he takes away your slightly takes away your ability to walk and the longer you live, basically the less you are. So the purpose of this idea was to say that any blessing Allah subhanho wa Taala can turn it around, it can actually become if you neglect that blessing, a curse

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against you. And perhaps the greatest example of this is the Quran we make this dua a lot like the Quran be hijacked Haji Atlanta may it be a whole giant evidence for us, not Elena not against us on kiama there will be people who will go to Jenna because of the Quran. And then when people go to Jerusalem because of the Quran. And so this blessing of the Quran is a blessing for some and it is a curse for others depending on how they act interact with it. Now we begin the the next section the fifth section, which is a very short section, which again will speak about the the prophets also eliminating all addresses and abuses directly. So Allah subhana wa alumno shirahama amberleigh in

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what you know the coworker and moving noon the Roman Kanhaiya were Heckle cola lol caffeine, Allah says, We have not told him meaning that it is also lump poetry. And these are not befitting for him to speak as a poet in who are illogical It is only this revelation is but only a reminder. What could Anima mean in a clear recitation it is a clear recitation Lune zero to warn mankind Hey and to warn people who are alive, why hate cold cold calculating and to establish and to confirm the word of the problem.

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against the disbelievers. So what is the linkage? What is happening here? Allah Subhana Allah is saying, after looking at the eloquence and the beauty of the Quran, looking at the beauty of the surah so far and you know many of us have reflected for the first time on surah Yaseen. And some of you even message message me and said, it's amazing how we recited the surah all our lives. And now that we analyze it, we see its perfection, how amazing it has been structured and the imagery that the surah makes. And so Allah says, of the reciting all of this Allah saying, This is not poetry. And then a vehcile salam is not a poet, we did not teach in poetry. Rather, this is a minder and

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it's an instruction and a guidance for people. For people who are alive people who want to want guidance, who want spirituality, this is a benefit for them. And as for them, those who turn away they need this as a promise meaning it is an evidence that will be established against them, so with it and so when the punishment befalls on them, Allah protect us, this is going to be an evidence against them. I very interestingly, when we look at the Quran, without a doubt, it is the pinnacle of eloquence in terms of the Arabic language, they were doing a series called the miracles of the Quran. Every Friday, at least a part of it, we did part one, which was the linguistic miracles of

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the Quran. And part two were the scientific miracles of the Quran and the prophecies. Part Three, we'll talk about the themes of the Quran and the way you change the world. But the first one the linguistic miracles of the Quran, unfortunately, many of us are not Arabs. And so we can't appreciate the true beauty of the Quran. Quran, as we said, is the first book in the Arabic language and its style and its eloquence with a masterpiece. It is so amazing that till today, in the leading universities in the world, when you want to study Arabic, you have to study the Quran as part of the curriculum. And this is not the case for many other religious scriptures. You don't study the Bible,

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when you want to learn English, for example, it is not poetry, and it cannot be defined as poetry as such, and the leading poets of the time and Adams prided themselves for being masters of poetry in the time going to be so solemn. And so naturally, one of the earliest things that Adams did was to take the Quran with the verses of the Quran and say, to the leading poets, what is this is this, these are claimed to be words from God Almighty, surely us poets, you can either replicate it or you can challenge it and you can match it. And Allah speaks very clearly about one of these incidences in Surah mudassar, when the leading poet and will even move on when needed the father of the very

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famous Sahabi Holly Molina raian, his dad, he was the leading poet of the Adams in Makkah. And so when he looked at the Quran, and he analyzed it, Allah speaks about how he paced back and forth and he frowned and he struggled to understand what is this, he couldn't comprehend where this is coming from. He knew that as a poet, and he knows how difficult it is to firstly find poetry for a man like an abyssal Salam who never read a book in his life who never learned poetry. We never spoke poetry for him to spontaneously recite these verses. He had no answer for it. And so he had his only response for about I was stuck about overseas, he became arrogant and haughty. And he says in her

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this is only magic. In Hawaii Legoland Bashar is only the words of a human being. So all of his socially his soccer and so we're going to put him in janome for the lie that he told, meaning behind closed doors, he said to Abuja, he said to the leadership, that this is not the words of a man. But we can't say this to the people. Because if I say that these are supernatural words, then Subhanallah our people are going to leave the worship of our gods. And so they had no other choice but to deny it publicly. Whereas privately they knew that this is these are not the words of the human being. So Allah Subhana Allah says, very interestingly, that we have not taught them to be

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social and poetry, and therefore it's not befitting for him to speak poetry. And so we also learn a very interesting point when it the fact that Allah says what we taught him, meaning what even Ibiza Salaam speaks and teaches, is guided by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And therefore even he's Suna the Hadith and you can see a very big difference between the Quran in terms of the way it is it's recited versus the Hadith, but even the Hadith which is the words of that I'm using, they are inspired by Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is why as believers we follow both the Quran and the example of the NaVi sola Salaam we have a group of people called liquid and when they reject the

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Hadith, yet Allah is saying, If you truly want to reach Allah, then you need to follow the Sunnah of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. And so Allah reminds us that the words of the Quran are not from a human being rather it is divinely ordained by Allah Subhana Allah and this is a powerful refutation for those who don't accept the Quran and they say that this is not from Allah, they still have yet to prove and where does it come from? Because they cannot claim that the most influential book in the Arabic language, the most perfect book in terms of its style, and its eloquence, the book that is still studied in universities around the world was authored by a man who never studied

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and could not read or write. This is not possible it's a plausible and so for that reason, these will not answer the Navy does not come from Allah, then where does it come from? And similarly, the Quran as they struggled, the disbelievers they could not answer today those who disbelieve cannot answer and so Allah says that this is a warning for

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chemo is alive alive here does not mean physically alive it means those who have decency, those who have goodness in them those who are good human beings, those who are concerned about the well being of the Afghan I will think beyond just the day to day running of their lives. When they read this revelation, they will find any guidance they will find the truth in it and I was wrong in says that if you are a good person, Allah will guide you to the truth that Allah will give guidance to the one who wants guidance, you will not mislead anyone without a reason. But as for the one who this believes and rejects of the seeing all these if then for him, this Quran will be a word against him

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It will be an evidence against him but now he's chances are up he has been given an opportunity to come to the straight path and so he walked away from it. Allah subhanaw taala will now continue with another parable another if for us to think about and for us to appreciate Allah Subhana Allah says, Allah Miro, Hakuna homie mamilla Idina and I'm on formula Malecon with Elena Halong fermina who Minaya Kowloon Hong Fei hammer nafi, on one machete,

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Allah will use animals now the domesticated animals that we have as an evidence and we'll look at the link between them. And what Allah is talking about in the section about revelation and rejecting the prophets of Salaam. Allah says, Do they not see what we have created for them from our own hands have made grazing livestock for homeless family cool, are they even the owners of these animals? Are they the owners, and we have tamed for them, Allah say, and we think for them, some of them they ride and some of them they eat, and for them, they are benefits and drink so they may be grateful. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions here, the animals that we that we have the domesticated animals,

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the cows, the goats, the sheep, the chickens, a lot of times Allah wants to use an analogy with that for us. Now, what are we supposed to learn from this? Allah says that in the animals that we have these domesticated animals, there are many, many blessings. Some animals we eat, some of them we enjoy the for some of them, we drink the milk from them, the honey we get from the bees, we get clothing from them, we were able to use them as a mode of transport perhaps not today, but in the past was using the mobile phones but we use them to, to toe to toe the land, the oxen, these kind of things. Allah says these are a blessing that we gave a mankind and Allah says, You know what in this

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is beautifully, very amazingly Allah says what we created with our own hands even though we know Allah is not created the animals with his with his hands physically, but it's to show how much we honored bunny Adam, meaning we created these animals exclusively for you know, the cows, the goats, the chickens, they have, you know, besides feeding us we benefit from them is very little else that there's these useful him outside of outside of our domestication. And so Allah says these are almost like an exclusive benefit I have given you and Allah says, I obtained them for you, these are many of these animals are bigger than us, these two camels, the the ox there are bigger than us, but

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we've subdued them, we've made them humble to you so you can benefit from them, and that they as you have mastery over them. So when Allah says we can even with his own hands, it doesn't mean it allocated them physically with his hands, we know that there are only four creations which are created physically with his own hands in a manner which puts his majesty and that being the Irish the throne of Allah, the pin, the pin that writes the words of destiny coming up later in other we'll talk more about this then inshallah the plants of genital theodosis Allah dictated that highest gender of of Adam with his own hands and of course, they'll be Adam, Allah fashion and

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shaped him with his own hands in a manner which reflects Allah, Allah, His Majesty. And so the analogy about the animals which are less tame and subdued, that which we eat from and we drink in another iOS, Francis, have you not looked at these animals? That same animal that gives you pure clean milk inside of his abdomen, his blood, his urine, or feces, yet they do not contaminate this milk, it comes out for you pure and you can benefit from it. What is the purpose of this something to ponder about is to eat to be grateful, almost final dialysis, don't think that you are in control of these creatures, these creatures Allah has put inside them something which makes them those cyl

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and makes them that gives you the ability to tame them and to make benefit of them so easily. They could rebel against you. As we see today. We are not in control. This tiny virus also doesn't have to make the cows and the animals the bigger creatures rebel against us. Just this tiny virus which isn't alive can rebel against us and all of our power and our mind comes to nothing so Allah says don't think you are in control. These are only gifts Allah gives you for your for your benefit. Also Allah Spangler reminds us that we are in charge of this not so that we can almost asked rhetorically in the ire of a homeless family co meaning Are they the ones who only do you think you own the

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creation, rather you are not putting up to exploit and to use these creatures and all of creation you are only in charge by Allah's mercy and His grace is in it is a sign that if we exploit the blessings of Allah, we must use them. We don't use how Allah intended us to use nature, nature will turn against us and it will be to our own detriment. Also, more importantly, than that, when

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Point to say is that if everything around us that we can see the plants, the animals, the land is for our benefit, we are on top of the food chain. And these things are Yeah, that Allah has given us as a mercy, then what is our Purpose The purpose is to to facilitate for us, they are a gift to us. So the question is, then what, what is our purpose here, our purpose is, of course, to worship Allah subhanaw taala. Our purpose is not just to eat and drink, and to enjoy this world or other we have a higher purpose and that is the creator. So all of creation has been facilitated for us, Allah has tamed it, Allah says Sahaja another IE says, I have a time that I have subdued these creations so

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that you could take advantage and you could use these things in a way I've decreed for you so that you can attain a higher purpose and that is to worship Allah to become connected to the Creator, to focus on the creator and not the creation, and then Allah soprano dialysis, so at least Will you not be grateful? Well, you're not at least give thanks for the blessings that Allah has given you how Allah has put us in a position of the halifa he has put us in charge of this planet, will we not be grateful gratitude means he's saying Alhamdulillah gratitude means using the blessing of Allah in the way he intended. So when you look at your health, for example, now, when any one of us are at

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the risk of becoming sick, we know the value of our health, our eyes, our body, almost vandalizes how many of these blessings have we used correctly? Our eyes for example, if we use it for good or for bad, the hands that we have, we use it for good or for bad, when these things will testify against us on kiama will they say that we use it in our service or where we use it against Allah Subhana Allah. So one of the ways of being grateful is of course using the blessings as it was intended, and of course to share to give to those who don't have, but beyond that Allah subhana wa Taala wants us to reflect about the one who gave us these blessings. So Allah says, Your purpose was

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to enjoy these things, and to be grateful to Allah subhana wa Taala, who attained the whole of creation for you. Allah says, I've made you the master of these creations, you don't own it, you have been given it as a gift. And then look at the response. Allah says in spite of all of this in spite of all the things I have given you,

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what are homefree Allah says of that what the Holloman doing Isla de la la la Musa, oh, then they still on top of all that, oh, inside, you've taken others besides Allah, as your Gods as your deities that you submit to that you worship that you turn to, after all Allah has given you, you turn away from him, and you give praise and thanks and worship, you bow down to idols, to graves to statues, to sticks to karats these things which themselves have no power, and they don't benefit you they don't even benefit themselves. How ungrateful when is that to Allah subhanaw taala Allah.

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Allah says, I turn to these, these other deities, hoping that they may assist and benefit of him and the end meaning that these things cannot benefit you and you cannot benefit these things at all. Allah subhanaw taala continues saying, law is that the law is that the owner salam wa hulagu modern, that they are not able to help them and they offer them soldiers in abundance. So yes, multiple Tafseer of this ayah Allah Subhana Allah is saying that how ungrateful is insane after I've given him all these things, and I have subdued creation for him, he turns to others in worship besides me, and he humbles himself. Basically we belittle ourselves by turning to things that are dead, that

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have no ability in them. Allah says, not only will these things these, these idols are these things that you worship, not only are they not able to help you, but they are soldiers for them. Now what does this mean soldiers it could mean here that you are inside you have to defend these idols you have to defend your statues, your things that you worship besides Allah, you bring food to eat, you bring offerings to eat, you have to defend it, they are in need of you yet you turned to them the idols for example, they made it with their own hands behind all of the idol make a mixer with his own hands, and then he worships it like maybe Brian said, What purpose is this? Or that you worship

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something which you yourself created? Many times the things that we worship or did they are in the graves, they themselves need to so you are worshiping something which need your assistance, the other deaf series that they will be against you on the deaf gamma, one of the punishments of the people that committed cheating is they will become face to face with that which they worship. And those things will the objects of the worship they will reject them will turn away from it. For example, Nabil Isa, Isa we know is perhaps the most worshipped ILA Jesus Christ, maybe Isa will say on the left, I have nothing to do with these people. They worship me Oh Allah, if you don't tell

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them to do this, you know, as an ISA will say in the Quran, you know what is inside of me and I don't know what is inside of you. I only said to them, worship La ilaha illa Allah you only have one ILA, who is your Creator, worship Allah alone. And so now the ISA will reject them. And so Allah says, they will be an army against you on the day of karma. And then Allah Subhana Allah says, Now again, specifically to the newbies also lump for that young fella zuka Kowloon in Alma, you see Runa

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So Allah says so don't feel bad on Hamas also don't feel bad about what they say to you. They are the ones that are misguided. They are the ones that turn away from the AI. They are the ones who are on the path of destruction. You have one thing you have done your job, whatever they say to you is nonsense, whatever they say to you, in rejection, do not let this make you feel bad. I know Allah says, I know when they may you see rune on my own that which they say on the inside, and lead, which they say publicly is different, then which they say on the inside, they are full of doubt. They are scared about this, this revelation, but what they show publicly of arrogance is not the truth,

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what's in their heart. So Allah says, leave them and don't feel bad, you just do your job. Once again, Allah changes the verse from being a third person to second person meaning Allah is speaking directly to the abusers. And he's giving the Navy some comfort, you keep doing what you're doing you on the path of righteousness, don't let them distract you from it, you just want and those who have life in their hearts, they will follow those who are conscious of the blessings of Allah, those who when they see the blessings, all this Alhamdulillah and they share it with around them. They don't abuse and exploit the gifts Allah has given him. These are the ones who want guidance. And as for

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those who are heedless, and are arrogant, and leave them like Allah subhanaw taala deal with him. So once again, it's a warning. Allah subhanaw taala is a way of everything that they do in the public and private life and of course for all of us find Allah. Allah is a way of what we do and we will be accountable to Allah for that Melis panda Allah bless us in our blessings. May Allah grant that all the favors that He has given us be a hedger for us when we use it in the way he has intended for us to use it. And may we of course have all the blessings the blessing of guidance when we're not neglected mama turn away my Allah grant us all the best in this remainder of the month of Ramadan.

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We continue with the last section tomorrow The day after inshallah and it will conclude with the Suraj is like a Hydra Santa Monica more why America