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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The transcript describes various aspects of the experience of finding a woman in her house who was married and found her, including her love for her husband, her desire to change her water and food habits, her desire to bring her own water to make it better, her desire to be called out of her son's name, and her desire to be called out of her name. The speakers also discuss the impact of recent protests on people of theied countries, the loss of agricultural output, and the use of baraka and "naqma" in Islam. They emphasize the importance of praying for the Prophet sallama and being part of a community, as well as the success of praying for the Prophet sallama and being part of a community. The segment also touches on the use of alcohol in various ways, including inciting violence and causing harm, leading to negative behavior, and causing harm to others.
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We bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in his busted path until the Day of Judgment, Allah I mean, the brothers and sisters, I want to take you back to that moment where * Ali has Salam is running between the hills of a Safa and Marwa with her son is married, and he has Salam, wanting to provide him with water and SubhanAllah. When you get into the details of the Hadith of the prophets, why Selim who actually explains the story as if he seen gets Allah or any he

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was salam. Then there are small things that have packed meanings. Amongst them is that Hotjar Radi Allahu taala. Anna is married, was breastfeeding is married it has Salam. And she was the vessel by which Allah Subhana Allah to Allah was nourishing that baby boy and so she would drink and eat whatever she could find around her until she no longer had anything from her own body. To give to this marine it has Salam and the Prophet slice and I'm says with Jana tumulus, Marie, total Dirilis marry, we're just Troubleman daddy karma had either an Aveda maphis CCAR outlet shot wakley Shub No, ha. He said Sal Allah when he was telling him that she used up every drop of water that she had left

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until she no longer could feed her son. And then she became dehydrated. And her son as well had nothing to drink and and look at what the prophets lie Selim says. About this moment, he says it his salatu salam Wa Gerrera tongue guru la he yet Halawa from talakad Cara Heitor and tambura Ilahi.

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He says, Sal, Allahu alayhi wa salam, think of the scene that Hotjar looked at is married, and she saw the pain that he was in, turning around, groaning, whining, unable to bear the harshness of the environment. This baby and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that she looked away because she couldn't see her baby in that pain anymore. This is the prophets lie. So I'm telling you that Hotjar ran out of the ability to even look at this marina and es Salaam in this state. And she started to run between the Safa and Marwa and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the Hadith that this is where the judge and the people of Umrah take the practice of going between Safa

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and Marwa. And then when she heard that voice, or she heard that sound of Gibreel it is salaam she was running in desperation she called out whoever it is that caused me to hear you whoever you are, I have no idea who you are hen or indica reiwa Any help any water anything you can do for us. And at that moment the profit slice and I'm says that she looked at Djibouti Ronnie his Salam and debris Ronnie Islam with his heel struck the ground and then zamzam comes bursting out, providing not just for her and her child, but bursting through the ground. And he says sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Hotjar goes to the ground and she starts to dig the well around that bursting water and he says some

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Allah who I knew he was salam Yahama Allah on this marine, lo Tanaka ZamZam, la Cana Zamzar Marina and Marina said, may Allah have mercy on the mother is married, if she would have left zamzam to flow, it would have flown throughout the earth, meaning it would have flowed throughout the earth and touched every single part of its surface. But she carved out that area of the well from which we benefit from today. Why do I start with the story for the particular subject that we have today? How job was looking for water for her child, but the baraka of her do?

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Was water for generations after her from which we still drink today, that well that Gibreel already has salaam struck open. When you go there and you drink zamzam or when the judge come back and they bring you that zamzam. It is still flowing from the very moment and that is the baraka, the blessing of the sincerity of that woman and the sincerity of that family. And Ibrahim alayhis salam, who's your as are throughout the Quran, where Allah azza wa jal always multiplies what his Khalil Ibrahim asks him when Ibrahim Al Islam comes back to the carrabba or comes back to raise the foundations of the carrabba. With his son is married it is Salam and Allah azza wa jal tells him now call out

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the question that Ibrahim asked was, What are your bluegill? Salty? What's going to cause my voice to reach people around the world And subhanAllah look at what Rahim Allah says Ibrahim alayhi salam was talking about the blessing of his voice being able to reach people in his time at that mall.

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Moment what's going to cause my voice this man in the middle of a desert to reach people, but till now the call of Ibrahim idea Salam is being heard 1000s of years later and people are responding Lubbock, Allah, Allah, Baek nuts, the baraka, the blessing of the dua of Ibrahim, it has set up. So what's the connection here, between dura and this specific concept of Baraka, which is more than what you could have asked for more than what you comprehensive, more than what you would have ever dreamt of? What is it about the connection between euro and Baraka that we take from this family in particular, years later, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam says that Ibrahim alayhis salam came

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back to visit us married on eastern time after his mother had passed away. So this is after the death of Hotjar.

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And it's a longer Hadith so I'll get to the latter part of it in one sentence from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The story goes that Ibrahim finds a woman in the house of Izmir Eve, that is his first wife from the people of Georgia home who surrounded them, and asked her how she was doing without introducing himself and she thought he was just an old wayfare. And all she had to say was things are terrible. She complained about the water. She complained about the lack of food. She complained about the difficulties of his married idea salaams tasks. And Ibrahim it has Salam says when your husband comes home, give him salah, and tell him he should change the gate of his

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home. And this married Ali Salam comes home and says what happened today? She says an old man came by. And I invited him in he asked me how I was doing. I told them how we were doing. What did he say? He said, change the gate of the house, Brahim it has Salam meant, of course change her and so it's married and his Salam said, Well, that's a sign from my father. I've got to move on from you. marries another woman. Ibrahim comes later and finds the exact opposite person, a woman who is grateful who finds the baraka, the blessing of everything that is in her home, and listen to what the prophets lysozyme says in detail. He says How is your situation Carla national behaving was?

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We are in good. And Allah azza wa jal has blessed blessed us with much. We're living the life Hey, it was Sarah. We're living the life. The circumstances did not change. The perspective changed.

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We're blessed that hamdulillah everything is blessed. Everything is great. All she had to say was Al Hamdulillah. And she meant it. And Ibrahim alayhis salam loves that what ethna to Allah, Allah and she started to praise Allah subhanho wa taala. And the prophets lie. Some says Ibrahim asked her

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marklar AMACOM What do you eat? I mean, if you're living the life like this, if everything is great, what is it that you're eating? She said a lamb. We have some meat. Carla Marshall Arbuckle, he said and what do you drink? garlotte Alma, she said we drink water velcon So this is the profit slice I'm now narrating a DERA of Ibrahim alayhis salam Khan. Allahumma barik Laham for Lakshmi. Well, Matt, oh Allah bless them in their meat and in their water. Well, so Allah Allah, Allah, Allah and he was salam says, When I'm Jaco, Nahum Yeoman, he didn't have they didn't have any grains. They had no wheat, no grain. What Oh, Canada home ladera home fee. And if they had grain, Ibrahim Ali Salam

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would have blessed their grain as well. He would have asked Allah to put Baraka in their grain as well. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, so what's the effect of this? Was it just that there was Baraka in their home for their meat and their water that Allah azza wa jal made it good for them and Allah subhanaw taala kept replenishing them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, for Houma, la you have to do it Hema, don't be ready. Maccha Illa Allah Musa cow, the prophets lie, some said, no people but the people of Mecca have the baraka and their meat and their water that the people of Mecca do. No other people could survive on meat and water without it

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harming them, except for the people of Mecca because of the drought of Ibrahim alayhis salam. That's the baraka, the replenishing the establishment of a civilization or profit that comes amongst them that guides them more precious than the food and drink that they have, and the profit slice and I'm saying the effect of the blessing of Ibrahim on the little meat that he saw in that house that day, and the little water that he saw in that house today is still there. 1000s of years later, when you eat the meat and drink the water of Makkah, that's Baraka. That's the blessing of the family of Ibrahim Ali has Salah and it continues. Are you have you thought about the Allahu Taala and who says

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that when we made hijra and we made our way to Medina the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam was at Heritage Sofia an area that belonged to Samuel Castle the Allahu Taala and home and the prophets I said I'm sad to us. Bring me will do

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Bring me some water to make well dealt with.

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And so we brought will do and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made will do with that water, and then he faced the Qibla and he raised his hand sallallahu alayhi wa sallam facing in the direction of Mecca. wilcon. Allah Houma. Ibrahima can abdicate our family like, what their early early maculata Bill Baraka, Oh Allah, your servant, Ibrahim alayhis salam, your friend Ibrahim alayhis salam your Prophet Ibrahim may do for the people of Makkah for Baraka, and you granted him that we're Anna Abdu Karasu look and I am your slave and Your Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, de rue Kellyanne el Medina and to Valerie Callahan, he moody him wasa in him myth li ma ba na ba Dr.

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Li le Makita MA and Bharati Baraka tiene, a profit science and I'm said, I am your slave and messenger calling upon you. And I'm asking You to bless the people of Medina, in their grains in their measurements, meaning their handful their saw or their mood, all of their measurements, all of their grain, all of their water. And for each blessing that you gave to Makkah, let it be doubled for the people of Medina. And you benefit from that Baraka today. You go to Medina and the air is different. Everything is different about Medina. That's the baraka of the Quran of your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, who based his dua on the baraka of the era of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and

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as the scholar has mentioned, Allah azza wa jal himself, blessed liquides May Allah subhanho wa Taala free it up out of the lottery Barak Nafi Halal al Amin and even bow rakhna hola who the place the land that we have blessed for all time, and we have even blessed the land around it may Allah subhana wa Tada liberated Allah I mean, we see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam praying for the baraka of different places in his own life. So Allah Harney was salam God Allahumma barik Nana fish Amina wa barik lana fee Yama, Nina, O Allah, bless us with our Sham. Bless us with our Yemen. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless the police's of a sham and bless a Yemen and free them from their

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poverty and their devastation and increase them in that blessing Allah him I mean, it's probably look at even the ownership. Our some our Yemen you talk about how we think as an ummah, the prophets lie Saddam was neither Shami nor Yemeni, but our son, our Yemen, so when you look at these places, and you find them in drought and devastation you make do out for them as our Shom and our Yemen and our Philistine and our Somalia and our Iraq and whatever it may be. They're ours because we're one on and we pray for baleka for them the same way we pray for baraka for ourselves. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to pray for Baraka in certain time spot or any his Salatu was Salam

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Allah methodically OMA te fi boo Korea. Oh, Allah bless my OMA and it's morning hours. And as the narrator's mentioned that from that dua of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Ummah is more productive spiritually and even materially in its morning hours, that if a person were to start their day, early after budget, they will find more blessing in that time than any other time of the day and that's from the dua for baraka from your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we find it from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that when he would pray for a family, he would say bow to Allah Who laka Lika Well, Malik May Allah subhanaw taala bless you, in your family and in

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your wealth. When people would get married he would say what Baraka Hola Hola, como wabarakatuh nkhoma wa Jana Avena ko Murphy. Hi, may Allah pour His blessings upon you, and between you. It was a constant habit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And now we say read Mobarak BarakAllahu li km BarakAllahu Luk? But are you really thinking about what you're saying? And I want you to think about this concepts of Pamela, that the prophets lie some titles to even remove envy from ourselves by what? When you see someone who has something that you start to covet inside the profit slice and I'm taught us to say BarakAllahu li or BarakAllahu li aka fi May Allah subhanaw taala bless you with that which you have. Not only do you not covet it or wish that it would be taken away from that person and give it given to you. You even make dua that Allah subhanaw taala bless them to the maximum extent with sincerity, so that they can benefit from

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that in a way that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and pleasing to them, as well. He taught us the Allahu alayhi wa sallam a very powerful, beautiful euro, which is expensive in this regard for Darat for baraka for ourselves, he used to say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Hola Hola familia them b What was the early fee daddy were bad ugly female was an attorney, Allah Hama fairly them be Oh ALLAH forgive my sins.

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The number one reason why Baraka is not present in something is because there's the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala in that thing, if you want to lose body fat and your health you use it in a way that's displeasing to Allah you want to lose baraka and your wealth. You use it in a way that's displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala that means no matter how much you have, it will not be blessed and no good will come from it. So Allah Muhammad Ali them be and then the prophets like some said, Well, what certainly if you daddy and grant me expense in my home, that's not a do app for the increase in square footage. Well, let's certainly daddy, if someone has Baraka in their home, if

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it's a small apartment,

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they will find expense in it. And if someone has no buttock in their home, it could be a 6000 square foot house, and it will feel like a grief. It's about Baraka in that home. There's something very profound about this as well, that it's an existing blessing. So I already have a doubt I'm asking Allah to bless me and what I already have. werebear Rick Lee female was an attorney and bless me in that what you provide me. So the existing blessings and the new blessings let them come with the baraka of Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah humma fiddly them be well was certainly fee daddy, robotically, female reluctantly. In conclusion, dear brothers and sisters, there in the mat talk

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about this contradiction of Palava Baraka Benitez in Marcia, to ask Allah for blessing with the intention of disobedience, disobeying him to ask Allah for a blessing with the intention of disobeying Him. You walk up to someone and say, make sure that Allah lets me get this job. Make sure that Allah lets me get this position, make dua, that Allah facilitates this for me, but your intention all along is to use that place or to use that position or use that possession in a way that's not necessarily pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and when you say Bismillah, which opens baraka for whatever it is that you're going to do in the name of Allah, your intention is to do with

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that blessing what is pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada and when you say Alhamdulillah after you recognize the blessing, Allah azza wa jal increases you so that you can increase in gratitude and hence be eternally blessed. And so, Baraka is sought through Alberto Baraka blessing is sought through the intention to do good, the intention to do that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and Marcia and sin is what is self defeating in regards to the request for baraka and that's why new honey has Salam said falcoda to stop Pharaoh robber come in who can have a Farah you're a citizen or an economic rara William did a combi and while in Lebanon, while your janela come Jannetty way under

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allah and Hara new Hadees Salam tells us people if you seek forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah azza wa jal will pour His blessings upon you and around you in every single way. Why? Because it is sins that deplete and sins that remove any blessing and any requests for Baraka. So we ask Allah subhana wa Tada to bless us and all that we have, and in all that we ask him for and in all that He gives us and to make us amongst the blessings to make us amongst those who are accepted and to make us amongst those who enjoy the most blessed position with our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the highest level for those Allah Allah Allah I mean Akula that was tough Allah he

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will accompany certain Muslim investor fill in a hole for Rahim.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while he was so heavy on Manuela Lama filling in what we need all and what we not willing Muslim or Muslim or even human and what in Nicosia maroon Caribbean booty Boo jerawat Allah I'm a thriller and our Hamner wife, Juana Juana to our Dibbler Robin alumna and Fuson our Ilam tougher Lenell Tarhana then Hakuna liminal ha serene Allah Homina caribou and Corinne winter Hibbard alpha for ANA Allah Muhammad Ali Dena Robert hamona Kamara buena sera have been a hablan as well as you know as a reality now Kurata Aryan or Jan Bucha Karina Imam, Allah Ansari one and also the Athena female sharekhan or the one of Rb Hala Marisa Islam or Muslim you

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know Adela SilkAir well Kathy been with them they are the Dean was Malika Vitamina builiding in Northridge and out with one and beating him certainly mean about Allah and Allah here I'm gonna give you an example eater dill Corbett, Wayan, Heron and fascia you will Moon carry well belly your Agricola Allah consider Coronavirus Corolla is Kuroko mush kuruva Nana is electron. What are the crew Allahu Akbar? Allahu jamoma Toss in our own welcome salah.

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