The Beginning And The End – EP 34 Jinn Prophets

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So since the jinn were before us, and since they inhabited the earth before us, it brings about a question Did they have messengers and prophets amongst them? Do they have people that were sent to them from amongst them that call them to Allah subhana wa Tada. now recognize Allah tells us in the court, and this is established, what am I couldn't have more at the Vienna Hatton abathur lasuna, that we never punish people until we send a messenger to them. So that's whether they're human beings or whether they're jinn, we will not punish the people until we send a messenger to them. Now from consensus, Our Messengers as human beings were also their messengers. Okay, so the prophets lie

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Selim is a messenger, not just to mankind, he's a messenger to the jinn and Musa alayhis salaam, clearly in the verses and coffins with Virgin Musashi cinema was also a messenger to the jinn, as well as human beings. And so all of the prophets and all of the messengers from human beings, we're also messengers to the jinn and also the prophets lie Selim is definitely the best of the messengers and he's the last of the messengers so even if there were to be jinn messengers, none of them would be after the Prophet slice of them. Okay, so that's something that's established, this is consensus now, the discussion in the technicalities, are there jinn prophets or messengers that were sent

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before Adam it his Salaam was created? Or even afterwards right so that they could properly learn their religion and so on so forth? A loss of parents out of the argument on one side, which is no is that lost parents out of says, one out of seven, I'm in publica Illa Rizal in New Haven he lay him so when I lost parents I says in the geralyn except for men we have not sent before you except for men that we give revelation to and from the people of a town then that is approved for some to say that every prophet every messenger that was sent in the past was a man okay was a human being. Now the response to that is Rizal on mineral ncdr una Rizal. immunogen was pantai certain sorts of gin,

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that there are men from amongst human beings from amongst mankind, that seek refuge in men from amongst the jinn. So Allah has established that from a linguistic perspective, there are regional managers as well there are men amongst Jin as well. Also the next idea that makes this a little this that makes this discussion you know, fruitful is when a law says yeah man shall Genie will NC lm yet Tikkun roussillon men come, oh, assembly of gin and man hasn't there come to you messengers from amongst yourselves. Now linguistically speaking yeah Marsala Genie. Well, in Swan Allah says Jin and human beings and then he says haven't there been messengers amongst you linguistically speaking that

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means methodology insane, which means that it could be from either species. So if a lot just sent messengers from amongst men, it still suffices in this ayah Okay. Then you have another discussion another Ayah which is added where a lost parents are says what are called our Sunnah no hanway Brahim, or Jelena fever reality Hema and Nobu water well, keytab that we have sent new Ibrahim and we made from their offspring, prophets and books. So obviously, the jinn are not from the offspring of new or Ibrahim, and nor is the first messenger amongst mankind. So then, you know, it again, it makes this discussion, sometimes it leans towards one opinion, which is that no there they can't

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have messengers, then on the other side, they have evidence as well. The point is that there's really no concrete opinion here as to whether they had Russell in the true sense of the word messengers and prophets or not, I mean, this discussion is covered in detail why the mount Lemmon Cathedral him a lot mentioning opinions here, and opinions there. And they all pretty much quote the evidences that I've already mentioned here, however, it is established that Allah has sent messengers in the sense of another, you know, people that were sent to warn and to teach, that did not necessarily have to be prophets of God are messengers of God. So you know, that's something

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that's well established. And that's something that Allah mentions, for example, and so that he has seen a group of messengers. The rustle, in Surya seen that a lot of talking about are not rustle in the sense they're not messengers in the sense of theologically being messengers of Allah subhana wa Tada. Rather they were Warner's and callers to their people. And Allah has definitely sent another amongst them he sent Warner's and callers and messengers in that sense, and he continues to do so amongst them because again, it is the justice of Allah Subhana Allah, that he would not punish any group of people until a messenger reached them whether they were human beings or even if they were

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