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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The concept of a jinn is discussed, stressing the importance of disobeying people's shady business and avoiding giving too much information to people. The speaker emphasizes the need to trust Allah Subhana for cure and avoid shady behavior. The importance of trusting Subhana for cure is emphasized, along with advice on avoiding enteringtain and avoiding reading too much information.
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When things are going wrong in our lives, we tend to always want to blame something external. So we tend to want to say that someone did this to me or someone wants to put this on me someone put a spell on me. Someone put the evil eye on me, you know, someone possessed me and so on so forth. And obviously that's, that's going way too far and that's exaggerating and so on so forth. But is there such thing as a jinn actually possessing a human being a human being actually being possessed by a jinn it does exist and allows penalty he affirms this analyst pantai says Alenia Corona ribba Leia kimono Illa Kamiya como la dia Tabata hostsget, Barnum anonymous, las panatela, he says, describing

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the people who engage in usury and ribbon interest, that they would stand on the Day of Judgment, just like the one who is who is possessed and who was overtaken and being beaten on the inside and so on, so forth, by the shale theme. So a person who is possessed by the jinn by Allah saying that a las panatela, again, is acknowledging that there are some people that can actually be possessed by the jinn. And in a way, all of us have to deal with an accordion, as we said, we all have to deal with the one that's constantly whispering in us. And in a way, we're all possessed to an extent, because the prophets licenses in the shape on the edge, the minimum, the ultimate measure them that

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shape on flows through the blood of the son of Adam, the way that flows through his veins, the way that blood flows through his veins, meaning, you're always dealing with this to an extent however, again, you're keeping it under control, by keeping your trust in the last panel to Allah doing the things that bring about protection in your life, and so on, so forth. Now, it's important for us to find the middle ground here. Anyone that has actually dealt with people physically and I don't you don't deal with people physically through watching YouTube videos, okay? Not everything you see online, is actual, but anyone who's actually dealt with people that have had issues with being

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possessed, has seen some incredible things I've seen, I've seen things that are that cannot be explained except by these things, things that are supernatural, right. And again, I'm not talking about the fake stuff, I'm talking about things that are real, any Imam of any method actually has had people come into his office and have seen things from people that are that are definitely supernatural, and definitely people that are dealing with jinn. And then of course, you talk to people that are actual raffys, you know, that actually try to extract jinn from people in accordance with the world and the sooner and underlying in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. Because

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there's a lot of shady business that takes place there too. And they've seen a lot of things. So it's important for us to not deny everything that we've never actually dealt with or seen and at the same time not to exaggerate. Right, I once had someone tell me that I'm thinking I'm possessed by a gin. I said, Why? She said, because when I read a quote, and I get sleepy, I'm like, that's, that means you're human actually, right? That you know, you get sleeping, you get tired as you read, called ad, right? Because if a person was truly possessed, they would actually feel pain when they read. So yes, sometimes jinn can possess people. And in fact, sometimes jinn can actually speak

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through human beings. Right, and, and somehow, lots of very frightening experience, and you can and people have experienced that. And the easiest way to get possessed, the easiest way to bring that into your life is to disobey Allah subhanaw taala. Because when you disobey a lot, particularly when you do something major, like leave off the prayer, there is frequently associated with a person leaving off prayer, with gin possession, why? Because you remove the protection of Allah subhanaw taala from yourself, or if you do the major sense, and particularly Allah mentioned, for example, one of the most disgusting sins, which is the Riba, which is usury. And I can tell you that I've

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rarely dealt with anyone that had that issue, except that they were dealing with a major sin that they were that they were, you know, not praying that they weren't coming to the message. The first time I actually saw them in the masjid was when a relative who does come to the Muslims brought them and said, my cousin, my brother, my sister, so on so forth, is possessed by jinn, or someone that sells hot armor, so on so forth, so that's the easiest way to have that happen to you is to allow the protection of a lot to be removed from you by doing those those things. And remember that when you do things that offend the angels, they leave you and when the angels leave you the sale team

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come around. So if you're surrounding yourself by shouting constantly, and doing things that caused the angels to leave you than what do you expect is going to happen to you. Now, if you're doing the things that you should be doing, you're fulfilling your obligations to Allah subhana wa Tada, you're not engaging in those major sins, then there are a few things that you have to do. Number one, don't entertain shake hands, whispers don't entertain, shake, shake pawns whispers whether they're about Allah, right, as we said earlier, that if he comes to you and starts telling you, you know, who created this, who created that, who created a law say I meant to be law, affirm your belief in Allah

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subhanaw taala or if he tries to bring you harm through a bad dream, for example. You know, a lot of times people come to me and they want me to interpret their bad dreams and I say, look, the prophets lie Selim. He said, when you see a bad dream, don't seek the interpretation of it say either below him in a shape on regime, seek refuge in Allah from the shape on the recursive double

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Lot's of luck it won't harm you. And don't go out and seek the interpretation call us you saw a bad dream you saw a nightmare you know change your side as you're sleeping switch sides say out of the way diminish the apology and move on with your life or when Trayvon comes to you and makes you over question yourself. So what's what do I have will do people that will do a little like five six times or redo prayers because I think this might have been here. This might have been their prophets lie Selim. You know, he taught us in many ahaadeeth what became a principal and fill it up clean lie azula Bishkek that certainty is not removed by doubt no matter how strong the doubt is unless you

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you've seen something for sure that nullified your will do your on your stick to your robot or when he tries to discourage you from doing good. Last pantalla says, particularly, particularly in the context of dour in millions of other community finding aztlan when shavon comes to you and he starts pestering you first at the villa, seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala. So don't give shape on your attention in essence by letting him or letting those shell clean letting those devils and letting those evil jinn whisper and showing them that you're entertaining those whispers also the prophets lie Selim, as is narrated in numerous narrations that one and more with attained when

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galera will follow up and called Ruby robinus were revealed. The prophets lie Selim he used those as Rukia Ouattara can see why the Maliki left Other than that, so he just stuck to that. The Prophet slicin. I'm used to read the last three calls. He used to blow in his hand in the morning and in the evening, and he used to wipe those hands over his body as he was reading those three sutras sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the morning and the evening and he taught us to do so. And that's a protection for you, the Prophet slicin I'm also said what protects the home from seltene is the recitation of sorts of Bukhara surah. Al Baqarah expels the devils from your home it expels the

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shale theme from your home and that's both both preventative and it's a cure. Okay, so it's better to do that before you have sheltering in your home. You have devils in your home, but it's also a cure. The prophets I send him He also mentioned to us and this is probably the most effective treatment and the most effective way to to avoid that happening to you. ayatul kursi, okay, reciting ayatul kursi, specifically from sort of Bukhara, the Prophet slicin I'm setting the one who recites it in the morning will be protected in the evening, and the one who recites it in the evening will be protected until the morning, so recited so that you can protect yourself. And lastly, you know,

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and this is not exclusive to anything that I've mentioned so far, but just tied in to everything else. trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Remember that we already said when we were talking about Divine Decree, nothing can harm you except by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So put your trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, affirm that trust, do the things that he tells you to do, and know that if Allah gives you a cure, then that cure can not coincide with the devil that's with the devil or with a disease that's given to you by a shaitan.

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