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Episode 22_ The Friday Roll Book

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There are two things that would cause you to want to get somewhere as quickly as possible and be as close as possible. Either it's who you want to see, or it's what's being given out. And those are the two things that are spoken about when a lot talks about Salatu. Juma the Friday prayer.

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Now we're talking about the first people to get to the messages for the regular Salawat you better believe when you go to a Masjid that the people that are going to be in the first row for Juma are the people that are usually there for first row fudge and Ayesha every single day, right? But the way a lot talks about how we come to John's where at least if we're not able to do so for the other prayers for Juma is very profound. Allah says, Yeah, you Hello, Nina Armando either know, the Ottoman Yeoman Juma, first scenario, either the karela weather all their last pantai says that when the call for Juma is made, rush to the remembrance of Allah, and leave behind your trade, leave

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behind those other things that are worldly, that distract you focus on the Friday prayer. I don't even know have you thought about the law. I know he wants that in German and this is something that you rarely see someone reminding others about the importance of Juma in the Juma prayer, I needed to be allowed on hold. He once said on the pulpit and Kufa, he said that every Friday, when you wake up, the devils go to the marketplace with their banners. Now remember, every single day when you go outside of your home, you're going to have a banner over your head and that banner is either the banner of shaitan or the banner of an angel. So this is for Joomla. He said that there are a devil's

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child theme that go to the marketplace with their banners and they try to keep people distracted with the things that are of this world so that they are delayed in coming to Juma and the angels on the day of Friday. They go to the massages and they occupied the entrances of the massage beds from the very start of the morning. And so from the morning until the Jumeirah these angels take their posts in front of the massages. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that they then start to document who is coming in accordance with how early they're coming and when a word first by first so the prophets lie Selim said the first to come on that day are those that come in the first

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hour between the morning and Juma and the scholars say this is referring to sunrise should look to Juma. So the first to come in that first hour is like one who sacrifices a camel for the sake of Allah. And then the person who comes in the next hour is like one who sacrificed a cow for the sake of Allah. And then a person who comes in the third hour is like one who sacrificed around for the sake of Allah and the Prophet sly some kept going describing the decrease in the reward for the person until he said some Allah honey was some and the person that comes right before in that last hour, is like one who sacrificed a hen or egg for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Then the

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Prophet slice of them said, when the Imam rises to the pulpit and says, As salam o Alaikum, he said, salaria Islam, the angels roll up their sheets, and what are the angels do? They sit and they listen attentively to the Imam as well, some kind of law. So if you're doing cultiva, know that you have angels that are sitting in the audience as well. So if if you don't find people, very engaged with you, when you're giving cultiva there are melodica that are listening. And if you are sitting and you're distracted by the people around you realize there are angels sitting with you, as well. So it's in accordance with how quickly people get to the masses and how they hasten to the Friday

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prayer. Now, the prophets lie Selim used to give this example of how people would hasten to the masjid if there were material things that were being passed out. So here, you're talking about the reward, right? Why would a person miss out on the reward of Juma

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you know, just fulfill the obligation by coming a few minutes late. And you see that every single message, the rush in those last few minutes right before the event and then the rush right before the Salah, right? It's like two rushes that are going to take place at the masjid one right at the time of them, and one right before the Salah for those that are just going to just catch the slot itself, they're going to miss the whole time and just catch the prayer itself. If there were material things that were being passed out, if the profit slice of them said that if I was passing out meat, then the people would rush towards it. When people are, you know, dealing with scarcity of

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material goods. If a marketplace announces that we've gathered you know, all these packages of toilet paper and you've got to come in the first hour to get this toilet paper people would rush for toilet paper right here you're talking about that reward from Allah and the angels standing at the door and writing in order of who came first. So that's what the reward piece. But this last piece, is something that just really really grips me. It's a narration from a little the longtime 900 kwitny and it's been misused words but he could not say this as

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I've been taking losses without the profit slice I'm teaching this to him. The profit slice on him said that every Friday in general, Friday is not just a special place here every Friday in general, the people of Jenna gather. And that's where all of the people of gentlemen at least would see a loss pennants Allah once a week. On the day of Friday, some people see lost pets more frequently than others in accordance with their station agenda. Some people see a lost parent site twice a day. Some people can look up in general and see a loss and time Allah grant us the highest level. I mean, so when it comes to Fridays in general, the people gather in the soup of agenda in the special place

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in the agenda every single Friday and all of gender especial and the Prophet sly sunset and Allah azza wa jal addresses all of the people of genma on the day of Friday, and he's an urban mystery little the allow Thailand who narrates that those that are closest to Allah, those that have the front row seats, those that are closest to Allah, on Friday are in accordance with how, how quickly they hastened to the masjid on Friday for Juma. So the closer that you are to Allah subhanaw taala is determined by how close you were to the Imam when you came to Juma not physically but how quickly you got to the mustard and yes, when you come to the masjid, don't take a wall unless you need to

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take a wall because you've got back issues. Don't be that person that's going to sit back sit attentively, as if you are in Geneva and you're trying to get as close to Allah subhana wa tada on the date of Friday as possible. And for those that you know that are not going to be close to the Imam for whatever reason, right? It's not about Zevon Mr. Little deal on hundreds it's not the physical space that makes you close to Allah subhana wa tada in general on Friday, it's the time that you got to the masjid. So whoever you are, get to the message as early as you can on Friday. And by doing so you expressed to a loss penalty that you don't just want to be in the angels roll

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book that Friday, but you want to be closest to a loss of Hannah Montana as possible every Friday in general