The Quran Is Guidance for all Humankind

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My name is Mark Bucha, a student of Dr. Madison High School. And in your statement you made mention of you said Mohamed, Praise Jesus Christ, that not less than 25 times in the Quran, but I'm a little doubtful. I want to know the truth by

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seeing it's clearly from the Quran but these decades that

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Muslims do not allow any Christian to touch the Quran. So how then should I know the truth from the Quran? MashAllah brothers asked a very good question. He said I told in my lecture and the question and possession that Mama Salah Salem has mentioned Jesus Christ peace be upon him 25 times by name in the Quran, but the Muslim don't allow him to take the Quran. These Muslims are ignorant. You have to forgive this Muslims who don't allow you to touch the Quran. Because the Quran is not only revealed for the Muslims or the Arabs, the Quran is revealed for the whole of humankind. The Quran says in Surah Ibrahim chapter number 14 Verse Number one, we have revealed to the Prophet Muhammad

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peace be upon him to lead humankind from darkness to like. Allah says in the Quran in surah Abraham chapter number 14, verse number 52. Here is a message for mankind let them take owning their from let them know there is one God let the men of understanding take heed. The Quran says in Surah Baqarah Chapter Two was the modified ROM that was the month in which the Quran was revealed as a guidance for humankind at the criteria to judge right from wrong. Allah says in the Quran in surah resumo chapter 39 Verse number 41, that we have revealed to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the Quran to instruct the humankind so brother the Quran is for the whole of humankind. And I would

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give you a copy of the Quran and you can read the Quran and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He dictated letters to the non Muslim kings, asking them to accept Islam and he dictated verses of the Quran surah Imran chapter three verse number 64 Come to common terms as I send you many of the non Muslim king accepted Islam, some of them to the letter, some of them even trampled it beneath the feet. So in Prophet Muhammad could give verses of the Quran why can I give to the non Muslim?

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Brother I would like to ask you, do you believe there is one God?

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Yes, please. Do you believe Jesus? Is God peace be upon him?

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Do you believe Jesus is God? Or do you believe in the messenger of God? Actually a messenger of God very good Masha Allah. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God? I gave a talk of one hour 20 minutes. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God?

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Please don't have to make my own research. So I'm not I'm not yet convinced about which part of my lecture not convinced.

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See research you have to do. Fine. Tell me which part do you want to research? I'll help you. Oh, please. Now I take it will take a little my little bit my time. Little more time. I can give you time.

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I love you, brother.

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Brother. I love you. I know that. Sorry. Yes, please. I love you. And I want you to come to the truth. This guy's peace be upon him said in the Gospel of John, seek the truth and the truth shall for you. I gave a lecture of one hour 20 minutes proving from the Bible that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has been prophesized in the Old Testament and the New Testament Jesus guys peace be upon him also told about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Now do you believe in Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Please download unless I read from the Quran to confess before I would like to give you a copy of the Quran. You can come on the stage. I'll give you a copy of the Quran and inshallah I

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want you to read and get convinced come on the stage please.