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Hi everyone, so don't worry come around to cattle spinarak man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen whatever 111 one I mean without too much pain a lot more so it was cinematic and avocado, silica Mohammed and salt a lot while he was so dumb or early he was talking to me he was Southern testing and concealer and Charlotte Allah before I get into the topic for today, which is a deep topic on those that are excluded those that missed the mercy of a last panel tada in this month of mercy specifically in the last 10 nights, which are the greatest nights these 10 nights of mercy. I just wanted to once again apologize for the technical difficulties last night with on 3430 inshallah,

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tada we are going to be re recording that actually in a couple of hours inshallah and uploading that soon after. So before tonight's session, also to give everyone the good news that hunted in October. I mean, last night, a sister took Shahada over over our over Google Hangout actually, right after a call on 3430. So please welcome sister Kimberly to Islam. May Allah bless her and keep her firm and allow her to find great guidance and steadfastness and sincerity and an acceptance in this month in sha Allah tada immediately after this. Jordan will be taking Islam rather by the name of Jordan will be taking Islam immediately after this been the Natasha and then after that in sha Allah tala. We

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have brother Sergio who's going to be taking Shahada and sha Allah tala and accepting Islam. All right, we're gonna do this again guys. So let me make sure if I see a bunch of same here no sound so someone has to just assure me that there is sound and then everyone who's saying no sound can just click the icon.

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Can anyone hear me? Sound is working okay. All right. So those who are saying no audio, clearly you can hear me telling you just click the audio button and check it out but I hope that they figure it out inshallah. Another thing before I start the topic is you know, today's episode on the angels was about German, the German angels and some candlelight there are a few episodes that really talk about the masjid and the importance of the mustard and to be honest, as we're recording this, I didn't want people to think that I didn't want the series to be limited to the COVID-19 era and so I wanted us to long for the massages when they reopen to us in Charlottetown us I know that some of these

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episodes stink and I want to be the first person to say that some of them and shotwell Tyler you know are things that I that I'm committing myself to hopefully apply once the massages reopen? right you know I need to push myself to be from us harbor soften over the people in the first row I'm going to the most the quickest and so this is inshallah tada away for us to make a new covenant with Allah subhanaw taala that when those massages reopen to us that we will

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you know, act properly that we will honor them properly this time around the child as they become accessible to us. And also there's some questions that come up with some of these angels episodes. So inshallah tada after Ramadan is over at some point, soon after Ramadan inshallah, we'll have a long q&a session open q&a on the angel series inshallah. Tada. All right, so, speaking of which, inshallah Tada. I'm going to go ahead and get into the subject now inshallah Tada. So this is a hadith from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Salaam that can cause people great distress.

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But it has a lot for us to, to really apply for ourselves and Charlottetown and a lot for us to think about the prophets. I said, I mentioned the descent of Djibouti, and it has to them that Jabra his ceram came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Sahaba the companion saw the Prophet peace be upon him, ascending the pulpit, ascending the member in the masjid and the prophets lie Some said. I mean, mean, mean, he said, I mean three times. And as he said, I mean three times. The companions were confused, what is it that caused him to say I mean, and clearly there was something in between his means. So there was someone making sure that the Prophet sly son was

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saying, I mean to and because he was ascending and with each step the prophets like some said, I mean, and then I mean, and then he sounds like somebody said, I mean, so the companions asked the prophets lie Selim yada Salalah What is that? That you were making? And I know many of you have heard this hadith wouldn't challah Tana will have a different understanding of it. today.

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The prophets lie Some said you believe it Salaam came to me and debris and it has Salaam Seraphim and full of harbor Hassan May his nose be rubbed in the dust, and he has lost and failed. Who is that? The prophets lysozyme said that to breed it his Salaam said the one who hears your name and does not sound salats upon you. The one who hears the name of Mohammed Salah lahardee with cinnamon does not send Salawat upon him Now, why is Salaam always send Salawat on the

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profits later them and send solo ads on those who send solo ads on the profit slice and I'm in greater than God Allah in a lot of them and it gets a whole you saw lunarlon to be a lot and the angels sent their Salawat their prayers and their peace upon the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And so the one who hears the prophets liasons name and does not send salaat does not say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam send prayers and peace upon him and the prophets. Some said that that is a person who is believed a person who stingy, I said they don't have to heal the one the prophets lie Selim preyed upon us, prayed for us made your app for a supplicated for us, though he's never seen us. And

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when we send silhouettes upon him, it is not just for him, but it's for us as well. Right? That it's a means of our own elevation. Because as we talked about one of the episodes, right, the the the great reward, that if we were to make the entire tube, right Salawat, then it would cause all of our prayers to be answered, as well, all of our supplications to be answered as well. So there's a stinginess that's involved in a person that would hear the name of the messenger salallahu alayhi wasallam, and not say sallallahu wasallam and not respond with prayers and peace upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, this is talking about the sinful neglect. This is not the person who

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increases and I'm going to go into greater detail on selling we tie all three things but this is not a person who doesn't say some a lot more and he was selling each time he hears the prophets name is a lotto snapper says it. But as the scholars mentioned that at least to establish Salawat when the prophets lysozyme is brought up, in the first time is obligatory, and then after that, it's recommended as much as possible to to attach Salawat upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And so, Wi Fi Salaam says he has lost and failed and we'll come back to what that means. In short, lots are on the one who hears the messenger symbol lahardee with Saddam's name, and does not send

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satellites on him it is Salatu was Salam and deplete it is that I mentioned that he has failed and lost the one whose parents attain old age in their lifetime. And they are not forgiven through their parents attaining old age in their lifetime. They don't serve their parents they disobey their parents, they harm their parents as they attain old age, in their own lifetime. And then the social we know that obviously obeying the parents honoring the parents is a part of our Deen no matter what age they are, right. But this is specifically at least this heavy specifically is talking about when they reach an elder age, and a person still does not honor them properly, still treats them in a

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certain way still neglects them still is disobedient to them. So that's the second person the one who watch who lives to see their parents reach old age. And not only does not lower the wing of humility and mercy to them, and make their act for them, but instead causes them harm and neglect them in the process. And then the third one and by the way, it's not an order um, I purposely left the last one in Charlotte Tyler as in this regard,

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you know, to be the discussion for us the discussion point for us the one who an advocate on my blog, the one who Ramadan came upon and left and they were not forgiven by Allah subhana wa Tada. This incredible season. This incredible month passed through them passed by them, but it never actually penetrated their hearts, nor were they amongst those who were forgiven and shown the great mercy. And as long as he's lucky mahalo. Tyneside leopard harbor will hustle even harder. JOHN Rahmatullah that he was actually shaped and, you know, he used the same words what a person has truly lost and failed, when they managed to miss out on the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala when it

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has encompassed everything, we're hurting my agenda and was forbidden from a paradise or did not find space and agenda, alcohol countless amount that is more vast than the heavens in the earth like how could you miss out on the mercy of a loss of habitat so debris on Instagram comes down on Laila silk other to prey upon people to send Salaam on people, the angels censor them on people. This is a month of great mercy a month of repentance a month of recitation a month where people are clinging, clinging back to a loss patterns and making change. And there are some people that Ramadan with all of its glory, the last 10 nights with all of its glory comes upon and they still don't get the

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forgiveness and the mercy of a loss of Hannah Montana. So lovely man for how could it be that a person fails to attain the mercy of God in this month of mercy? Right. So these are the three that God

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prays against. And you know, we're going to talk in detail. The 26th episode of The angel series actually talks about who Julian praise for it is Salaam. So this is who he prays again,

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Now, there's a lot to discuss here and a lot to unpack because if you leave that Hadith unexplained, if you leave it without elaboration, then that can cause you great despair, because there's nothing to measure whether or not you are amongst those that are missing out on the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. So you're, you know, you hear that had Ethan like, you had a bad night of total weight. And you say, this is just not my month, you know, the 22 nights 23rd night, they lost to allow us to observe a little cuddle, whichever one of the nights it is, the 23rd night passes, let's say in the morning, everyone's you know, sending pictures of the sunrise the next morning and saying I felt

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amazing last night, and it must have been a little cutter and a person had a miserable night. And a person says, You know, I must be one of those that God said I'm prayed against, okay, I must be one of those that gibreel prayed against and it causes them great despair, a person set a goal in the very beginning of the month to recite the Quran three times, or four times or two times, or even one time finish the Quran and they fell behind and they didn't finish and they say, I must be one of those that missed out on the mercy and the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala that God is non prayed against, because I didn't feel at the Sorbonne and I didn't meet my goals of Hasselhoff, my

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goals of good deeds this normal block. So there's a great need to specify who God is salon is praying against specifically and what would cause a person to fall in that category. Okay, of those that need praise against. So what is the what is the? What's the tie between all of these three things? All right, let's first talk about that in Charlottetown, then let's get specifically total Milan, the person who hears the name of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet of Allah loves you more than your own parents love to he may do it for you before your parents were born and before you were born, the profit slice on them was already supplicating for you, and saying

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home is one home, Bobby, my beloved ones, those that come after me. My brothers and sisters that believe in me and they've never even seen me. He gave his life for the message that gives us life had it not been for the vehicle of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam than the message which gives us life would not have come to us and He manifested in the most beautiful way through his example. So he taught us with his suddenness a little longer, and he was alone in the way that he treated people and the way that he worshipped the love first and foremost, the way that he honored alone the way that he honored the people. So you know, there's a connection there between

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the profits by salon and your parents. And of course in the case of Ramadan, Allah Himself, right Allah himself that he loves you so much, and he gave so much so that you can have this message and you don't even say Salahuddin he was alone which is the way you know when it's like someone saying saddam already come to and you don't say why he comes to them. You know, peace beyond to you and you don't say peace beyond to you and return. The prophets lie Selim was sending peace your way and sending Salawat your way you're out your way, way before you even existed. And you hear his name and you're not moved to say Salalah hardy he was on them a lot more suddenly with Solomon and Amina

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Mohammed. Early he was so happy he was Olympus name and concealer to respond to the prophets Isilon with Salawat Yeah, Allah Sandra Peace and blessings upon him, even if it didn't have the incredible reward that it has, right? Even if it didn't have the incredible reward that it has which at hamdulillah it does, which is added still I should be moved to just say Salalah who it was a lot more somebody was telling him about a credit he gave us so much. Right? Jazakallah Juana Hi, Daniela, subtle, may Allah reward you for the struggle for what you went through so that we could have this message, the sense of purpose, and the way that you did it was such a beautiful example

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that anytime we look at your example, we feel inspired to aspire to be better people. So some of the law won't leave us alone. And so that's the first thing the favor of the prophets lysozyme upon us The second thing, again, the reward, why would you miss out on such an easy opportunity to gain reward Allah sends you the mention of the Prophet size alone. And you don't say sell a lot harder. You have some sort of mental mental character and the one who is you know, he's mentioned in your presence, and you don't say sell a lot already. He was alone. Right? So at least the first the first time he's mentioned it, his a lot was set up, at least say that an increase as much as you can

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increase, increase, increase. I don't care how awkward you sound. If you keep on saying sallallahu wasallam. You know, when you say his name every time I don't care if it disrupts your conversation in your speech or it gets old. It should not get old. keep on saying Salalah honey, it was a lot harder. He was Adam Sandler love it. He was alright, so again, the tie is what he did for you, and the incredible favor and the reward that's available to you every time he's mentioned your presence with

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Your parents, if there was no reward for serving your parents, you should still serve them. Right because of what they've done for you, they've given you so much. So you should honor them for giving you existence, right or the vehicle that Allah gave you existence through, okay? You should honor them. And so when they reach old age, and they need you the way that you needed them, when you were a baby, in particular, when you were completely dependent upon them. And now Allah subhanaw taala has made it such that they have there, they've gotten to a place where they depend upon you and you don't honor them. You don't you don't respond with with honoring them and and willingly lovingly

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serving them and showing them that mercy that they showed you when you were a child. Right. So it's, and by the way, you know, this is not to excuse again, you know, people every time we talk about the parents, people say, but what about this situation, this situation, there's the right of Allah, the right of the parents, this is not about volume, this is about honor. This is about the, you know, these, this is the default situation that we go to the prophets, I some taught us to always speak in default. Okay, so the default situation, that your parents, you know, took care of you, and showed you mercy when you were a child, so you show them mercy, not when they are dependent upon you. So

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even if, even if there was no reward, no reward, and they're in you doing so you do so out of a sense of obligation, because it was then it was done. Right. And then that Allah subhana wa, tada brought me into existence, and you know, when they reach old age, what that necessitates is that you've reached an old enough age to appreciate at this point, right to appreciate at this point, all that they've done for you. Okay, because if you've reached an old enough age, you might even be a parent yourself. And you know, your kids are treating you the way that you treated your parents when you were a kid and you're seeing the love that you have for your children and you're thinking

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subpanel So, this is how my parents must have felt when I was born. Right. So responding, treating them the way that they treated the you know, with mercy trying to repay the mercy But the second thing is the reward, the reward part, okay. The fee mafia had to strive in service to them and showing them love to strive and honoring them, if they are dead, strive with Subbu and do with charity and supplication, if they are alive to strive with, with kind words and mercy towards them. And prayers for them. Right? striving, because the reward is so great. The reward in serving the parents is greater than being in a you know, in a battlefield in a noble struggle. The reward is

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Jenna. Right? So to beat it has said I'm recognizing how simple right you've got Jenna, right there at your mother's feet. You've got gender right there at your parents feet. Okay, how do you honor them, then how do you treat those parents? How do you make use of that reward? So again, the first thing is the obligation. The second thing is the reward. Now why Milan, Milan, Milan, Chateau Milan under the nzdf Eagle quote, and this is the month that Allah spoke to mankind through speaking to the mercy to the world and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is the month in which the book of guidance was revealed. This is the month in which that sense of purpose was given to us. If

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there was no reward whatsoever in Ramadan, we should still honor a loss of Hannah Montana through honoring that month that he gave us that incredible message that incredible guidance, who then in US law had revealed that guidance to us that a loss pans out gave us so much. So if you think about the order of the headache actually is Ramadan first than the profit slice and then the parents has an affair between you and Allah Salawat between you and the Prophet, slice of them, your parents between you and them. So think about what I'm alone now, Allah honored this month, by making it the month in which he revealed all of the Holy Scriptures, not just the poor and by the way, the energy

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of the Gospels to Jesus peace be upon him the Torah to Mossad Islam to Moses peace be upon him the surf of Ibrahim the scrolls of Abraham the songs of David rd Kamal salatu salam peace be upon them all. So this is the month of Allah subhanaw taala addressing mankind with Holy Scripture, of course you should honor it and you should respond. You know from it from from a place of gratitude for the month of Ramadan because it's the month of that guidance coming upon us But the second thing is the reward. All the reward that's out there. Lay this little political Edelman Elvis out a night that is better than a lifetime. A test be subpanel love it is better than 1002 speaks outside of it. The

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slots that are increased the rewards the forgiveness

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farmer Shama sama Ramadan inoty Southern osita level monitor cotton and then behind man Pamela Milan Eman and reconcilement Wolfie romance apartment and then be the one who observed the month of Ramadan fasting or standing up at night all of their with Eman And if the sub with faith and accountability seeking the reward all of their previous sins are forgiven. And how is it that you have escaped the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. So Djibouti is set up who was ordered to come down to send saddam on the people praying and the angels who are causing you know traffic in the heavens because of how many of them are descending in this month on that night in particular, to bleed out

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Islam knowing the great mercy of Allah jabril who thought that fit around the pharaoh the worst human being in the world might be forgiven by a lot of he just said a stuff that a lot and turned back to a loss of habitat who thought that maybe for their own Pharaoh would also be forgiven? had he done so properly. Djibouti Dottie Salaam and he sees that and he says, How are you not? How are you not taking advantage of this month? How are you not taking advantage of this holy season this incredible opportunity that's been given to you. So how do we know if we fall in that category or not? All right, this is some of your library get to the point okay, so the thing that ties all three

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jublee the profit your parents I'm sorry, Ramadan, the profit Your parents are used a lot was saddam

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is the the obligation and the opportunity, the obligation the way we should feel obligated to the month of call and the way we should feel obligated to the messenger of the call and the way we should feel obligated to our parents who brought us into existence and then the reward in observing the month of Ramadan, the reward in honoring the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the reward and honoring our parents Alright, so that's the tie of all three of these things is obligation and opportunity. All right, how do I know though if I'm in this category or not, they're in amount say here the scholar say here? This is like when Allah subhanaw taala talks about hedge mob rule. What's an

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accepted hedge? If you look at how because hedges a great, a great pillar of Islam and it's one that causes everything to be forgiven the pilgrimage when done right when done right. Hedge mob rule and accepted hedge does away with everything before it. How does a lot so it's a defined hedge mob rule. Okay, now that's a thought so sukawati Elephant hatch. A lot defines it by what you don't do to violate it by what you don't do to violate it. So I thought what if we're super lucky that if you had intimacy and hedge for silk and jadad, the major sense shamelessness, the arguments, the fighting the arrogance, it's the things that would cause a person to be standing in alpha

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and still find a way to escape the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that day, remember a loss of hundreds out of forgives people when they're amongst the people being forgiven? Right home we'll call him that these people liars. liars copy him jalisa is plagiarism that they are people if a person is amongst them, they will not miss out on the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala right. So it's about not doing anything first and foremost to violate to violate this time from Allah subhana wa tada that's what it's talking about with hedge levodopa for sukawati donough and hedge Okay, what is sliac what is fasting did the Prophet slicin um say that whoever does not pray total we you know,

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with this money in our contracts and whoever does not finish the or and this many times Allah has no need for their fasting no the prophets I sunset whoever does not leave off Ola zoom income, you know, false speech I falsehood, you know, and false speech cogniser here is in its expansive meaning, which is lying and gossip and backbiting and abusive language, someone who's harmful with the tongue, okay, even when they're supposed to be fasting with the tongue, they don't leave off harmful and abusive speech. And by the way, this is speech to Alright, so typing, tweeting is speech, posting his speech all over the speech. The point is expressions, they don't leave off

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abusive expression, harmful expression, line gossip, backbiting all of these things, to you know, online, on site to who we talk to our families.

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That that's the person who the Prophet slicin said Allah has no Hajj Allah has no need for them to leave off their food and their drink. Right? What's the point of you leaving off your food and your drink if you're not going to leave off your gossip and your slander and you're lying and your and your abusive tongue right what's the point then? Similar to how the profit slice alone talked about the neighbor, the woman who was abusive with her tongue.

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DJ Donna abusive to her neighbor with her tongue but she fasted extra prayed extra did all those things and the profit

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like Sam said, you know last night he had there is no good in her he have enough. What's the point? What's the point? So it's so you have to ask yourself, not Oh my god, you know, I had a bad night of total we're here. I had a bad night of total we I must be one of those people God and prayed against No. Am I doing anything that would violate, that would violate the fast that would violate these blessings nights? am i watching something that I should not be watching? Am I saying something I should not be saying? Am I doing something I should not be doing? It's thinking about that. And this is not like in the deep sense of the sins that we do regularly unknowingly, that the Salawat ARCA

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Fatah for that the prayers are expiation for and those things this is a person who's very

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alertly cynic, right and dishonouring a time that Allah subhana wa tada has honored, okay, and allies are just sending you something. And so when someone says, you know, what's the best way to get Laila to be accepted, my first thing I'm going to say to you is don't do anything that would cause the father to be rejected. That's the first thing. You know, if you're gonna if you're gonna do something, to cause it to be rejected, that's how you find your way out of it. You know, because it's an incredible night that a lot of sense, how do I you know, how am I gonna How am I going to be punished in Ramadan is something that happened to me and Ramadan? How do I know my fasting is going

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to be, don't do anything that's going to cause your fasting to be rejected. Okay, don't do anything that's going to cause your fasting to be rejected, right through through harmful speech or through something that you're doing that's abusive, or whatever it may be. Don't do anything that would cause it to be rejected. Okay, so that's the first thing. The rest of it is axon, the rest of it is excellence. The rest of it is excellence is striving for Allah subhana wa Tada. So all the added duras on the day of alpha, for example, that's not the part of headjam abroad that I had a, you know, an accepted Hajj that I had a great darat session, that's a part of an elevated Hajj, an

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elevated experience. And so here you are, in these last 10 nights in this llama lon, am I doing something that would cause me to miss out on the blessing that would cause me to be just openly neglectful of it. All right, what am I looking at? What am I saying? What am I doing? Alright, that again, obvious. And I'm going to leave on you know, OneNote and gelato in this regard, because we spoke about this last week. This idea that to leave off one sin is better than gaining 1000 new good deeds and habits a normal month. Okay, to live off one sin is better than gaining 1000 new habits and Ramadan because tough one is token my RC top like God consciousness is leaving off sin, the bad

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things, San excellence is building the good things, building the extra good things, okay.

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And I'll probably write something about this too. You know, some of you have been talking about how Mashallah you've been enjoying all of the incredible content that's online these days, all of the Messiah that are doing different things here and there. I can tune into this, I can tune into that I'm watching this series, I'm watching that series, I'm consuming this and consuming this and consuming that are you already planning that post animal bond, you're gonna start consuming that next series that is on you know, whatever it is that you haven't been watching that was corrupting to the soul and corrupting to the mind and the heart. Are you already thinking about that stuff?

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I've got to put it away. I've got to put it away, consume spiritually, through my eyes, through my heart, through my tongue through my, through my ears, what's going to purify me on the inside? What's going to make me better? What's going to bring me closer to a loss of Hannah Montana. And so again, dear brothers and sisters, what could cause you to miss out on Laila to Qatar a WhatsApp message? What could cause you to miss out on later to bother scrolling through something and just, you know, sticking to something you're not supposed to be sticking to right now? What could cause you to miss out on later together a really dumb conversation you should not be having and later to

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bother. And it's probably not a good idea to have conversations on the night of a little cluttered with a bunch of people and to drag on a conversation and say, You know what, let's talk later. I want to focus right now. What could cause you to miss a little cuddle? What will cause you to lose out on the acceptance of Lilith of color something that rejects leaders of God that Allah is too merciful? A lot is too merciful to leave you with the burden of despair. Okay, you know, like, Oh, I messed up I'm done no strive, strive, strive more jaha strive and strive and strive. And the first thing is, don't do anything that's going to make this devoid this great season, devoid of your

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acceptance and your forgiveness and build on that knowing that Allah subhana wa Tada This is personal bond and Allah having a good expectation of a loss and to build on that good expectation of Allah, build on it, and inshallah Tada, you will elevate yourself and you'll elevate spiritually and he will be amongst those beneath it.

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Time that Julian is now not only doesn't pray against but that God prays for and visits and says Salaam to, along with the other angels and take us back up to a loss of Hannah Montana so the one whom Allah has no need of their fasting is the one who doesn't give up the harm of the tongue. The one whom Allah has no need of their prayer at night is the one who doesn't give up the sins of the night. The one who lost the power to Allah does not you know is just would reject in this regard is a person who insists when I'm your several elements are longer, no more a person who insists upon living in a certain way and doing certain things that would cause them to miss out on that Baraka

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala not just make us amongst those that are not prayed against but those that are prayed for the alarm is not just exempt us from those that jovita it has salami against but make us amongst those for whom God is Namsun Salaam And may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who receive his us from a Salaam his peace from the source of peace that are mentioned by him and these blessing nights mentioned by him in the salon May we be amongst those whom Allah boasts about not those whom Allah subhanaw taala disgraces we may we be amongst those whose Ramadan is accepted mobilizers that allow us to calculate color love them I mean does that mean lol hate on

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each other Tana I will see you all tonight for four and 3430 as well as the as well as the session on a bad little hand the servants of the Most Merciful at 2am Eastern inshallah. So now I'm ready to come off into line with the council.