Meeting Muhammad PBUH #28 – When He Would Pray For Us

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Even when you weren't in the room, you were still in his hearts, the lulla heart and He was alone. The oma never is out of the dirt of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So, whether you live in his time or not in his time, and even if you lived in his time, how many times did the prophets lie Selim pray for us, without us ever hearing it, but the one who needed to hear it heard it.

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He said, what the Lord had on her, she mentions that one night, the Prophet slicin was not in the bed next to her. And she said, I started looking for him. And of course, because it was dark, she said, I started moving my hand around. So she said, I ended up with my hand on his foot sallallahu wasallam. And his foot was upright, meaning he was in a place of such the, and I heard the Prophet sallallahu it was that I'm saying our rules will be really long. I mean, stuff ethic will be more emphatic, I mean, are cool, but require rules to becoming law or asleep, anna and i like it and to come up with Nita and and the very famous that we should make every single night I seek refuge in

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your pleasure from your anger, and I seek refuge in your forgiveness from your punishment, and I seek refuge in You from you, and I cannot praise You, as you have praised yourself, meaning my praise is always going to be insufficient. And your praise for yourself will always be greater, Oh Allah, this was the Prophet slice alum in his such the and we cannot capture how many of those do as were for himself, and how many of them were for his own, but we know his essence, sallAllahu it he was alone. And there are narrations that are so remarkably consistent about his neurons inside the house outside the house. And this is particularly where you find the Sahaba mentioning the prophets

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of Allah who are using them one time in sujood for so long, that they thought he was dead, how long would you have to be in? prostration? And how still would you have to be for people to think that you were dead, and that was the case of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and when they asked the Prophet slicin and what had happened as he raised his head, or so the loss of Allah how it was alum was crying it his Salatu was Salam. And gibreel Allah His Salaam came to the Prophet slice lm and he asked the Prophet slice Allah, Allah has sent me to you to see why you are crying and the Prophet slicin was crying for what Almighty Almighty my oma my oma and Allah subhanaw taala sons of Djibouti

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Ronnie Salaam to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to tell him centeral de keffi automatic we will please you with your oma, what NSO Okay, and we will not disappoint you with your oma. That's him on the outside of his house of Allah while he was alone. On the inside. He shuttle the alonside on her says, I one time saw him standing up and repeating the same verse over and over and over again. He prayed the entire night with that one verse and I'm sentimental. The alonside on has a similar narration and without all the Alon that the prophets lie some would spend the whole night reciting into the home for a number about the court in tougher law home for iNec entered as ease of

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hacking, if you punish them, they are your slaves. And if you forgive him, verily you alone, Oh Allah or the Almighty and the all wise and the Prophet slicin would make do out for us throughout the entire night. sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the most beautiful narration in this regard, is one where I saw the Allahu taala and her says, I saw the Prophet slice and I'm one day in a very good mood, and Artesia are the Allahu, and as we've already established, she knows the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and the miracles of her husband sallallahu wasallam. When you saw the Prophet slice, I'm happy what would you want to ask him you would say Allah so Allah make dua

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for me, wouldn't you say that to the Prophet slice them if he was in front of you if he was in your house? Wouldn't you say Allah so Allah, can you make it your app for me? Can you pray for me? Can you pray for us in this gathering? So I saw the Allah and I said, I said to Rasul Allah, slice alum, yada saw Allah make your app for me. And so she says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then raised his hands and said, Allah Haemophilia Isha or ALLAH forgive out Isha not to cut them in on behalf one matter. 101 or a somewhat one that Atlantans. Oh, Allah forgive all of you. So since the previous ones and the future ones, the secret ones, and the outward ones, Subhana Allah, so the

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profit slice and made, you're out for a lot to forgive everything for yourself. Ilana. Remember when I asked the Prophet slicin and why he was crying, and the prophets lie. Some of them explained to her that he was being grateful. And she said, Allah has forgiven you for all of your sins. So that's the greatest thing you could ask him for. So Allah Hardy was alone. So I saw the alohar on her set when he made that I was so happy I smiled, and then I laugh. And then my head dropped in his lap. So Lola while he was alone, so think of the scene. He saw the heart and her enjoy in the lap of the Prophet, slice alum and he is happy and he's enjoy. And he says, He shall have the Aloha. Yeah. He

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said, Are you happy because of my euro? She said, How can I not be happy with the supplication? How can I not be happy with this drought and the profit slice and I'm says well

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He in the holiday hour TV on Mati frequently Salah. I swear by Allah This is the darat that I make for my entire oma in every single prayer. So hello, Lady

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