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You know hamdulillah many who want to start you know want to stop feel

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we're not only rely on him initially fusina was a year Dr. Molina. Me the healer who fella mobula When a young fella

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was shadow

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law who the hula Cherie Kara wash had one more hammer than we do who was all Salalah when he was he was

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a young lady in law her her cultural body while I'm out on

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the moon, yeah. Johan Sutopo como la de holla Bakuman FC Wahida wahala coming

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over with me.

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Kathy on one is

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what the hula hula de

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Luna we he will have in Allaha Ghana Ali Mala Viva

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a young lady in LA how Apolo POLIN studied your select La La calm myofibrillar calm don't Oba calm warming up. How are Rasulullah who

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focus on our EMA

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for Ignace de Cali Hadith Nikita Ebola was an El Hadji had you on a beginner Mohamed in Salalah Hawaiian he were early he was sending them or shovel oedema to her Wakulla modesetting bigger. Aquila, Vidin Lola Aquila Bala letting to know, All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek His help and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evil consequences of our action.

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Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whomsoever Allah leads the strain on can guide.

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I bear witness that there is none worthy of our worship and devotion but Allah alone, and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa salam, his his servant, his sleeve and His messenger.

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Indeed, the best speech is the book of Allah. And the best guidance is that of Muhammad Sallallahu Ali, he will early he was salam. And the worst things in the religion are the newly invented matters. And all the newly invented matters in religion are an innovation and bitter and every bidder is misguidance. And it leads today Alfa

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Adam Alayhis Salam,

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the first man the father of all of humanity, who was dignified by Allah

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whom Allah commanded the angels to prostrate to make sujood Amana love America and the stupid he

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led salon Oh, come on now.

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What Hello John alighted him into paradise.

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He is the pinnacle of humanity.

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he is taken out of paradise. Hajah Hola, homina Jana. He got up to this land.

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And then eventually, one of his sons kills his own brother.

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We have to go ahead don't even he a hall

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no Halle his salon

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950 years among his people, calling them to Allah, your little home health facility in the home scene.

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For Kufa julu homes most of them disbelieved, including his son and his wife.

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Ignore was eligible.

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A yo belly He sent him.

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Allah subhanaw taala tries him with a severe illness.

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For 1718 years, he loses his family, he loses his children, he loses his wealth. people abandon him only for his wife and two remote friends.

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70 years of pain of suffering and he's making dua to Allah. No day he turned to Allah and he said, Why didn't you answer my dua? No day he turned to himself and he said it's been too long.

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Prophet Iacobelli salaam loses his son for so many years.

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use of

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cars taken from slavery to prison

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accusations destruction of his reputation, Jaco Valley Sam,

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you have killed now, I'll add a banana Hilah curry, who takes us away from his father? His own brothers?

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For so many years

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no single moments yeah hope turns to Allah and he says, Oh Allah, why did you do that to me? Oh, Allah usually has been far away from me for too long. He never says that. What does he say? He says in the mash callback, it was me and Allah. He turns to Allah to express his pain and his sorrow. That's all he does.

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Look at the profits and misery profit. Yeah, he Alayhis Salam

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profit here here is murdered himself as his head is chopped off.

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You're here Ali, sir. Yamato Shahida Yocto. Omar

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Muhammad Ali his Salatu was Salam yonder Okoma with Elijah ash water Sanofi Maccha mecamylamine homie luckily

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he's calling his people to Islam Prophet Muhammad SAW said in 13 years his own people, only a few individuals accept his message. Everyone else has enmity towards him.

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That's life.

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The Prophet SAW Allah what He says is in the Hadith

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I showed the nasty Bella and an MBA from Milan Thurlow for an MPhil you will tell him or other has been a thing canovee dini Salah stoke the below when canovee dini he read caught

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up to the Allah Hungary dini.

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The people who are tried and tested the most are the prophets and the messengers than the people that are closer to them in Eman.

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A person will be tried and it will be tested in accordance with the level of their faith

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according to the level of their sense of certainty and trust in Allah, a person who will be tried according to that level. So if their faith is strong, then their trials will be strong

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and will be severe.

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But if their faith is weak, their trials will be at the same level of intensity.

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This is the story of this life. Allah never promised us paradise here on earth. He never promised us to get what we call upon what we call upon Him for He never promised us to grant us our wishes.

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He never promised us to make us enjoy this life to the fullest.

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Allah says Allah the Halacha and Boucher will highlight Alia blue Acoma ucommerce, no and Allah.

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Allah says, He created us to test us this life is the life of test. That's that's the thing that He promised us. And he promised in Allah Allah will remain with Karla Dawa, that he is not going to commit injustice, even an utterance of injustice, there will be no injustice. So why would we go through trials and hardships? When we don't get what we wish? When our plans are destroyed and ruined?

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Why do we feel as if Allah is targeting us, or is if Allah has abandoned us, or as if Allah Subhana Allah doesn't care about us, or as If Allah doesn't have mercy upon us.

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The Prophet saw us on and says in Allah.

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You only had the dunya Lehmann, you hate burning man die hip, while you're up in Africa in Dalaman, your head? Allah subhanaw taala gives this dunya to the ones that he loves, and the one that he doesn't love. But he only gives the answer to those he loves.

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So if you've been going through hardship, if you've been going through a financial loss, struggle, emotional, psychological, social, any type of pain, any type of suffering, and it's been going on for a long time.

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You're not alone.

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You're not the only one and that's not strange. This is how life is meant to be. Not because Allah loves humans to suffer.

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But because for Inanna Ellis, who you saw in Nanaimo Sri usara indeed with every hardship there is ease with every hardship there is ease Allah says.

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So how do we how do we deal with all of those hardships and calamities? Some people have been suffering

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In 14 years, some people for 20 Some people for 50 years, they've been calling upon Allah to remove some kind of a predicament or hardship and Allah hasn't removed it yet not because Allah doesn't care.

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But maybe Allah wants to elevate them.

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The Prophet SAW Selim says in the Hadith in Allah, Allah Ubu only be a heavy conviction neti Manzi that an earlier layer below the Amory

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forgive tele your spirit for you, but who here? Oh, come on holiday. So that was that Allah has a place for one of you in paradise a high place and the person doesn't do enough to get it. The President doesn't.

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It's not a it's not developed enough to do it. But Allah wants him to get there. So Allah says hardships and pain and suffering

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on the way of this person, so this person responds with patients and with this patients, Allah elevates this person to that level.

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Anywhere you go, any side you sleep on, any ceiling you're under,

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you are well taken care of.

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Because no mistakes in your life.

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There's nothing random that ever happened to you in your life. Everything was written 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth. And this is a source of relief. Because the one who wrote that down is the Most Merciful, the most wise it just

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as a source of relief.

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So no matter what you've been through.

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Don't take yourself too seriously.

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Don't focus so much on yourself. It's not about you. And you will see how Allah subhanaw taala in the story of use of any Salam. After all the pain and hardship Allah brings us for an exam and Jaco and the family together. And Yusuf Ali Salam eventually becomes becomes sort of like a king, almost a king.

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So the story turns out to be beautiful, it ends up in a very beautiful way, like a wonderful movie, or a beautiful novel that we that we that we read.

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By with some sometimes it doesn't end so beautifully.

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With your Halley's tsunami was killed, they didn't seem to have a happy ending.

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Oftentimes, we are willing to be patient but we want Allah to pay us back in this life.

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You don't get to decide.

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You have to strive. You have to do everything you can you have to face this life with a heart of courage and belief and certainty.

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But what happens that's our thing is not yours.

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Your job is to trust.

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Your job is to charge this life head on.

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And trust that Allah is going to take care of things if you don't get paid back in this life. Then Allah subhanaw taala has kept it for you on the Day of Judgment.

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It was mentioned that some of the companions like Allahu Anhu and others everytime they when they saw the the body of a mob in the body of Masada

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or the Allahu Anhu remain after the Battle of

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and they kept remembering that they didn't they didn't even even have a piece of cloth that is enough to cover and shroud the body of Masada

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and the Companions later on, they conquered Persia.

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They opened the sham they defeated the Romans they opened in Yemen and behind the Muslim dynasty became huge and powerful. The Muslims became rich well off resourceful some of them's even hotter I've said Asha and Nicole minute living number JIRA Tullahoma you bet on the higher the name of the game. I'm afraid that we will be among those who get paid off our good deeds in this life. So the good things have been brought to us in this life. Then he says what up until a tuna

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one must have opened Omega massager

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learn edgy doula who manuka phenom OB.

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And I remember when we saw most, I don't know maybe we couldn't even shroud him properly.

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So the Companions desired that they would not get paid off in this life. But for us, we we place a condition on Allah, I'll go through this hardship I'll be I'll be patient, but you have to pay me back before I leave this world. Why? Because our belief in the hereafter has shrunk has become weak.

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So we have to put our trust in Allah and know that he's sticking well. Very good.

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with cannabis Aquila Holy hell, that was tough for a while you were looking for stuff

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the hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was very adamant about 100 Remember Muslim on VSI he and Abby all orthotopic Allahu Anhu.

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And then the real Sallalahu already here we're setting them up on a remote Minocqua we are you don't want to have boo Illa him in any moment. And by the way, if he couldn't hire

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a hair salon I invoke was 10 biller. What charges well as a publisher in Canada and me file to Canada, Canada where I can cut the Allah who want to ensure as

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the Prophet SAW, Selim says, the strong believer is better and closer to Allah direct to Allah than the weak believer.

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Strong in what strong an email, first and foremost, for anything else.

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Strong an email because the thing that makes you strong is faith is certainty or what will Eman

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and that's what made the Sahaba the companions of the Allahu Anhu better than every other generation is the strength of their Iman,

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which can transform everything in your life. You don't get you don't necessarily get a happy end.

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You don't necessarily get an easy life, but you get a meaningful life. You get to live life with dignity with your head up.

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You get to live this life, understanding that everything that comes to you has a reason and has a wisdom and you're happy with it.

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And then any type of strength that you have after that is a bonus.

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And that's why when the Prophet SAW Selim says,

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See God is good for you. So use your logic, use your mind, see what is good for you.

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Make it event, get married, get children, be concerned for what is good for you. It helps identify and Farrokh seek the things that are good in this life naturally plan,

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research, study, take action.

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That's what you're supposed to do was 10 Billa. Put your trust in Allah. Often times when we think about this, we think as if we do the job. And Allah is some sort of an assistant that helps us on the site. And that's where we go wrong.

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The prophets are suddenly saying here, you know, you do what is necessary. You you chase what is good,

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but you leave matters in the hands of Allah. That's what he's saying. You don't take Allah as an assistant. You don't think you do the work or the majority of the work that Allah does patches it up for you.

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That's inappropriate with Allah is Allah Who makes things happen. Even your actions are from Allah, the success of your actions is from Allah. If Allah did not right thing for things to happen, you won't be able to do them. So when we say it's the invalid, meaning, you see Allah is in control, Allah is getting everything done, although you still engage, is to do everything you can.

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And even when you hit by calamity, you pick yourself up and you keep going. Why? Because you have this moral obligation to Allah, to act with courage in this life, and to do what you're supposed to do and never fall for ages for helplessness.

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Allah is in control. Allah makes things happen even when you seemingly do them and fulfill them it is Allah who made them that's how you see the world otherwise, you're living a delusion.

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And that's what the Prophet says at the end of Hadith and when things happen the way you didn't want them to go.

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You don't say I wish I did that. I wish I did this you don't say this. Why? Because that's a sign that you're not trusting Allah that you see yourself the the the acting agent here, not ALLAH SubhanA wants Allah that's why the province of Sauron says all cut the Allah woman should have and say this, I did what I could. But Allah is in charge and he does what he wants. That's what you say that's what could the Allah Allah, masha fan. And that's why the Prophet says at the end of at the end of the Hadith, for in alone, I'm going to show you because you know, if only if I did that, when the if this opens the door for Chapin, what door door, I've seen yourself in charge of not believing

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that Allah is the one who runs the universe. You start seeing yourself as a god, that's the door of shaytan that opens up.

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So reflect on the stories of all these prophets and messengers. And as you see humans doing things and feeling good things. See that

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Allah subhanaw taala is animating this universe. And when things go bad in your life trust that Allah is ticking going in the right direction. Often times when you see a movie or to watch a movie or read a novel, and a sign of a good director or a good author is that they make things go so bad to the point that you really question. Why is the author or the director doing this to the hero of the story? How come? How are they going to get out of this, but you enjoy it. Because you know, eventually, things will turn in favor of this hill. And you enjoy the turn of events and you look forward to it. And you'll find this a very good movie, and a very good story.

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And you don't go through so much stress, but it's, that's a human that's a human way of designing things Allah when Allah Hill methylene, Bethel, Allah, Allah is far greater than that. But that's just a simple example to help us understand it or relate to it. But when we are in the story, we get stressed out. We don't see that Allah is working for us.

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We don't see how Allah is making things happen for us. We don't see that. Why because we take ourselves too seriously. We focus so much too much on ourselves.

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Focus on Allah and things will be way easier. That's what that's the meaning for enamelware. So Yusra with every hardship there is when you see what is beyond the calamity, when your heart is with Allah, and you see the mercy of Allah, the ease will come to you you will feel it you will experience it and you will enjoy it.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us go through this life with faith and certainty and trust in Him and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us to what he loves Allah mafia ramen you know when we're going out when Muslim Muslim that Allah here even more it's a llama Filipina phenomena are so often Fe Emelina with a bit of a diamond on sadhana and then when we can fit in Allah Allah Felina where do I live in our even know when Elena Rama tkr Amara he made a lot of more could have been more so if you know me then it will mean if you couldn't be McCann, Allah on welcome. Bye law is what you focus on. What sort of matter do we care? Why do we care? I mean, even Allah mobula

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delivery is anyone who tells you to CORBA when and if you will, okay, well, there you go. Kamala Khan Chaka Khan with Coraline with Coco wash Kuru Anna and me he is it was Olivia Marcel de moda Nicola Nicola was only can Mohammed while he was the HMI What are they doing a momentary homie Hassan in Isla yo meeting