If Allah Raises You No One Can Bring You Down

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Ramadan Khatirah

June 18, 2016

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in Mecca, the reassurance to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will elevate him. Allah will see him through difficulty and Allah subhanaw taala will grant him in the believers with him salvation and a loss of Hannah hoods Allah warns those who are rejecting and those who are aggressive with the messenger sallallahu wasallam. over and over and over again. And this is the theme and sorted out off this is the theme, and and who this is the theme and this is the theme and sort of Raheem, this is the theme and sort of tonight and this is the theme and all of these different suitors. They are the last sutras in Mecca, where Allah

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subhanho data is reassuring His Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam over and over and over again. And one of the most amazing turning points that we have in the Quran is the sudden appearance of certain Islam. We go from the Prophet slice alum being referenced in this state of being persecuted over and over and over again, to a sudden switch to where a loss of Hannah Horta not only took him out of the out of the, the position in which he could be oppressed by his enemies, but Allah subhanho wa Taala elevated the messenger sallallahu wasallam literally to a position that is out of this world a lot took him from being under the feet of Abuja had an urban that'd be more eats, putting camel guts on

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him. And the the the most low of people stoning him and spitting out him and humiliating him. And Allah subhanaw taala took him through the heavens, where he was greeted by Angel after Angel, Prophet after prophet until finally he was greeted by Allah subhana wa tada himself and told some Allah why he was some of the high position that he occupies with Allah subhanho wa Taala there's about a very valuable lesson in all of this. And that is that if people try to put you down if the entire world was to gather against a person to put that person down, and to hold that person down, but Allah Subhana Hood's added the creed glory for that person and a loss of Hannah hoods, Allah

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elevates that person, then nothing is going to stop the glory of a loss of hundreds out of from coming to that person. And on the on the flip side, if the entire world was to praise a person, and everyone wants to come together, and you have as Rahim Allah calls it, then you'll have the overpraising of the ignorant people that are not aware of your true situation. You're a hypocrite and you managed to fool many, many, many people. But Allah subhanho wa Taala wishes to humiliate you Allah will humiliate you no matter what. So on one hand, mental although on a lot of fire, Hola, the one who humbles himself to Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will constantly elevate him. On the other

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hand, men some men, some men, some men, some Allah Javi woman you are you are in law obey the prophets lie some tells us in authentic narration, that the one who frequently tries to have people hear of their good, a loss of Hannah huzzah, Adam will make sure that people hear of their evil and whoever tries to show off their good deeds, Allah subhana wa tada will show off their evil deeds. Meaning what, at the end of the day, your scale of greatness is in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so long as you are seeking elevation in the sight of a loss of hundreds, Allah, no one is going to interfere with that decree of God. That's a powerful, powerful sentiment. We see it in the

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in the in the sense of great political leaders in our in, you know, even our modern history, right, people that were that were held down, that were imprisoned that were tortured, but Allah subhanaw taala gave them, you know, a great sense of elevation and a great sense of honor to where even if they face physical persecution, their honor was always elevated and their honor was raised. You look at a man like Imam Rahim, Allah when he was being dragged to his prison cell, the the chief, you know, they're called an amount of soul font today, right? The scholars of the rulers, the scholars, the government scholars that literally issue decrees, at the at the whims of the rulers, not the

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whims of the kings, and the leaders and so on, so forth. So literally, you have a situation where a man is being dragged into prison, and the government scholar of the time, if you will, is mocking him and saying all types of things. And he says to him, that our situation, our affair will be apparent at the time of the janazah meaning wait to see your janazah and wait to see mine. So right now I'm being dragged into prison in a humiliating fashion. I will be whipped and tortured and humiliated and whatever sentence but wait to see your janazah and wait to see mine and truly Mama's janazah was the largest documented janazah in the history of Islam. It was the largest documented

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janazah in the history of Islam. It took two it took two days to be able to get to the front line and pray Jenna's over and over again, because there were millions of people that lined up row after row to pray, Jenna's on him, and the one that he spoke to died.

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humiliating death and they could not find anyone to do janazah for him, what that means is eventually if Allah subhana wa tada has decreed honor for a person, then that person will be honored. And if Allah has decreed humiliation for a person, that person will be humiliated, no matter how we interfere as human beings. Now, how do we bring this to our level? We're not, you know, when I'm when I'm thinking about this as an everyday Muslim and as a person that, you know, that's not that doesn't fit into the categories of the amount of the world or whatever it may be. How do I apply this in my own daily life, when you think that by forsaking the principles of your

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religion, that you will succeed in your workplace, and that your career will be enhanced, and that people will respect you more, you're deluding yourself, when you forsake your principles, and when you forsake your deen in order to conform, you're only going to find humiliation because you are acknowledging to the people around you, that your sense of worth comes in how they see you. And so a loss of hundreds out of will put you down whether you try to seek elevation or not. And if you really think about it, I'm changing my name in public, I'm trying not to pray in public, I'm trying not to identify as Muslim in public, I'm running away from every single aspect of my religion, which

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places me at odds with the current trend of society, Allah subhanho to Allah will put you down if you forsake those things, and you will be a humiliated person. Whereas when a person sticks to their principles, people might not like you, but they'll respect you. And that's the key people might not like you, but they will respect you. And Allah Subhana, Allah will honor you, and He will elevate you. And the Prophet slicin gives us a very practical implement implementation of this. You're sitting around with people, and people are talking about things they should not be talking about. And you personally abstained from that conversation or you express displeasure with them. Yeah,

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eventually you upset them. Initially, you upset the people around you, but eventually Allah subhanho wa Taala causes those people to respect you, and elevate you as a result of your ethics and principles. So the idea that I'm referencing, where the prophets lie, Selim says, Man, autobahn NASA be satilla. Whoever pleases people, by displeasing Allah subhanho wa Taala sakata la Juan was called a nasaan. Allah Subhana, which Allah becomes displeased with that person, and a lot causes the people to be displeased with him as well. Meaning what eventually people stop respecting you and you might have, you might have, you know, been the joke of the party, or you might have laughed with the

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people or caused the people to laugh. And you might have been temporarily popular, but eventually a loss of Hana which causes those very same people to view you as very little, causes you to be a humiliated individual. But he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam man, autobahn la bisa. Hutton, US whoever pleases a lot by displeasing the people, you don't go out there and try to be confrontational and try to get into it with other people. But you stick to your principles. And people don't like that initially. Because by you sticking to your principles, you make that person feel insecure, or you send off a certain type of message to that person, man, honorable law be soft

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in us, you're the person in the gathering that says, You know what, we shouldn't be talking about that person that way. You know what, I don't agree with you. And that's a good brother. That's a good sister. You're the person that doesn't appreciate the way that that gathering is going. And you upset the people around you because they say stop being super religious Stop acting like you're self righteous, you know, you backbite all the time. You talk about people all the time, you're this, you're that but you insist upon your ethics and your values and your code. man out of the law, VESA Hutton, us you please a lot and you temporarily displeased the people, but all the last one for

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autobahn nasaan the profits license that Allah is pleased with you. And Allah will cause the people to be pleased with us well, meaning what the people will respect you. Even if they don't like you, even if they feel like you, you know like your weight is intimidating because your way is one which demonstrates a sense of purpose and they are without purpose. Allah subhanho wa Taala will be pleased with you and He will cause those people to be pleased with you as well and respect you as well. So we asked a lot to honor us in His sight We ask Allah subhanaw taala to elevate us and we ask a lot to never make us a people that run away from that which Allah Subhana hoods Allah has

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placed as a methodology for greatness in you know, and in order to see greatness in the sight of any other human being and we ask a lot to forgive us for any insincerity or shortcomings. We may have a llama means exactly well Hayden was phenomenal.