How to Go Beyond Your Limits #Shorts

Muhammad Alshareef


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The speaker discusses the pervasive limits on work and income, which is not something the individual can control. They also mention that working at a lower income means working harder and being more creative.

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perceived limits, that's a total shake on and we're constantly perceiving limits in front of us. And again, it's not anywhere you know from a loss. Everything that you think is not possible that's a perceived limit. That's a distraction. Just because oh, I'm this age, so I can't do that oh, because I don't have this much income. I can't do this. That's all perceived limits. Allah subhanaw taala can work miracles in every situation. And the more that you get to know Allah Subhana Allah the more you call upon him with lie, you take those limits off, the more you get to know Allah subhanaw taala the more you live with that those limits just literally spread off