Majed Mahmoud – Stories Narrated By The Prophet #03 Trust Allah And Put Your Effort

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © A speaker describes a story of a man from the bus route in Israel who took a loan of 1000 dinars and showed up at the lender to pay off the loan. The lender gave him a guarantor, but he refused to pay it. The speaker describes the situation and the lender's response, but the borrower refuses to pay and the speaker asks for a comment.
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Salam aleikum. The story of this episode is one of my favorite ones. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam spoke about a man from the children of Israel. This man went around some of his people looking someone to loan him 1000 dinars, which is a lot of money, maybe hundreds of 1000s of dollars. So he found a lender and he went to him and the lender was willing to give him the money, but he asked him please bring me some witnesses to witness the transaction. The borrower said Kafa BiLlahi Shahida Allah is enough of a witness. So the lender the one with a 1000 dinar instead Okay, bring me someone who would back you up someone who would pay off the loan in case you're not able to

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bring me a guarantor. The man replied Kapha biller HCA healer. Allah is enough of a guarantor. The guy with the money said, You're right. Allah is the best witness. And Allah is the best guarantor, here you go. And he gave him the 1000 dinars, and they agreed on a specific time and date and location to pay back the loan. The man took the 1000 dinars and traveled overseas through a boat of course, no airplanes back then traveled overseas did his thing fulfilled his needs with that money? Eventually, the day to pay the loan back has come. So the borrower Do you think he will show up or not? What's your take? He showed up in what sense he showed up to the seashore or the area where

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there are boats, he's searching for a boat, a ship anything to take him overseas to return the loan back on time. He could not find any boats or ships on that day. He looked and looked but no ship was available. Which can I do? What should I do? He saw a piece of wood. He took that piece of wood, he made a hole in it. He placed 1000 dinars imagine a large amount of money 1000 dinars into that piece of wood, that hole, and he wrote a letter and put a letter inside that hole, which was directed to the lender, then he closed it and sealed it very tightly. Then he approached the sea. And he said, Oh, Allah, you know, well, that I took a loan of 1000 dinars from so and so he asked me for a

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guarantor. And I told him that Allah's guarantee was sufficient. And he accepted your guarantee. He then asked me for a witness. And I told him that Allah was sufficient as a witness. And he accepted you as a witness here Allah, I tried hard to find a transportation so that I could pay back his money, but I could not find rides. And I entrust you with this Yeah, Allah with this piece of wood, which the money and the letter are in. And then he threw the piece of wood into the sea, he kept looking at the piece of wood until it was no longer visible and went far into the sea. And then he left. However, he was still searching for about Allahu Akbar, this is the character of the Muslim

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Now, like throw it and see what happens. No, he was still searching for a boat in order to ride on and personally hand the 1000 dinars to the lender. So Brother, are you telling me he is now adding another 1000? Yes, maybe the first one will not reach Allah, Allah Allah, he's sticking the means. While all of this was happening, he's looking for our boat and so on. The borrower on the other side of the sea, left his house, waiting for the boat to arrive. Today is the day today is the time this is the location. And for the guy to hand me my money back. However, he waited and waited, but no one shows up Subhanallah I don't know what he was thinking what's in his heart. But in the Hadith, he

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didn't complain. He didn't say I should have never said Allah is enough. He never said that. Subhanallah all of a sudden, this man after he waited for way too long, you wants to leave, he saw a piece of wood. Ah, he found a piece of what he does not know anything about the wood and what the other guy did. So he took the piece of wood home hoping to benefit from it in any way. Whether putting it in a fireplace warm of the family, or use it use it to get some fire and cook some food. All of a sudden when he got the piece of food and he starts to cut it. He noticed 1000 dinars, he noticed the letter. While he's going through this not too long after that, who shows up the

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borrower? Yes, the borrower finally showed up, he found a boat and he arrived at a place and with him was 1000 dinars. And he went to the lender. And he told them well, Allah He I had been trying so hard to get a boat so that I could bring you your money. And here it is, and hamdulillah but I did not find any boat besides the one I just came on. It was the first one available. The lender asked him a question. Have you sent something to me? The borrower replied, as I have just told you. I could not get a boat other than the one I came on. The lender said Allah has delivered on your behalf the money you sent in the piece of wood.

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So go back with your 1000 dinars the one that additional 1000 dinars. Take that one back

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guided on the right path what a story what reflections what lessons can we take from it but want to ask you a question Which of the two people to you is more righteous the lender or the borrower let me know in the comment section below was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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