Asking Allah for Abundant Forgiveness

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The United States has seen a rise in cases of COVID-19, including the recent infection in the western region. The speakers express their desire to stop deaths and destroy people, and the importance of regular forgiveness. The segment also touches on the rise in cases and the need for forgiveness, with a brief advertisement for a home builder.

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handler Billa means that Allah wa salam Baraka Unum, Hamid and while earlier Savio salam to Sleeman Kathira to mama bad, another derived from the Quran we see in Surah Telara chapter number number seven and number 155. One and 55 is still in the story of Musa alayhis salam with his people in the way to the door are at the end of the aisle Allah subhanho wa Taala says call the people

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of Musa they would say and Toluna for Lana, our Hannah want a hell of offering our Lord and Toluna which means your Allah, you are

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you are our allies or protector, so forgive us and have mercy upon us and you are the best of forgivers so this let's talk about the context of the if you remember last time we discussed together the story of Musa and Ben Israel, in which Allah subhanaw taala had given them the blessings of taking them out of the oppression of the tyrants in Egypt of the pharaoh into their freedom. And then on the way when they cross the river somehow moosari Salaam he had an appointment with his lord to receive the tablets in his absence what happened. The people of Israel fell back again to their old habits inspired by one of their tribal leaders and he made the calf out of gold

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and they start worshipping this and Musa restaurant came back he grabbed his brother, she says What have you done? And he made dua for himself and it's for brother when he made the dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala called a big believer every year Allah forgive me forgive my brother was gonna make us among those who will be under your mercy, want or hamara hammy the most the most compassion, then the ayah continue or the story continues, that Allah subhana wa Taala is

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subjecting those who worship the CAFTA as punishment, because he had seen them he had shown him all these miracles from the miracles of Masonic ceremony was stood before the pharaoh that made the made even the magicians to prostrate to Allah subhanaw taala and sacrifice their life on the spot instantly. That is enough for people to realize, Oh my God, are these people willing to die for this just an instant change their position on this matter than they ever did something significant to follow. And then after that he showed them all the other miracles most arrested and brought to Venezuela when he left took them from Egypt on the way to the to the to the river and they saw that

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you know what this is it we're done. We're not going to be able to cross because now don't worry, Allah is with me. In the Mara beside in Alazani he will guide me and Allah gave the auditor Masada set up to split the sea, which he did. And they walk through all these paths, very level very dry. They went through they saw that miracle with their own eyes. And then when they crossed the same thing, Allah has given them fruit and food that they could never even imagine. All these miracles were not sufficient for them to remain steadfast unfortunately,

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it didn't make them stay steadfast. So they worship the calf and they were subjected to this punishment. And they were more sorry Sarah Missoula described Karwa Masaka and masala vada aka Allah when Musa come down, he grabbed a tablet again, which he had

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the commandment from Allah subhanho wa Taala or phenos Katya Hoda, Rama and these tablets ALLAH SubhanA has given the people have been extra eel Odin Rama guidance and mercy for them. Linda Xenon there have been Mira boon for those who truly fear the Lord subhanho wa taala. Then part of the deal with Venice right in order for them to to bring themselves to Allah subhanaw taala with repentance. Allah azza wa jal commanded Musa alayhis salaam to bring the elite and the leaders of Bani Israel to stand before the Lord and offer their repentance for their forgiveness and to get to get the Allah's forgiveness. Ouattara Musa Comosa in Raja So Musa is selected 70% of the people been destroyed the

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tribe, the tribal leaders 70 samama They say seven zero, some they say quite a good number. Like he selected the leaders of Vanessa and he caught me off guard so they have an appointment to stand before the Lord to offer their excuses and seek Allah's forgiveness.

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For that matter tomorrow Raja

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Cara bill of *ter Letterman Kapalua Ei,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala here give details so in another Surah about what happened here. But here says what fam Maha Raja when they are seized by that earthquake, and they were destroyed and they were killed. Wow, what happened in this ayah doesn't explain what happened exactly. You see, after all what they've done and all what Allah had shown them and then eventually Allah says, Okay, fine, I'll forgive you. Just bring your people and let them come and offer the repentance. On the spot will most Allah said I was communicating with his Lord subhanho wa Taala Musa, he

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would hear or speak to them, but they want. They don't see what Musa what Musa alayhis salam is see what he's hearing. So, every time he says communicating to them My Lord is asking you to do this or Allah has asked to do this, but they think that he's faking it like who are you talking to? We have nothing. So they said Carla not Minella Cohutta not Allah Johanna like, Are you mocking us? You know what we're not going to accept unless we see Allah with our own eyes. That's what they demand for Musa

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Allah subhanaw did not even give them an answer. He immediately taken them by that by that earthquake that sees them and they will destroy and they perished. So now Musala said I'm standing in the middle of all these corpses and all these all these bodies cluttered up with

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no shirt, a couple of AI if you want to do careful destroy before it will come here. Like you would have done it when we were very sorry that they will know that what happened and it will destroy me with them. Like just finish us all. I mean, what am I gonna say when I go back to Bani Israel? I've killed the leaders. So he asked Allah to plead with his Lord subhanho wa Taala you know, to give him another chance, or give them another chance? And he says Carla Robbie, Carla Toluca, lucquin abdomen philosopher, Amina Yala, are you gonna destroy us because of what the foolish amongst us just did and said, like as if they say

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they just the foolish statements from few of them. Don't take us you know all by that don't count as among the foolish ones among those who are disobedient to your Bananaman in here in Lafayette nataka to see to the lobby Harmon Tasha water the mentorship, my Lord

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would You destroy us for for what the foolish among us have done? This is not but your trial by which you you send astray whom you will and guide whom you will you are all protected and that's the antibody union like your Allah we admit, we have wrongdoers amongst us. We have foolish people amongst us, we have those who could bring destruction upon us. But we ask you not to destroy us with them because of their faults.

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And honestly, this was very important for us this decision, man,

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no matter what the culture is today, and what's happening and the change in our society and the panel changing the fitrah the filter of men and women and targeting children with Ebola would would with these insane ideas. It just is scary. How popular these these these foolish ideas are becoming right now that devil invokes Allah's destruction, Allah's wrath upon all of us.

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unless we do something about it, and as we say, I'm gonna speak out against it. So here the DUA of Musa alayhis salam, he says Yara, don't destroy us because of what the foolish have done and sale. Until you know, because we believe in you. You are our Protector, no matter what they say. No matter what they claim. We believe in you. You are our leader. You are our Protector. Like we follow your instructions are a bona fide learner, forgive us, forgive us for what they're saying. Forgive us for not counting us among them. Forgive us for not being able maybe to change what they're doing. But forgive us. Yeah, Allah, what Hannah and have mercy upon us. Maybe we don't deserve that. Maybe we

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don't deserve that forgiveness. But we do deserve your Rama, your mercy, because of the Most Merciful wanta hydrofracturing. Because you are the one who is the best of those who forgive in the eye before. They said Carla antar hamara, Haman. And you're the one who is the Most Merciful of all those who have mercy. And he was so antihero, Catherine, you're the best of those who forgive, like your Allah, we can't have forgiveness better than yours. So we seek forgiveness from what's happening around us. So this dua is for us really and Toluna for learn our home now and the whole of Africa and Because indeed, we need this in time of confusion like ours, so that we don't be taken

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like Allah subhanaw has taken Bennett these leaders for the sins of everybody else that the few that they've done. So it's very important that we make this dua regularly. Yeah, Allah and Toluna for Lana or Hannah, want Coronavirus. This is a dua that we have for today inshallah to Allah we're going to repeat that vanilla gel together.

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Allah Houma

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and Tivoli Yuna

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fell for Atlanta, what Hamner one to Hiral Warfarin

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Allahumma Banta Valley Yuna fell for Lana, what Hamner one to Hiral ha offering

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Allahumma Antonia Yuna fell for Lana. We're Hannah. We're and Hiral of Afreen

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Rabbana elfa Lana, what is one

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word Phil. Phil rock magic.

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One tar Hamra he mean

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Robina after eyeliner sobre

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What often Muslimeen

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Rabbana if by Nana Barbarina coalminer will help

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well antiroll fatty Hain

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Robina Lata Jana mal toma Valley mean

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Rabbana alumna and fusina

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will talk for Lana

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What are Hamner learner Coonan? Nominal ha serene.

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Rob benna Regina minha the hill Korea

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a valley Valerie Allah

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wa Lana Mila donco Alia

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watch Alana. Mila drunkeness Zerah

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Subhanak Sakina either not

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from Ghana in Africa, man to the hidden nah

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forgot the zeta

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WeMod Lolly mean I'm an unsolved

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and Amin Obeah become

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Munna Robina for Lana de Rubinoff

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workout for Anessa yeah Tina

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what our overall

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Robina where Tina? Now rose solid

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wala to Xena yo Malkia ama

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in Nicola totally fooled me.

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Robina elfa Lana Don Obama

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Robina have Alana mill dune Kaduri Atlanta Yeva

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wa for N word work for Lana or Hannah Antimo Lana funciona como Catherine

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Allahumma journey. Famous CBT work lovely Hiram minha Robina Taco Bell Mina in Atlanta semi alim.

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Rabbana wa Jalna Muslimeen allOK

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whatsover Allah inna in a cantata wob Rahim.

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