An Essential Component Of Good Character – Courage

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Number four is courage. What's courage?

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The courage means the absence of fear.

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No, I'll give you an example. Courage means having the ability to stand up for the values and the principles that you believe in.

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Most, most of the time, he's the most mentioned bruff prophet in the Quran almost 136 times. But most of the times, he has mentioned, the word chair is mentioned. As a phoenix he, he felt, he felt afraid when they played the tricks in front of the Pharaoh, when the palace, told him go to the Pharaoh, and somehow, even Willa sin masala cinema prophet to the worst person on earth, He recommended me.

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Talk to him gently, somebody came to advise, and he was yelling at him. And he said,

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I am not worse than the Pharaoh. And you are not better than masala salam, please. When you advise me when you talk to me, talk to me gently, please.

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So most is

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another half.

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He has weapons, he has soldiers. And me and we don't have that.

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So most of the time, fear is mentioned, does this mean that musala slam was cowardly? No, never. Never. So courage doesn't mean the absence of fear. Because if a lion were to walk into this machine, I'll be the first one thrown away.

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Because you want to save your life.

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So courage doesn't mean the absence of fear. It means the ability to act despite the presence of fear.

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The Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and baby girls will bear the life but he has the courage and the ability to go against the whole community.

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He went against the whole community. He didn't care.

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Women like furniture. But Islam came and he gave them inheritance. So the process of them struggled, and he had to fight against his old community. It takes courage to be there. That's the meaning of courage. So conscience, compassion, consideration, courage.