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The first few episodes of season one of the first assignment showcase the story of Apollon, a woman named Apollon who was a doctor and a teacher. She also talks about her experiences with writing and learning about writing, including her closest friend's writing. The Prophet sallua was allam and used to visit women frequently, leading to a respect for her home and a desire for her to continue practicing R MS. The narrator also describes the story of Amara's mother being angry at her and wanting to be the best man. The interviewer describes the role model as the head of the Prophet sallavi's family, and the narrator describes the story of Amara's mother being angry at her and wanting to be the best man.

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Santa Monica Mohammed Salah he would occur to everyone but similar with Hamza last night or Samar Silla on Earth, he was like me, I'm gonna wanna welcome back to the first hamdulillah. But I mean, as we have finished 50 episodes of season one of the first we are inshallah, going to spend the next few months with some of the shorter biographies, people whose names are relatively unknown, and about whom we may have just a couple of paragraphs, but they are from the earliest Muslims, the first Muslims and bitten Allahu taala and this last batch of the first we are going to revive their memory and shot lots had. So the person we are speaking about today is a woman by the name of Shiva

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bins Abdullah Elijah, we're Shiva bin Abdullah either way, and she is the daughter of Abdullah bin Abdullah chumps and Fatima bint Wahab, she is married to Abu heathmont even her they are the alongside her at home and they had two sons by the names of Saudi man and Miss Luke are the Allahu taala. And so she is known as a sheaf that bin Abdullah Al quraishi. Allah we are she is from Croatia. And she's also from the tribe of the new ID, which is the tribe of Armada colonial outsider. And I forgot to mention that the first few BIOS that we are going to go to go through and spotlights on in the short BIOS are all somehow connected to our model the alongside and so that's

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how we're going to batch this first group in Sharla. Tada, so she is related to Amara hottub, or the Allahu tada and her and her name often comes up as if she's one of the tobiano. She's someone that came later on, and it's not because the role that she became known for is after the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam However, her reputation actually precedes Islam. And she is considered amongst the very first people to become Muslim. Okay. Her name actually was not as she thought that was her nickname. Her name was actually Layla, but she gained the nickname of Shiva, and which of course refers to the healer. And this was something that would stick with her for the rest of her

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life. Now, what makes this woman so unique number one, her wisdom she had a reputation for her hikma. Number two, she was someone that belonged to the small group of people that were literate at the time. Remember when we spoke about honorable hypocotyl the alongside on who he said the majority of people were illiterate in Mecca, as she thought was one of the few women who could actually read and write in Mecca where they only had about 20 to 30 people according to biographers that were able to do so. So she acquired the skill of reading and writing of literacy, which was very rare. She learned medicine as well, hence her name as she fought. And on top of that she also was a

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calligrapher. So she didn't just know how to write she used to teach people particularly how to do calligraphy. And so we find hafsa or the Allahu China and her, the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a student of a Shiva, obviously related to her, and she thought taught her how to read, she taught her how to write, she taught her calligraphy, as well. So when did she become Muslim, we don't have the exact time but we know that it was within the first three years of the call of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, that she embraced Islam. And she is also amongst the first women to make the hits with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to Al Medina. Now here's where it

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gets even more interesting with her. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam trusted her and took her as a confidence in seeking her advice in many matters due to her wisdom, particularly when it came to issues of finance issues of the marketplace, where she had a particular understanding. So when they got to Medina, and she's considered amongst the first batch of women to make the hits, she had a Muslim, a house that was set up for her between the masjid and the marketplace and that was the famous home of a Shiva that was very prominent in in Medina. So in Mecca, she was known for her healing, she was known for her reading, she was known for her writing. in Medina, her home was

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prominently situated between the masjid and the soup. And so the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, he used to visit her frequently. And this is where you see some of the beauty of the reverence that these people had for the messenger sallallahu wasallam. She always anticipated the next time the Prophet slicin would visit her family. And so what she did was she had a particular ethos, a particular blanket particular amenities for the profit slice alum for the rare times that he would come to her home and when I say rare, obviously, that is relative to everyone else. I mean to live in Medina to host the profit slice alum is a moment that you will never forget, right? But she

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wanted the profit slice some to frequent her house even more. And so she has everything cut out and ready and prepared for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as a guest whenever he would come. And so the Prophet

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Salalah Hardy was Salam would visit her family, and the messenger slice of them would put on the Azov and the blankets and use the amenities that she had for him. And the prophets lie some would take a nap in their family home. So some had a lot. I mean, think about how beautiful that is for her to have the honor of hosting the prophets lie some of them frequently in Medina, to learn from him it his salon was set up to be a companion of his and also to be consulted by him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when she passed away, her most precious belongings that she left for inheritance, were not any of the wealth that she had acquired in Mecca, or in her time in Medina,

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nothing that she had inherited from her husband, but rather the most precious belongings were the things the clothes, the blankets, the things that the profit slice I'm used to use, when he used to come to her home, or the Allahu taala on her. And so she actually, you know, allowed for such a man and must rock her children to inherit those things. And that was considered the most precious of the inheritance of a Shiva or the Allahu taala. And there are a few stories of her. There's one narration particular that we find in Abu Dawood, where the Prophet salallahu it he was settled on, entered upon her and hafsa or the Allahu taala. And then of course, as we said, she and Hassan were

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very close. She was considered from the extended family of honorable hapa below the law of China. And so she says in an authentic hadith in Abu Dawood does Allah rasulillah he Salalah sallallahu it he was sitting there in the hafsa the Prophet slice and I'm entered upon I and hafsa when we were sitting together, and he said to me, Allah to Allah Nina had he rocchetta nam lati Qmr and Mt. halki taba Will you not teach hafsa how to perform a type of healing for at bites infections that come as a result of at bites. Remember, she is a healer she knows medicine she knows how to do Rokia and the Prophet slice approved her to continue to do Rokia so long as it was grounded in what was coming

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from the Quran and the Sunnah, not from the practices of janelia. But other types of medicine as well. So she had a particular way of treating at bites. So the Prophet sly, some said, Will you not teach hafsa How To Cure at bites and infections that come as a result of ant bites the same way that you taught her how to read and how to write. So So Pamela, why is this so important to us? And why is it something that is significant, because we find that the Quran was gathered in the house of who it was gathered in the house of hafsa, or the law of Thailand, and some of their intimate mentioned that that is because of her literacy, right? That it was all gathered in her home. And she was

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unique in that sense, as there were only a few people that knew how to read and how to write. So she thought had something to do with that, or the allowance data and in teaching half solid, the law on her how to read how to write, how to use calligraphy and also how to treat and bytes. So the profit slice on passes away. And she maintains that home. And there is a you know, a story that almost all the time when he became the halifa he formally appointed her as being in charge of the marketplace. Now, there's nothing that is firm to suggest that entirely but we do know that almost all the Allahu anhu at the bare minimum used to frequently consulter on matters of the marketplace, the fic of

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finance, business, business issues and things of that sort. And of course our model the alongside on who who honored the son of the Prophet slice them in every way, used to visit her home between the masjid and the marketplace, just as he saw the Prophet sallallahu wasallam used to do so. And so we find that almost as the halifa would frequent this woman's house. And on one occasion, he asked her about her children, particularly so a man. So her son Masaru was appointed as an Emir somewhere and he was, you know, considered a person of great knowledge, a person of great status under all model the low tide and Whoa, so masuk was appointed as an Emir, her son said a man was a person who was

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known for his recitation of the Quran and his long might have prayer he was a half of and he used to lead the people in prayer. So it will be a long time on hold on one occasion asked her why her sons so the man was not present at the budget prayer and she replied, that city man, her son had been praying all night long, and he fell asleep right before fidget. And so he wasn't able to actually catch the budget in jamara. And so the famous narration of our model the Allahu taala, and where he said, we'll slowly assume full jamara for me to pray fudger in congregation I mean, and also Leah lay is more beloved to me than praying the entire night. If I'm able to catch budget and

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congregation that's better than praying the entire night because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever catches a shot in congregation than it is as if that person is

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has prayed the first half of the night and whoever prays for budget and congregation It is as if they prayed the entire night. So that's actually the context of this particular narration from a Shiva or the Allahu taala on her. So we find against her the amount and Miss Luke both play an integral role. And they The only lineage that we see that survives, Shiva or the Allahu taala on her is through her son so a man who had two sons and he named his two sons, what about Beckett and earth? None of robucket on earth man. So she thought the relative of Omar is the grandmother now have a bucket and earth man and they became narrator's have had the youth. And so that is why we

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find some of the surviving hadith of this woman who was very early on in Islam, as she thought bint Abdullah or the Allahu taala. And the we, amongst the famous Hadith that she narrates, she narrates the famous Hadith that we will talk about when we talk about this Companion of the letter that was sent to kiss Allah, with Abdullah in his alpha or the Allahu tideline. Whoa, so we'll talk about that had eaten a few weeks and shot lots of Allah, and it's a powerful and beautiful story that we find in our history. She also narrates a famous Hadith where she says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or she says about the Prophet, slice Allah, that was sudo Allah Salallahu it who

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was salam, ala, and after the honor, the Prophet slicin was asked what are the best of actions and he said, a man on Billa which he had on FISA Villa or had gone abroad, the belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala to strive in the path of Allah and a accepted and accepted and perfect perfected Hajj. So Eman, Jihad and Hajj this narration also comes through a Shiva or the Allahu taala. And her the most famous thing that she narrates is the story of how Amara for Pablo the Allahu anhu was named Amir and what mean the famous tile that's given to him of the commander of the believers. Now if you remember when we spoke about all mobile, the Allah on home, when Abu bechamel the alongside and who

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was alive as the halifa it was simple. He was halifa to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was the successor of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. But you couldn't just keep having the halifa of the halifa Rasul Allah and then the halifa of the halifa of the halifa of Rasul Allah. And so there was a curiosity about what role model the alongside iron who was going to be called. And so one of the beautiful stories here and sometimes it's beautiful, just read about how the Hadeeth or the narration is transmitted, the Missouri or him a whole lot to Allah. He narrates that all would have been Abdullah Aziz, all the Allahu taala and asked about Becker, even Sulayman. So that's the

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grandson of a Shiva. He asked her, he asked him I'm sorry, who was the first one to write a meter nominee, who was the first person to call armadyl the lowdown on him by the name ameerul momineen. Such a beautiful and endearing name the commander of the believers. And he says my grandmother, as she thought was, was one of the first women to make the hits. And when all model the alongside I went to, went to visit her, he would frequent her on his way to the marketplace. And she told me that one time I wanted a hotdog with the Ella on who wrote a letter to a governor and airlock and said, send me to man to have your best man, so that I can ask them about Iraq and its people. So the

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two men were sent by this governor of Iraq, and they were lobbied in Libya, and it hurt him May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with them. So they came to Medina and they entered into the masjid and as they entered into the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they found the entrepreneur also the alongside and who and they said to him, is that the Nana, Allah ameerul momineen can you seek permission from a meeting what mean for us to enter upon him, and Omron also the law of Thailand? He said, Well, law he used to have been granted success by Allah subhanaw taala. In the name that you just addressed him by for who will mute we're not gonna be known. For He is the Emir,

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he is indeed the commander, and we are the believers. So he said that I then went to Amr for probably a long time. And when I said, I said to him, I said, I'm on aka, money, peace be on to you, oh, commander of the believers and armadyl the law and he said, Why are you calling me that? You haven't been asked. And he said, that well lobbied and it came to me. And this is what they said. And you are the Emir, and we are the money. And from that day onwards, this is the name that almost all the alongside I used to go by. So So Pamela, this comes through a conversation literally, between a grandmother and her grandson, which then is transmitted to the greatest grandson of Amara

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hapa, which was Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, the fifth of qualifiable Asha dean of the Allahu taala and Marian mela be pleased with them also. This is the role that she plays. She also has

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As a narration similar to that of Artesia, or the allow on her narrating the treats of Alma Cotabato, the allot of time and who were we she wants saw some men that were walking very slowly. And she asked about them and they said that these are people that were praying all night and she said, can almost either had the estimate where either Musha Astra or either ultra ash back with a lot of odor that Amato the Aloha and Hawaiian he used to speak. He used to make sure everyone heard him he spoke loudly. And when he walked, he walked fast. And when he fed he fed generously and when he hit he hit hard. So similar narration to Isha, while the Allahu taala and her that we also find

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from her speaking about, I'm going to hop up all the time and hope and we find that this great woman who you know, was a woman of great scholarship, a woman of great literacy, and above all of that a woman who embraced Islam and the very first years and had that noble position with the profit slice I'm not worthy a lot of time and who would pass away leaving behind some of the ahaadeeth that are narrative viable hottie abodo wouldn't it? And she passed away in the time of honorable hottub rhodiola hota. Ano and Ahmad are the Allahu taala. And who would lead the janazah of this great woman as she fat Vince Abdullah. We're in Los paratype be pleased with her. I mean a lot allow us to

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follow in their footsteps, Allah Ameen. Insha Allah to Allah I'll see you next time where we will continue to talk about some of the people around Allah will the Allah Han who about whom we usually don't hear much about Santa Monica Mohammed Salah he will go to Castle