Reda Bedeir – The Power Of One Ayah #27

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a specific incident where a man attacked a processor, causing his career to be wiped out. The man used to be a doctor and have a reputation for being a good worker, but suddenly suddenly became a liar and caused a loss of his career. The speaker provides facts about the incident and encourages viewers to know the story of the man.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So let's continue the story of I will have the reason Allah subhana wa Taala, specified the surah, certain method Surah 111, in the Quran by attacking a person alone never did this in the entire Koran. But this is a very specific sort of for this specific person, because let me just share some facts with you.

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How come as the uncle of the processor, then, how come that he treats him like this. And this is not the only situation that he did this like publicly. In fact, from the very beginning, when the Dow was in the second stage, when the problem was making power only to his family members, the professor Selim invited, you know, 30 of his family members in a banquet. And before and imagine here they are all in the house of the processor lamp. And before the problem started popping up the

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lab started attacking the processor limb, saying, Hey, you, nephew, nobody has brought any evil to his tribe more than what you are doing to us. Listen, we cannot fight all the Arabs, stop what you're doing, we're going to lose our money, we're going to lose our name. Listen, see, this is the danger. And this is a wake up call for many of us today. What's your ultimate goal in this life, your name,

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your fame, your business.

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Remember what a better socket.

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A law should be greater in your heart than anything else. So you need to understand this. This is very important. So this man was only thinking about himself, his fame, his wealth. Again, these are all things created for us.

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We are created to submit to Allah and use whatever Allah has given us to please Him. For whatever FEMA attack Allahu Akbar, the believers are giving advice to parole. You know, the wealthiest man in the history of mankind, they told him, seek the pleasure of Allah with everything that Allah has given you.

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In order to be eternally in general. Well, attention so you become an attorney. I mean, don't forget that you know your portion of this life. But your main concern should be the next slide. But this man attacked the porcelain and listen, a lot of listen to learn from the professor lamb. His patients, the professor and nipper papac, was in his own house. And then his uncle was a guest. He humiliated him, he attacked him. He didn't say a word. So when anybody who's over the news talking to you, even when they get mad at you,

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back, control yourself. It's called for parents.

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after that,

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again, can you imagine he was the next door neighbor of the villain. And when the prophet SAW a solemn, lost his son, Ibrahim, instead of coming and giving words of condolences to the process, salaam, you know what he did, he was dancing out of happiness.

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And he used to throw the waist, because he was the next door neighbor of the professor Sallam used to throw the stuff from his house, into the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And not only that, when the problem started, you know, getting down to the people inviting people who come during the season of the pilgrimage, he used to go and after the person talks to a group of people who will go to those people and He will say to them, Listen, this is my nephew, or his uncle, and he's a liar. He's not a prophet. He's fooling you, is misguiding you

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so he never spurred a moment

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to show his animosity to online His Messenger.

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These are just some facts about this man. So that you might ask this question, why is a loss of panatela dedicated a whole surah for this man? What about his wife? Do you like to know the story of his wife? What did she used to do to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam if you want to know this, stay tuned to the next episode on Salah said I don't want April roughness Allahu Akbar Akasha

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