Why Is Fasting Prohibited On The Days Of 2 Eids

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Why is fasting prohibited on the two weeks

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that he then the to eat, it will fit that any other. They are the days of festivals. And Muslim normally goes out to pray. In congregation, he comes back he meets with family members meet the relatives meet the friends, so but natural, the day of festival and fasting don't go together. And furthermore, during the fitter, it is the end of the month of fasting. So how can you fast after the end of the month of fasting, and either other external sacrifice, you saw an animal imagine you sacrifice an animal and you're not eating the meat of the animal you have sacrificed. So that the reason that these two days it's probably too fast. And the beloved partner celestron said, it's

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mentioned in Santa Ana without warning number two, in the book of fasting, added number 2410 that the Prophet said it is prohibited to fast on the two sides.

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It will either because you sacrifice the animal and you'll not be able to eat the meat of the animal sacrifice and it will fit it because it marks the end of fasting. So these two are the reasons why too fast on either in the two days.