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How do we learn real estate on rajim Bismillah manga Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID Mursaleen Sadie now Muhammad Milani. He also has he married my beloved brothers and sisters today Malik Mahi obrigado

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hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen Always and we will begin with the praise and thanks of Allah Anna shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love our greetings and salutations so beloved Debbie Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious in his pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them mean I mean when hamdulillah Alhamdulillah we are honored to have the voice of the cape yeah with us this afternoon for Juma and we send a warm greeting to all the listeners from Majid Ronald Islamia in the

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book opposite Armonico And Alhamdulillah. After two weeks

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of a break, we returned to our series, the first kind of the caliphate of say no bucket of the allong and this is part five of the series for those who are listening and you'd like to follow up our lectures are all on you on our YouTube channel, and you can join our WhatsApp line as well inshallah we'll say more about that towards the end. So where we left off, we said, let's say no Bukhara the alarm becomes the Khalifa quick summary, after the calamitous passing of the NABI SallAllahu sallam, and within one year he does an amazing job. First thing he does is he unifies the Muslims once again, under a central leadership. All the Muslims are united behind one Khalifa. And

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while the Muslims are united, the rest of Arabia rebels, and all around there are new false prophets in new rebellions and new armies, threatening to break away from the, from the authority of Medina. And within the first month of sinovac his caliphate, he has to defend Medina from an invasion. And without an army the army wasn't in Medina, we said the army was sent out for the visa Salam before he passed away. And so say no buckler, and a handful of people went out and defended Medina from being invaded. What a way to start off your caliphate. The Army returns and the news reaches that there are many, many false prophets in every direction. They are rebellions in every direction,

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there are tribes that are revolting against the authority of Medina, what should we do, and through the consultation on Sahaba, in a very bold and brave strategy of cyanobacterial Yan, he decided we're going to take on every single one of them at the same time 11 armies are going to go out from Medina. And we will keep one primary army to take them out one by one. And this was led by Saifullah hug Malik Rhodiola. And, and within the next couple of months, this stage is called the battle the wars of the wars of the motets those who left Islam and the false prophets. And we said it was a was a, a bitter, difficult campaign. But within six, seven months, every single one of these rebels from

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Yemen, to Bahrain to Kuwait, to the whole of Arabia, all of them were subdued, and all the false prophets were defeated Subhan Allah,

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after the wars have read that this is all within the first few months of South Africa being the Khalifa within the first year, of the words of reader, many, many of the Sahaba and her father died in the words of reader. And so it was decided to compile the Quran in what we call a moose half in a book. So within a few months of the death of Islam, we already had a Quran in a book form, the only religion on earth, the only religion on earth, where the scripture was preserved, basically, immediately after the death of its of the Prophet SAW Salem. And that is why hamdulillah whether you go to China or whether you go to South America, the Quran that is recited is the exact same Quran to

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the letter to the dot, because of the Sahaba, preserving it in a book form, and of course, memorizing it.

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Now Alhamdulillah after bringing all of Arabia back into the fold of Islam, defeating all the local enemies, what are yours hyung I know we once again we sit, you can admire say no bucket of them in one year. All that is achieved in one year. If Eva Khalifa did this in one lifetime, it would have been a lot. He did this in a few months. So now that he's done all the hard part, what is the next thing and say no bucket on the ancestors or Harbor, we will continue with anabolism lift off. And when the Prophet Salla before he passed away, his intentions were clear, we are going to take on the superpowers of this world. At that time. The two great powers were the Romans and the Persians.

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Islam is not an Arabian religion, it is a universal religion, and his intentions and the peace of salaam the first location outside of Arabia was Palestine. Merci luxoft. That is where we're going to go to and of course that was under the command of the Romans. And so say no record of the island was contented he was convinced we will continue with an episode liftoff and send our armies into Bidadi Sharon into Syria into Lebanon into Palestine to liberate Majid Luxa from the control of the of the Romans, but at the same time, and this is where these two wars is going to happen side by side. That seat in the hot end will either at the Alon who is the commander in chief of the army at

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this time after he defeated the

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False Prophets. He was on the other side of Arabia, say no bikinis on the west side with the Romans are hardened Well, it is on the east side of Arabia, the side of Kuwait, Bahrain, that side, and that's where the Persians were. And so instead of coming back to Medina, Khalid Molina writes to say Nova and he says, We are in the lands of the Persians, and our brothers here in Iraq. They want us to fight against the Persians. Abubaker are the ones mind is fighting the Romans. hadith is writing to the Khalifa and saying, the people here want to be free of the Persians are we going to take on both the superpowers at the same time Subhanallah we're gonna find the Romans and the Persian the

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same time. The Muslims are just an upstart. No one really even took them seriously. And so Subhanallah before we discuss and we will talk today about the conquest of Persia, let's ask ourselves, why did the Muslims invade Persia? Are we a predict any kind of religion that we take on an invade? Remember, Allah speaks about Jihad and Allah sponsored to the Quran, or Malcolm LA to Cartagena visa vie de la Allah says what is wrong with your Muslims, that you do not fight jihad in the path of Allah, while Musa daffin and the oppressed MENA region of the oppressed mean? One Nisa and the ladies will will done and the children are Lavinia Kowloon. are they crying rapa? Oh Allah

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Robina our Lord original I mean, how did creative volume take us away from this operation? How many people on Earth today Muslims brothers and sisters are crying yeah Allah send us a savior yeah Allah save us from this. Take us away from this oppressive people with Allah Mila donco Alia and sin from yourself are waiting for us a protected from us which Allah Mila Duncan of sera and grant as someone to assist us. How many of our brothers and sisters whether this Palestine, whether it is Palestine, whether this Kashmir and villas goes on Burma, how many of our brothers are crying, we are our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters crying for assistance. This is the context of jihad. Say no, but

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collodion was not planning on entering Persia. But the Muslim tribes who were living under the control of the Persians wrote to Abaco we want to be free of these people. We want to have our own freedom. So let's call it stay here with the army and allow us to fight against the Persians. And then a visa Salam reminds us so maybe Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah, we do not live in our country where we are being persecuted for our religion, but there are many wrongs that are happening. And so Jihad does not stop only on the battlefield. Then it says to you and me, the highest use of human What is the greatest form of jihad, the greatest form of jihad, and then at

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least concede, to speak, Huck to speak the truth. To a tyrant to an evil person is the highest form of jihad, whether it is your boss, whether it is the president, whether it is the King, the Imam, whoever it is, to speak the truth, even if it might cost you something, but to speak, the truth is the highest form of jihad, and it shows you the principle of jihad is not about conquest and invasion and money. It's about liberation. It's about freedom. It's about doing what is right. And so in a beautiful, a beautiful story before the Muslims invaded when the Muslims invaded Persia. I'm jumping out into the future. When the Persians eventually took the Muslims seriously, initially,

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they didn't take them seriously. But when the Muslims I'm going to talk about afterward Hardrada Allah and did the Persians took note, these people are serious. So they asked an ambassador of the Muslims to come forward is name is and many of you might not have even heard the name of Sahabi anybody or the Alon Honeyberry. It's this hobby that he had, he meets a Persian prime minister called Jerusalem. So he pretty gruesome and gruesome the Persian asks anybody, we see you people coming from the desert, you have no clothes, you have no food. You are basically Bedouins, if you came out of Arabia to fight us for money, we will give every one of you 100 gold coins, a new camel,

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and enough food that you can take from here.

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From Iran all the way to Medina will send you food nonstop, go back home, if that's why you came

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and reproduces to this Persian man. Do you know why we are here? We are here to take you and all of mankind out of the enslavement of the creation and make you to be worshipers of the Creator. We want to remove all of you from worshiping the creation, to worshipping the creator and to take you out of the oppression over the narrowness of this dunya and open your mind to the vastness of the Africa and to save you and your people from the oppression of your religions to the freedom of Islam. Look, it is that's why I'm here. We are only here to save you from Jahannam that's why we are here. So the man said to him Rustom says to rebury

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and you're going to fight to fight with us. We are the superpower. What do you think's gonna happen? We're going to crush you. So he says As for us, we know there's only two outcomes either we win and Allah grants us power

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over you, and we are victorious or we die and we get to Jannah. There is no other outcome for us. Either way, it's win win.

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Every single one of our soldiers, no, there is no losing for us we are going to win one way or another.

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And then he said to him, so are you speaking amongst yourself or you are an ambassador or some big men in your people. This is No, I'm an ordinary Muslim. But the Muslims are like one buddy, I speak for all of us, but I say is what we all say whether you speak to the Khalifa, will you speak to the slave, we're all the same. If you embrace Islam, you'll be one of us. And if you reject this thing, and you fight against us, there's only this word between us and with Allah decide. So this shows you why the Muslims went into Persia. The first was that the Muslims in the Muslims in the area, they asked st Abu Bakr on the one leave the army leaphart, Madeira, the ammonia. And as we said, the

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Persians themselves Han Allah, the Persians themselves, we should not forget, we're the first to be asked out to the Muslims. A few years back what happened? Now visa number wrote a letter to the Emperor of Persia, inviting him to Islam. And what did he do?

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He almost killed the sahabi, who wrote the letter, and he tore up the letter and threw it. And he said, How dare this man calls me to religion, and he sent assassins to go and fetch them to be Salaam. And the reason I say to those assassins, inform your Lord, that my Lord killed his Lord, inform your governor, that My Allah killed your your king. And when they got the news, the emperor of Persia had been killed by his own son. And then he said, The Epistle Salaam and this is why the Persian Empire collapsed. He said, Just as this man tore up my letter, Allah will tear up his kingdom, and in a few years, his kingdom will disappear. Then abbyson didn't say that about the

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Romans, the Roman emperor had at least a Christian man, he took the visa letter, and he honored it. And he wrote back to the solemn, saying, I don't want to embrace your religion, but I respect you.

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So there'll be some said because of what he did. He showed me respect, Allah will keep his kingdom and the Roman Empire survived for very long, but because of the Persian attitude that Allah has decreed for him a punishment, his entire kingdom will disappear. And from this point, we'll talk today, within five years, six years and empires to over 1000 years disappears from history. Nothing left of the empire, not even the language exists anymore. Nothing. People can understand why wait? The reason this is when you go to war with Allah and His Rasul what happens to you? And so say no buckler, the Allah gives permission to harden will lead, you may remain in that area. And you may

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take any volunteers as a volunteer army to enter Persia, but the real objectives, say now buckle is starting howling Malik. You guys, you have almost an independent campaign. You follow the rules, but my focus is on Mozilla QSA. So while this is happening in Persia, we're gonna talk about Persia, there is a major war happening against the Romans, on the other side of the world. So we've heard the Rhodiola into Spurgeon, you must know but of your geography, we are to omit there are two major rivers that flows through Iraq and Iran. It's called Iraq. It's called the Euphrates and the Tigris, the on the one side, or the Arabs. On the other side, you have the Iranians or the Persians. And so

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the objective was all the lands that they are Arabs,

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the Arabs, we will only stick to the side Iraq basically on into Iran, and you stick to the river, and the capital of Iraq was a city called Hara mujhe city, this is the objective get to Hira How'd it get the hara if you get there? In two years, three years, wherever it is, the plan is a long term strategy. Mission accomplished. So how did the Rhodiola intersect, it's important to look at the date. He enters into Persia on April 6 33, then a businessman passed away in June the year before. It's amazing to think all that same rocket has done in 10 months. We are on the doorsteps of we're in Persia. And we're in Rome, from the Roman frontier. And so hopefully, there'll be a lot

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interspersed here with 18,000 Men, this army of the Muslims are just put us put together, farmers,

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teachers, business people, they're not soldiers. They're not training, but they're going to meet for the first time in their life, a trained professional army, a paid army.

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Alright, and the army of the Persians, as we know was perhaps the most formidable army in the world at that time. The Muslims don't know what to expect, except that they have Iman and Allah we have Allah and outside, they don't have the equipment. They don't have the only Subhanallah The weapons are what you carry with you. That's it. Whereas the Persian army, they obviously they get issued weapons from the Treasury. And so the first army that meets the Muslims, then there's going to be four battles we'll talk about today, they will forward decisive battles harder than one either the Alon, and it's beautiful that is recorded how the army of the Muslims are tiny army defeats for

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massive enemies, and the strategies are recorded. The first battle is called the Battle of the chains. We'll talk why it's called the Battle of the chains, Khalid interspersed here, and he is going on the highway towards hater, so obviously the Persians must respond. The coordinate an enemy just got up there in one going towards Sjoberg gonna conquer Joburg. No, we need to stop stop him.

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The Persian army is huge, well equipped lot of machinery, a lot of resources, but it's heavy and slow and hard. It knows this for the Alon. So he says, I think again, in my analogy, he's going from Cape Town to Joburg. And so the the general of the Persian sends his army also down there in one to meet Khalid, and immediately hearted, then there are the alliances, we'll go take the into, we swapped over.

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So the army comes all the way they unpack they established themselves, they realize that Muslims have lived and they will go through the other road. So now the purchase was picked up the material and re put the things in and back and forth. And he does this a few times. Eventually, the Persian army chasing cat and mouse around the foster Muslim army, they are completely exhausted. And Satan 100 Young, the army 18,000 men against almost 50,000 Persians, he attacks them when they are unable to really establish themselves and within one day completely pushes them off the battlefield. Persians never expected this, what's called the back of the chains in a desperate attempt to stop

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the soldiers from fleeing the commander tied the soldiers up with chains, so you can't run away. And of course, this was even worse for them, because they couldn't move, they were stuck. And so they were defeated. 102 the Muslims Subhanallah the persons were shocked, I couldn't believe that a bunch of desert Bedouins could beat one of the frontier armies. And immediately, they responded by sending a second army this time, more, you know, they took the Muslims more seriously. And they sent top tier generals in this army. This army again, this is called the Battle of the river, because the Persians to make sure the soldiers are not gonna run the station, the army with the river to the

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back. So if you want to run, you're going to drown, you can't move, you are now stuck. And we're going to fight to the death. This is some symbolic of We are either going to fight and die or we're going to drown. And the Muslims now meets them at the river. This is in May. So the first battle in April, the next month, we have a new Persian army, the Muslims down, they lost 3000 men, so the 15 the Persians are able to send another army 30 plus 1000.

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And so sorry, 30,000, the Muslims 17,000. And so how did it all and what was the strategy in this battle?

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He says to his generals, this army of Persians, it's a big army, it requires a lot of communication coordination. If you take out the senior leadership, this army is likely to be able to function. And so the Persians they've now really, you know, subhanAllah, if any of you will sports will know that when a top country or a big sporting team loses to a tiny team, you need to take some kind of revenge. And so hard is on the seas, okay? Before we fight, your best men come forward, my best friend go forward. I see my generals using your generals. So every issue before the battle begins now if you call out the generals, they must respond. And so one by one the Persian generals comes

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and he faces off with his opposite Muslim number. And one by one the Muslims takes out the Persian counterparts, they send out the biggest man they call him mountain in

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in the Persian army to fight hard normally, they see dust going up. Within two seconds, that guy is on the ground harder and is sitting on his chest eating his lunch. So this is the best you've got. So one by one, the entire upper management of the Persian army is destroyed. In one on one combat, not a single Muslim loses the one on one combat. And before the Persians can even begin to re assert the lines Hardrada and sins. His army in the Persian army once again completely defeated because they have no coordination. Now there's no leadership, no one telling you to go away. The Persian army flees, some drown some escape.

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This happens within two three weeks after this battle. Now the emperor of Persia, getting the news that two of his armies 100,000 men were defeated one Muslim army of 15,000 men, he's doing all this kind of damage. He calls a war council. And he says we're going to send two more armies. So we just be to the page, we're going to send another two armies to stop hunting with either the allong on his campaign towards Hydra, the capital of Iraq. This becomes a bit of a crisis now, because the Muslims realize they can't keep going. Every time the Muslims defeat a huge army, the Persians can send another big army and the Muslims can only lose once they lose once they finished. The Persians can

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keep throwing more and more and more armies. And so how did they get the Alon, he had to come up with a strategy. I need to beat an army so completely, that they can't regroup because a lot of times you win the battle and the half army or 70% Run away and they can regroup and come back. So the Persians are constantly regrouping, forming a new army and fighting again. How do we 15,000 means 13,000 Men defeat an army of 50,000 mean so completely, that they can't come back a second time. He had to think of a strategy and the next battle is called the Battle of water. Also in Maine, so just two weeks after the Battle of the river the

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First Army, the perimeter the impetus into Imperial armies to heart it, you wanted to make sure that these two armies don't join up, we need to take them out one by one, because if they join up, it's a huge army. And so immediately hardrock Delmon decides we need to fight this army at the Battle of Fallujah. And this battle is perhaps what from a military study

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strategy is regarded as perhaps his finest strategy. Only two generals hydrogen and another general in the history of mankind managed to pull off a maneuver like this,

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you know, a stroke of genius. So remember, hydrogens objective is, we don't only have to win this battle guys. We don't have to beat them, we have to destroy them completely. This army cannot survive and join up. Remember, another army is on its way. It's going to become too big to fight such a big number. We need to make sure this army economy group and so at the back of the water. The plan was, we need to encircle this army completely a small army encircling a big army never been done before. And we need to make sure they can attack and they can't get out. So how did he do this? In the Battle of water, it's basically four stages. Stage one, the Persians and the Muslims are

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lined up, the Muslims will fight first push into the Persians.

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Stage two, the Persians will defend. So in stage one, the Muslims attack and the Persians defend. Stage two the Muslims become tired in inverted commas and the Persians the counter attack, and as they counter attack,

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they push the Muslims back and back and back and the Persians move in.

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Like we think of a line, a soft flex Salah soft, the center of the soft pulls in and as you pull in, the Persian army moves further deeper in whereas the sides stay strong.

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And slowly you're pulling the Persians into a kind of a trap. Meanwhile, how to do it Alon has soldiers hidden in the desert, a cavalry. So once the Persians are in this little cove, he signals for the cavalry to come behind and lock them in. And this is exactly what they did. They said only this is the second time in history that a small army was able to completely surround a bigger army from all directions. And when you are now being attacked from all directions, you're gonna wait to move out to do it. And so within again, another Subhanallah another victory, the Battle of water completely defeats the Persian army. This has never been done, never been seen before. Now Gen has

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managed to pull this out. And that is why Subhan Allah as we see it. When the Prophet Salam gave saying the Halima lead, safe Allah, you are the sword of Allah. This is not human. This is super human. Because Allah in a manner which befits His Majesty has swords, he has weapons, but he swords are not made of steel. He swords are people. And when he appoints someone as his weapon, there's no way you're going to defeat the weapon of Allah, you're never going to beat the sword of Allah subhanaw taala. And so the Persians, the best generals in the world, all the resources could not understand how this man and this army was able to defeat them in this manner. And so at the Battle

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of water, the Persian army was completely neutralized. The second part of the army arrives to find the First Army gone. And on the same day, when that army arrives, the Muslims didn't even realize they took on that army and defeated school, the Battle of Willis and Hardrada. One himself says that at the battle against the Romans, I broke Nine Swords, but I've never met an enemy like the Persians. And I never met the Persians more desperate. In the Battle of Willis, we don't have unfortunately, the details of the fourth battle. We don't have the Easter what happened there, but he had it says, this was the most fearsome of the four. But even the the Muslims defeated the

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Persians at the Battle of release. So from April, until June, the Muslims defeated for Persian armies and shocked the world. This was like if you were living that time, the headlines would be can't believe it. It's like listening to has just beaten the United States of America.

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It literally it's like that for battles, and they completely routed them. And so the entire hierarchy of the Persians symbol, and they withdraw the forces, and basically Iraq is left to the Muslims. And from that victory until now, that land is within Muslim lands, Hera, which was the long term strategy. It was believed that will take you months, maybe years for the Muslims to get to hate or the capital of Iraq. Within three months, the Muslims arrived at Hira said, The Harlem elite and the Muslims, they erased and they consolidate the power, they consolidate the control in Iraq, and they liberate the Muslims liberate the people of Iraq. And what is beautiful is when the Muslims

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conquered and this is shows you the difference of the many wars in the world and you see what the armies do when they enter a town, how they enslave and subjugate the people. The people are always fighting look at the Americans panela they were 20 years in Afghanistan. The minute they left, the army left, everything went back because this was the oppressor. Whereas when the most

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teams entered Iraq or Egypt wherever they didn't destroy any buildings. They didn't destroy the heritage or the culture. In fact, we no say no Bucky reminded these generals as an abyss have reminded them. You're not allowed to destroy synagogues and churches, cut trees, hurt animals hurt women, her children can't do any of that. If they offer you peace, you take peace. If they want protection, you give them protection, you only fight when they fight you. And so when the Muslims entered like this, and the people of Iraq found that the taxes that they were paying the emperor of Persia was so much more than the two and a half percent Zakah that you pay for the poor and the

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needy, not going back to Medina. When they conquered, they didn't say we're going to take all your money like the Colonials did the crown of the Queen, as a diamond from South Africa, a poor from India, all of this No, no, nothing is going back to Medina, it is for the poor people of your country. If you embrace Islam, your brothers, if you don't embrace Islam, that's up to you, but we will protect you. When the people saw that without the sword. They embraced Islam completely. They left the religions and they entered Islam. And So Al Hamdulillah, within a few months, Iraq becomes consolidated. And then news reaches Khalid SOS, the battle against the Romans is not going so well.

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We are how good you are doing in Iraq. But the real army that is fighting against the Romans, we are struggling, the Emperor of Rome himself has come to fight the Muslims, we need you to support us. And so now seeing the Hadith and the safe, Allah will take a U turn, and go all the way to fight in the land of Sham and inshallah next week, we'll talk about that all of the Subhanallah one year, and remember, it's all about setting the heart and it's about saying our bucket of the Alon. We started the series by saying, If anyone questions the legitimacy of the Khalifa of the caliphate of St. Ibaka. If anyone questions his character, look at what this man did in one year. One year there'll

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be some passes away in that calamity in that difficulty. We are going the hikes that couldn't be imagined. Allah would not give success except to a people that he was pleased with. And that is why in the Quran, you don't say Rahim Allah and Allah have mercy on the Sahaba we say, are the Allah Allah, Allah is pleased with him one other one, and they are pleased with ALLAH SubhanA these are the people that Allah said, Hey, your own material. courageousness Allah said that these people, the Sahaba of the island and the Sahaba they are the best people that ever lived on earth. Every Nabhi after he died, after his disciples passed away, the religion disappeared. They went back to the old

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ways, whereas this ummah, our Sahaba maintain this Deen so that you and I are Muslim. Now 1500 years later that year in Cape Town, we can perform salah the same way I went to be performed Salah Salallahu Salam, how, because of the efforts we recite the Quran, as the robots have recited the Quran, or how, because of the efforts and the struggles, that is why are all the Allah on whom Allah is pleased with him? And may Allah Allah bless us to be amongst him. I mean, I mean, it's exactly it again, once again for the voice of the kid with us. If you want to follow up on our series, it's all online. And just a few announcements happen I'm glad I get to do this one online that yet granted

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Islam we do a meet and greet, a hello Islamic matchmaking. So there are many young people who are not married and looking to find spouses, and we host these once a month. We young men, young ladies that are interested in marriage, not friendship, and we have enough friends but you want to get married Insha Allah, we have a controlled Halal environment and you can meet 1012 eligible brothers and sisters and the next one will be on the 15th of October. For those of you who are interested in you have a brother or sister whether you're young or old and you want to get married Inshallah, you can message us and inshallah we will add you to our database and if you're so fortunate, you will

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join our meet and greet and then if you'd like to donate to the masjid while feeding scheme, we have a madrasa. We have a soup kitchen Alhamdulillah if you'd like to donate you can also contact us Zakka Hey, or some Allah say now Muhammad Ali. Salaam listening hamdulillah al Amin salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


  • WHY THE MUSLIMS INVADED PERSIA – Story of Rib’l and Rustom
  • CONQUEST OF PERSIA – After defeating Musaylamah, Khalid’s army was stationed on the doorstep of Persia. Meanwhile, Arab Muslim tribes in the area wrote to Abu Bakr to press forward into Persia. Though Abu Bakr RA’s focus was on Palestine and the Romans but he agreed to allow Khalid RA to raise a volunteer army.
  • SOS – Then a letter is sent to Khalid that help is needed against the Romans
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