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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy he urged My

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beloved brothers and sisters,

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no matter how pious you are, no matter how close you are to Allah subhanho wa Taala, you will definitely taste a little bit of loss. There has to come a day in your life, where in which you suffer some loss, because that is part of the plan of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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No matter how many prayers you pray a day, beyond your forearm, and that which is compulsory, you will still be tested. And the reason why I start this way, is because there are people who say, why is this happening to me when I pray five times a day as well as the head Jude as well as my sooner as well as my nephew, and I'm honest, when I'm a good person, when I don't cheat when I don't steal when I don't hurt people, Why can I not get a job? Why have I lost my job? Why did I lose a family member? Be it a child or a spouse or a parent or a sibling, whoever it may be? Why did for example, my factory burned down? Why did for example, my health degenerate, Allah says it's got nothing to do

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with whether you've prayed or not. It's got nothing to do with whether you are close to us or not. In fact, if anything, the closer you get to Allah, a sign of it is that he is going to test you more. The prophets Allah seldom says clearly so beautifully. In Allah either barbudan Allah when Allah loves his slave, his worship, and then he tests him real tests. So you lost your job, you just cannot get another job. Something went wrong in your life. It's just not coming right? Do you know what sticking there? Don't give up. Continue to obey Allah become closer to Allah because everyone suffers loss a believer. The days are made easy for him or her. You are content. Someone told you.

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Your car was damaged right off, the first thing you said was Alhamdulillah. At least no one was injured, at least. For example, the injury was little, no one lost their lives. You always look at what could have been in terms of being worse.

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That's a believer. A believer always looks at how it could have been worse. But it's not Subhan Allah. This is a gift of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's why we say don't think because I'm a pious person, or because I read or on every day, I'm not going to be tested, you will be tested. But Allah will give you contentment throughout your test. That is the difference. But if you're not a believer, or if your faith is shaking, you become very depressed and stressed and angry and upset. And you start questioning Allah and you become distanced from Allah and you throw yourself further into bad habits. Some people resort to drinking and drugs and everything else to intoxicate

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themselves to run away from the reality of the problem. But Allah told you, you know what, we have tested the messenger before you were going to test all of you

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while avoiding fat,

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burning him. Indeed the fitna fitna means a test. You know fitna is not a derogatory term. I think there is a difference in meaning regarding the word fitna between Arabic and Urdu. So in the Arabic language, a fitna means a test you will all be tested and in the language of fitna, sometimes it's looked at as something beyond that. May Allah grant us good guidance. We're talking of the Arabic language Allah says the fitna or the test will reach every one of you just like it reached all of those before you it has to be look at Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam don't we always say of vulnerable Kalki wa cramo Rosalie which means the best of creation, the most honored of all prophets of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala.

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The years in muckety muck karma did not suffer persecution. Did they not go through a tough time? Imagine 10 years people are persecuting you. That's okay. He says Oh Allah, if you are pleased with me and with us, there is nothing more that we ask for. For as long as you are happy with us all this is nothing.

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In llama, that is belief in man yet in conviction. That is what it is have faith, Nabil of Allah sallallahu Sallam went through 10 years initially of turmoil turbulence until they were driven out of their homes, their properties were stolen, whatever happened to happen, did they complain to Allah? Not a single day not one day, they took it in their stride and they said Oh Allah, You are our Lord make easy for us. The prophets of Salaam went through so much then when they went to Medina.

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munawwara the wars began literally the enmity became open, open the wars began the Battle of battle, the Battle of ocean, the Battle of hundreds and so many others to place Who was that? They were playing not with fire something worse than fire. The most Beloved of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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They were trying to harm the one whom Allah loves the most the most precious of the Lord. What did he say sallallahu Sallam he says, Oh Allah, my people don't know what they're doing. guide them. La ilaha illa Allah guide them. My people don't know what they're doing.

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Did he ever become despondent? Not at all? Why Latino? doesn't want to

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meaning don't ever give up. Don't become despondent and don't be sad, you will be the winners, you will be victorious if you are believers. In anassa ma sobre. The prophets of Salaam showed us the ingredient of victory of any difficulty comes with patience. The one who's going to have patience for a longer time will always be the winner. Even in warfare, the person or the one the group that is prepared to be patient, even upon loss, they will win. The professor seldom says that anassa masaba victory will come to the ones who are more patient Subhana Allah, we have seen it in history and we are witnessing it currently. May Allah grant us ease. Are you patient in your own life if you

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are patient and you continue to worship Allah and you improve yourself, victory will come to you one day, you will have that business deal you are dreaming about one day you will have a job better than the one you were dreaming about. But that one day might come after 10 years. Are you ready to wait? If you're not, you'll be depressed. Allah forgive us. Then the props are solid went through one after the other they accused him they said this to him that about him. They try the one day years later, Allah revealed verses in fact, like a fat tongue move in. Indeed we have granted you a clear victory Subhanallah on that day when these verses were revealed, the victory was not seen in front

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of them but it was being promised.

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The day came when they entered Mecca they will victorious totally after how many years? Two decades. Are you ready to wait for two decades for us? One month we suffered the loss one year we went through a problem we give up colossal loss angry with me I don't know what's going on. no longer going to the masjid I think this this bad habit that bad habit relaxed my brothers and sisters. It has happened to those before you who are better than you and I it's going to happen to you and I in a bigger way. The profits are seldom scissor Eva moolah, Jo ma Eva Malik Tila. When the test is bigger, the reward will always be bigger patients you will suffer a loss you might be homeless for a

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while no problem there were others better than you who are homeless. Sometimes you might have to stay in rented accommodation after you owned a home because in order to clear your debts, you might have to sell your house no big deal the majority of the world is staying in rented accommodation. Why do you think your pride must make you not sell up when you have to Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Get up on your feet again and inshallah you will do well go and study those who have lost their factories to fire. Nearly all of them if they were patient and they bought supper and they became closer to Allah. Within a few years, Allah gave them back 10 times more than what he took away from

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them. Allah tells the disbelievers that if you believe in Allah and you are firm in faith, Allah will give you back more than what he took away from you. Do you want to hear the verse? Allah subhanho wa Taala says Colima v de

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asop messenger tell the captives of war, those whom you have taken as prisoners of war, give them the following message.

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movie called ob Konkani ra

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Uchida mu y Avila, if Allah if you know and Allah knows that in your heart, there is goodness, meaning you are going to declare your faith and you are going to become closer to Allah, He will give back to you more than what was taken away from you. And on top of that, he will forgive your sins just by your patience, so bear patience.

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Allah tells us right at the beginning of Surah Al Baqarah, meaning the first surah of the Quran in surah baqarah Allah says while another no and

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why do we miss that verse? Allah says we will definitely definitely definitely test every single one of you without a single exception. You're going to be tested. Lana blue one

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with what? Shea mineral have a bit of fear. Sometimes you're scared anxiety. You don't know Allah says May your trust in us

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We'll handle that for you. Don't worry, do your best come close to us and be patient. One year, two years five, most of us it's not even that long, but we are more depressed. Allah says, Don't worry, take it easy it's going to, we will help you through, take it in your stride. When and how we'll do it. Allah says he will test you with hunger. What is hunger? After you were earning $1,000 a week you start

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earning much less than that maybe 100. And maybe you don't earn any more at all for a while. So what you might have to tap into a little bit of your maybe your reserves for a while. How long? I don't know. You don't know. Allah knows. Be patient, be patient, take it in your stride. You might lose produce, people suffer through the drought sometimes and sometimes there's a bumper harvest. All this is part of the plan of Allah. Don't worry.

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Are you not a believer? Do you not believe that Allah provides for the ends that you cannot see? And do you think Allah did not see you? He was so big.

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Allah knows you, he saw you. Make a relation with Allah see what he does first thing he will give you contentment. Instead of eating five morsels of food, you are now eating only two morsels of food. But when you sleep, you're saying Alhamdulillah I ate something others are not eating anything. That's what it is. But some people they used to eat 10 muscles if they have to drop to nine and a half. They can't sleep. Oh how I used to drive the latest Mercedes now how can I drive a Toyota how brother between you and I Toyota can be better. Just depends which one you got.

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Allah grant us ease. But to be honest, there's nothing wrong to downgrade Allah kept you that we don't be ashamed of who you are and what your standing is. We had yesterday we don't have today we will have tomorrow. That's nothing. If we get junk metal videos, we have succeeded. If I get paradise, oh, that is successful. Truly. In the world, there are so many people who will die as big as but on the day of piano, they will be in the first stuff the first row, but in the dunya they had nothing

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Subhana Allah, I tell you, if technology and advancement and all this that we have had any weight in the eyes of Allah, the first person who would have given it to would have been Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, but he kept the prophets Allah at an age where there were no mobile phones, no internet, no technology, no even running water from a tap. Have you thought of that? If I tell you today, brother from tomorrow, there's no water, we all have to take a bucket and go to the well which is five kilometers down and start filling those buckets. Many people will die of the thought of it. But what happened at the time of the messenger most beloved to Allah, that's what they used to do. Subhana

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Allah go to the villages there are people doing that and thanking Allah that at least they have drops of water. Here we are, because we are spoiled to have water through a tap. We cannot imagine the downgrading of our lives. May Allah protect us indeed we are human. Oh Allah, we are in Sun. We get spoiled we get used to and accustomed to a more luxurious life. Oh Allah don't take it away from us. But more important than that, Oh Allah, don't be angry with us. When Allah take something away from you, because he's angry with you, you've got a problem. But when Allah take something away from you, because he loves you, you must think Allah hope for the latter, and not the former. How do I

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know that Allah is not angry with me? Well, if Allah gives me contentment through my problem, I'm happy. I am quite sure that Allah is happy with me if I have not hearest people. You know, when you suffer a loss, the first thing you should do, ask yourself, have I wronged another human being? Did I steal someone's money? Did I cheat? deceive? Did I swear someone? Did I mock at someone? Did I hurt someone's feelings? If you did, you probably have a problem.

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correct yourself.

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But if you didn't, you are a normal person. You stand up for justice indeed, but at the same time, you have not stolen someone's wealth you have not harmed etc, etc. Don't worry, Allah is testing. So Allah says we will test you with fear, with hunger. With loss of produce in your business. Sometimes you might lose one or more loss of wealth. You have something it's stolen. May Allah protect us you have something it is people say this was halaal How come it is stolen? My brother something more hallel than yours was stolen from better people than you take it in your stripe. Thank Allah and move on. Start working on what you can do tomorrow. Stop crying over what is spilled yesterday or

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today early morning. Allah protect us. No problem. Where were we before? Look at yourself and myself. Take a look at us or our fathers. our grandfathers were lucky in most cases, they could not afford shoes. In most cases, they could not afford clothes. As we do today. They couldn't afford a car today. Everybody is driving a car but they're complaining yesterday. They used to walk without a complaint. We are we it shows shaitan is also working right

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You're getting more and you're complaining more Stover Allah. May Allah grant us goodness and good guidance. My brothers, my sisters. The reason I decided to speak on this is many people are struggling on Earth, through the virus through so many other factors. Things are turning upside down. Don't become depressed, keep on making the vicar of Allah by Allah.

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Allah promises all the time in the Quran. If you have two qualities. You don't need to worry summer and taqwa, that's it. Pay patience. Be good to your wives, be good to your family, go to your family, let them smile. That is a resource that is priceless. What did it cost you to go to your wife to smile at her and tell her you know what I appreciate everything you do. May Allah give you Jana Allah He, when she is so happy, Allah will be happy to because the Prophet Muhammad Salam says the best from amongst you are those who are best to their wives. Can you not do that with your children, with your siblings, talk to them nicely say a word that they will not forget. They will

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remember that is priceless didn't cost you anything. See that man the mercy of Allah descend upon you in your life. Allah will facilitate for you so much of goodness, may Allah grant us all goodness, man open our doors and May Allah Subhana Allah Allah forgive our shortcomings. May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to help one another. Be there for your brothers and sisters when they are suffering a loss, even if it is just by moral support,

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even if it is just by a good word. Sometimes the weakness we have is when we hear someone had a loss we say good he deserved it. It's about time.

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That's a bit rough for a moment. Don't say that. You heard someone suffered the loss a May Allah make it easy for him minimum, minimum you should say

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us. May He make it easy for all those who are struggling and suffering across the globe. akula colada Asana Allahu wa salam o Baraka ala nabina Muhammad