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We seize the opportunity just to say a few good words. I'm always happy to see you guys. Some of the faces I really recognize them. And some of them I don't brother Jamal. Mashallah, you know, Jamal means the most handsome so hamdulillah that's brother Jamal. If anyone wants to change their names, here's your time to speak otherwise, peace. So there goes Yes, amen.

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While Ibrahim my beloved brother, Nan mink, Chef,

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brother, aside from Whitehead and Hamdulillah, you know, when they say Why, what do they mean? One, right. Okay, I see okay, we stick to it, I won't cause any issues that some people have more than one. But may Allah

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that was just banter by the way. So I just want to say one quick thing, my beloved brothers, in fact two pieces of advice before I asked my my brother to say a few words, whatever, I'm going to say I need it, and we just sharing it. Number one, please be in good company. That's my piece of advice and be good company for others. And good company means every time we see each other we make sure that we don't assist each other in anything displeasing to Allah, and we make sure that we help each other in everything that is pleasing to Allah that means good company. Number two, five Salah a day, no matter how difficult and tough it is. It's a beautiful starting point. And it is the main point

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that will bring you back to Allah come what may five Salah a day rain sunshine we make five Salah day those are my words of advice for me firstly and then for everyone else does that go lucky? Chetna?

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Sure smell love mine so happy to be around you guys will learn this my first time in the UK I was so scared but mashallah you guys a good year.

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And the one thing that I want to actually share is the something that troubled me after I left my you know, my past music industry and all that was that I started worshipping Allah Subhana Allah praying and so on. But I was still still attached so much to music at the same time. So I was trying to find because he was a singer before a proper like, you know, the real haram haram stuff, you know,

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to go to detail, I didn't go to detail. I just said haram stuff.

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Like double read.

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But the one thing that troubled me was that I felt at one point that a hypocrite like worshipping Allah subhana praying five times a day but late at night, I'm still in the bars. I'm still in weddings and all this I didn't know that. And I

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Okay, that's very real.

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Islam has been established upon five pillars. So you have Islam, and you have the five pillars. Islam is not only about the five pillars the Pipers are the foundations of the deen. The more you strengthen them, the more the house them become stronger. And the house Islam is about manners and ethics and that's why honesty is part of Islam. You cannot be a Muslim who is a liar, a cheater deceiver. You know, you cannot be a Muslim and you're dishonest, right? Subhan Allah amazing, because the Prophet SAW Selim this hadith, the very scary Hadith, Allah iski. He said that I commend you to be truthful, for truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Jen and a

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person keep on telling the truth, and strive to tell the truth until it is written with Allah as truthful. And the opposite is also mentioned. I warned you beware of lying for lying leads to wickedness and wickedness leads to hellfire. So it's not a joke here. And I person, I never looked at it this way to say that there's Islam. And there's the five pillars. I never looked at it that way. Because we always grew up knowing and I agree with what you're saying, when you look at it holistically. We always grew up knowing knowing five pillars of Islam that Islam, you know, but what what you've just said is that there's Islam and the five pillars is the foundation of that Islam,

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but it's not the only thing in Islam. There's a lot that builds around those five pillars. So you first have to have complete connection with the five pillars and you build your truthfulness, your your attitude, your dealings. Stop there, Allahu Akbar. Gunstar amazing, because if you stop there, it's like you bought you bought a building without walls without decoration. You can't live in you can't move in you have the property, but it's just open you know for for danger zone. So may Allah subhanaw taala keep us always have those Muslims that

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tend to improve on all levels and exactly exactly what they actually Amen. You need to add a few words from from London to London inshallah because you know,

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You're the guy who the speaks the language of the city desert la hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Muhammad,

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for our dear respects of others that are here.

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Welcome your connection with your parents, you don't know how long they have left. But at the same time, this is something that Michelle had done was talking to a 17 year old in a restaurant not too long ago, just a few hours ago. And the man said, I don't know what my purpose is in life. I don't know where I want to go. I don't know what I want to be. And at the very same time, I told him what is your connection with Salah he said is not there. I told him you have to take your Salah as serious as taking every breath without Salah You're Dead Man Walking Dead hot. You're just a mechanism and, and a body full of organs that functions for the sake of Allah on the inside, but you

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function in displeasing Allah on the outside.

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So the end of the day will clean your connection with salah. And one of the reasons why this person is miserable because he has no connection to his parents. Not because he his parents don't want to have that connection. But is he himself and said lack of LM is a lack of being content. And its lack of being confident that Islam is your religion, and Allah is your Lord. And the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam is your vision in life. And this is what I would say to the brothers just do the

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I just just to add what a man said he told the brother in the restaurant you need to find your purpose in life. And to add on to what he said a lot of us youngsters you know sometimes you're a little bit comfortable in life we'll handle it you got food on your table and you have your car you move around and you think that is life only you know, find a higher purpose and find a higher goal Islamically you're supposed to strive towards goodness. And that means not resting on your laurels mashallah, as youth you've got we've got inshallah a lot of energy, a lot of potential don't be that person who when they 50 and six years old, they say Oh, I wish I did this, this and this. You've got

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a lot of energy and ALLAH SubhanA which Allah has gifted you so use it now. Because that time will will this energy will come to an end. And you do that one of the ways you do that is by finding a higher purpose. Always look at higher goals. The minute you achieve you look at something better, better, better. That's why Allah in many verses of the Quran, he tells you what Sadhguru Ilana Filati mirabito Magana hasten towards it sabich will proceed one another towards it. So it's a goal that you have to carry on, you know, looking for higher goals, high ambitions and working towards them, don't just sit back and rest on your laurels because life is comfortable.

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You know, I want to ask you as who from amongst us marriages problem?

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Wow, that's quite a bit. So we need to end up quite early challenge.

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There's two things one is, if you're not married, you need to know that the choice of a spouse will really shape the rest of your life. The type of person you choose for yourself, will shape the rest of your future. You are married already. It's a bit too late. But

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no, no, I'm just joking, obviously. But if you are married, then remember your friends. Don't spend too much time with them every day at night, your once in a while is fine, go back home, even if it means you're just within the home, the fact that you're there, you're fulfilling a beautiful duty of yours. Allah has made you responsible. Allah has made you responsible for your idea for your flock. Everyone is a shepherd and each one is responsible for his flock. So you're responsible for this flock spend time with it, go around it you know, when you're responsible for a flock and you just there, you know things are not going wrong, everything. But the minute you always away, trust me you

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have failed with your flock. So your flock is not your friends, your friends or just maybe a little bit of time you spend and so on. But you cannot be late everyday. I've got so many complaints from family members who say the man of the house or someone in the house is just gone. They haven't said anything. They come back very late. What was the point we're sitting here we're lonely and so on. So that's what I just wanted to say that those two things if you're not married, choose wisely. And if you are married, spend your time in a good way Masha Allah may Allah subhanaw taala make everything easy for us as we earn. And this is another point from what you had none was saying as we earn and

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may Allah make all of us billionaires just say

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as we earn spending the cause of Allah spend on poor people. Look after widows orphans, invest in Wahid invest in sha Allah and make sure that it grows further and further. I have to say Assad is sitting right here. And even if you want some

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people are watching or live they must find that Google is in check on why invest shall beautiful or in fact you can go to my my

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social media accounts you'll find Wahid invest every now and again, we remind people, you know, the idea is we want to become wealthy in order to serve anyone who wants money. Why do they want the money? A true believer will say I want money so that I can spend in a good cause, then you're heading in the right direction. So when you buy your BMW and everything else, mashallah, and I know these brothers are all into BMW.

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It's not a bad thing. You can afford it. It's a good thing. It's true, right?

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And Mercedes, Mercedes nowadays, the standard is come a little bit dropping, I wonder why. But not into Tesla. A Tesla.

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Yeah, I'm not a fan of big BMW. But recently, they've upped their game, I have to say that right? So BMW, yes, recently. Recently, they've upped their game, some spaces will be my wife, mashallah Javi.

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So, basically, so when we have nice things you must always think of, you know, what I thank Allah, a way of thanking Allah is to empower someone else with a little bit.

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Give someone else do it in a quiet way. Do it in a way that you don't want anything from them do it in a way sometimes the receiver doesn't know who gave me.

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Allah, He that's a very sincere way of doing things. And Allah will bless you more and more and more, and Subhanallah you know, at the end of the day, what you actually have is not yours anyway. 100% You're going to leave it behind you. I'd rather just spend it nicely. You know, we belong to Allah, all of us. I want to tell you something. I'm eatin Allah, who

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I want to tell you something. When I see the faces of young boys and so on, I feel happy. And especially you see the guys and you know, these guys, uh, you know, decent brothers, you know, we have fun, we have clean fun. I came into this room some time back, and I did the simulator. That's right at the back there. And I didn't do quite bad, you know? I did well, right. hamdulillah so

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so I tell you what I why I'm saying that is I didn't you know, gaming, I told the wildbrain We're going somewhere, perhaps a bit of gaming, but inshallah next time because there's a lot of us, we rather seize the opportunity to talk. Why do I say that? It's clean, fun, clean, fun, meaning you know what? I'm not on drugs, I'm not messing about with haram, and so on. People might say you're wasting time, I'm not even wasting time, it's just a diversion of my mind a little bit freshening up, you know, maybe change your focus for a moment or two to refresh it not. I enjoyed that. Right. Michelle is beautiful, and you might want to do something else. So what I loved about this little

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group of people is I didn't find the single shisha in this place. And other shows that people smoke about didn't find a single one. I cannot smell cigarettes in here. Even if one or two might be smoking quietly outside, but not in here. I didn't smell it. And therefore these are for me, I pick up these things very quickly. Verify it's a brilliant sign Congrats man. Even if you do have a bit of a smoking habit, inshallah you kick it out because I tell you what, if you invest in good habits, you will never regret. So these words are just beautiful words, words of advice for young people. And mashallah, I see brother Shaquille just walked in on my bridge there.

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Bless you. We were talking about how to be charitable you know, the story of Shaquille is amazing. You guys might know it, some of you might not know it, but for a brother, for

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for a brother. To start off, come, come come we better hurry up whatever we're doing because

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the camera's going to be blocked. Have you been this space for you the space to

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so when he lost his son, Abdullah, may Allah unite them all in Jannah. He started off charitable work, it grew. And it grew so big. It's in so many countries, how many countries now 2030 27 countries. And I know I'm a part of that work. I chose out of everything and everyone feasable Allah said, You know what checks, I'm going to be with you in sha Allah with this organization. Because I believe in the work and I know its transparency and I know Allah has blessed you anyway prior to you being there. So when a person is relatively well to do, and he's doing a charitable thing, you know that inshallah it's it's going to be something legit where there's 100% donation policy, I don't

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need the money anyway. If anything, I use my own money. So mashallah a lot of good things but look at how when ALLAH blessed and he just decided I'm gonna do Allah let it grow so much imagine if you say, Oh Allah I'm gonna do this and then Allah gives you 1,000,002 million, 3 million 4 million 5 million just keeps going. You just have to sit and thank Allah Allah thank you for using these examples. Reminds me of again, another advice by one of my machete. Don't wait for a tragedy to happen. North we start doing some alerts we learned we learned from those strategies that we go through sometimes, and we don't have to wait until something befall us. Just go for it. If you If

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Allah gives you the money

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means. I want to say one last thing I know we all have to go. But

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one last thing I want to say, today we're sitting here we've got a man would you dream that you would have come and sat here with us? Even myself, I wouldn't have dreamed in. I don't have wild dreams, but in the wildest of my dreams

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that I'd be chilling here with you guys. I don't think what Abraham he comes from Perth, Australia, flew all the way here. And he's a pulmonologist, by the way, you know, what's phonology? You know, its own reporting, you know, right. Okay, specializes important. Yeah, specializes in porn addictions. So if anyone's addicted to their phones, or poems, or whatever it's called behavioral addiction, right? So he specializes in remedying addictions and mashella coming away from Perth, Australia, but he's sitting with us and he has a colorful past

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might have an even more colorful past. But he has a colorful past meaning, you know, he was into music and life and whatever else did not do. Oh, he shouldn't. So basically, basically, what I want to say is it's because of good companionship, even if it was a little that this gathering came about today. Do you agree? It's a it's a gift of Allah? It's because we had a company that was concerned about the deen to, to a degree that Allah says Hang on, you know what you guys are gathering here for fun. And for chilling. We're going to we're going to bring forth a group show together, we remind you of Allah Subhan Allah, if only this meeting is registered in the eyes of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala as a successful meeting, Wallahi this entire building would be free.

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At love Akbar, Allah says, I, I owe my angels I make you bear witness that I forgiven all of them. May Allah forgive us.

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So may Allah bless you all. And really, I as much as I will actually prosecute when they would like say something surface that everything that my brother, you got to say, Just say something and then be done. Let's see.

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Okay, I want you to give as a closing remark, one small piece of advice, small, short piece of advice for the brothers, just from your life. I think she while Ibrahim just covered it. And for me, the biggest lesson was that don't wait for a calamity to happen in your life, to make a change in your life. And all all the years before I started this work that I do now.

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I was just after one thing, which was trying to make money and trying to be that person that I don't really want to be and the person that I don't want to present on the Day of Judgment being that person when I changed, and when I start playing Salah and you know,

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become closer to Allah, you know, you take one step to Allah, Allah comes close to you. You take a further step to Allah, Allah come closer to you. And the moment you go walk into Allah, they'll come running to you. And this is exactly what happened in my life. Everything started changing slowly, slowly, slowly. And where did I get the peace in the previous life or after? It was after? The law he was after asked your question. So when you were in your previous life, making money and earning money and seeing that money, at that time, were you Were you okay with that life? Like it was all okay, I thought I was okay. Okay, so you didn't really realize that this is not the thing? No, no,

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I didn't realize anything. But when the tragedy happened, and when my child was unwell. And when the doctor said he's only got a few months to live, that's what I feel Allah said, this child is like seven months old. And we're being told that he's got a few months to live. Whereas our time, were much older, you know, now we go to the graveyard. And I see my son who's 13 Months passed away. And next year, I see a old lady who passed away who was 99 and I think to myself, sometimes it was our gap in this, you know, where's our position in this? So before something happened, you know, change yourself, make the change yourself rather than wait for a calamity. Just go for it or Hamdulillah

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you know, today instead of being with celebrities and people that are on TV, you know, for the wrong reasons, you know, mashallah, we would check to make a difference in our life. And we'll learn from people like shaking off the mic and others. My life changed and I was able to

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talk to somebody be with somebody, somebody that would actually drive me towards Jana, rather than someone that would drive me towards the wrong path

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and drive your car towards J speed now shared drive

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now just got lucky you know, brother Shaquille, mashallah we have a lot of

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people who, just like this, who have done so much quietly behind the scenes and Allah has really changed their lives. And if you look where they are, right now, you wouldn't believe where they were back in the day. Same

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applied to some of us seated here. You know, you wouldn't believe where these guys were. So thank Allah may Allah bless you all I don't want to take up much of your guys's time. Like I said, there's a lot of married guys here please go home and say we were sent home so that we could come and look after our flock. Allah bless you all Zack Allah Hello salam ala Curatola.