Waleed Basyouni – Why The Month Of Shaban Is So Special

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of remembering the holy month and fasting during Shabbat, as well as the need to increase one's actions to receive reward and opportunities. The importance of staying prepared and avoiding drinking alcohol is also emphasized. It is important to practice regular daily fasting to increase chances of receiving reward and opportunities. It is also important to practice regular fasting to increase one's nephila and volunteer practices.
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All praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and all the prophets and messengers and their followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is lost on final messenger, Johann mystery moon a bad Allah. In the manava mania, I'm Allah Allah Abadi. And here are the homeless verbal foes in the middle of it, one of the great blessings of Allah upon us that he always give us opportunities one after another, to achieve success on this live and next and to be able to come closer to Him and to achieve paradise easily

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and to you know, cleanse our soul from our son's and that's one of the way that he make these offers by giving us opportunities and special days special month special occasions, which is we should take full advantage of it. Robert Robert Newman Hannity Muhammad Liberty Muslim and Ansari and then the via sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon in Europe bukhoma xojo Olivia yami the honeycomb never had Fatah radula that Nabi SallAllahu sallam said, Your Lord have chosen certain days certain occasions, okay, certain events, that there is so much blessings in it so much forgiveness breaks opportunities, so make sure that you take advantage of them. Lalla had to come and to see the home

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in Hanif Hatton, Lashkar bada Bada, you didn't know you might in one of these days one of these occasion one of these events, you will be accepted and you will be forgiven completely and you will be saved and blessed for the rest of your life. This hadith reports about Bharani Anisha Rahim Allah said it has an apt sound or acceptable and one of these you know, opportunities one of these special days is the month that we just started the month of Shaban the month of Shabbat today is the first Friday in the month of Shabbat and this month is a month that prepare us for Ramadan. a month that is special in itself. Among that known as Shadow aura, the month of the recitation, so a month where

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the deeds are elevated and presented the deeds of the human beings are and records and presented before Allah subhana wa Tada and look at the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the month of Shaban started to put out a shadow the Allahu anha.

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Simon had been Zaid Kyla called to ya rasool Allah, LEM Arakata su Masha Allah Minister huruma taso munchery Shabbat Yara so Allah I've been watching you, and I haven't seen you fasting as many volunteer days, as much as you fast during the month of Shaba. And you know, fasting is something personal at a soul level. Allah has fasting it's between you and Allah. But because in the case of Salam was so consistent, what became something noticeable by the companion, that he fasts a lot of the days of the month of Shabbat. Then he said, What is this for? For Colin Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Delica Sharon yellowfin

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Nasaan by knowledge about Ramadan this is a month with a lot of people don't pay attention to it between Raja which is a lot of people pay attention to Raja and Ramadan obviously it's a month where their deeds of the servants of Allah the deeds of the people will be presented before Robert I mean the Lord of the world well he brought on your family for Hebrew and your family one aside, I would like my deeds to be presented before Allah while I'm fasting while I am fasting

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and you know, in this quote by would like to mention several points related to this month to encourage all of us to pay attention to it before Ramadan comes. And then Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam when he said it's a month that a lot of people don't pay attention to it, because all our concentration goes towards Ramadan. So we forget about Shabbat you know, even Chavan became the month of a lot of people go by stuff and you know, all was the plans from olam from non social man kind of, you know, nobody really pay much attention to it. And there is an consistent theme in Islam and Sharia and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is a Hadith and

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our religion, that anytime

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people kind of not paying attention to Allah, distracted from the worship of Allah, that's an excellent opportunity for you to worship Allah. And it became a very special reward for that you need for instance, look at this hadith without the ally and said three people, Allah loves them. And three people Allah Subhana Allah dislike them and distance them.

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And Mithila to livina your Hebrew home Allah as for the three that Allah loves them the most. Followed junetta Coleman Fussa Allah whom Billa hola me us alone Bill corroborating benang firmer now for the hello for Raja long br kabhi him pa whose children Leila may be out yet de la Allah.

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A man approached people, group people and he said I need your help. Help me. And he said I'm not related to you. I'm not asking you by anything other than Allah. Otherwise, there is no any connection, no benefits, nothing. No relationship. I'm just asking you about Allah to help me. None of them offered help. And after he was left disappointed, one person

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reach out to him, catch up with him and he said, I will help you. No one seen this man. When everybody else neglected didn't care about the man this one man from the whole entire village came and help him and offered him help. such man is loved the most by Allah. Then he said another person the second one common sound or a letter whom had either can and no more I have Bailey him in May I did OB furniture roof or also home for comma home yet mr. Lakonia, wet Lu iOttie. And people traveling and it was very they were very exhausted. The moment you know they had the sack. They just fall asleep straight. So tired. Except one person.

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He did not sleep, even though he's so tired like them. When everybody's asleep. He stood up he doesn't want that everybody's sleepy at least one of us praying. And he was praying in the night. No one have seen him no one have noticed him except Allah. He did this while people are not paying attention to that prayer at that time.

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And Allah Subhana Allah said he stood up reciting my verses and seeking my help. And the third one, people who are in the army and the fight and they made the enemy, they were defeated. And they will retreat it except one person stood up with an open chest fighting to protect, you know, the his people or his fellow soldiers. And he fought until he died. He decided that he will fight entity die or victory will come. That's someone also loved a lot by Allah. If you look at the three thing that the common factor between d3 people that they have committed themselves when other people don't. They've committed to do something other people not doing it.

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When you stand up for something when other people are not willing to do it,

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either distracted don't see the intent, the importance of it. That's why the month of shabam became very special occasion because a lot of people don't pay attention to it. That's why nobody saw Solomon another Hadith also said that worshiping ALLAH SubhanA

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Allah in a time of fit and when people distracted when people consumed by materialism, consumed by this worldly life 100% But there is still group of people holding into the religion, holding into the Sunnah the way of the Prophet SAW Salem. He said like as if you hold in the charcoal, he said those people the reward like 50, a few, they said of us, the Companions, all of them said no few the Companions can imagine the agile, that of the companions, like a bucket or an omelet, how much reward we get to double that 50 times for those who comes in the end of the days.

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Why, again, because it's a time in the abuse of some kind, because you have helpers, you have me, you have a lot of good people around you. But those people in the end of the days don't have that support. That's why they deserve people are distracted. People don't care about religion. That's why their reward is high.

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I don't know abuso Salam Beda and Islam or even who say Oh, don't worry, Manitoba, and Latinos Luna have suddenness those who come in the end of the day, and they sound stranger. It's a strange for someone still holding into these values that we always heard of the importance of it, you know, be moral being decent.

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You know, unfortunately, the bar is so low today.

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When it comes to its decency is

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and those who called into the big high bar and missed high standard are few those people the reward is high.

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And that's why it is so important during this month. To remember this, this is a month where people not paying attention much to the event. So take care of that by increasing your act of worship such what make sure that you pray Fajr in congregation or one nation and as many as Salawat make sure that you pray a little bit maybe extra to rock as in the night prayer if you're waiting on a regular months, three guys make them five during the month of Shabbat make increase your you know

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maybe the citation of the Quran

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increase your setup or during the month of Shabbat

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why also it's important to care for this because in for this month because in Ibiza Salam said tofi Hill Armando Rob anatomy the deeds will be presented before Allah during this month.

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And why fasting because fasting takes a long time take most of the day. So while these deed presented before Allah, it present while you're actually engaging in a better if it's a lie, it's a shorter period of time. But while you're engaging in the Avada

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the deeds presented and Allah subhanaw taala in daily basis and weekly basis and a yearly basis. Every year, all the deeds are presented before Allah in the month of Shabbat.

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And see I'm fasting and nobody says God nothing similar to it. Fasting that reward of it nothing similar to it is the most rewarding thing. So you increase your chance for being distanced from hellfire and rewarded by paradise if you increase your fast

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also, this is a month where so much forgiveness is given before the month of Ramadan. And Nabi SallAllahu sallam said in the midst of Shaban, ALLAH forgive so many people except those and with the Shahinian except those who have animosity towards each other and a monster over worldly matters you know just because he didn't treat me nice he did this he didn't give me all my money and there is like you know, he just not being nice person to me. All this like worldly matters that does make you you know, filled with rage and anger and all negativity and hatred. You know, it's a month where you cleanse your heart because the more your heart is clean, the more it is receptive to good

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qualities. Heart as the process on himself is like a container like a cup. You fill the cup with sand there is no place to put gems and rubies and beautiful house it's filled with sand with rocks, empty it so you have a space to beautify your heart, empty your heart from hatred from envious for for all these negative feelings towards others so it will be open and willing to receive the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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So also, it is a month of Shabana learner myself it's like the two Sunnah prayer before the hug

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you know we've come to salt the Lord have to surrender before though it prepares you for the same thing. Fasting and Shabbat and doing good didn't Shabbat. It prepared you for Ramadan, so you can take full advantage of Ramadan they

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Say shout or Rajab, shadows Zara and Roger you plan the seat next month sham ban. You want her to the seat on a Ramadan you collect and Ramadan you collect so you wouldn't be able to enjoy Ramadan more if you start acting today don't wait until the announcement is Ramadan start no start from now preparing yourself for it. So when Ramadan comes you are very ready can by the setup some of the setup used to when Shabbat comes, he will close his hand route his

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any grocery store and he will sit and chat man I only dedicated the whole month for preparing myself from a Bible reading and worshiping Allah subhanaw taala some of them used to make so many hot milk Quran in Shaban that's why we call it the month of recitation Montell Quran

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so one of the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep that as always remember this is the month that will prepare you from Allah. If you do good now you will see good tomorrow. The Annaleigh you Yeah, the Khalil Hassan, Hassan, Allah He ordered you for good, another goodness. May Allah Subhana Allah make us among those who took advantage of Shaban and Ramadan and accept from us all our deeds are called MSME to Mr. Fulani looking for stuff

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Milena Viva Nova.

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As I said earlier, one of the most important thing to do and Nicola was to knock the curl book or to buy her pelvic herbal anethole Her the shorter Kareem shahada Ramadan in Nephi radical radical Solomon cannula who can somehow Shaheed and your carbon Salim called Move amble Eman with Taco Bell Hoffman Allah, one of the most important thing to make sure that your heart is purified, your heart filled with love for God. Respect, honoring, trusting, turning.

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Do you want to know if your heart is really connected to Allah or not? You can say as much as you want all my heart is connected to God. I love God I do this you can see as much as he said.

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On TV interview one thing shows the truth.

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Watch your tongue.

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What's your thoughts? What's the thing that you most think about a new talk about the most?

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That reflects what's in your heart?

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This is really Allah. Is it really the Day of Judgment? Is it really the purpose of your existence and why are you going

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that's how you will find out.

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So make sure that you watch

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because the heart is the foundation for everything else. Also increase your fasting as we said and win fast the month of Shaban the ultimate I'm alive a debate because there are several Hadith let me just give you the summary of this issue of debate between the Muslim tourists.

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If you fast in a regular basis every Thursday every Monday,

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you fast these days. Even if the last day of Shaban happened to be Thursday, you still fast but if you're not in the habit of that you should not fast It's haram to fast the day before Ramadan.

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The day before Ramadan two days before Ramadan you don't fast them but the intention is some people fast the day or before Ramadan just to be in the safe side that's not allowed in Ibiza Salam said Carmen Samia Masha kapa dasa, I will caution if you fast the days of doubt, oh, tomorrow Ramadan tomorrow the endo shaman, you have disobeyed the processor because you're only fast if you're sure it is Ramadan.

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Also the elements said if somebody's not in the habit of fasting Shaban it's not recommended to fast after the 15th Unless you're going to start this habit this year Hamas you can fast but two days before Ramadan you stop.

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Why? Because it'd be SallAllahu sallam said in terms of a Shaban fella to sumo one champion half of Shaban comes, don't fast, it's not recommended, but it's highly recommended to fast the first 15 days of Shaba.

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But also one of them. It's important to say here as a thing, increase your nephila your volunteer prayer your prayer your night prayers, increase your Quran you know canon Mr Munna either duckula Shaban a Kabul Allen Messiah if we can set them up * code, your Carlota Shari Shabana Shahara kura the Muslim used to focus on bringing up Quran increasing reading Quran making hokhmah Quran in Africa. One of the things also to

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important if you have a personal vendetta or problem with someone forgive that person. You remember the Hadith ALLAH forgive everyone except them with the shahada and those people who that is hatred and animosity with you just forget it. I remember what I said before. I don't know if you remember that I said who weak people cannot forgive strong people forgive, let go. By the way, when you let go, you don't set the person free. You set your heart free.

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But when you don't let things go, you just chain your herself with a chain filled made of negativity and hatred and frustration. Just break that chain and set your heart free. Let that go.

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Forgive and forget. And I always say if you can do both too hard for you to do both do one of them. It's enough.

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And one thing also get connected your family so what are one of the best things especially your parents, your relatives and so forth? Finally, remember what Allah Swatara said well to Allah hit me and you had mommy noon repent to Allah subhana Dawn and repentance it means that commitment to change your lifestyle, to be a lifestyle according to what pleases Allah subhanaw taala May Allah subhanaw taala make this month a blessed month for us and mythos pipe Allah gave us the opportunity to live and to limit witness the month of Ramadan and we took full advantage of it. Allah muffin Lenola Valentina Allah ma for Lana Valley Valley Dena May Allah forgive us and our parents and our

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children and protect us and our family. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us and bless our wealth, our family, our health, our country. May Allah subhanaw taala choose the best of leader to lead us here and to lead the world. Now Allah subhana wa Tada and you'll see how you feel when you call him into a little Muslim you know, Umrah Allahu Mihnea said okay either Jalali Quran, Allah Minya silica and Tonzura whether Mr. La Vie and if you Philistine or if he alleges that hey other generally Crom Aloha mon Sol Romana monarda Humala, Muhammad ALLDATA Surya, Hanuman Bala Muhammad wa ala homea then Gerardo de Krom, la Minnesota, okay are you are you him into me? No, it him wanton Salam and Allah

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who manifest corbetta Whom Allah who manifest Cotabato, whom Allah Magilla Humby you know, Sarika lady, whatever they can muster Luffy and mean, Allah Who manana said okay, are you are you me other Jalali? What are you Crom? Yeah, our hammer rahimian and TerraNova home wanted to Baraka Surah homage to the physical Bahama and Dejima ashram Lahoma and Tolyatti mtrr home on together and home sharara home into Giada irata. So era manga Maha Maha to Darlene one to Silla aamby unfussy him yada yada yadi Quran May Allah Subhana Allah give a strength to our brothers and sisters in Palestine and was up to fight this occupied and to be stay strong and to free their land and we ask Allah subhana

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wa Tada to make the transgressors to defeat the transgressor to stop the abuse and to help those innocent men and woman who have been abused in that part of the world. May Allah subhana wa Tada

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with his might with his strength to

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give a strength to those people who are been displaced those people who have no one to give them victory or help. Now let's fight Allah to have his mercy on the elders the children the families, may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to soften the heart of the leaders the world to stand up for justice and to implement justice. There and Everywhere May Allah subhana wa Tada forgive or sin was Allah Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Muhammad Salah to come come Allah

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