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hamdulillah Harlequin Buju the middle Adam majali, newly Nakula mocha subliminal alum from October to

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finish guru who hadn't Maasai comanage Kuru Allah neon on Sunday on our sulindac on the shell of election we will do the Latin one kitabi makan. Walk a Mile in the beginner we'll call them CD one or the other. under the bus shalabi a seven memoriam or the alligator de la Salaam. Hina con el Faro. COVID. debated

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for some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he hated Oh mom Latina barakallahu li him catheter nurse a lot of momentum Elijah

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hamdulillah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Who shall confirm work with me Aquila volume in a truly what can people take up a lot? And hamdulillah the Angela Allah kita when ami Allahu

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Allah hamdulillah under the naghmeh who understand you know who and I still feel Will you know be one of our Qawwali when are also be lacking maturity unforeseen. Our Min sejati are Melina manyatta Hilda who follow me la Amanullah and I had the Allah when a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa who la sharika wanna shadow Anima Mohammed Abdullah he was also a hula hula Buddha within the O'Hara who entertained equally okay fabula he shahida

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for sal Allahu Allah. He was seldom at the Sleeman kathira kathira and Nevada in DC kita Allah. Well, Hayden had he had you Mohammed in some Allahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shotgun already, Martha. Were in Aquila, matassa tenba wakulla dighton Walla, Walla Walla, now, Allah azza wa jal Abraham Karim Banda Nakula Rosa Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. And in Alia Allah the whole family him Welcome yassa or no, let me know. What can we tap on? The homerun bush I flew here to dounia Farah de la de Cali Mattila De Luca who and COVID Avi along Jana middle phasing la maganda mean that will do a Latina la hopefully he will on yes or no rubbish Jackie Sunday we're silly Emily we will

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rock that and in the sandy of Ollie, Allah homophobic Nanda multicolour ilaha illa. Allah Allah and Amina Latina, Amina Mohammed all started with us we'll be happy, but also the sub Armenian army.

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Today Samba is at one level very simple, but at another can be very complicated. I asked Allah azza wa jal to give me clarity and speech. So I'm able to communicate these teachings that reflect the the message of the Quran in a way that is balanced. So I'll start by talking to you a little bit about the importance of balance in delivering an understanding a message, sometimes you see something wrong, and you point out that it's wrong. And when you point out that it's wrong, you can go to the other extreme. So in correcting something wrong, maybe 80% of it is wrong. 20% of it, there's nothing wrong with it, right? But in overcorrecting, now you're even making something that

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has nothing wrong with it also wrong. So we have to have a balanced approach when we criticize something, that there's some element of truth in it. And that's not what's being criticized. The same way, when you praise something you can't overpraise you can something maybe 50% praiseworthy, and the other 50% isn't, we have to be precise and balanced. In our approach, we're living in a time where things become 100% or 0%, ultra quickly, if someone is wrong, everything about them is wrong. If an idea is wrong, every tenet of that idea is wrong. So people have to choose sides. And when they two sides, all the nuances, and all the pieces of that puzzle that may not have anything wrong

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with them also have to become wrong, because you have to show your loyalty to this side or the other, we have to have everything figured out as black and white. And it doesn't work like that. Sometimes there's a lot of gray in the middle. And the Quran is very sophisticated in that it addresses things that are wrong in very precise ways. And what is not wrong and something Allah does not criticize. Allah does not just make blanket statements. So that's one kind of caveat, a disclaimer that I wanted to make myself mindful of and all of you mindful of, in, in before I enter into this topic, on its own. And just to give you an idea of how this can work, for example, if

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somebody is talking about modesty, and what is modest behavior, and they point out one or two things that a person should do in order to engage in modest behavior. And a person can overreact and say, Well, are you saying I can't do anything? Is everything impossible? So they take one or two things that are not allowed? And then they over react and say, well, you're saying all of it is wrong, or none of it is acceptable, etc, etc. Right? So this is this is a delicate topic, a sensitive one but a really important one in the Quran. And the way to start with this with this subject is to actually describe how what was given by Allah to all of the prophets and the perfection of it given to the

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civil law. So the law news and the final messenger is something actually pretty revolutionary. What's the problem?

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socialism was given is extremely revolutionary. Why is it revolutionary because, you know, you have in religions across the world before Islam, or the what used to be the religion of truth or the twisted versions of a religion, whether they are the ancient Egyptian religions, whether they have to do with China, whether they have to do with the Indian religions, whether they have to, it doesn't matter which religion you're talking about, there was a consistent theme, among many, and one of those themes was, you don't have a direct connection to the divine, you have to go through someone to make the divine happen, whether you have to go through a saint, whether you have to go

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through a holy person, whether you have to go through someone who is priestly, they have a connection to the unseen, you don't, you need to go to them to get your prayers answered, to get your wishes met, you need to make some kind of sacrifice to this sub God to make the ultimate God happy. There's always an intermediate is always someone in between, that has to be pleased. And so these people in between become holy, their holy people, their sacred people, they're, you know, if they're happy with you, then God or whatever divine being you believe in is happy with you, if they're not happy with you, then God is not happy with you. So they become sort of ambassadors of

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the ultimate divine being. And in doing so they become almost like the manifestation of the Divine on Earth. So we can see God, we can see the ultimate power, but we see his representatives here, these authorized people on his behalf. They're the holy people, they're the sacred people, they're the seats, right. And these seeds, this, this concept, became a means of terrible corruption in the world. Because when you hand someone this power, and you say this person, at the end of the day, all human beings are created equal, we believe that and that seems like a pretty simple thing to say. But actually, this is not the belief of a lot of humanity across history. Human beings did not were

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not believed to be created equal. Some people were believed to be creative, superior, or they're partly divine, they're higher and holier than everyone else. They're on a different, they're on a different caliber, you can't touch them. You can't ever reach their status. And because they have this status, they're beyond criticism. You can't say anything about them. You can't question any of their behavior, and whatever they say, is the same as God Himself speaking. That's actually the case that you can't question them questioning them is questioning God Himself, or questioning the ultimate authority themselves. They have all the answers. So when they tell you something, you don't

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have the right to think for yourself and say, No, that doesn't make sense, they will do the thinking for you. They will tell you what you need to do what you shouldn't do, if you want to be successful do this, this this, if you want this wish answered do this, this, this, follow these, these these rituals, they will have the prescription for life, these intermediaries were set up in different cultures in different societies around the world. And sometimes these took the form of idols, if not people that took the form of idols, idols also represented people that died a long time ago. And now their memory is this idol. Right? And so you come to the statue, and you you make wishes to it, even

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though you know, this statue is not a living being in represents the soul or the spirit of someone who's connected to a higher power, right. And this whole setup is a really good scheme, because this way, the people who are supposedly holier they can make a lot of money.

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And they can they have a lot of power, they can tell people to do whatever they want them to, they want to say, and yield whatever control in society they want. They can get away with all kinds of things. Because when they do something they can't be told you did right or you did wrong because whatever they do is God's ordained will. Right so they're beyond reproach, beyond criticism. Then comes the true message of religion, which is the religion of this this Deen Islam which was given to all the prophets and again, the perfection of it to our messenger sallallahu sallam, which destroys the idea of anyone in between.

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And how does it destroy that idea? First of all, every human being is a slave directly of Allah. You don't go through anyone. In fact, you don't even go through a prophet. A prophet is not telling you, you know, make me happy, and I'll put in a word to God. I'll put it in a word. Well, that's not what prophets are saying. prophets are simply saying, Allah wealthier and be mindful of Allah yourselves and follow what I'm doing meaning follow me as in I'm being mindful of Allah. So learn how to be mindful of Allah by following my way. So they're actually not calling themselves you know, how many times our messenger has been told I out like these. You know, I'm in

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you know, Russia. I'm nothing but a human being. I'm just another person you hire in India. You know, call in them. I never shall Miss Lou Haley.

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Certain calf, just as the slave just a human being just like you The only difference is revelation was given to me. What's that revolution? I know my Allahu Mila Why? God is a single God.

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In other words, he's not even asking people to deify him. Now notice the difference, our messengers, his status, we know we can't even say his name without saying some of the lower I mean, he was under. But when he was sitting in a gathering, you couldn't tell which one is the profit. In fact, people used to walk in sometimes and not know, and they would start showing respect, we'll look at a Cydia called the alarm. And you know, he wrong address is over there. You know, and they wanted to put some kind of a throne or some kind of a special see, you know, so he's a little bit higher, and he refused the throne. So they actually put a dirt mound, so the dirt is a little higher than what

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he's sitting on. Now compare this to people that are ordained or considered holy, in whatever, whatever temple or church or whatever other setup, right in any other religion, you will notice the holy person when they walk in, everybody knows who that is. They got a different outfit. They look like they look different. They expect a different reaction from everyone. So when people come in, they want to kiss their hands, everybody's kind of, you know, bowing down, you know, and they have this this royal garden they have almost like a throne where they said, when people come before them, like they come before a king, they have this high and holy status. And this is something Islam

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completely rejected. By even the way the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam carried himself the way that he walked and talked throughout his career as a messenger. So there's no special holding for him. There's no special rain or special, you know, demarcation special cloak. He's dressed like everybody else. He's eating like everybody else has no special food for him. You know, but you what you have in certain religions is when the holy person arrives, nobody can touch the food until he takes the first bite. Or nobody better, you better not sit down before you kiss his hand over you know, you show some kind of humility to this person. If there was ever a person that we should show

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humility to, it would have been assumed Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you understand that right? But what's happened in religions around the world and the crazy thing, this is the part that makes this difficult to talk about is this happened in the Muslim culture. Islam came to get rid of this idea that certain people are more sacred than others. And the prophets I set up in his last sermon, his last football said that all of us, though, our colors don't make a difference. The colors of our skin don't make a difference. The only thing that puts one in a place higher than anyone else is stuck in the heart. So the the only way one person is better than the other is the

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taqwa of Allah. And where is the taqwa less describes it himself in their daily comment upon pulu. That is something that that one that lies inside the hearts. It's inside the heart. Now, here's the fun thing. No human being has been given the ability to look inside and other human beings heart.

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So if DACA is inside the heart, there's no way for me to know if you have to or not, and there's no way for you to know if I have to or not, it doesn't matter if I'm praying the huddled or reciting Quran all day are going to Hajj every year, or I look a certain way I have a certain appearance that makes me look, there's a couple outfits nowadays, right? There's a person that looks at there's got they've got a taco face. They've got taco headgear, right, they've got taco vocabulary. So when they, when they say those kinds of words, on the look that kind of way, male or female, and that is a person of duck wha it's like we've got the whole costumes. You know? And if you if you look this

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way, then you're sacred. If you don't look this way, I mean, come on.

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I realized how serious this is, in our culture, in across Muslim cultures. how serious this issue is, we take it lightly, but I think it is a very serious thing, because it cuts up one of the most fundamental teachings of our religion. When I first started getting involved in giving club many, many years ago, I decided that I I was influenced by certain people who said that you if you dress in like a suit and a tie or you dress like Western clothing, a T shirt or shirt, whatever, this is the way the kuffar dress, this is not the way of the Muslims, this is not the way of the solid thing, etc, etc. You should dress like, you know, the the Muslims and the idea of dressing of the

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Muslims was dressing like an Arab and not the Arab of ancient times because they didn't wear robes like the winter now. You understand that? If they were thobes, then they couldn't ride a horse. You understand that? Right? And you don't run in a battlefield with dopes like these how are you going to run these steps? I gotta run the battlefield on the sword. That's that's not what people were back then. But we have this cultural thing that if you're more Islamic, you're going to dress a certain way and I was influenced by that. So I had a turban and I had a woman I had the whole look you know the whole I mean, I used to in Long Island and walk out sometimes and some people say man

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oh my god look like Jesus. Like I got that sometimes. Right. But you know what happened I would give up and I was like 20

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Three years old.

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I'm not a holy person, but people are. Elder men are coming up to 67 year old men 80 year old men are coming up to me trying to kiss my hand

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trying to get me shaky almost in recruiting to shake my hand and then bringing their children to me to for me to pack their heads and to make to offer them I got disturbed by this entire scene like, Man, I'm gonna finish hold well pray my son nine, I'm gonna play basketball with some guys outside. And then we're gonna go and some pizza. Like I'm just a regular person who just happened to give this callback because I was asked to give a I'm not a holy saint or whatever, you guys are making me out to me right? Pretty soon I'm going to be wearing a T shirt and, you know, some sneakers and suffered a lot.

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But the impact the the garb was actually enough for someone to say, Oh my god, this is uh oh, I just want to stop I just walked in. Like, there's so much new around, it's not numeral abroad, that's just a costume. Let's just close and I'm not criticizing Arab clothing or a turban or none of those things. But those clothings belong to a culture Listen, if you lived in the time of the Prophet if there was a time machine and you traveled immediately right from right now to Macau in the time of the Prophet station, and Abu Jamal came out of his house with a beard with a bow with a turban on you would say Mashallah

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that's because that's what you that's what they look like the but we have this thing about a certain appearance is actually holy. And another kind of appearance isn't clothing doesn't matter which culture it comes from doesn't determine whether or not you have adequate clothing clothing in our religion has guidelines. There's no guidelines don't dress like an American drunk a second Australian don't dress like a you know Canadians are kind okay. And you know, you know, dress and so that guidance of Allah the guidelines, what is I? What are what should be covered, what conditions should be met, those conditions are met now dress, dress in a Chinese outfit. rasuna Bengali outfit

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dress in an American who cares? The conditions are met. Islam came to liberate us from artificial standards of holiness.

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And the only one who determines where you stand, that was a coup. And for second Quran says openly, not just going full circle who are the movie Manitoba? don't declare yourselves holy and sacred and pure. He knows better who has stuff. If Allah says Who are the mu? We say this phrase all the time, right? Allahu Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah means I don't know me, Allah knows. Allah says,

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Taka. He is the one who knows better who has stuck. So I don't get to say that you have it more or I have it more. Somebody who has more knowledge doesn't mean they have more dupois someone who has memorized more code and doesn't mean they have more taqwa. In fact, this is not so you can put down people a just because you're a half does doesn't mean you have done well. But that you're you and nothing. No, no, this is the other way. When you see someone and you they don't look the part.

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They don't look holy to you. They will look like a Mullah or a Milena or Shea or whatever, they don't look like they don't have that outfit. Then you and I can't assume this person has stuff for me. I wish they had the one. Because if they had the ancient outfit on, then they would they would be more Islamic. Right? So appearances became very important to us. And this is actually another form of creating people between us and Allah. Why? Because what we did next, not only did we consider certain people that look a certain way, or act a certain way or associated a certain way, we considered those people holier then we figured that our dogs and our decisions for our life are

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worthless because these are the holy people so they should decide for us. We should ask them what we should do. We should ask them to make do out for us because our demise pointless. Shall please make law for him.

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You know you're you Mashallah You're such a person of you know, adorable remembering Allah azza wa jal you have such a high macom you have such a high Did you check my heart to see what station I have on my arm? If you don't you don't know anybody else's? How do you know someone else's that is more sacred for you, because we have this assumption that some people are holier than others. And, and, you know, the crazy part is that some people really like it.

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They like being considered holy. They like being considered elevated status. So they'll still walk in and I've seen this with my own eyes, and I'm personally disgusted by it. They'll walk and they'll have students or people that consider them a mentor. And they're walking behind them with their, with their shoes, or with their bag half and Riku or like this, like an entourage the holy person and then the

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The people behind them, what is this? And I was in a gathering of such I won't name people I was in such a gathering one time, and the person came and they sat down. And everybody one by one went to kiss their hand. And it looked like when the pope visits someplace, right? And I was like, Yeah, no, I don't know if you watch them first. I'm not doing that sounds like someone

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has a very normal conversation. And the people that were saying, Ah,

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can you do that?

00:20:30--> 00:20:34

People talk to the Messenger of Allah or something directly, didn't they?

00:20:35--> 00:20:37

strangers would come up to him and talk to him.

00:20:39--> 00:20:46

And here you have a person who expect he'll even stick his hand out, hey, you didn't pay your respects. It's just the mafia.

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You didn't kiss the ring, you know? And do this, this culture gets created. And then it goes to other extremes. What extremes can it go to? It can go to a point where these things turn into cults. I don't know, I can't name my baby. Because I didn't ask my holy Shea. They didn't they didn't check with the divine to say, What What should I name my child? Should I should I marry this person? or divorce this person? Should I do this? Should I do that all major decisions, this person is making major decisions in your life for you, because you handed them this authority, but somehow they're connected to the higher power, which is no different than the priest in ancient Egypt, that used to

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answer people's own questions is no different. It's just an Islamic outfit. But that's, that's it's the same exact thing. It's the same exact kind of intermediary between you and Allah, that Islam came to destroy.

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And then if even if people don't go to the level where they are worshipping them, or considering them divinely connected, then there's lesser forms of this. And the lesser forms of this are. Okay, so somebody benefited from learning from from an email from a teacher, let's just even take, I'll take my own email, somebody benefited from learning from me, if anybody, and I have many students, but if anybody is a serious student of mine, they know one thing for sure. They know one thing for very, very sure. I tell them before I'm anything else, I'm a student myself. I tell them, when you find something more convincing, you go with it. I tell them, I'm not offended that you're learning

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from someone else, or you're learning something that contradicts what I taught you. Because you have to follow the truth. Not a person should benefit from every teacher you possibly can. But no one is beyond mistake, no one is beyond criticism. And even when you criticize, now, all this time, I'm telling you, these people aren't holy, I'm not only nobody else's holy, that doesn't mean that they're not worthy of respect either. You can remember I said the beginning balance. So the other extreme happens, none of these people are worth anything. So you know what we owe each other a common respect, a common respect. In fact, for me, as controversial as it might sound, anybody who's

00:22:58--> 00:23:11

ever taught me anything, whether they're Muslim or not, whether they're Hindu, whether they're an atheist, whether they're a Christian, whether they're an Islamic scholar, anybody who's ever taught me anything I have lifelong respect for,

00:23:12--> 00:23:13

I just have respect for them.

00:23:14--> 00:23:24

Because knowledge itself is sacred. Now that person may do things I don't agree with, they may have other ideas I don't agree with but even my disagreements, never take away my respect for them.

00:23:25--> 00:24:03

But my appreciation of them never makes them into a holy figure for me that no matter what they say is right either. There's a balance. And that balance is pretty common sense. But unfortunately, in many cultures, this common sense disappears. And cults are formed. These sacred people then tell you, we will tell you what you should listen to and not listen to. We will tell you what is halal for you and what is haram for you. We will tell you what is right for you don't think for yourself, the ship is thinking for you. With that in mind that the topic of this hotel is who are the friends of Allah. Why? Because this is one of the most abused in my opinion abuse terms in our, in our

00:24:03--> 00:24:39

culture. Only Allah Alia, the people that are friends of Allah, we use this term in our culture for you know, in order the same word punchy personality, bongiovi Logan, in other words, they're like they've got some high status, they are so close to Allah, they're like on the 100 and 50th floor you live in the basement in a way more connected to Allah than you are. So man, you can never reach their level. Right? Those are the only of Allah. So when they walk in, you should just Humble yourself and you should, you know, run to get there whatever Divine Wisdom they have to drop on you. Right? So listen to how Allah describes only Allah let this is what I'll conclude my hobo today.

00:24:40--> 00:24:54

And what xojo says, and I will get to the IP and this is I actually I number 62 and 63 absolute units, right, but I'm going to start a little bit further back and briefly translate so you can see what the argument being built here is why allows.

00:24:55--> 00:24:59

So first he talks about the Koran, very famous. I have talked about it before. Yeah, you understand

00:25:00--> 00:25:33

jobs not resulting from become mushy photolemur fisu humanity people listen up the council has come to you from your master a healing from what lies inside of the hearts. Well hold on what am I didn't mean and a guidance and a mercy in a loving care for believers meaning the Quran is there to heal you directly. You don't need someone else to heal your heart. You don't need someone else to cure you of your disease. Allah has given you His Word directly you have direct access to it. You don't need anybody else will be from the law he will be referred to he tells them by the fever of Allah alone and by his loving care alone to be donica Yahoo because of that they should be overjoyed.

00:25:33--> 00:26:12

Well, I only manage my own it is better than anything that they gather all tell them. A Toma, Angela hola como rusty. Have you taken? Have you observed what Allah has sent down to you of all kinds of risk? Meaning food, clothing, money zone list in our life? Have you ever thought about that is the lesson down to you for Jasmine who Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Holla Ramadan, and you made up your own versions of ramen halal for it? How dare you Allah, Allah provided you and you you come up with your own rules. What is Allah, Allah first mentioned Quran, His revelation, then he said, How do you make up your own rules? Right? What's he telling us? If you ever want to figure out

00:26:12--> 00:26:49

what's halal and haram, where do you go? You go to less word, you don't go somebody else is defining for you what you should and shouldn't do? What is halal for you and what's not? What's wrong for you? Oh, Allah, who I think Alico Amala he's a stone did Allah authorize you tell them ask them? Did Allah authorize you? Are you making these things up yourself? No, these people I've even seen TV shows in Muslim countries TV shows. People call it I you know, I'm having a problem with my my uncle. He keeps doing you know, this, that the other he's giving me a really hard time he's not giving me my share in the inheritance. What should I do? This is all on.

00:26:50--> 00:26:59

Read this is 43 times while standing on a chair on one leg. We're facing the window in the east, your uncle will die.

00:27:02--> 00:27:21

Yes, come up with this stuff. Maybe I'm exaggerating just a little bit, but might as well tell him to do the hokey pokey and your problems against, you know, you're coming up with all kinds of made up prescriptions for what is right for you what is wrong for you? Or they'll even tell them stop eating chicken, that your marriage is falling? Because Because you're eating chicken what would

00:27:23--> 00:27:58

you know? So this this thing is being critiqued and he says now when we live in afternoon alhama and chaetomium kiama? What what is going to be what are going to be the thoughts of those who made up these lies against a law judge on Resurrection Day in the law who fell in Ireland as well I can now who would like a maximum Nash groan? I love this part of the eye. He says Allah has possessed a great favor for all people as given so much favorite of people, but people are ungrateful Allah, Allah did you such a huge favor to you that he spoke to you directly? You don't need to go through someone to talk to Allah He spoke to you directly.

00:27:59--> 00:28:40

That entire scheme of religion as a means of control and manipulation got destroyed by the word of Allah. And here you are going back to that. You aren't even grateful for what you've been given Amata kulu fishermen Omar Tacloban Quran Allah Tamar Lumina Ave la canonical Shahada Han Allah He says, He tells the prophets so first and whatever situation you find yourself in whatever Quran you recite, and then he turns to all of us and says and whatever you you have never done any deed of any kind. There's not a single act you've ever done except that we've been a witness over you we've been watching over you know st is watching over you know, Shannon is watching over you. Allah is watching

00:28:40--> 00:29:10

over you before anyone else in the shoulder, if you do Luffy when you're deeply immersed in that act, well might become a common myth Carly's already will be one of his summer with us from indelicato movie. There's nothing in the skies in the earth in the in the earth in the skies, there's not a deed, you know, of even the worth of a microscopic.or even something smaller or bigger. Except it does it never gets overlooked by Allah.

00:29:11--> 00:29:16

show you it's not like it. Allah didn't notice it. Now I need to go to someone else to figure out what to do.

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Everything is under Allah observation. Then he says either in a lie. Now often I lay him without a known allele. Now I know I can get double. So simple. How do I become a welder? You have a lot. Well, here's a 1000 step process. No, in the Quran is not 1000 cent process. It's a two step process. He says, You had better no the friends of Allah, the protective friends of Allah, they will have no fear on them. They will not be sad. How do I become a friend of Allah, simple under the nominal code. They came to the faith. They came to believe in Allah and His messenger and his revelations and then they continuously kanaya Tati Can you hear takuna canopus Madonna and

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They kept on engaging in taqwa. They kept on being mindful of Allah. They became mindful of Allah when they could have cheated at work. They became mindful of Allah. When they could have lied about something. They became mindful of Allah. When they guarded their eyes, they become mindful of Allah. When they held back from saying something terrible. They became mindful of Allah when they chose not a bad fight against somebody. They became mindful of Allah when they could have responded with an insult and they responded with kindness. Instead, they became mindful of a lot over and over and over. These are the people that are the Friends of a lot. And these people could be wearing a T

00:30:30--> 00:30:32

shirt. They don't have to have a turban on

00:30:33--> 00:31:11

these people could you know be a high school kid? They don't have to have a white beard. There could be the algoma. Allah did not put a high like holy secret standard for what does it mean to be a less friend, he made it so fundamental and simple. And that is the revolution of Islam. That is actually revolutionary. Anybody can be the friend of Allah when meeting some very basic requirements under the nominal wilcannia tahune. There is no judicial requirements, the homall which are often chaotic, dunya phylloxera. These people will have good news in this life. I don't actually know. There's no more further requirements.

00:31:12--> 00:31:50

eemaan and taqwa and what did I tell you about a minute ago, only you can know where you stand. Only I can know where I stand. Nobody else can judge that for us. So I pray we don't become victims, to you know, Pope defying and creating, you know, you know, artificial sacredness, and supporting that kind of artificial sickness, we should benefit from people that know more than us. We should learn from scholars learn from people that have better character than we do, learn from their manners learn from their other, all of that should continue. But for not for a single moment, should we consider anyone in a place where we assume they have a higher taqwa than the rest of us. This is not

00:31:50--> 00:31:58

what we do for ourselves. And we don't do this for others because it leads to many, many, many problems. And it takes us away from the actual spirit and message that

00:31:59--> 00:32:10

allows us to make us the kinds of thinkers and the kinds of the pain and the kinds of believers that Allah wants us to be in light of His Word. Monica lovely welcome for unpacking on if I knew what year was

00:32:15--> 00:32:29

hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam O Allah. Allah Dino Stouffer was also another one in haltom. In the beginning hamadani Meanwhile, and he was happy it may have a long as you can embed an upward arrow to build a ministry converging in Oklahoma last

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year, you entered in Amadou soleimani Sally bousema Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kemosabe

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alameen in Naka, Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed come about for him. For me in the academy Luigi, about Allah, Allah it's a whole lot in the movie like even when he died he will call back when you will move on as a koala Allah you have no more metal stone are going to Salah in a sonata cannon and mini Nikita makuta.

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Let's try to observe distance and travel.

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along but I love that you guys will watch that one number one