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The speaker discusses three approaches to Islam: take a breath, watch the first step, and focus on the path to health. They encourage listeners to focus on their own strengths and not let the book bully them. They also encourage listeners to read the first chapter and not try to get everything they want to achieve in life.

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Knowing that the way,

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Chapter Two reasons to be cheerful.

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And now, say Alhamdulillah

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take a breath.

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That means wholesome, right minded, practical and fine.

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Take another slow and easy breath.

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Have a look around and make thanks for something nice that you see.

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You're among friends. Your life is about to get easier, lighter and wiser,

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Islams approach to health and eating is not easily Taric or strange. And neither does Islam have anything that demands overbearing commitment, or defying common wisdom.

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It is intended to be the exact opposite of that.

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If we have come to see the duties and rights of Islam as unnecessary or extreme, it's not our fault. as such. We've been persuaded to think that way by shaytan. And we may just need to look at it again, as adults, this time to really see the reason and essence behind Islamic practice. As kids, and as adults in the modern world, we cannot help but absorb the assumptions and errors that abound all around us. misinformation about our health, what do we eat, even from experts have come to rest in our minds unquestioned. Let's ask those questions again, and reclaim the right way.

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The third approach is definitely far easier, less demanding on your time, and costs nothing to implement. In fact, it will enhance your well being improve how you use your time, and save you money. For reasons that we'll set out in great detail later on.

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You can take the tape approach on step by step, doing whatever you feel comfortable with, then adding one other small step after a period of time

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letting the first step settle in first. In fact, I would prefer you did it like this. Because you develop the habits and insights more deeply and easily. If you do.

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You don't need to change your diet at all. To begin with, you could just try the fasting part. Or you could start off with the diet side and adding the fasting part later. nudging your food towards the Islamic direction first, altering your method of eating food you buy in small but very effective ways that will equally improve your health and well being.

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Whatever you do know that you will like every other person, have days when it seems very easy. And others when it all seems forgotten or difficult for some reason, never despair. never feel that you have failed if you slip, even if you don't get it right every day.

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Any few hours you spend doing it the right way is counted. Every minute of success adds up. Now that your body not allow himself will forget even a minute when you managed to eat the right way. Think about a difficulty in the right way. Or when you're patient with something that is outside your control. Those are the moments we all win. care about those moments, no matter how few or far away they feel. They really do count. And they really do add up.

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failures are useful as feedback. But we all focus on failures far too much. A lot tends to ignore our failures in favor of our strengths. He far prefers to forgive us. He tells us this so many times, he far prefers to see the best in us. Rather than lose hope or punish us.

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We should follow that cue

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and paths to good health. I like path to Allah. We can all access the same overall knowledge and guidance. But Allah made us differently for a good reason. We all do better if we take the knowledge, and we work with it using our own individual strengths, making our own path. read this book thoroughly. Take your time, and do the things that you find interesting that you find practical and relevant.

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ignore what you can't understand, or what you can't do exactly right now. Focus on what you can do. What sounds interesting and straightforward and go with those things. In doing so, you make the knowledge your own and it becomes a lot easier to put it into practice. And don't worry if you get any part of it wrong.

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Allah cares only for our efforts, the results are out of our hands anyway. So just keep trying, humbly, and with good cheer. May Allah help us all, to find our path to health, and to him. I mean,

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don't let this book bully you.

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self help books can make us feel bad by dictating what we can and cannot do. And when for any reason, we don't get to our goal, we tend to blame ourselves,

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not the book. The book then sits on the shelf, proudly, reminding us of all the things we couldn't achieve.

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This book does not want to do that.

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And although the book is very soundly based, it's written with kindness in the spirit that you will do things with a kind of trial and error.

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Don't try to get it perfect. Just be humble and accepting. Whatever you gain from this book, however, determined or inspired, you become, take it all lightly. expect that life will interrupt your plans, and try to see the funny side

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victory and defeat neither of those definers and neither of those are really in our hands.

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Be merciful to yourself. reread the parts you like, ignore the bits you can't get on with for any reason. Come back to them later. And read it all without any fear.

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talk it through with someone if you like.

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Think of it as a tonic of inspiration with some helpful guidelines, rather than the rules of some tough bootcamp.

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Life happens, our intentions lose direction, we forget to do this or that thing. We feel bad and our smile disappears. Enough. You deserve to be treated with kindness and mercy. And that starts with how you treat yourself.

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End of Chapter