Why were they chosen to be Prophets

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Every single prophet that Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke about in the Quran. Before the Prophet became a prophet. Allah highlighted his character and his manners. In Surah Maryam you'll find the entire story. Allah subhanahu wa tada he says with goodfield kitabi Ibrahim, inna who can Deacon then the interview can also Deacon, he was a man of truth. It was a matter of honesty and his honesty his good manners led to nebbia he became a prophet. Go down to the end of that page with Godfrey kitabi Moosa. What the story with Musa Lawson It was a man of sincerity and honesty, then cannot assume that nebbia he became a prophet, he became a messenger, read reading the Quran, see

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the case, a lot of social, when he spoke it up, it is Allah you surround yourself with good Phil kitabi is married in Ghana saw this.

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He was honest. In his words, he upheld the trust and the responsibility. When he promised someone something he delivered in Ghana saw the contract, then can also lead nebbia. As such, he was qualified to be a messenger and a profit, nonprofit became a prophet, except because of his good manners, when w sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the greatest of all examples, why you know kelada who look into him, when the result Allah Allah was praised because of his good manners. You and I, my brothers in Islam we know Yusuf alayhi salam, but something that is highlighted about use of Allah His setup, he is known for two things use of Allah for his ability that Allah gave him, a lot

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of social gave him half of the beauty of mankind. And he's known for his perfect lineage. He's the son of a prophet, who's the son of another prophet, who's the son of another profit, the entirely digital profits. But you know, never been a mention of that. Nothing about his good looks were mentioned. Nothing about his lineage was mentioned. The only thing you find a lot of speaking about. When he praises you so far, he said, Well, his manners heard him happy. haviv Morrison, Allahu Akbar, it was only his nanus that were highlighted in the Quran, because it looks to narrow your lineage doesn't matter if your matters are good, for let's understand my brothers in Islam,

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seriousness of good manners in Islam. steadfastness should be in manners. We ask Allah subhanahu wa tada to bless us and bestow upon us good manners and to ease and facilitate a path to good man as far as