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Have you had your mind

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on a STEMI and I still want to communicate with our colleagues when I want to be learning Cerulean kusina amin CEO Dr. Molina, Rio de la Vela Medina, for me, you DeLuca de la ma.

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Today we will continue on our series on the history of Al Aqsa. And today's story is one that requires a lot of time. So this could probably be a summary, it will be a summarized version of the story, and inshallah, Patrick this weekend, next weekend, our record a longer version of the same story and put it up on my YouTube channel and on the Islamic terrorism page of my website. So I'll give the summarized version of the story today. And anybody who wants to learn about the details,

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I will put it up on the website later this week in Sharla.

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And this is the story of Salah, who Deen Allah, UB, Russian McCullough and the Crusaders. Now, to understand the story, you need to understand a lot of political history. So I'm just going to give a very brief summary of the events that led to the rise of slack within the UAE in general, I think most of us know who Salah was. And we know him as the Liberator of Orthodoxy. We know that the Crusaders had taken over Alaska, the ruling for 90 years, and then Salah who did to get back and the Muslims ruling after until the fall of the Ottoman Empire, right this much everybody knows. But why, and how this is where a lot of people get lost. A lot of us don't know why the Crusades happened,

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how they started, how they were able to take over Muslim lands. And how did it so that we didn't take it back. So to begin from the time of overbuilt, photogra radula walk through through the time the hola Rashid in the Romanians, the avacyn, Christians, Muslims and Jews all lived in peace in

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the early Muslim dynasties, all recognized Al Aqsa as a holy land, all three religions. And the Christians and Jews were given the religious rights to practice and worship in those lands. And because of this, there was no hostility between Muslim Christians or Jews in those lands. So what happened?

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What happened is what always happens before Muslims lose power

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in fighting this unity, and a civil war, not Muslims. So two new poetry rising in the Middle East at a time, both Muslim, the fatimids in Egypt, who is married Shias, and the seljuks, a new Turkish dynasty, and this was the first ever Turkish dynasty before the Ottomans. And they sell jokes, the fatimids and the opposite. We're all fighting for control of Jerusalem. So now the Muslims were fighting each other for control of a city. And this is what we can do. So

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it didn't just weaken the Muslim. But unfortunately, what happens in Civil War is, very often in a civil war people do not maintain the rights of the average person. And a lot of things that should not be done, end up happening. And so when the cell jokes, and the body image took over these lands, they destroyed churches. And they mistreated the Christians living in these lands. And news of this rich, the Pope, news of this rich, the Christians living in the West in Europe, and us rich them, Muslims are destroying our churches, Muslims are oppressing Christians in the Holy Land, we have to do something about this.

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And so the pope declared something that didn't exist before he invented an entirely new concept called the crusades, the crusades, holy war against Muslims, where the purpose was to take back this holy land from the Muslims, and it was a means of purification of their sins in Christianity. So the pope invented this idea that if you go and fight the Muslims and kill the Muslims, your sins will be forgiven.

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Right. So this was the holy war concept. And by the way, a lot of people mix up the Islamic concept of jihad with a Christian concept of holy war. This concept of holy war comes from the Crusades. It comes from the crusades, it's a Christian concept. jihad is adjustable. It is a war for establishing truth and justice and opening the doors of doubt. It's not a holy war in the sense that crusades, the Crusaders went out in the name of Christianity with no intention to spread their religion, no intention to convert no intention to treat people of other religions fairly.

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allowed him to practice their own religion. It was just to kill in the name of Christianity, as you will see what happened in Jerusalem, in the story. In jihad, Muslims took overland, but they allowed people there to practice their religions. They allow people their freedom of religion, they gave people the option to convert or to pay a tax and remain appointee of religion. And the majority of people remained upon the previous religions. And somewhere down the line, people will end up converting to Islam from being exposed to the beauty of Islam. So it's very different concepts. And we shouldn't confuse the two. A holy war is what the Christians came up with, adjust what is what is

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So the holy wars began, and the Christians began to flood through the host of ash taking over city by city.

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And the Muslims were, in a sense, powerless to stop it. And before we know it, the entire coast was taken over by the Christians, and it formed three kingdoms, the most important being the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Now the question arises, how did this happen?

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How were the Muslims who at that time, remember this time? To give you context, I know this sounds bizarre. But at that time, the Muslims were the global superpower. And the Christians of Europe were in a dark edge, they were considered not important. It didn't have technology, it didn't have science, they were considered to be like barbarians, the superpowers of that time with the Muslims and the Byzantium, right Byzantium, to the east Romans, the Romans of the Eastern lands, not the western Knights. So the Muslims never really paid attention to the people to the west, because he considered these to be simple people, farmers, peasants, they never thought that a threat could

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arrive from that direction.

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It really sad how things have changed back then Muslims with a superpower. And the West were considered, you know, the people who had no technology and education, actually, the script has flooded. And no, that's our own fault as an oma because of the decline in religion in the past few 100 years. But going back to the story, so one of the reasons why the Muslims were not prepared for this attack is they never paid attention to people conduct that they never took him seriously as a trend. Number two, the Muslims were involved in a civil war, the Muslims are fighting each other. And this is a point that repeats itself throughout our history. Whenever Muslims fight each other,

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they move out.

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Look to any point in western history, whenever Muslims fight other Muslims, they lose power. That's how Spain felt. That's how India Well, that's how Jews and Muslims fighting Muslims.

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And the third reason why the Muslims were powerless to stop the crusades, of dealing with Jerusalem was sectarianism. What do I mean by sectarianism? Who will who will in Jerusalem at that time

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the party, the party meet? Where shall the majority of cities around the web Sunni? So when the Sunni Muslim saw a Shia land being invaded by Christians, they turned a blind eye to it? He said, No, no problem.

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And the result, Jerusalem fell to the Christians, now had Jerusalem fallen to the Christians, and they had maintained some level of freedom of religion and allow the wisdom to worship and live in peace, in a very different history, a very different story. But that's not what happened.

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The Crusades, and particularly the conquest of Jerusalem, is one of the most barbaric conquests in the history of this world. It's an absolutely savage event, where the Crusaders entered the Holy Land and massacred everyone. They killed everybody, man, woman or child, Muslim, Christian or Jew, because the Christians living in Oxford at time, but from a different set from the invading forces. The Crusaders were Catholics, the people living there were Eastern Christians, right for other sects, other denominations. So they massacred everybody in the city. They massacred the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews, until the streets were literally flowing with love. And they boast about

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this the whole day, it is right to today, you can read the diaries of the Crusaders and conquer Jerusalem, where they boast about the amount of skulls that were piled up, they boast about the amount of blood flowing in the streets. They looked at this as a good thing.

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This was one of the most savage conquests ever, and he demoralize the entire Muslim world.

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For something like this to happen, for the Muslims to lose that third odious land, to people who are this Savage, and for so many people to be massacred in the process, and for the Muslims to have no control at all overlaps for the next 90 years, was a very demoralizing point in our history. And I would say

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I know this may be controversial, but I would say it's even worse than what's happening.

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At least now we can still pray. So

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what's happening now is evil. It's wrong. It's bad. Allah will send someone to turn it around in the future. But that was even worse. What happened in that event? was something right until, until today, people are shocked when

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it's unheard of.

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So what happened? How did it slowly turn around?

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And I'm done reading the stories and we can feel sad, we can feel depressed about what happened. I'm reading the stories, we can feel optimistic about what happened next. Because there's a lot of parallels to what happened in what's happening now. Muslims back then were fighting each other Muslim today,

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Muslim back the end and divided on sectarian lines, which they are divided secure Muslims back then they could not understand how are we ever going to get an answer back from the Crusaders, Muslims, they do not understand how you're going to get back home from these enemies. Very similar situations. But the good news is back there 900 years ago, the Muslims, and the Muslims took back locks. And what happened was

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that a new power arose in the modernists are usually fighting each other for power. And one of these politicians that rose up his name was new Lydia xinli. And he, his entire campaign was around the liberation of alloxan, that the Muslims unite around me and we stopped fighting each other. And you all work with me, we can take that for ourselves. Now, Nora Dean was not able to do this. He was not able to do that. But he had a student, a young man, who he noticed great potential. This young man's name was Yusuf Ibn au. But we all know him as sallahu de la UB Salah Udine was not his name. It was his title, the revival of the religion. And you will because he was the son of

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his name was usurped given to you. And nurudeen noticed great skills and potential in this young user. And he raised him and he trained him and he gave him military positions from a very young age. And soon use of began to grow in power.

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And he grew and grew until he became the Sudan of Egypt. Egypt before him was used by the parties. But Salah Dean was a politician. And by the way, before I get into the surrounding party, sorry, I need to make mention this.

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We as a community, actually as almost as a whole, as a whole, we have created image around for that odd up, as we do with most of our historical figures. We raise them to a level. That's not true. with anybody in our history was that anything good for us, we tend to talk about him as if they were only as if they were sinners, as if they were perfect in reality, so that would be up Aloha. Mahalo was a great man, and a great leader, and a great politician.

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But here's, here's a fact of life. To be a great politician, you sometimes have to do bad things. No politician goes through life without getting his hands dirty. Right? politics are a dirty game. And so that would mean a UB was not someone who was perfect in the political, he wasn't the whole of our Washington, let's put it this way. So that would be a UB was not like the Washington, he was like the politicians of his time, but he was no price.

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And people flocked to him, mainly because of his charisma, that he was a leader who knew how to motivate people.

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So he started off as an advisor to the party meats in Egypt. And he ended up taking over Egypt, from them through diplomacy, through politics through you know, getting the right people inside, and eventually the Abbas it instead of him as the Sudan of Egypt. So so that would be now controlled Egypt. And he continues at this point, new region has passed away. And so that would mean continues or takes over his mission of liberating.

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And to do this, he begins to take over the other lens around him.

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So his goal is very simple. It Muslims unite under one leader, we can take that.

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That's it. That is that's an entire political campaign, by the way to call it a politician today had to do that. We could see the same result in Muslims had to unite behind one leader, we could take that up. So that was the actual political campaign of a human and it worked out in his favor, eventually. So what happened to the Crusaders, interestingly, the same thing happened to them. They happen to happen to the Muslims 100 years before that. They fell into a state of disunity. They began to fight each other for power. They began to fight each other for con

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Rule of the Kingdom of Jerusalem, because the King of Jerusalem at that time, was a young man with leprosy.

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And he was dying. He was dying from leprosy. He had no control, he had no power. So his various ministers and governors began to fight for control. He began to plot a plan to take over the land. And they began to instigate the laughing. So they began to attack people who are traveling 400 number. It was a group of people traveling to the land to Volvo O'Meara, or haich D would attack them and Africa. And this caught Salahuddin really angry. And so he sent out an army to fight them. But Salahuddin was very intelligent, he's not seen the army to Jerusalem, he sent it to an open field, called happy.

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And the Crusader leader at that time, was a very hot headed person. And he wanted to prove his power. So he took his entire army to Hardin, to fight for Hootie, and the Muslims won. And the entire army of the Crusaders was defeated. This left Jerusalem, basically unguarded. All that goes left in Jerusalem was one noble man by the name of alien, and cousins and the average citizens, and it was up to them to guard Jerusalem as the Muslims now returned to take it back. Now,

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you're in general at that point in time in history, when people took over lands, it was bloody, it was a massacre. And had Salahuddin done that history or historians would have understood why. Because 100 years ago, what had happened, the Christian had done that 100 years before, so that would be the Christian had come in and massacred everybody and taken over the city. So the Christians now left in Jerusalem out of lay afraid that Salahuddin is going to do the same.

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But Salahuddin did not do that. When he took over Jerusalem, there was a battle at the gate at the wall. But once they got through that battle, and he spoke to the to the ruler of Jerusalem, and they reconciled,

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he gave them free passage back to the class, or to stay there as citizens of the Muslim state at the jizya and continue practicing their religion. And he did not allow anyone to touch the churches or to destroy the churches. That full freedom of religion for Muslim Jews and Christians in the Holy Land was reinstated by Sahaja Yoga.

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And he did this by modeling the methodology of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he conquered Makkah, because the people of Makkah, we know what they did to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it is a habit for 20 years. And then the prophets voice comes in, and he forgives everybody, and takes over in a peaceful manner with very little bloodshed. So so that's the deen model section. Now, when he takes back Jerusalem, Jerusalem returns, landed the Muslims, it remained under Muslim rule right until World War One, right until the fall of the Ottoman Empire. And only after that, the British messed things up and it falls eventually to the Israelis. And that is the

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situation we are in today. Next week inshallah, we will discuss the rise of designers and how they took over that land and why we are in the situation we are in today. But the story we wanted to focus on today is a rapid installment because it gives us

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Muslims last Alexa was before it took 90 years to get it. But eventually Allah allowed him maybe to rise up amongst the Muslims who took it back and then it remained with the Muslim for another 800 years. So we can be optimistic that inshallah history will repeat itself and that that will happen again. Maybe in our lifetime to live in a next generations lifetime and inshallah oxa will be back in the hands of the Muslims like the super Hannah Robin is at the nysc for Salah mousseline 100

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in Al Hamdulillah Whoo hoo understand all the stuff federal we're not going to be hit the wall Collie. We're not going to be live in Cerulean Christina for me See ya Dr. Marina de la, Rue de la familia de la jolla, la vida. For inner circle honey city double la homogenous Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, Mashallah, the morning What a sad to have

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a kulu.

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When we look at the story of South Africa up, we can take many lessons that we can apply to our lives and to our times. The first lesson is that when Muslims fight each other, it always always reconsidered. Always. He studied the history of Spain. Spain was a Muslim land for 700 years.

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And then the Crusaders came in and took over the land and he remains a Christian and until today

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How do they take over Spain

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Muslims were fighting each other. Muslims began fighting each other for control. And why the Muslims fighting each other, they grew weaker and weaker and smaller and smaller, and the Christian were able to take over one state at a time until Spain became a Christian. When you look at the fall of the Ottoman Empire, okay, Muslims fighting each other,

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the Saudis, the modern Turks, the

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other Arab tribes, many of them allied with the British against the Ottomans.

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And that's why the Ottoman Empire

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and when we look at the fall of Al Aqsa at the time

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of the seljuks, again, the cell jokes the party means the capacity of all fighting each other for

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a while they were fighting each other the Crusaders came in and took over them. When Muslims fight each other, we have our strength lies in our unity. And this, this applies to both a micro and a macro level, even on a small scale, a small Muslim community in a city that is united has Baraka in it. It becomes a model for the people around you. People convert to Islam because of communities like that. People benefit from communities like that. But on a small level, if we are disunited,

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then we grew weaker and weaker. And that's how Islamophobia happens. That's how Muslims lose their rights. That's how many of the things we see in the world today. Even on the felony level, when Muslim families are united, the Baraka family, the Muslim families are divided the all kinds of thickness.

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So unity is important on every level.

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Lesson number two,

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history repeats itself. History always repeats itself. This is a cycle. And the degree he started in how do he identify many cycles in history. One of the cycles of history that you noticed whenever you study is that when an event occurs, that is very similar to events that happen before usually the story ends up exactly the same.

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Every scene is with the rise and fall of each of the Muslim empires. And we can say that we can be optimistic that the history of an observer will repeat itself. And just as Salahuddin a Muslim leader, Rose rose up, and he was charismatic, and he was just and he was pious. And he politically campaigned for Muslims to unite to liberate Al Aqsa and that happened, and that worked. It is possible that that can happen again. It's probably even more possible today, with our media and our technology. All it matters is an idol. And that takes us to Lesson number three rulers are not perfect, but they are necessary.

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Why is it that we are amazed by the piety of Omar Abdulaziz Rahim Allah for the justice of Salah.

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Why are we amazed by the carnage of Osama regular one will even later Osman Gazi of the Ottoman Empire, why are we amazed by the piety and the simplicity of abubaker City curriculum, we are amazed by this because this is not the norm. This is not the norm. The norm is that leaders are complex. The average Muslim leader you study in our history has good deeds and sells has, you know, like give you an example, Abdul Malik given by one Abdul Malik given by one with a scholar of

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hobbies of the Quran.

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But as a king, he murdered Sahaba

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because they were his opponents in the Civil War

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complex individuals, you can put them on either side. So many of us have black and white picture of good guys and bad guys, people who are pious and people who are evil. Most human beings, with most human beings are mixed, especially leaders. And I say this because a lot of us today, we want whichever leader rises up next, to be the most pious person on earth.

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But there is a 90% chance that any leader that rises up is going to be a complex individual, a person who has sins and goodies who has policies you agree with the policies you disagree with. Because that's how most Muslim rulers were in history. Are we as an oma ready to follow a leader like that? That's something to think about. Leaders are necessary, but they're not always going to be perfect. In fact, very rarely are they ever role models of piety.

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Another lesson that we can take from the story of South Africa up and we will end with this lesson is that justice is always necessary.

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Justice is always necessary. Many Muslims today

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be a glowing hostile towards peaceful Jews because of what the Israelis are doing. And this is unfair. Because Islam teaches us to treat our Nakita with justice.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

We are supposed to treat him with justice. How many of us

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According to modern slavery is a human behavior after 90 years of oppression by the Crusaders to the Muslims of that of that land, so that puddin was just unfair to the Christian.

00:25:12--> 00:25:19

He was just and fair to the Christian ready to go. Well, we, as an oma, be just unfair to other nations.

00:25:20--> 00:25:39

When the wisdoms were just Allah gave them power, even in the races. This is a fascinating day. Many Muslim leaders in our history were sinners. They committed Zina, he drank alcohol, they did many things wrong. But as long as they adjust to the subjects, Allah allow the power to remain.

00:25:41--> 00:25:49

Yet when someone was unjust, immediately usage of power. As soon as Muslims are oppressing Christians in that land, the Crusaders came in and took over.

00:25:50--> 00:26:03

As soon as injustice comes from the Muslims, is gone. And this is why one of the greatest scholars of Islam even said that Allah takes the side of the oppressed against the oppressor, even if the oppressed is not a Muslim. And the oppressor is also

00:26:04--> 00:26:16

to be very, very careful about injustice. And again, it applies to us in our daily lives as well, our families, our employees, our employers, coworkers, our neighbors, are we just

00:26:17--> 00:26:24

are we just to the people around us, because injustice leads to failure. And justice needs to

00:26:26--> 00:27:02

end the meeting Do I have to wash my hands, to liberate ourselves from the hands of the oppressors to bring it back into the hands of the Justice into the hands of the believers? We ask Allah to unite this oma and to restore power and dignity and glory and honor to this ummah, and to make us once again the role models for this world, as we were meant to meet Rob Bernardi, nothing to do or feel after he has to now work in other provinces have that? I mean, I was watching I was overreacting. Underneath the Davina imbaba Allah azza wa jal Hindi navico Lima Carla Masuda said Athena pico de mercado Allah months ago was the minute we call him aka Suba Hana ramen is at the mo

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Yes, it was alarming levels anymore. hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen