Moutasem al-Hameedy – Surviving Times Of Severe Fitnah #1

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The history and use of Islam in religion have been discussed, including its use in political gain and advice. The Prophet sallama's statement about the time of the beginning of human events is also highlighted. The importance of acceptance as an identity and fighting for it is emphasized, along with the need for deeds to be devalued. The skit describes a woman who was shot by a man and is now missing, and political pressure is seen in the campaign among Muslims to put pressure on government.
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No matter who want to stay you know when to stop fuel.

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When are all below him in short already him fusina was a year to Lena Mejia had a healer who Fela mobila.

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What made you believe, fella? How do you

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watch her do Allah Isla de la? The Hula Sherry color?

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Wash hello and I'm more than happy to who Rasulullah sallallahu ala you who were early he was saying them. Yeah you have Latina ham and otaku la Hakata Makati, Walter Morton, one two Muslim on yeah Johanna Sutopo Rob Docomo Liddy Holika calm in Neff Singh Wahida wahala come in has

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with them in Houma deja Liang, Cathy wrong one is

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what Allah has the to

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do whenever he wanted our hand in Allah Hakuna Alikum Marathi Eva you Hello the top Allah wa Kulu I will learn studied useless law calm Amala calm while federal law calm DUNU back home woman Yota in Hawaii rasool Allah who forgot the Zephyr was an alpha Lima and bad for inositol Hadith he kala M Allahu wa jal mahal had you had you in a beginner Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah, you were early he was sending us when Tshabalala Ohmori Mahabharata to her Wakulla modesetting.

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What could be the atom Bala, All praise is due to Allah. We praise Him we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge and protection in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray and whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, Nan can guide I testify that there is none worthy of our worship and devotion but the Almighty Allah alone, and I testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Salam is His servant, and His Messenger or you who believe, fear Allah as he should be feared and die not except in a state of submission as Muslims, all mankind, be dutiful to your Lord who created you

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from a single person, and from him he created his wife, and from them both he created many men and women and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights, and observe the rights of your kin. Surely Allah has ever and all watched over you, or you who believe. Keep your duty to Allah, fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to righteous deeds, and will forgive your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement. The best words are the divine words of the almighty Allah.

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And the best guidance is that of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam. And the worst things in the religion are the newly invented matters for all the newly invented matters in religion are considered to be heretical innovation and bid and every bidder is misguidance.

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I'm going to hotdog Bradley Allahu Anhu when he was the Khalifa

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he was with a group of companions

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and he addresses them and he says min min come follow Hadith rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I feel fitna

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allah how they refer to probably Allahu Anhu

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and Fabu who can I call Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

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Ala Omar hottie in Akella, Jerry

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Kalia Ameerul Momineen fitna to gradually fee Li family he Allahi wa jadie He took a federal hustler to sadaqa to all honorable Malema if you wanna

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call Lisa, the HEA attorney

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in NEMA fitna to let eater move Okinawa jinbao

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So I'm gonna have Bob was with the Companions when he was the Khalifa and he says, Who among you knows the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the fitna the trials the times of fitna

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how they familia Mandel the Allahu anhu, being the person among the companions who used to ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about so many different things including evil he said cannot can can have nasaw You alone

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Rasul Allah is Allah Allahu Allah He was a liminal hiree Welcome to Hulu and he shares the Mahabharata and New Delhi Kenny, in one narration for the familiar man says people used to ask the Prophet SAW Selim about the good, but the good things because they wanted to learn them and apply them. But I used to ask the prophets of Salaam in addition to that, I used to ask the prophets Allah Salam about evil, out of fear that it might catch up on me or that I might have to deal with it. So back to the first first situation with a mobile hotspot. So he says, who knows the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the fitna how they first says I know it as he said it Salah when he

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was seven.

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He said the fitna are the trials that a believer faces, with his family, with his wealth with his neighbor, all of that is forgiven, meaning the sins that are inevitable all of us are bound to fall short. All of us have bound to commit mistakes and to transgress the limits of Allah. So he says these will be forgiven by prayer with act good acts of prayer, and giving charity that experience the sins wipes out the sins, and enjoying the good and advising against the evil. Giving advice.

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I'm going to upset I'm not asking about this. I'm asking about the fitna that rages like the gigantic waves of the ocean

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and fitnah to let it move you can now jinbao

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For call the holiday for a man Yeah, meaning Lisa Ali come in habits. You said oh chief of the believers, you know you have nothing to worry about when it comes to these videos.

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For intervenor carabiner her Baba because between you and those severe gigantic trials, there is a gate there is a locked or closed door

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for color. Are you subtly verbal? I'm used to

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I'm gonna said Will that gate or that door be opened unlocked? Or will it be knocked down? However, if I said it will be knocked down or even lie, Colaco Abba, Mo said then if it's knocked down, it will never be closed again.

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These collars say that this is the marking of the trial severe trials that will fall on the believers to the day of judgment. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in the authentic hadith, where if to was SATA.

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I was sent close to the hour, just like these two fingers. The scholars again who commented on this hadith they said that the time that elapsed from the creation of Adam are from the sending Adam to the earth, to the time of the Prophet SAW Salem compared to the time when the hour is going to come is like the difference between these two fingers. So the difference between these two fingers is the difference between the time of the Prophet SAW Salem and the hour compared to the starting of the beginning of human history on Earth, meaning very close

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and the sending of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is considered to be the first sign of the hour. The first sign of the nearness of the hour

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the Prophets wife, Zainab introjection lovely hola Juana and Sal, Allahu Allah, let's call it the Hello Rasulullah sallallahu Allah He was Alana. Allah your woman Pharisee and Muhammad Allah

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for call away, you don't deal out of

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miniature them cardiac Taleb, the prophets of Allah when he was selling them into the pond entered into my room, my chamber and he said, Woe to the Arabs from an evil that is drawing near where you don't fill out. I mean children of woe to the arrows from an evil that is drawing close.

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Look at Foothill young women love me Do they judge me through heavy a gap in the dam of George and juge was opened a hole was created in that done in that in that partition? As big as this banal economy will let you tell you

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personally entered petrified he entered the room petrified and his face what was read was was read

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Woe to the Arabs human evil that is drawing near today

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A gap like this was created in the demo via George and George

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for Altria Rasul Allah and Allah cofina Sally horn on Messenger of Allah, will we perish will be will we be destroyed? When among us are the righteous people call either cathedral hubba he said yes when evil becomes widespread

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when evil becomes widespread destruction will fall upon people.

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I'll share with you a few Hadith from the Prophets Allah Salam with regards to the fitna.

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The Messenger of Allah sallam said to the mohajir in one day yeah I'm not sure on mohajir

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comm so his solenoid either to the tune beginner Billahi and to the Ricoh Hoonah

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lumintop Harold fascia to via Coleman Cocteau had you really know will be here

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for Shafi Hema hematol oh no well

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let the limiter con mudlet V sloughi himolla V in Ambala

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Well, I'm young puzzle Makita Allah will me Zan

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il money on Tata Ramona sama

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well I'm young coastal Makayla will Meezan Illa aqui to be seen in our ship. The chilima guna module was sold on what mem now Rosa Katha myt him in Manila Romina Santa

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Willa will be her mo lamium pero What am young Allah he will surely he et la sala Allahu Allah him I don't want him for a HUD Obama can you add him? Well, madam to Metro home vikita Billa way it's a yellow Lima and Zell Allah in Niger and Allah who bets on BINALI the prophets of salaam says to the Companions, five traits

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if they take place among you, if they are available among you, and I seek Allah's protection from them becoming a reality among human

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Namsa he shut up oh man, you already know be here

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in LA Shafi here hematol Oh, no. Well,

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let em token model vs. La vie himolla. The new model.

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When people are when

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the sin of Xena fornication, in morality, open sexuality transgression when it comes to sexual and intimate and intimate activity.

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When it becomes spread among the people.

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And it becomes it's practiced publicly.

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Allah will send among them plagues and diseases that were never before in the people that came before them.

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What does this cover everything outside the proper marriage as prescribed in Islam?

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Any kind of relationship that is beyond that?

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We tend to think about extremes, right? But anyone, any human being who engages in any intimacy outside the appropriate relationship of marriage between a man and a woman

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is contributing to that state, whether they like it or not. You think having a girlfriend is an innocent activity or an innocent thing or some kind of adventure? You're messing with Allah. It's serious.

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You think when you support immoral lifestyles, violations of the limits of Allah

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that things will be alright know what COVID-19 alleges even under the novela moving comparsa and beware of a fitna punishment that will not only befall those who are guilty among you, just like the prophets of salaam told Xena probably Allahu anha

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when she said Anna Nicole Athena sorry when are we to be destroyed and punished and punished when a manga saw the righteous people? He says yes, when evil becomes widespread, apparent public

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Well, I'm also luckier level reasons.

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And when you start cheating

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when you don't give people the right in the transaction.

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When a meal also, Mikayla will miss and Illa okay to be seen in worship the cinema owner.

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When people start cheating in their transactions, Allah subhanaw taala will make their livelihood hard, it will be hard to earn sufficient living. It becomes hard to support oneself and one's family

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and with droughts

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drought that will befall people where people don't have crops, they don't have vegetables, fruits, animals don't have anything to eat.

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And that translates in many forms in many ways. And forest fire fires are part of this.

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We're Joe what is so done and the oppression, the injustice of their governors and rulers. And you know, when you think about oppression of the governors and, and rulers, don't only think about the tyrants, who are who everyone recognizes them for who they are. But think about the soft oppression of today,

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where people think that they are free, but they are controlled.

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People think they have choice, and they actually don't, because today, these days are the days of deception, as we spoke about previously, people think that they have choice, but they actually don't. People think that they are free, but they don't know that they are governed by tyrants. And they are given limited choice and that's because people's minds are being programmed. People are being deceived at a very deep level. People don't really realize this, it's the age of soft power, soft influence soft tyranny. Because you can't tell it's not soft, but you can't tell it's so subtle.

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Well, I'm not I'm wildly him in ammonia, kata Romina. Sana, when will

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they be fooled, this is not

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a mind them.

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They will be prevented from rain showers, from rain from Allah subhanaw taala. And had it not been for the animals and the plants, they would not receive rain at all.

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Well, madam,

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to come in metal hombre. Kitab Allah

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what a meal although I had Allah he will. Surely he ill Allah, Allah, Allah who led him as a woman are you to him.

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And if they do not observe the covenant and the agreement that they have with Allah and His Messenger, Sol, salam, as a Muslim, you have signed an agreement with Allah, to worship Him, to live for Him

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and to obey His Messenger Salallahu Alaihe salam to be a Muslim. And every time you violate the limits of Allah subhanaw taala, you blemish your commitment to this agreement. So when people stop abiding people stop worshipping Allah when Allah takes second place or last place in their life. When people's family when someone's family, business, future of their children comes first before Allah, so they violate the limits of Allah, they transgress the limits of Allah, why? For the future of my kids, to make a little more money, for my business to be successful, so I can maintain this job.

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So my kids can get the best degrees in school and university. Right? Could Allah second place violating the agreement with Allah subhanaw taala what is the what is the result of this? What is the fruit of that? Allah says it unless Allah Allahu Allah him had a woman who Baba McAfee ADM, Allah would send upon them, enemies from other than them, who would take some of their possessions, some of their land, some of their wealth, some of their dignity, some of their freedom,

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some of the things that Allah has given them, and we see that you don't have to live in a Muslim land to experience this but Allah will send people upon your who will take unjustly part of your wealth, part of your freedom,

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part of your livelihood

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and different things as well.

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One of them in Mattoon, Vicki tabula, where to hide your homie Manzella in general Allahu Baeksang, Vietnam, and when they're leaders do not judge and rule by the revealed

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legislation from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And these are the political leaders

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except that ALLAH will turn them against each other so they will fight each other. And we see this you know, we all hide we all embrace identities that were created by a group of human devils

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who put the map on the table more than 100 years ago.

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Oh, and they started drawing lines along the territory of where Muslim populations lived.

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The remains of the Ottoman Empire, and these devils drew some lines here and there and they said, This is Egypt.

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This is

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Iraq. This is Libya. This is Algeria. This is Syria. This is Lebanon. This is Saudi. This is Oman. This is kata.

00:20:35 --> 00:20:40

This is Pakistan. This is Bangladesh. This is India.

00:20:41 --> 00:20:42

And what do we do?

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We take that dirty game, and we embrace it as an identity and we fight each other because of it. Right?

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We say you are Egyptian.

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You're not like me.

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I'm from Syria.

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Really? And someone says, I'm from Somalia, you from Djibouti, right?

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Oh, you're Moroccan Algerian. We're different.

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And we take ourselves seriously.

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This whole problem, or at least one of our problems.

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So the prophets, Allah Islam, and that's the point. The prophets Allah Salam wanted to warn his ummah, to wake them up to the reality of this life.

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I'm gonna share with you something about the Prophet salallahu Salam as he warned us because he wanted us to take this life seriously.

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And to realize that we are not here just to enjoy life. We're not here just to buy the best kind of house or car and go on the most extravagant vacation and you know, have a big bank accounts and educate our kids in the best schools all of this are just matters of this life. They are secondary to our worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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the prophets of Allah and who send them said in a hadith yo Tabata was a man

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we have been Lululemon.

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Where your thoughts Well, we have the whole show. Whatever how do we fit in workflow will help call ya rasool Allah woman and halogen partner, the prophets Allah Islam says time will feel shorter towards the end of time.

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These will feel shorter, a more rapid

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way of killing ml and good deeds righteous deeds will become less and less and less there will be more evil. We have a lot of short miserliness people are so concerned about themselves, what is it for me, my wealth, my money, I need to make a profit. It's all about me and forget about everyone else.

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And fit and trials confusions will become very apparent widespread

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way of way of huddled hurt,

00:23:19 --> 00:23:27

and herbs do person was asked What is this? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam said, people killing each other.

00:23:28 --> 00:23:38

people killing each other. We've seen this in many parts of the world, in many parts of the world, and it happens maybe less frequently. Now with a lot of crimes. knife crime is on the rise, right?

00:23:40 --> 00:23:47

People are killed they don't know why they're killed. People don't feel safe. populations are being wiped out. Not knowing why.

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The Prophet SAW Selim one day said to the Companions of the Allahu Anhu

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when the alarm and let alone

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what a smart woman and that's just my own pocket this summer will will help guide her into a

00:24:12 --> 00:24:20

fluffy hammock by a Saudi woman who couldn't while they own Geppetto who said he didn't Allah will hola hola, hola, Mona

00:24:21 --> 00:24:32

Nova Hickton kalila will have the key Tom Caffee Allah will matter let this to be nice and full of well how much tongue in cheek Runa in Allah

00:24:33 --> 00:24:38

will explain this hadith and the second part of the hotbar who probably had that was tougher Allah you were looking for stuff for

00:24:46 --> 00:24:55

him the reliability I mean Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad in Milan early he was happy as you're hanging on. So the prophets Allah Islam says in this hadith

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that I see what you don't see. I know

00:25:00 --> 00:25:01

I hear what you don't hear.

00:25:04 --> 00:25:36

The skies are about to crack under the Lord under the load that is upon them. They produce a sound like a squeaky sound, because of the heaviness of the lord of what's on them. He says there is no space of forefingers except that there is an angel that has put his forehead on the ground prostrating to Allah subhanho wa taala. Then he says Wallahi if you know if you knew what I know, if you knew what I know,

00:25:37 --> 00:25:51

you would laugh much less and you would weep much more and you would not enjoy your spouse's and you would run out in the open crying out to Allah for help.

00:25:55 --> 00:25:56

That's the world we live in.

00:25:57 --> 00:26:07

At the time of hijabs when he really like ruled with an iron fist and there was a lot of oppression especially in Iraq.

00:26:08 --> 00:26:11

People came to enter sub nomadic probably Allahu Akbar

00:26:12 --> 00:26:13

and they complain to him

00:26:15 --> 00:26:17

for all unsavoury Allahu

00:26:18 --> 00:26:22

laity. Alikum is a man in the back who shot Roman,

00:26:24 --> 00:26:47

who he said was to be able to alienness he's a man in the back the who shot Roman who submitted to a woman who comes Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He said, Be patient, be patient. There's no time that comes, except that it is worse than the time before I heard it. I heard that from your Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, us Allah.

00:26:49 --> 00:26:53

What are the lessons that we take from that? Trials are the norm?

00:26:54 --> 00:27:35

The more the closer we get to the Day of Judgment, the more trials are going to be in this life. Is this a reason for despair and fear? It should give us healthy fear that we should take this life seriously. That the false promise that modern civilization and ideologies and other ways of life promise us have a beautiful life, an easier life, a rich life and all of that are literally things that blind us from the reality of this life. We are here to be tested. Allah is testing us. And Allah has given us the tools that will save us from any trial.

00:27:36 --> 00:27:52

As long as you truly trust in Allah, and as long as you put Allah first in your life, and as long as you ask the help of Allah, and try your best, to be sincere, honest and devout. Allah will not let you down.

00:27:53 --> 00:28:01

Allah said about Prophet use Valley has Salam canaliculi NASA and who saw our fascia in a hurricane and a burden in the home in a bad in Animal Crossing.

00:28:02 --> 00:28:10

And thus we protect him from evil from harm and from sin. Why? Because he is from the sincere servants.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:23

We need in order to be saved from this life we need to put from the trials of this life. They're actually confusing. We need knowledge. We need to learn the Quran.

00:28:24 --> 00:28:36

When we put the education, the secular education of our kids before the knowledge of the Quran, when we put their commitment to their studies and their career, before the commitment to the prayer,

00:28:37 --> 00:29:02

we're gonna, we're gonna pay a hefty price things are going to get worse, the trials will get more aggressive. And it will get to a point where not only our children are at risk, but even ourselves. So you need to take precautions. He need to start preparing yourself from now study the Quran learn the Quran, with your family with the means you have

00:29:03 --> 00:29:21

because simple book of Tafseer read it along with your family every day 1015 minutes, learn to recite the Quran, help your kids memorize and learn the Quran. And when there is an environment that is poisoning your kids, you need to seriously make vital decisions about your life. And you can't say I can't do anything.

00:29:24 --> 00:29:31

This is a responsibility. This is why we are here in this life. We're not here to make money, you're gonna make money anyway. You're going to survive anyway Allah provides.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:59

The don't turn around the priorities. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us pure and take care of all of the believers and guide them to what he loves. Just a reminder, you know, you know what's going on with Muslims in different parts of the world. And there is a campaign for the Muslims who are being persecuted in India, and we know what's been happening. And you know, the whole world is just turning a blind eye

00:30:00 --> 00:30:18

do that especially politicians. So there is a political effort among the Muslims to put some pressure on the government to really do something or at least take a stance with regards to the Indian government and how they are treating Muslim populations. So

00:30:19 --> 00:30:55

just make sure there is a petition that you know some you'll be given some information about that inshallah maybe brother Hassan can update you on this, where you at least to sign or send this email and in sha Allah, just some something simple like that might help even little a little bit, at least something that we can do. So you're invited to do that along Philomena with me not Muslim, Muslim at Al Haman, Oman and what Allama Falana Salafi mdnr With a bit of them and Alan sadhana Hello Coleman caphyon Allah Muhammad la Nauta Joe is an alumni but Emily had a long way to rise up and robotic Weaver lookie here

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we are moving cubic meter because some netting maybe you can solve the long rally he was a lot more suddenly was sending the mobile Erica Abdic or Zuleika Mohamed Salah early he was heard he would tell the woman to be our home base and you know your Mateen worked on Asana

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