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What's happening? What's going on? Are you dead? Are you gonna die? What's going on? He looked at me and he said God sent me back. This is

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a salaam aleikum greetings apiece. Welcome to the D Shama your host subscribe if you haven't already hit that notification bell so you can get all of the upcoming shows delivered directly to you. And my next guest you know that hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen we'll be bringing on exciting guests with exciting stories to help motivate you in life. And my next guest was one who was partying and playing he was doing what people do at that age, but then he had an extreme event happen Have you ever had a friend almost die while partying have an almost an have an asthma attack and then come back to say, God sent me back? What an amazing story with my next guest coming up here on the D show

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Isa Nicholas to share with us what brought him here to be with us today his amazing journey that what he went through so inshallah you can reap the benefits we right back here on the D show. scribe right now. Hit that notification bell help us get our numbers back up. Did you know that many years ago, the D show and we started 2006. We used to broadcast for many years and halifa clothing channel, currently known as digital minbar. So we're trying to get our numbers back up because the channel at that time got closed. Then we started the official D show channel. We're trying to get our numbers back up to where they should be. And that's this number here, a 55 combined what we

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currently have for 42 we should be over 1,200,000 subscribers help us to get our numbers back to where they should be with that small setback that we had many years ago. You guys can help us by subscribing right now and hitting that notification bell. Thank you very much. Enjoy the show Salaam like and don't forget to support us on our Patreon page. He saw salon when they come. Why isn't salon Eddie? How you doing? Good. Hello, how are you doing? My brother? I'm doing I'm doing great. Thank you. You have an amazing story to share. Tell us a little bit about yourself. So it's Esau Nicholas Hastert Nicholas Pissarro. That's right. So

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I'm Cuban American born and raised in Miami, Florida, Broward County, Miami Fort Lauderdale area, took Shahada in 2013. And I'm here to share my story with you guys. So go ahead and start what happened you were a young boy Catholic boy, were you practicing Christianity? What was your purpose, your mission in life at that young age? What was the goal? Sure. So I'm, in my younger years, my parents did do their best to instill some form of religious religiosity in us by taking us to church and putting us through Catholic teaching and

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during the week,

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and we believed in God and we practice every evening, we used to say prayers and all these things. But as we got older, we our family, as a whole drifted further away from from Catholicism. But in my heart, my the teachings that my parents instilled in me of believing God, they always stuck. So tell me what around what age was this?

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This was around 14 1415, you had a unique experience happen, you got a long journey, but let's narrow it down to this experience. That now from typical young boy, partying, playing, you know, what, what were you doing? Sure. So,

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as I became a young man, or young adult,

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I began to just get caught up in the typical Western lifestyle, which is partying, lust jugs.

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Just a very frivolous lifestyle, not taking on much responsibility, not developing myself, and not really trying to do my best and my relationship with God, for sure, I was distracted. So during that time, is when I had an experience that that changed the course of my life forever. Charla so. I'll share that with you. Now. That event was my friends and I we had already tried to develop a sort of spirituality through different means outside of religion. I would call it more of a hippie lifestyle, more than anything. And during that time, one night in particular,

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my friend who was living with with me in my parents house, he was known to suffer from asthma and well as we were partying that night. It was late into the night about two 3am. I'm wondering, where is he? So I go up to his room, and I find him in his room. And he is known as really suffering from asthma attack. So I said to him, Hey, are you okay? Do you need me to take you to the hospital, and he looked at me, he couldn't speak, but he nodded.

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His head and said, Yes, I need to go to the hospital basically. So at that moment, I just jumped into urgency mode. And I rushed him into my car, I was 20. At the time, I rushed him into my car.

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And we, we got on the way to the hospital, on the way to the hospital, my car breaks down.

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And at this moment, if anybody has been in duration, you realize there's only a few things you can do here. So I reached for my phone to call 911 to get help.

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And I left my phone at home, I looked at him.

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And he's unconscious. So I started digging in his pockets to get his phone. And he also left his phone at home. And in this moment here, when you have used all your means, and there's nothing left, there's only one thing to do, and that's pray to God. So right away, I began to pray to God, God, please help me. Please don't let this happen to me and my friend, I feel responsible for him. He lives with me, what am I going to tell my parents? I'm not going to tell his parents, please save us.

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At this moment, I was breaking down, I was crying. The car stopped, I began to

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look into look into the streets trying to get someone to stop in traffic to help me but I was hysterical. It was late at night. No one was stopping for me. During this time, I look back at my car and I see my friend he has rolled out of the car. And he's coughing up blood out of the passenger seat. I run up to him. I say what's happening? What's going on? Are you dead? Are you gonna die? What's going on? He looked at me and he said God sent me back. What did he say? He said, God sent me back. He said God sent me back. Where was he? Where was he? Where do you go?

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He, I was under the impression and he was under the impression that he was dying.

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And where he was at that explicit moment spiritually, God knows. Wow. So he felt this was it. He felt like he was leaving this world that he had that moment that he had to have been experienced something like out of this world that he would say like, I'm back. God sent me back. Oh, absolutely, without a doubt. So. And he recognized that. So the first thing he said to me after he told me God sent me back, he asked me what I was doing during that time.

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And I said to him, I said to him, I was praying for you. And at that moment, we both broke down. And we we recognize that,

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that we recognize the reality of God and the reality of the one who created us and how important it is to recognize that and and foster that relationship with him. Now you've been both both, assuming you bring raised Christian Catholic, what about him? What was he raised? He was also raised Christian, Christian, Catholic Christian, I'm not sure what denomination, respectfully, most Christians, they, besides the Unitarian Christians, they who don't believe in a trinity, but majority of Christians. Nowadays they pray to Father, Son, Holy Ghost of Trinity and Jesus. So this is what they learned. At that time when the calamity hit. were you saying? Dear Father, Son, Holy,

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what were you like praying to a trinity? How are you implementing this? This earnest desire seeking God's help? No. Good question. So actually, invoking the Trinity during this time, and what somehow like I was not invoke invoking the Trinity. But that but but that's what you were raised upon? Wasn't it? wasn't what you raised on it?

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Absolutely, absolutely. And the reason I believe I wasn't invoking the attorney during that time is because my natural instinct in a desperate situation when I had no time to think, was to call directly on the one who created me alone.

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So what I was saying you did was in your very nature, you called upon not a trinity, not nothing in creation. You didn't. You didn't call upon this mighty messenger, Jesus, or anything in creation, but you call upon the one and only creator the heavens and earth, you did the natural thing to do. That's amazing. Did you even you didn't you didn't have to think about it. I would just instinct. Sure. It was instinctual. I didn't have to think about it, nor did I have time to think about it. It just happened.

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Okay, so this things happens, what happens next? So after this, I realized that I need to have a relationship with the one who created me. So I begin to search for that. And that started naturally by going back to Christianity, because that's what I was familiar with. And to be honest, that's the only religion are you. But at the time I was in college, so I had access to a library, I can go get books, so I began to study Buddhism, Hinduism Christianity together. I didn't know about Islam yet at all.

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And I was benefiting

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about the different things that those religions had to offer. However, one day, we were all hanging out with my friends. And we were talking about the events. And we were talking about God. And then what, during this discussion, my friends and I began to talk about Jesus LA, Santa. And When is he coming back? as the Messiah. And some of my friends said, He's going to come back soon, you can tell because the signs of the end times, some of my friends said, we don't know when he's going to come back. Another them said, Oh, I know where he is. He lives in Brazil somewhere. We're just they're just talking nonsense and certain, certain aspects. But then one said,

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I believe in Jesus Christ, but I don't believe he's the son of God. And I believe he's the Messiah. But I believe that God is one alone. And I believe the problem is the last messenger and I read the Quran. And when he said this, I was shocked, I had no idea what this was, I never heard of it. And I said, Wow, I need to get the court. And so I downloaded the code and on my phone.

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And I began to read the code. And along with the other books, I was reading, the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu, some Buddhist book that I checked out from the school library, and the Bible that I had, as a child, and I began to read.

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And now it began the process of elimination for, for what I actually believed about the identity of who God was, and how I can have a relationship with him.

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So in Buddhism,

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depending on the sect of Buddhism, they really don't worship God, they don't believe in God, a lot of it has to do with a discipline and ascension and your discipline in life. And this is good, but I already established it, I believe in God. So at this point, I didn't need Buddhism anymore. Then Hinduism had very similar aspects about discipline. But they had 1000s of gods. And I already established I only believe in one God.

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So I didn't need to Hinduism book anymore. So I just began to read the Quran in the Bible. And I was amazed in the Quran about how many of the prophets and the stories that I learned growing up, are actually part and parcel of Islam, and their teeth and the teachings of Islam. So I was, I was really fascinated by that. Then, what it came down to, at last was the fact that

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the Islam and Christianity differentiate the identity of Jesus Christ at the center. So

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a loss in the Quran, Allah created

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Jesus Christ the same way that he created at meaning without a without a certain, without needing a parent's. All he said is, Be and he was, and this right there made so much sense to me. That if anyone was to be the Son of God, it would have been Adam with no parents, because Allah created him directly. And if Allah wanted us to worship anyone, Adam would have been more worthy because he was created without parents. But Allah showed us that these are prophets are created by the miraculous nature by one of God's miracles by Allah miracles. So this immediately showed me who Jesus Christ was and who actually deserves to be worshipped. And that is the one that Jesus Christ Himself

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I love I love, love hearing these, these stories. I love hearing these true events, these testimonials. I love hearing it from people such as yourself for such a young ripe age. And now you're doing what everybody else is doing party and play in lust, desires. But the fitrah now is becoming awake, you and your friend, you're talking about the oneness of God. And if someone is sincerely humbly searching for the truth, God Almighty, the creator, Allah will guide them through the truth. And then those signs were sent to you. You also had an incident that you shared with a police officer, can you and you saw that as a sign also?

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Yeah, absolutely. And this was this was a previous event when I was a little bit younger, we got pulled over by the police.

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For for some criminal activity that we were doing at that age, and we were actually in my vehicle. So when the police pulled us over, I was the one responsible. So at that time, again, I was desperate, I needed help. I knew that I was guilty. So I began to pray to God. and in this situation, although I was brought up Christian and I knew the Christian theology, and I knew about the chin and I was praying directly to God.

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And I asked him to help me and save me from the situation

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and save me from the punishment that I was going to receive. so in this situation, the police they give out the carbon copy forms, one goes to the police office, one goes to the courthouse and one goes to you, and it's an arrest but it's a written arrest. They don't take you to

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jail. So they distributed the forms after they read wrote me up. And they gave me the form that was supposed to go to the courthouse. So it ended up making the court case invalid. So handy luck, thank God, I never got in trouble in this particular situation. But it was just another reminder on my journey to identify who God really is.

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and helped me to to recognize that.

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How much longer after that moment now, she had this incident that you heard about the Quran, you heard about Islam. So how much longer a timeline that we can establish that it take for you to investigate it to look into it. Like most people, it comes up last. So they get to experience all these different religions, all these different ways. But then they come to Islam. Like most people that I've interviewed, they finally see like, wait, this makes the most sense is logical, rational. But now they come to a crossing point, like hold on my family, my friends, the environment, social pressure, usually keeps people away from taking that step forward to accept the truth. How much time

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did it take investigating this, that you finally ascertain? That is the truth? And what was the deciding moment like that you actually took your Shahada?

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Excellent question. So

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from that situation with the police officer, it was about five years until the events with my friend having the asthma attack. And from that moment, when my friend had having the asthma attack began my my series searching and searching took about, I want to say a year, or maybe six a year to six months, six months to a year. And after I had established that the Quran was the most logical to me was the most logical explanation, I began to read only the poor. And I slowly during those six months, began to change my behaviors and stop the things that I already knew were wrong. But I didn't have the

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the feeling of responsibility or the maturity to change those things in the past, but now that I recognize I'm responsible for myself, and I need to be accountable for myself, I began to change and that means stopping the partying, stopping the law, stopping the drug use, stopping the line, stopping the cheating, stopping all the negative behaviors that have a negative impact on on myself and society. So as I began to change based on what the plan is, is guiding me to

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reach the day before my 20/21 birthday.

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And I was going to South Beach, Miami with some friends.

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And on my way to the to the beach. I saw a man and he was obviously a Muslim. He was wearing a thong. He was he had a beard. I recognize him as a Muslim right away. And I went up to him and I asked him, Hey, I said, somebody come? Are you Muslim? He said, Yes, I'm a Muslim. I'm here just visiting the beach. I'm actually from Pakistan. And I'm just visiting. I said, wow. And he asked me, am I Muslim? I said, No, I'm not a Muslim, but I read the Quran. And he said to me, Oh, wow. So do you know that we believe in one God, that we believe in the prophets that we believe in the books that he says that we believe in the angels that we believe in the last in the last day, and that we

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believe that Allah sends decrees and has destiny written for everyone? And I say, Yes, I believe all of these things. And I know it from the plan. And he and then I asked him there on South Beach, which is an area not an area for spirituality, to put it in a way. And I asked him,

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How do I become a Muslim? And from that moment, I, which is the day before my 21st birthday, so wait, so you took Shahada with this man, at that moment, right then and there. Right then in there? Yes, sir. Subhan Allah in Miami Beach, you ended up taking the Shahada. Subhana Allah. And it's because I didn't, you know,

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it just happened in a way that I wasn't planned. I, I didn't know that this man would be there. But I I would, and I didn't have any Muslims around me to show me how it's done was going to be that one friend who told me about Islam. He only told me that Muslims put their forehead on the ground. But he didn't tell me anything else.

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Yeah, the same way that Jesus prayed to God. And he went a little further and he fell on his face and pray to himself and I pray to the Creator of the heavens and earth is there what we have in the in the Bible? What Tell us what happened to your friend, the one who said God sent me back, whatever happened to him? Sure. So that friend of mine

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to be honest with you, he had he's he's had a hard life, going through foster homes and and different things that happened to

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People happened to so many people.

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And, and all my friends during that time, they know that I was taking this path toward having a relationship with God and him in particular, he supported me in my journey, but, and he agreed, and he agreed with all the teachings that I was sharing and other the points I was giving about who I believe God to be. But

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none of my friends actually found me in this path. And I think it had a lot to do with some of the challenges that it takes and some of the discipline that it takes

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to be to hold yourself accountable. Once again, I'm sorry, he ended up surviving and he's alive and he's healthy now. He hadn't received the proper medical treatment and he's doing well. See, the truth can be up at a steep mountain. And many people they don't like to climb so many people don't like to dig. I mean, the most precious things are buried in the earth. And many of the things that are not good for you are just open and plentiful. So the truth is there it's something that you have to want and desire and earnestly be seeking. And you just have examples of how many people you know accomplish greatness how many people finish at the top of their class top of universities. In the

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beginning people start but then now the The road is a tough road right to suppress your desires to even if you've done like a person might have been praying, I mean, partying, doing all the things that a person can do that is opposite to the way that God Almighty wants them to live. But God Almighty Allah is the Most Merciful the most just a person can come with all the sins racked up to the heavens and earth but if they come worshiping God Almighty, hello, sincerely asking for his forgiveness. God Almighty is the Most Merciful, the most loving, he will get individual forgive them their sins. But many people they don't end up taking that they take the easy road. And like I said

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earlier, you recognize the truth, but how many people are ready are courageous enough to go against you know, the societal pressures? You know, in worrying a lot of times what people are going to say how people think do you think this was an obstacle to a lot of your friends could you said morning many people agree when you talk about the oneness of God Almighty, Allah, the pure monotheism, they agreed that the basic tenants of Islam they agree, but now change has to start to have you got to start implementing the truth. You think this was a hindrance for a lot of people now they were scared of what he she's going to say all their all the societal pressures? Absolutely, I do. And you

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know, the funny thing is, my friends, I still keep in touch with and they know that I'm a practicing Muslim. And some of them even before it's actually how they used to make movies to put their forehead on the ground with me in prayer. And I received a text message from one of my friends, he said, if you ever make it to paradise, please don't forget to ask Allah don't please don't forget to ask Allah for me, or to help to save me, which shows that the person he he cares, and he believes in.

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if you want something, you have to work for it. And that goes for physical fitness that goes for academic pursuits. And it also goes for spiritual pursuits. Yeah, just I have just envision how many people in the beginning they get all, you know riled up, they get all excited, and they start the beginning of the semester, for instance, and then start climbing and you start to people some start studying, start some, some start many cutting class, but at the end, there's only a few, that graduate, you know, only a few the rest, they drop out. So this is a greater sacrifice, a sacrifice to attain that ultimate reward of Gen. Now paradise and to avoid the hellfire. And Eddie, I want to

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also share something with you. And this also comes up a lot when I when I talk about my experience, but any and we know this, that when when you believe in Allah and you don't associate any partners with him, and you take your Shahada, Allah removes all your your sins, and you start off with a fresh slate, as a new person, as a as a person who can live a renewed life. But at the same token, even if you commit sins after you become a Muslim,

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unlocking a lot as long as you're sincere and asking God to forgive you, you can start again with the clean slate at any time because Allah is Forgiving and will forgive you. And he's so generous that you even replace your sins with good deeds. And it's very important to know that because we're all gonna make mistakes, even after we, we've changed for about for the better. Very important point very important because this is a also a misconception many people have and the Shakedown, the satanic forces, they try to have a person comfortable in their realm and thinking that now, if they come living this way of life that we're talking about that they have to be perfect human beings.

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There's no such thing as a perfect human beings otherwise you'll be like an angel. But we're all works in progress.

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We're gonna make mistakes. But you have a lord, a creator, who is the most kind, the Most Merciful, just keep turning back to him. But as long as you're making the strive forward to go ahead and make yourself a better human being, getting closer nearness to your Creator, this is the ultimate goal. So thank you very much. Is there anything else you'd like to say for someone who's out there who's kind of stuck? You know, they hearing your story, you know, their fitrah is gravitating towards what we're talking about. the oneness of God, Almighty Allah, they've investigated some of the different religions out there. They like the complete submission and surrender, because that's what Islam

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means to submit your will to God Almighty alone, to have no other gods besides the one God, that He they believe that Jesus was a mighty messenger peace be upon them. They believe Muhammad peace be upon him is also a messenger evidence is pointing at that they see all the proofs and evidences, but now they're watching, but they're still like on the fence. Right? What do you say to someone like this?

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Absolutely. I would say to this person,

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whether they're there someone's confused, maybe they don't have all the evidences, the best thing to do as you believe in God, but you don't know what choice to make. Pray directly to God and ask for guidance. God, God's the people who are sincere to them, and He will answer your prayer. As long as you ask him, and ask him alone and be sincere, God will guide you. And the person who has has received all the evidences and is convinced but but is hesitant to really make that commitment. My my advice to them is, the life is short, the life is very short. We're not I remember that instance, when I was 1415. like it was yesterday. And now I'm 29, I'm married, I have children, my life has

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changed. You never know, any moment could be your last moment. And if you really want to be having a feeling of peace and security and safety, you can only receive that from having a relationship directly with God. So don't hesitate. and be confident and be confident that evidence is that God has guided you to. And with by doing that, there's no way you can go astray. Did you get a chance to remind your friend of his situation where God set where he said, God sent me back? Did you get a chance to remind him because the next time maybe when it does happen, or for sure we're not going to be coming back? Once it's over. It's done. And we don't get a second chance like he got like he

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testified to, you get to remind them that God sent me back.

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Absolutely. I reminded him that short, short the many over the years it's been it's been almost 10 years since since that event by any chance that I get to talk to talk with him and we still talk as if no loves last when we do talk.

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It's definitely something that I remind him about and something that he agreed that he agrees with and he understands, but again, sometimes

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to make that commitment that people may be afraid of what other people think of them. May Allah guide him to be on the path that is pleasing to the creator heavens and earth. God Almighty Allah Islam. Thank you very much, brother for sharing your amazing story with us. Thank you for having me it it's an honor. salaam aleikum. I'm talking about Milla blush. Well, they've been set out