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Tina on Jamba

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Juice Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Allah said Ajay Dhoni

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along who saw their own honestly like a mirage, Sadat Allah who love him. So we were in the thick of the discussion between the enrollment conditions and the potential compliance or otherwise, between the student and the teacher. The student in this particular relationship is a dinner Musa alayhi salatu was salam, the hadith of gibreel for us not a rock but a rock but a for us neither rock But hey, Ella, rock by day, when the knees of the blessings messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when flush into the knees of gibreel. Allah is Salatu was Salam. And what do we learn from that? That was the most respectful posture. That's the most respectful posture. And of course, in the Vla. Salatu

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was Salam being the greatest of every creation, and gibril la Salatu was Salam being one of the greatest of Mullah eega. Can you imagine this combination? Can you imagine the greatest of Allah eega the greatest of humans and of course, no Vla. Salatu was Salam is even greater than jabril alayhi salatu was salam, the greatest of Allah's entire creation for us netherrack but a rock but a

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so howdy Ronnie salatu salam is putting certain stringent conditions upon Musa that you need to persevere and I doubt you will able to honor this year after all, gay fighters Viru Allah malam to hate to be home bra that you have not encompass this knowledge, you're not familiar with the signs. So it's going to be difficult for you to understand the process here. And that takes us into verse 69, which I just recited before you in which masala is Salam assures Khalid Ali Salaam Kala Musa said certegy Dhoni soon you will find me in sha Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah willing, sabi Ron I will persevere whatever your conditions are, I will comply and I will apply and it is within the rights

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of a teacher, a mentor, an institution to put down certain conditions in the manner in which they would want to

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transmit knowledge to their students, etc. and a deduction is made from this verse Xia, della Allah and Alicia, Alicia lot more I read Bhima Yara Okay, well, I see like Umbra, Allah willing, I will be patient and I will not just obey any command of yours. One critical reflection in verse number 69. He said, I will be patient but he added the word Allah willing. And that again is the humility and the modesty of a newbie that his reliance is on Allah His reliance is on Allah. Confidence is good, but it must be paired up with reliance on Allah. Don't be overconfident about yourself. Don't be overconfident about yourself. And that's the teachings of a newbie. What did say the night you

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smile, you know a Salam say to say that Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam yabo in a in a Phil manner me and me as Barrow given lauramide mother Tara when Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam said

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in chapter in just 23 chapter 37 chapter 37 surah two so fat so brumley salatu salam said to Ishmael la Salaam I see in a dream and a vision that I'm slaughtering you, right What's your opinion? What do you feel how do you respond fundador ma? tala by defile moto Amar yeah but he Oh my dad do what you have been instructed to at the adoption of this expression is he didn't say his behind his law to me. He said Do what you have been instructed meaning if the command and the injunction was more supreme than sacrifice so be it so be it right. Set ag Dhoni soon you will find me in sha Allah by the will of Allah by the will of Allah Mina Sabine amongst those that persevere Phelim as Lama and

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again this if you know basic Arabic you'll appreciate it. So as llama can mean when they both submitted and surrendered, or a cinema when they both brought Eman and Islam. Right. So of course they were the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But this was a clinical manifestation of that submission. Both father and son on an unprecedented level of submission is Karla horombo. Aslam when Allah said to Abraham submit, he said I've submitted lira Bill alameen for the Lord of all the

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World hence Allah subhanho wa Taala says in chapter two Jews one were ylim della Ibrahim Abu Bakar limited. And remember when Allah tested Ibrahim in many ways for Adam ma Hoon he applied, he complied, he completed he perfected every test that Allah subhanaw taala had put him through. So what's the point here? Allah willing, Allah willing, I'm going to fast all my fast in Ramadan, Allah willing, I'm going to stand in tarawih all my nights, Allah willing, I'm going to observe the six fasts of Shawwal Allah willing, I'm going to recite so much Quran, Allah willing, with the grace with the kindness with the help with the assistance of the Almighty. So of course, you need to have

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a target and a goal and you need to have confidence. Nobody achieved anything without willpower in this world. But a believer knows that that willpower can only come into motion and action. If Allah subhanho wa Taala allows it to happen

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in the 13 jewels in chapter 14 Surah Surah Ibrahim again I just have a reflection of the supplication of Abraham alayhi salatu was Salam is Carla Ibrahim or be gyla del balada Amina Oh my Lord make this place.

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Peaceful mean in Makkah, makara Mahal Bella Amina,

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what genu bunny what by Nia and now I boodle Asana and save me and my son from idolatry save me virgin obon He saved me or baniya and my son and from now tell us now that we worship idols, La ilaha illa Allah, this is Ibrahim Abu ambia, the man who established oshiete and what is his supplication that

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Allah save me and my son in biannual Quran under this idea in Messiah So Luke it is written that Allah and ambia lumea Manu Allah unfussy him for gave me money attalla Bukola Nene buying enough see what shape on fella fella yummy

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Robbie Kamali La ilaha illAllah de la Allah and Allah ambia the supplication of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam makes us understand that even the galaxy of prophets did not rely on themselves Oh my Allah save me Save my son. Allah save me Save my son, that Allah and Allah May Allah Mia Manu Allah and foresee him for Kenny febi money at Dr. levo Kula and in buying an FC what shape on Then what about that person who is been tossed around by the devil and his ego did not the auditor board say enough sauce shed on the mill kerkia him bujuku taba nafsa shaper Nemelka kiya ham bujuku da ba ma ma la to marry madikeri cha cha who met de Pena ma ma la to marry my dad got a JATO whom Eddie da da whom a teddy

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panna Nuff said bonemeal, kerkia, him bujuku taba, the ego and the devil collectively, maliciously. They have plotted for my destruction. I'm either being

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misled by my ego or by my devil. And either way they are launching these attacks on me right now so shaped on mill kerkia bujuku taba ma ma la Mary Madagascar Oh, my lord helped me guide me chata whom a Terry Pena I asked for your asylum and your protection for gay Furby men yet menyatakan lebo colon of sin that gave me many ethical level polunin by an NFC was shaped on if the MBR reliance was on Allah. Then what about the average regular fallible mortal who is being tossed around every second by the nerves and the devil? fella young Bellini I had fella young, but he had a young family.

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So nobody should be boastful about himself. Because at any time, though faith and divine ability can be snatched away by the almighty we beg we beseech We implore Allah subhanho wa Taala. Not to seize the bounties that He has given us. Allahu Allah danza Amina solly Hama Antone tena Allahumma in Nana will be coming savonlinna mitake what the Holy afiya take one fauja it Nicole matejko Jamey Rizal, Kartik, we learn from the prophetic teachings and traditions to make this drop. Okay, so that's verse number 69. In which said, Now Musa alayhis salam is assuring her that Allah has Salaam I will persevere, Allah willing, and I will not just obey you. And that leads us into verse number 7070.

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And this journey is just getting more intriguing, fascinating, excited. I can still remember

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I remember the day my honorable dad and wrote to me at the seminary at the alma mater, my institution where I went to study and I still have vivid memories I still have vivid memories, where I was enrolled at the age of 12 when I commenced my pursuit of memorizing the Quran, and my dad took me and I was enrolled into the classroom I was all excited that I want to memorize the Quran and I want to commence my journey of acquiring knowledge and the journey continues. The journey continues, I'm far from over this journey. With the grace of Allah it's been 30 odd years Alhamdulillah in learning and teaching and acquiring, and you just continue enjoying eternal mobile, Harun la

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sallallahu but yes, memories, memories, absolute memories, and the teacher that time because I did not complete my toughies there I had just commenced, and it was just few days and then I moved to a another teacher charisma, may Allah preserve him with goodness where I had completed my memorization of the Quran. But day one I enrolled at a particular institution, and I was given the task or assigned the task of memorizing a page of the Quran in juice 15 chapter 17 altimas Salah, Tally dodocase, Sham Sila wasapi, laowa Quran Al Faisal in Quran Al Federica animation who they are, and whenever in my subsequent years of teaching, whenever I would come to this, and you know, impart

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this lesson and do the commentary of this particular page. It used to evoke this nostalgia and it used to bring tears to me, you know, what bringing back the memory bringing back the memory where I enrolled as a young learner at an institution. And this was the first page that was assigned to me to memorize as a trial run, to see if you know it will follow through, but purely and exclusively through the grace of the Almighty. He made it possible for us to go through some you know what formal training and learning and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala

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to make us to make us amongst those that are the old realm in his eyes, people who Allah declares as people of knowledge, so Allah has defined the people have knowledge in the Quran with different attributes. One is you have a certification, you will have an award you have a graduation from any institution, seminary etc. But then Allah refers to a man who icon Ito Nana la sajida, waka Emma

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Zhu, Matera polyester will Nadine iarla Muna will lead in Allah Allah moon. So Allah subhanaw taala says I'm men who are turning to an ANA Allah is the one who worships Allah in the hours of the night time and sometimes in prayer standing by him and

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Joe Rama Robbie, thinking of Arthur hoping for the mercy of his Lord fearing the chastisement poorly halia Stone lady and I Allah moon Allah in Allah Allah moon and then Allah us can those who know and those who don't know can they be equal? And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says when karoon was walking with his pomp and his glory and his wealth and his arrogance, and his from flamboyance, wirkkala Dino Oh, to learn why you like him so Allah welcome tabula Hieronymus Amina Amina Sally Ha. Those who had knowledge they responded by saying no, no, no, the reward of Allah is great. This world is temporary, transitory and deceptive. So that's how Allah subhanho wa Taala defines

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knowledge Kapha Bill Murray.

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Allah Abdullah name is Ravi Allahu anhu. Who said that if you feel Allah, that's a sufficient testimony that you have knowledge that is a sufficient testimony that you have knowledge and if you don't feel a lot, what Kapha Bill Murray jehlen and sufficient proof of your ignorance is that you're impressed and obsessed with yourself. So these are the qualities of knowledge in the eyes of Allah Abdullah animus Rudra. The Alana's quotation is very famous, your RFO your fob Laila, he is a nurse una imune Wabi Sabi he is a national mostly road. wabi booga he, a person of the Quran is one who will be identified when people are sleeping, he will be in prayer when people are eating, he

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will be fasting, when people are indulging in vain talk he will be silent. And for the lipner Allah said Yama really harmelin Quran Allah Allahu Allahu Allah yellow, a yellow. Yes, Huma Yes. Oh, that a person who carries the Quran, you will not not find him talking in vain talk vulgar language, or, or preoccupied in things that are temporary and transitory, meaningless and few times, you will find him objective and honorable and respectful. Was it not Sally molar a bit further in fact,

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In a particular expedition, that as the enemy were advancing, he said base, a Hamelin Khurana base, Mohammed Al qurani. Anna, if I don't rise up for the challenge, and I don't advance that I am an evil and a wicked ambassador of the Quran. So these were people who were defined by people of knowledge in the true sense of the word, but a certificate or an acknowledgement from any institution doesn't buy me anything or doesn't buy you anything. The matter rests with Allah and Allah will decide Allah will decide if

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if you know what, who is a scholar in the true sense of the word and who is not a true scholar in the sense of the word. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from amongst them for three abolade Samaritan de Rahim Allah when he makes mention of this year, the pole of one of the Hakama that someone was asked by Bala Rama is a man in Allah terribleness will be leaving him in the previous times people would be inspired by the advisors of the scholars why today people are not inspired. And he said in in the allameh, a cell of Ghana a Padawan in Estonia, mf anabol a carbonium. That in the previous time the scholars were active, they were vibrant, they were hands on and the masses

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were sleeping so the active scholars revived the sleeping masses were earlier ma ozama Nina Nia mon one Nasser Mota and the scholars of our time asleep while the masses are dead. So how can a sleeping scholar revive a dead individual? So really, we are in in challenging times, we are in challenging times. Okay, moving forward. Now verse number 70, verse number 77 100. alehissalaam says to musalla for any attorney, validators any shaking in hot off data, like I mean, who they crop, okay, Tyler, he said, for any about attending, if you want to follow me and you persist in my company, then follow this URL me and Shane, do not inquire of me anything. Don't ask me of anything. or her data

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like I mean, who they grow until I make mention of it myself. So if something occurs, you observe something don't initiate the discussion. Don't question me, don't interrogate me. Don't ask me. Yes, if I comment, and I say something, then absolutely you can do so.

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I often say to my children, and I often say to students as well, that many times students forget one etiquette is that when you with your senior, then even in a casual moment, you need to keep your guard on track. You need to keep your guard. So you are on an outing. You know what, it's chill, it's relaxed, there's a bit of humor, your father made a little joke and he said the thing to you, and probably in that humor, there is certain limitations in which you can also respond. But regardless of how relaxed The atmosphere is, and how casual the moment is, and how informal the senior is, as a student, I beg you my brother, I beseech you, my son, that with your father, you got

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to maintain a degree of God you cannot lose it completely. Now but you know what, it's an outing, we are a picnic we we we have him recreate. Exactly great, wonderful Joe. But there is a cutoff point for you. There is a cutoff point, you remain a child and you remain a student. So while he might ask you certain questions, that doesn't give you the liberty to us back the same questions. And I I I shudder to say this in a way that can give off any form of pride May Allah forgive me and protect me from pride. But in Danny's we know that his expression of gratitude I'm so grateful to Allah for allowing me to interact with orlimar and scholars and machetes and traveling and interacting and

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learning. So it taught me respect and mannerism. And that's the first thing I then came home and applied with my respected parents when I commenced my journey of knowledge and I seen that you know what, this is how I would sit with my teacher. This is how I would eat with my teacher. This is how I would walk with my teacher. This is how I would talk with my teacher. And then when I started studying the nurses I said well, if this is the respect I apply to my teachers, then why not have a greater level to my parents because in Quran and Sunnah after Allah and His Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. My greatest obligation is to my parents, my greatest obligation is to my parents, and

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Islam impresses upon us obligation to parents, even if they are non Muslims. In just 20, in chapter on uncovered in the backdrop of Saudi Arabia, Qatar Saudi Alon when he became a Muslim, and his mom said, I won't eat, I won't drink I won't take shelter, and I'll wither and die. And then the verse

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was revealed. We're in jarhead Dhaka, Allah antosha A cabbie, my laser like to be here. And if those parents put pressure on you and compel you that you must ascribe partners with me, Fela toto do not obey them in that regard. But immediately after that Allah said was Sahiba Houma dunya ma rufa, but in this world interact with them with respect and dignity, what w subelement Anna by LA and follow in the teachings, those whose who turn to Allah and who obey Allah.

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So, we need to understand as a child, it could be a casual moment, but there is a limitation I I cannot necessarily respond with the same amount of humor, I can respond, look at the Sahaba the messenger sallallahu Sallam would be relaxed, he would be calm, he would be so interactive, he would participate in their discussions. If it was worldly, he would add to that discussion and if it was something else he would add to it. And Sahaba would also have numerous moments with him. But Subhan Allah, Allah VM Subhana Allah He loved him. the respect of Sahaba is just remarkable, impeccable and flawless at every moment and john sharp. So what did he say he didn't say for any attorney if you

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follow me that's verse number 75 artists only unshaven Don't ask me anything had the auditor like I mean will they grow until I do not initiate the discussion? Agreed. Yes, finalized absolutely confirmed in order lovely the journey comment says the journey commences join me along verse number 71 fun parlor God so they to proceed again. I look at the beauty of Quran. The scholars analyze everything. So we had mousseline Salaam who was accompanied by by Hugh Scheib. linoone he has now met up with her they negotiated the conditions agreed and the journey has comments when the journey commences the adoption of the word of the Quran is the two of them proceed. The question then is the

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adoption of the dual expression

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kind of omits the mention of usual even anoon. The servant of Musa ways he, Allah didn't say fun pelaku which is a plural expression of three or more. Allah said fun palletize the two of them went forward. Why Why not dimension of USIA in the noon. The scholars say the wisdom of that is because he was a Tarbell. He was a follower. He was a helper he was an assistant. The focus in the journey was the Buddha, the leader and that was musala his Salatu was Salam. Hence the Quran adopted an expression of dual although you shall even Hoon was worth because but he doesn't feature in terms of any message or lesson. So Allah subhanho wa Taala did not incorporate. He is mentioned in the

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expression of the words though it is implied and understood by Tara in that he was also on this journey. Okay, verse number 71 fun pilota the two of them advance you Shively noon is what as well. Hi Ty the rocky bath is Safina they come to a river crossing. And there is some people who have a boat.

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NARRATION suggests these people recognize the Hadith Allah is Salatu was Salam. Mousavi Salam is traveling with how did they get to a river crossing? There are people here they have their little boat. They recognize that Allah has salatu salam and they agree to take them on board and hammer loo home be hiree nolin desirae nolin the hadith of Bokhari they recognize her there and they say no no there's no charge there's no you know, no money will be taken because of the recognition and they know who he is. So we're not going to charge you in any way lovely amazing. masala salami is worth awesome great. I've been told to meet with this man interact learn from him and yo WE ARE WE

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observing and things are unfolding hopped onto the boat and get on had a dark rocky rocky Barfi Safina until when they both boarded rocky bar mounted boarded fifth Safina the boat. Hurrah feasor la Salaam broke off a panel from the boat.

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Ha ha he made a hole. He broke off a panel. The Quran says this. Yeah. And that's the verbatim translation Hata when either rocky by the boat mounted as Safina

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The boat kurata ha he broke off a panel. Some say it was at the just when they had a lighted the conveyance the vessel they had disembarked at that's the time he broke off a panel. Other say he broke off the panel immediately and probably then patched it up to allow it to then sail across. But in essence he defected the boat. he defected the boat, there's no get away from this year. The other related details is what historical narration suggests. So aha ratangarh hodeida rocky Buffy Safina hahaha right. He made a hole he broke off the panel. Musa alayhis salaam responded, ferrata Holly to Rita aha Oh either. Oh Ha there is harm hahaha. Did you break the panel? Did you make a whole lead

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to greater aha to ultimately then drown the occupants of this vessel? Yeah, we would refer to llama Islamic RT but not Llama Llama RT but the outcome The end result the final result of which would be that Hello, we are going to be drowned. And I've just like kinda observe these people were courteous, kind, selfless, took us on board obliged complied. didn't ask for any compensation money remuneration. assata. Leto, Rita Allah Ha. Did you break the panel to drown us? Laughter DJ atashi an M bra.

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You have certainly committed a grave act. You have certainly committed a grave act. Now remember, Musa alayhis salam just agreed that he will oblige, he will comply. He will not respond. He will not interrogate. And the journey has just commenced. The first thing has just occurred and musala is Salatu was Salam came out with strong words.

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So immediately after adverse number 72 karoli salam said,

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you know if I can paraphrase, take out that enrollment conditions here and have a look at it. Did you see the clauses in it? Did you see the agreement? agreement was clause number five, you will not be asking me conditions. Hello. You said you will not be asking me interrogating you promise you're committed. You're honored. You claimed whatever it is. Karla Javier alehissalaam said lm apo NACA in NACA. Len does the thing I call in NACA lenders study I'm Maria Sabra, Did I not tell you did I not inform you that you will not be able to persevere with me you will not be able to persevere. Now a great reflection here.

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The hadith of Bokhari says that fecundity Lu Lamin musante seanna. musala is Salam literally forgot he literally forgot. He literally forgot that. Yes, that was a prerequisite. That was a condition. That was the agreement I had made with her there that I will not speak and I just responded, and I just did this year. And of course and of course, based on the knowledge that he possessed. That is the teachings of the Sharia the divine teachings. This is strange. This is peculiar, because according to the teachings of musala, his Salatu was Salam. Help people assist people rectify people, reform people build for people. And yeah, I am seeing the opposite here that something is

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being defected. But like we said Elmo SRL code these are the secrets of the mysteries of the of the happenings of the world, which Allah subhanho wa Taala had given to see the rally Salah alayhi salatu was Salam. O Allah Allah upon leca in a calendar study, I'm Maria Sabra, did I not warn you that you will not be able to make Subbu so musala salatu salam said to her and adverse number 73 Paul Allah to ask him to maybe man I said, my teacher, my senior, my mentor, please don't take me to task on my mistake and my forgetful nature led to him in a b minus e to do not take me to task for something that I have forgotten. What are we allowed to reheat the name in a Mary rose syrup, and do

00:29:27--> 00:30:00

not be harsh with me in my methods? I apologies, apologies. Yes, I had agreed I had defaulted. And I asked you please forgive me for my mistake, and don't make my metas complex. So let's wait here and see now what happens to the journey. Does it continue? Does it all here? Again, what are we picking up here? the authority of the teacher? He can at any point remind the student a lesson. You haven't complied? You know, what do you want to stay? Yeah. The

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Don't have the student again lead to acid Navy man the seat Oh my teacher or my senior. Please, please forgive me Please forgive me. My mistake, my mistake I've heard I have heard. So as long as there is that humble approach, there's that humble approach. And there is that begging approach there is that desire is approach, then hopefully you will learn

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what they say. In Arabic, there's a proverb that

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a proud person is deprived of knowledge, a proud person, just like water, Rose down a slope and doesn't go up a hill. If you have humility, that knowledge will flow through you. But if you are, in normal elbow horrible in the malarial more horrible little mechanic early, right knowledge will not roll up a steep place. Likewise, an arrogant person will not able to acquire knowledge. Look at the humility of musala salaam, my apologies, don't take me to task. Let's wait and see what develops and what's the new happenings in this amazing journey. May Allah bless us with humility and divine knowledge. Amin jambalaya alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad Ali he was happy ah

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Marian will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen