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I don't understand why I have to pray. I'm a good person. I don't steal from anyone. I'm not lying. I'm not a bad person. So I don't understand why I have to pray to be a good person.

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When Allah talks to the moose, Raccoon of Arabia, right, and he talks to the people that lived in Makkah, then it's important to understand something about the history of Makkah. It's important to understand who these people were and what their culture was like. And why is Allah talking to them in this way, so when Allah addresses an audience, it's beneficial to know the background or some things about that audience. So when Allah is talking to the Jewish and Christian people, then it's also beneficial to know something about Jewish and Christian history, and who these people are, what their tradition is, because Allah is interacting directly with them. And the Quran is oftentimes

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directly interacting with their material their work, and what they believe. Social hadith is an interesting example of that. If you look at the book of Genesis, you know, the the Old Testament that it begins with God created the heaven in the beginning there was like God created the heavens and the earth in six days and according to their some of their wording on the seventh day he rested, that's what they have with them, right? So there's mentioned of no mention of light and there's a mention of the creation of the heavens and the earth in six days. And sort of Hadith. Allah will talk about newer alot. So neurohormones Urbina led him will be a man him they'll say lucre gentlemen

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of Illuminati Eleanor H Allah Quran Tom Shuna Viva la calm right there's multiple references to light the light of Allah the light of revelation the light that Allah brings people his you know this so he brings the OMA out of darkness is back in towards the light right so then the light of judgment a the light we're going to need to walk all the way from wherever resurrected all the way into Jana, may Allah complete all of our light on that day and the munafo Cohn May Allah not make us from them, who made some according to some of us, they don't when they get resurrected, they have some light. So they start walking with the believers. And then the light gets taken away and all of

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a sudden their batteries die. And they're they're trying to catch up with the people who have light and a wall has dropped. So light is a major theme of the surah but also Holocaust huella the Halacha somehow it will orbit visited the Yemen for Mr. Raja and allows the Quran responds to the Bible's wording and says he created the skies in the earth in six days. What does the Bible say the seventh day he rested? There's no mention of the seventh day Allah says must Allah Allah, Allah then mentioned his majesty, His control and his taking over his taking up of the throne. You know, and then that's what is symbolizes Allah's power. So we're the biblical account was kind of alluding to

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a weakness, right? Reste Allah azza wa jal changes the narrative and it becomes about the power of Allah subhanho wa taala. That is never ending, right? And then when you come towards the end, if you look at the Old Testament, the the main prophets after the story of Adam Alayhis Salam is Noah, new Holly Sudan, than Abraham, and then the biblical prophets, all the way the progeny of Abraham, the children of Abraham, and all the prophets that come from that lineage all the way to when you get to the New Testament, which the Christians believe in, then you get to Jesus. Right. So the two main figures in the beginning are no hand Ibrahim alayhi salam, and then the Stories of the Prophets

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continue in the Bible until you get to the New Testament, and you get all the way to Jesus. What a social Hadith do at the end, we'll look at the new handwear Ibrahim, Allah highlights subhanaw taala. He said, We sent new Hani Rahim and any Jew or Christian listening to this that is familiar, especially their common masters didn't know much about the Bible, but the knowledgeable people did the moment they hear know, Abraham in that order. They're like, Wait, that's what we have. That's that's our book. Why is he talking about that? Like he's pointing directly at what they have? And then he says, Well, yeah, so we sent both of them, watch if you do Reethi Hema and Woolworths Well,

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kita we sent in their lineage prophethood and the book and which is also really remarkable, because prophethood you know, according to one narration Kula Mahela cannot be holla finna be like every time a prophet among the Israelites died. Another Turkish place, at least the beginning lineage we're even familiar with Ibrahim Ali Salam is a prophet has sent his Hawk Ali Salam is a prophet is hawks and Jacoba Lin Salam is a prophet yah coupes and Yusuf alayhi salam is a prophet. So every generation is getting a prophet, right. And Allah even tells us in the in these ayat from you know that that he put in their children prophethood but then he says well Kitab separate from prophethood

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he said and he put in their lineage, the book, the law, and this law is important to understand. This is Allah referring to what Allah gave to Mussolini's

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because the first time a book is revealed and Kitab is a reference to a book and also reference to law, Sharia. Halal and Haram must do this must not do this. Allah gave that for the first time to Musa alayhis salam

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And so and after that all the prophets that come among the Israelite prophets, many of them mentioned in the Quran.

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All of them are reinforcing what was already given to Mousavi Salaam and the last prophet that came in that line, to teach again to the Israelites, what they had lost from what was given to Musa alayhis salam was him in fact Jesus it was a Saudi Surah So Allah says about him you only mahalo kita about well, heck matter with a lotta will NGL right. And he Allah didn't just give him ng he also taught him the Torah that Allah taught him the Torah so that he could actually debate with their scholarship and correct them. Now, I'm telling all of you this, not just for interesting Christian and Jewish history, but a lesson Muslims need to learn for themselves that Allah is

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teaching us in this timeless book. So let's get to that. Allah azza wa jal describes that Prophets were sent. Right before this bill B units, Allah sent prophets with clear proofs, with two clarity, absolute clarity, clear evidences. And I just want you to remember two things about Alba units that will make this discussion easy. One thing I want you to remember about what Allah sent with all these prophets, is that why should they believe in a prophet? Why should they believe in a God? Why should they believe this is true? All of that became clear through the message of the Prophet. So if somebody came in, heard a prophet and said, Why should I believe you? Why do you Why should I

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believe that God speaks to you? Or an angel speaks to you? Why should I believe that there's an afterlife? Why should I believe in your version of God, there's so many other religions out there, I can't believe in any of them. Allah says that when he sent a prophet, he sent them with LBE. And that means anybody who could come and listen to what they had to say and hear their arguments, it will become completely clear to them that they are speaking the truth. So why should I become a Muslim? The answer was with Albania, not the answer to the why. But there was another question. Okay, fine. This is the truth. But what does this God expect from me? What does Allah want from me?

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What should I be doing? What should I not be doing? What you know, what are the requirements? Okay, fine. I'm ready to sign up. But what's the assignment? What? So there's the why, and there's the what? And the what was also made absolutely clear by what the messengers were given the why and the what, me I would even argue, even the house was made absolutely clear. What do you have to do? You have to pray? How do you pray, the messengers will teach you? What do you have to believe the messengers will teach you? Why should you believe the messengers will teach you? And that's all inside as a unit. Now, why is that important? Because human beings, we can't commit to something. If

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we don't know the why.

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If you don't know the reason, you can't show serious commitment. If a university student says I'm going to college, and you say why, because my parents are making me go, his Why is weak. So he's going to be a weak college student. Another college students goes to the same university and you say, why are you going to this university? Well, I love physics. I love it. I love this subject. I want to learn everything about this subject. Here's why as strong, that student may be sitting in the same class, but the level of commitment, dedication, and even output later on is going to be worlds apart, because he's clear on the why you with me. So that's really important that the Why

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should be there. Now. Let's bring that to Islam. Some kids, you know, we don't have to talk about the American Muslim community around the world as I've traveled. I like to just speak with young people, college university students, and just kind of just have a chat with them. Not just the ones that attend my lectures are Islamic. They're in the Islamic scene. Just young kids at a restaurant. You know, guys, they're playing sports. Let's have a chat with them. So, have you ever thought about why you're Muslim? And the most common answer is, I don't know. Because my parents are Muslim.

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I don't know. But why is weak? And the why is weak for millions, hundreds of millions of people the why is weak. Right? And when the why is weak than the what? Because the what is okay, now, clearly, this is why you're Muslim. Now, this is what Allah wants you to do. Then they're like, I don't even see the point of doing this. I mean, why do I don't understand why I have to pray. I'm a good person. I don't steal from anyone. I'm not lying. I'm not a bad person. So I don't understand why I have to pray to be a good person. Well, Enza, Nana homegirl Kitab, I will miss Zan and then we sent along with them the law, what to do what's right and wrong. That was the second step, the rules and

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the regulations. But the rules and the regulations sit on top of the existing foundation. This even happened in the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Allah built the foundation of why should people believe in this religion because anybody who believed in the Prophet's life for them, their life became miserable. Their family left them everybody started hating them, people started calling them crazy.

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They even some of them got killed. At least they had to lose all of their assets. When we talk about them or has your own, they left, they lost their homes, they lost their families, you know, they were kicked out, they can't go back home ever again. They lost all their businesses, property, all of that just because they accepted Islam. So that why must have been really really strong. Right? But Allah built that why? And then when they get to Medina, they get there, then Allah starts giving them laws, Al Kitab he starts giving them regulations, what to do. But one thing was very clear to them, that these laws that Allah has given their purpose is something higher. The purpose of the law

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is actually justice. One's an American, Wilkie dabba well means enemies and means the scale, right, the weighing scale, and obviously, in every culture, that's a symbol for justice, right? So they understood that the purpose of the law is to actually establish justice, but justice for who the Acoma National Milk is so people could live by Justice, not just themselves. The justice of Islam that came in the prophets that brought brought this religion, they weren't just bringing these regulations and these teachings so Muslims can benefit. In fact, it was so human beings can live justly. It was to the benefit of all think of just that will become too long of a clip but just

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think of a couple of quick examples that are clear in the Quran. When the Quran first came, and ayat of the Quran were being revealed to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, Allah was talking about a baby girl being buried alive and how wrong that is. Because the Arab slob having a baby daughter is embarrassing, so some of them do so who Victoria Right. And on judgement day she is going to be asked What crime did she commit to deserve being killed by a human being kottelat but that child that was born was not born in a Muslim family that was born in a Muslim family. This is not a Muslim problem, but someone has a problem. And well, this is identical to the your daughter, your team, he

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pushes the orphan Allah criticizes the one who pushes the orphan. He doesn't say you do or your team will Muslim. He pushes the Muslim orphan, any orphan and when Allah says you know wait a little Moto 15 alladhina indica lo Allah naseous tofu phone, people, you know, the worst kinds of health is designed for people who cheat others in business. When it comes to delivering their service and their product, they give less and when it becomes to being customer they make sure they get full is this talking about Muslim transactions are all transactions it's all transactions. So the Quran started talking about matters of justice even before it was talking about matters of law even before

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the laws so the concept was clear to the Muslims everything Allah gives the point of it the agenda of it is to establish justice there and justice that any human being can understand actually universal justice. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at being is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper

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