Yasir Qadhi – The Legacy of the People of the Highest Place in Jannah

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The title of the book describes the characteristics of the hoer room, families who will die happy, the importance of faith in oneself to achieve success, and the need for faith in oneself to achieve success. The speakers emphasize the importance of family in one's life and the need for faith to achieve success. The "op submits" meaning of being a role model for parents," "op submits" meaning being inspired by people, and "op submits" meaning being inspired by a legal deal. The book is reference to a legal deal, "op submits," and is a reference to a book called "op submits."
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smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Ali, he was so happy he was

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so recited the last section of Serato for corn and it is one of the very few places in the Quran pseudoalteromonas another example where a lot lists a long list of characteristics and then says these are the characteristics of the highest levels. So in certain what Menon Allah says, These are the people that will enter fit those as the first pages with the moon, and in certain for on Allah xojo says Allah is known as the warfighter be ma suburu. These people will be given the horror, the horror for the VIP suites, the highest levels of Jenna. So both of these lists are important for us to go over to examine our own lives against these lists. And much can be said and is worthy of a

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much longer topic. But today I wanted to concentrate on the last sentence or the last verse. In this description there's over a dozen like 13 specific things that are mentioned. And the last of them is wild idea hold on those who say robina habla Nam Minh as wodgina with Maria, Tina Porter, our union watch agana mucho Pina Mama, this is the last characteristic of the people who will enter the hoerauf if you look at this long list, it has all types of things beginning with a clock, those that are modest and walking on this earth with humility and mercy hona. And it has tahajjud in it. And it has the honor to be saved from jahannam. And it has given charity constantly, and it has avoiding

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the major sins, and it has social etiquettes not interacting with foolish people, Maru kirana they walk by with dignity when there's the riffraff when there's things going on. And they're listening to good advice, and they don't fall blind to that. So all of this is about your o'clock, your rituals, your social customs. And then the last thing that is said is what those that say, Our Lord, give us from our spouses and our children, that which will be a comfort for our eyes, and make us an Imam for them with tucking in. This is the last thing that is mentioned. Now.

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Why is this the last thing that is mentioned? And what does this mean? That's what we are short for today. The reason why this is mentioned at the end, everything that has preceded it. If you look at the list deals with you, everything deals with you and your Aflac you and your rituals, you and your tahajud you and your manners, you and you're listening to hold up and gurus. But then every one of us will leave this world. And when we leave, Allah is saying those that aim for the highest, they want to leave a legacy.

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They want to leave something after they're gone. And that legacy consists of two parts, number one family. And number two, your community what have you done with them? What impact Have you caused? And that's why this da occurs at the end of that long list. Because once we die as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when the son of Adam dies, all of his deeds are cut off except for three. Number one is Southern Virginia. Number two knowledge number three children. This is this summarized. They say Rob Benner habla and I mean as wodgina we're gonna

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give us a spouse and progeny that is going to bring happiness to our soul. Now, when will the righteous be happy when their families are themselves righteous, when their families have good manners and a HELOC, and when their families have established themselves as also role models. So when your children have Deen and dunya when your children have excelled in this world and in the religion, you will be happy when they're demonstrating that they have Eman and taqwa and Quran. When they're demonstrating that they have successful careers, good families themselves. You look at them you will be happy that his karate Aryan and as we're all aware, the believer doesn't just make do

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and then do nothing. Do is the prerequisite of the action.

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Allah blessed me with good income, then what do you do? You find a job, you work hard, you make job but then you do and put in the effort. So when the movement the mutata is saying, Oh Allah, I want righteous children, what is he going to do? Nothing. No, his whole life is going to be dedicated. My family has my priority. I have to make sure my progeny my children, my spouse, when I leave this world, they are upon a manner that I will be happy to argue and I'm content to see their successful accomplishments. They are good people, they're human. They're tough for their careers. They're established. So the believer will strive and prioritize his own family, as Allah says in the Koran,

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put in the house, Irina Latina, hasura, foster home, Lee him Yama, Yama, Radhika husana, mubin, the worst losers are those who lose themselves and their families. They neither took care of themselves or their families, the believers not like that the believers the opposite. The believer is the best winner. So what's he going to do? He's going to begin with Dr. And then follow it up in action, make sure that his family, his spouse, his children are poorer to iron and the herbal court kurata ion, it basically means your eyes are not going to move because they're so happy at what they say. Right? So hold on means to remain. And so technically, it means of course it translates as the coolness of

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the eyes, but technically it means Imagine you're watching the sunset, right? It's so beautiful. You just mesmerized you're not gonna turn right and left and somebody has an iPhone there and somebody is you know, pet dog is moving there. You're looking at the sunset on the beach Mashallah demonic Allah, this is kurata Aryan. It's so beautiful. You don't need to look anywhere else. Right? So metaphorically, it that means it makes you happy. That's what what are the golden means here? So kurata iron, and then what you're doing with tequila EMA? and make us the Imams of the McDuck means.

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What do I is this? Are you asking Allah azza wa jal to take over? Michelle? Amanda Dean's job. You want to get rid of him? And you want to take over? Mm hmm stop his job. Where is he? Is he here? Or is that the do I agree to our law want to be the Imam of the masjid? Is that what it means? Not at all. Not at all. Has nothing to do with this door with john tukey. In EMA means make us a role model for the righteous of your servants. Your akinola they should look to us and they should look at somebody says, Oh, I wish I had the generosity of that person. I wish I had the taqwa of that person. I wish I had the kindness of that person. This is not about being famous. It is not about

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being the amount of the Salah. The Imam here does not mean the Imam of Salah it means role model and role model not on Facebook or Twitter or on YouTube role model of the elites of the

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role model of the people who have Taqwa and piety, they should be inspired by you. And this is not for fame, but for a loss because the only way they

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are going to be inspired by you is if you have become the Imam of the motorcade. You have done something with your own with Allah's blessings, but in your own life of your taqwa and of your assure, and of your generosity and of all of the good that you do that people say to their children, Hey, why don't you look at so and so they're giving private talks to say Mashallah that that brother he did and they mean it and they love that brother because he is a person who brings about change causes and impact spreads the man and the hair that we all every one of us, there are people, they inspire us, there are people we look up to in our hearts, and we have Mashallah that brother. That

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is what we ask Allah for, not for fame, not for the Imam position, but that our piety is so pure and so good. Our ethos is so high that the people of the floss, find inspiration from us. And this is a private matter. We don't even know who we impact we don't even need to know Allah is monitoring. We're not asking that I should know the names of those who are inspired by me what we're asking of Allah, the people of piety, make me so pious, that I can be a role model for them. And so when you're aiming for that, that's your dua to Allah. How will that impact your lifestyle? How will you be thinking what good and hair will you be spreading that you want to be the Imam of the motto pain

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and then once you leave this world, now your legacy will remain. You're the real, you're righteous children will making do out for you and the people you impacted, then your legacy with them will go on after you die. And that is why the last thing that is mentioned

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Because it shall continue after your life. The last thing that is mentioned and Subhanallah look at the great scholars of our oma look at Mr. Bahari and imitate me and Imam Abu hanifa hundreds of years 1000s of years and to this day, we admire them and we're inspired by them. That is what you call a legacy. That's what you call with Jonathan with jolina EMA II mama Shafi imaam, Abu hanifa Imam so and so a mama nawawi That's what you call the real mom. Their legacies live on far beyond their time in their era because in sha Allah, their ethos and their dedication and their efforts, that's what we're striving for what Jana Muto Pina imama so let's memorize this up and let us

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continually make this drop one of the DNA of coluna rabina habla na Min azw Arjuna with Maria Tina kurata. Our union with Jana Tina eema. sha Allah will continue next week. zachman saramonic Wanaka liable

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