Being Grateful in time of the Corona

Abu Bakr Zoud


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while Allah He will be as many as we are still living during these tough difficult times. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easier upon us all. I wanted to share with you some motivation and inspiration from the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is in sort of Baja, in where Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned to us the most incredible moment in the life of Masada, his setup, and that is without doubt, when Musa alayhis salaam had the chance to speak to a loss of Hannah who went to Ireland directly. So after a lot of Xhosa introduced himself to Musa alayhis salaam, a lot social asked Moosa A question. He said

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de momenteel cabbie emini k Musa, he said to him, what is that in your right hand? Dr. Musa, of course this is a question asked from a lot of soil to Moosa so that he can comfort him because he can just imagine how tense musala he said I'm is obviously a lot social already knows what is in the right hand of musala his center so musala is Sam responds and he says color he are sewing it is my staff. Now obviously bigger than this, then you and I would assume that Allah asked the question masala is said I've answered finished. Surprisingly, masala is Salim continues to answer this question. And he begins to list the many favors and the blessings of the staff. So he says at the

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workout while I lean on it. So that means when Sally is set on walks, he leans on the staff as he walks it supports him in his walk. And if you're sitting down, he leans on it to get up a taco on a well who should be here earlier on me musala alayhis. Salam is a prophet of Allah. And at the same time, he's a shepherd. So he needs to feed his sheep. So he takes this stuff and he strikes that on the tree, and the leaves begin to fall on the ground and his sheep eat from the leaves. This is what a horseshoe hanami means. And then he says, Well, he, he had maribou Hall, and I have many, many other benefits for the staff. Now my brothers and sisters in Islam, the idea is that we're learning

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the methodology of the prophets is that they are able to recognize and identify allows blessings upon them, even in the most simple of things or staff. He mentioned two blessings. And he said, and I have many, many other uses for it, Allahu Akbar, you and I, if we were told, list the benefits and blessings of a staff of a stick, most of us would struggle, yet musala who said M is able to recognize a loss blessings in the most simple of things, my brothers and sisters in Islam, a loss blessings upon us is not measured and calculated by how many things we have. Allah gives this worldly life to whoever he wants, he gives it to the righteous, to the evil to the most corrupt,

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like he gave it to court ordered and for our own and so on, allows origins, blessings and favors upon us is measured and calculated by our ability to recognize and identify them, even in the most simple things we have in life like well, how many people living on earth have so much yet they are miserable? Why? Because they failed to recognize a loss blessings upon them. And how many people in the eyes of others, they have absolutely nothing. Yet they are so happy and contented. That's because from their perspective, they are able to recognize and identify a loss blessings upon them in the most simple of things, Allahu Akbar, especially nowadays, my brothers and sisters in Islam,

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when so many of us have been locked down in our homes. And our lifestyle has changed. It's so different to what it was three, four weeks ago, no more of this restaurant, eating fine dining, and whatever it is we used to enjoy outside. We've gone back to the basics, judging on what people stockpiled on rice and pasta, I'm assuming that's what people are eating, and even what they're eating has gone backwards. So Pamela, the idea is the most happiest of people today are those that are able to recognize a loss blessings in the most simple of things, whether it was in their food, or in their family, or in their children, or in their health or wealth, whatever it is, no matter

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what it is. The most simple of things have so many blessings in them. So Pamela, we need to be careful not to fall into the plan and the plot of a shape on a shape on the biggest agenda he has against mankind. As he said, Well, I urge you to act follow him shaqiri He promised He said to a law that I will deceive them and trick them

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misguide them, until you will hardly find any of them grateful. So the more we are ungrateful to Allah The closer we are to a police himself so proud Allah, we ask the law surgeon to protect us. We need to be grateful to anything that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us of blessings. Otherwise, if we are unable to recognize our loss, blessings, even in the most simple of things in our life, that's when jealousy starts coming out of the hearts. That's when people become jealous. That's when you won't be able to accept the loss. You know, because when you're jealous, and when you do accept the loss other upon you, that means that's a sign of ingratitude to the blessings of Allah azza wa

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jal has given you an eye and when we are able to recognize allows blessings in the most simple of things. Allahu Akbar, Allah azza wa jal pleases so much Baraka and so much benefit in these things for us, like look at the case of musala he said that, when he has a when he was able to identify and recognize on laws blessings upon him in the most simple of things, the staff this became How many times did it save his life by the permission of a lot, you get the blessings. The staff was the reason by our laws permission that they received from the clutches of Pharaoh when he struck the sea with the staff and it opened up and they received from Pharaoh and when they got to the visit on the

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other side, and there is no water allows origin commands Mussolini's Salim, to take by the staff and to strike the rock and 12 springs of water would gush out from this rock and they would all drink from it. musala shallum. Ambani saw it. These were the these were the blessings of the staff because he was able to thank Allah for it and to recognize the blessings in it for my brothers and sisters in Islam. Let's appreciate Allah Zoysia his blessings upon us while law as a practical exercise, sit down with your family, and speak about the little things you have in life. And list list exercise don't exercise for yourself and your children. list the many benefits you can benefit from the

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simple blessings in your house. Be in the lead during this time. You will live content, you will live happy you will live pleased with what Allah azzawajal has given you. We ask Allah to give us this ability to recognize his blessings upon us even if they were the most simple things. We ask Allah subhanahu wa tada to forgive us and to admit us into the Paradise by His mercy in the holy Valley called called the rally or sallallahu wasallam or Bella Cardona, Vienna Muhammad Ali. He was so happy as mine