The Quality of Your Quran Recital

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In this clip ML Habib discusses the three key principles that Imam Ghazali has shared for a meaningful Quran recital.

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I'd like to share with you the advices of Mr. mazaya law as far as the current recital is concerned.

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If I'm referred to lolly mentions what to what to look for Ernie how katella what he who yesterday coffee listen what law

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says to read the Quran, with all its etiquettes observing everything that's required when reciting the Quran, a person needs to consider three things, the tongue of a person, the mind of a person and the heart of a person. When these three factors come together, then you really find beautiful recital of the Quran in its true sense. And it goes on to explain for how bully Cerny does Hey, hold her Oh, Phoebe Tara Taylor. As far as the shape of the tongue is concerned,

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the tongue needs to articulate the letters and the words in the proper manner. So you're reading the Quran with Tajweed roof? What the correct pronunciation that's the shape of the tongue. Correct, sir. Hey, recital for how blockly Tafseer Romani. The job of the mind is to reflect on the verses that have been recited. So if you are reading about gender reflect on the boundaries of gender, the splendor of gender. So the job of the mind is to reflect on what's been recited what how can you be allowed to do a thorough bill tomorrow?

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As far as the heart is concerned, the job of the heart is to take lessons. What Mr. Murali is focusing is on the quality of the recital. And he's saying the true quality of your recital will only improve when these three factors are found. And that is the tongue reciting the Quran of Allah subhanaw taala in the correct manner, and the mind pondering on the meaning of the verse And number three, the heart taking lessons from there. When you read with these aspects in mind, I promise you, the beauty of your 10 hour increases and the recital becomes more meaningful. It's transformational. It brings change into your life. This is the kind of recital we should bring into our life.

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But you can only take enjoyment when it is read with its proper etiquette. I really like www

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omaka subsea Atlanta

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mannitol Fiji, Dr. habla Mimosa

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Have you reflected on a single letter of that verse? Have you understood anything of that verse? Have you taken to heart anything that was read? You simply cannot take benefit from such recitals. One of my all time favorites is listening to how they feel. Listening to his recital of the Quran brings a lot of joy because he takes his time he takes his time in reciting the Noble Quran maybe we should play one two verses and

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Subhana Allah, Masha Allah. So when you listen into such tinola it really gives you the time and the opportunity to reflect on the verses of the Noble Quran. Once again, Mr. masala hunter Laurie mentioned that there are three factors that a person needs to keep in mind when reciting the Quran, that the person should bring the correct pronunciation of the letters in the words of the Quran number one. Number two, his mind should be reflecting and pondering on the meaning of the verse that is reciting. And number three, the heart should take lessons. When these three factors come together you have a powerful tilava of the Quran.