Omar Suleiman – Your Duty To The Ummah They DonT Want You To Know

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of institutions and its relationship to society is discussed, including the responsibility of umirals and the weight of responsibility on individuals, including the prophets. The umroom is a place where the um experiencing pain in their body is felt, and the responsibility is to stay united and advocate for everyone. The importance of showing the beauty of Islam to people and highlighting the need for unity in action is emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Allah Samira administrators you must remember him and him Did you know he hadn't been anime wherever the one in our headline? I mean, what are people to do in WhatsApp in a lot most of the western democratic and adekola so you can Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam mine early, he was so happy he was willing to seem like Kathira I want to first and foremost sages I can love hate on to the brothers that have said I'm 21 C to the fellow Messiah and all of those who are a part of this noble efforts. Before I get started, I will reiterate what I shot last time, I hope to say multiple times, which is that this only needs institutions. And it

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needs those institutions to work together and have handed in algebra. I mean, this is a noble institution and noble work that is doing a service on behalf of the entire ummah. So please do in Charlotte's I support this work, and make sure that you are forced to be in the Knights honor for unity and for fueling the work of height that maybe you yourself can directly do. With that being said, what is our responsibility as an Obama when Allah subhanaw taala talks about the OMA in the Quran. If you were to take all of the ayat about OMA, the very first thing that stands out to you is the notion of amount of the notion of a trust. That when the mightiest phenom was brought to this

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earth, he had a trust he had an Amana and every single prophets that leads and OMA has an Amana to the Sangha. The OMA has an Amana has a trust to that prophet, and that it's a secret and heavy covenant. It's a sacred and heavy trust. Eliza just says in our ordinary amount of data, somehow it will all that we have presented this trust to the heavens and the earth, that nothing can bear this, Amanda. But at the same time hemella has insane that we carried it, maybe not knowing the consequences of what it means to bear that trust, but it's a heavy trust. It's a heavy covenant with Allah subhanaw taala our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he thought about the amount of

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the trust when he was leaving this world, what was his concern? How did the left Oh Allah, that I do my part and he's asking the OMA to bear witness for Him that he delivered the message. Allah mini Bella olam officiant Oh Allah I delivered the message of Allah bear witness and on the Day of Judgment, what is it that the prophets lie some thinks about? As I've been missing a little bit a lot of times and he mentions that the prophets lie some told him one day to recite to him and he said, you know, sort of cried equally goblins or shall I read to you and it was revealed to you and so he started to read from certain Nisa until he came to the AYA for key for either legit Nam and

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couldn't be on my TV Shaheed widget and obika Allah Allah Isha he, how will it be when we bring forth a witness upon every OMA and we bring you O Muhammad salallahu Salam, as a witness upon them all, and the Prophet slicin and put his hand on him, he said, Hasbrook enough, because I looked up, and I saw the tears flowing from the eyes of the messenger of allah sallallahu. And he was, so he was concerned, I think his thoughts was sent on when he was with us. And he was concerned about what it would be when he stands in front of us on the Day of Judgment sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he will be concerned until the very last moment of the day of judgment going around and distributing

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his intercession on behalf of even the major centers of this ummah. So it's a trust, there's a responsibility and the prophets lie, some felt the weight of that responsibility. And so, first and foremost, do you feel the weight of that responsibility? What concerns you at nights when you go to bed? Are you only concerned about your individual pursuits, your individual tribulations? Or do you carry the weight of the Ummah, both the responsibility that you have to the other members of this ummah, as well as the responsibility that we have collectively as an OMA to mankind? does that weigh on your conscience? Does it weigh on your heart? That is a sign of Eman on the prophets, like some

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says no one of you believe until he loves his brother when he loves himself and so many different Hadith. No one of you could claim to believe perfectly and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and in the message of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam without carrying the concern of the owner of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the delivery of that message, which is an extension of the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So what concerns you when you sleep at night? What concerns you when you think about your own? The very first thing when it comes to each other, first and foremost, what is our responsibility to each other as an ummah? What does the Ummah mean to me? When

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the prophets lie some describes us as a singular body. That means that if any part of the body is hurting, that the entire body feels a fever. Well for a Muslim today, that means that you are perpetually in fever. That means that you always are running a fever. It's just about how in

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tends to that fever is. And so we cannot afford at any point to become complacent. Because even if we can't see every part of the body, we can feel every part of the body, you know Subhanallah there are some causes that are given more exposure than others, right now Philistine is front and center. There are other causes were the victims of oppression. The victims of this are purposely hidden away, so that the emotions of the people cannot be driven. But you know, when you feel pain in your body, that even if you can't peel back the flesh and see exactly where that pain is, you know that it exists and you feel it. And so, as a body as an ummah, we have to feel the pain of our entire

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Ummah, the parts that we can see, and the parts that we cannot see, when almost all the Allahu Anhu calls out. Yeah, Saudi Oh, Saudi Jebel calls out about the mountain the opposing army. That's because our model the low tide and who was in such a state of perception that Allah azza wa jal gifted him with something more than what we had known from other people. The more in tune you are with the hack, the more that you're going to feel and perceive what other people are not perceiving and feeling about your home. And so be in touch in tune with every single part of the Ummah, that which is seen and that which you cannot see, make it a point to discover, to learn about your OMA

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and to advocate with the nighttime for every single part of it with intensity, because we are in oma in constant fever, then we have the responsibility that we have as an OMA to everybody else. So we have to stay united, we cannot be functional for not united. If we're busy with each other, then we can't be busy doing our job. If we are busy tearing down each other, then we can't be building the world around us. So what's our responsibility to the world? How do we deliver that message? You know, Subhan Allah in this moment, right now, people are not just looking at Palestine, they're looking at Islam. People are not just looking at the people of Palestine. They're looking at people

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of Islam. And people are asking questions. And it's important for us to rise to the occasion. When we say study, we rely on the lawsuit that they are coming by you he can respond to the call of Allah and the messenger SallAllahu sallam, when He calls you to that which gives you life, that it is not the people of Reza that are merely being martyred. It is also that people are finding revival in their hearts, that people are recognizing that they have been missing something that the people that was a have. And it's important for us to take advantage of the moment to speak to dead hearts, and to bring them life as we see the dying people of Gaza in our faces who are panela being taken to the

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next round. Isn't it time to be given that eternal life, the life of a Shaheed the life of a martyr, now is the time for us to take Islam to the people, now's the time for us to show people the beauty of Islam, that the beauty of Islam can shine even in the ugliest of circumstances, that the light of faith cannot be extinguished by any form of darkness, that no tyranny can ever shut down. What Allah subhanaw taala has given us that the torch of Islam will continue to be passed down from generation to generation. And we invite people to be a part of this beautiful faith. And so now is our responsibility as an OMA to show people in our actions with each other and our actions with them.

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And in our clarity of message and delivery of that message to them. And to bring people in the nighttime to this I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to unite our hearts, to unite our ranks to make us pleasing to Him and to be in Chatelet out amongst those who will be pleased eternally and for those that Allah and ask the last prototype to bless all of our institutions and efforts to come together in a way that would make our prophets Allah Allah are used and I'm proud and to allow us to do right by our brothers and sisters in Palestine and all over the world, Allah I mean, does that go Oh, hi. Ron was said Mr. Egan. When I went to LA he got a cancer

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