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Treating equally is one of the beauties of Islam by Nouman Ali Khan


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The importance of Islam as a religion and the need for everyone to be aware of its culture is emphasized in winning by doing so. The segment also touches on the credibility of Islam and the importance of staying by one's deen. The segment ends with a statement from a Prophet Solomon about his message and the need for people to be present in public, not just those who are against him. The segment also touches on the importance of witnessing history and proving the legitimacy of Islam in winning against evil behavior.

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I'll tell you one of the scariest things I've ever experienced in my life. One of the most depressing experiences of my life, you'll be surprised. It was hedge.

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hedge. And I've only done one hedge.

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And it's supposed to be the most joyous occasion of my life. And I was very depressed. Eventually, I was happy. But I was very depressed. You know why I was depressed. Because there were VIP sections.

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I was depressed because there were people with the different kinds of passport treated differently.

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I was depressed because, you know, people were not concerned about each other at all.

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If you want me to take somebody and say if you told somebody Islam, in Islam, everybody's treated equally.

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In Islam, the wealthy and the poor, and the black and the white. They're all the same. We are all slaves of Allah. That's the beauty of Islam. That's why Bilal accepted Islam. And he could stand next to Omar and pray.

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And I give them all that theory. And I say, let me show you Islam and I take them to judge

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this, this is your Islam.

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Am I maybe I have bad eyesight? Or

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maybe this is different religion or something?

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Where in the world am I going to take them? And I show them that people are the old way is what it's supposed to be. And we live it.

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Until we become models of it. Please listen to this. I know it's controversial. I may get in trouble for it. I don't care but this is what I'm convinced of. Until we the oma are a model of the of this Deen. We don't get to hate the kuffaar

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we don't get to say Are these Kufa they're gonna go to Ghana?

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Who cares? I stuck to the law these people worship. What do you what have you shown them? What have I shown them?

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You know, talk is half the equation. The Living model is the other half. That's what the prophets were the prophets were not all talk. The prophets were not great speeches. They were living examples, you know, before Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was also soon

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What was he called by the people?

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A Sadek. And I mean, you guys know this, right? True, honest.

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Is that the first qualities people know about the Muslim Ummah today?

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Think about that.

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Before the Prophet was even given the responsibility to do Dawa, he proved his credibility.

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That is his Shahada. Because that's when when he taught Islam, people said we have to listen. He's an honest man. He's the most truthful man. I know. Obviously, this is the right religion.

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You know, today you find those good qualities. non Muslims have them way more than the Muslims have them. It's a shame. It's a shame and we have to be the ambassadors of those qualities. We are too obsessed with preaching Islam and not living it.

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When we think about Dawa, and that's, that may be Dawa. But it's not Shahada otherness, because the Shahada means we're witnessing people saw you people saw what you're like and then they still rejected then you get to say to Allah, Allah, we try to live by your deen we try to stay away from the Haram abide by the halal we did justice every every way we could. And then we also gave them the message of Islam and Yama, they didn't listen.

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Then we have a case. And by the way, think about the opposite.

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As malooley Rahim, Allah put it, think about the opposite. If we don't do this, if we don't become witnesses over humanity, in the way that we're supposed to, and become in front of the law and judgment a and the neighbors that we had the Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, atheist, agnostic neighbors that we had stand in front of a lot of judgment and say Yala, I had no idea what is Islam, and Allah will say, didn't have the cream next lived next door.

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And he says, Yeah, right here.

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I'm looking, they're saying they didn't know Islam. But you live next door. Yeah, but I own a liquor store and

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we used to go to movies together.

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They don't know any Islam from you.

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They just know don't do business with our Korean cars.

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shady guy

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How's it going? No spam from you? Because you gave them some iftaar and Ramadan that's how they know spam from you. Who's in trouble now?

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Is this guy in trouble more this could even trouble.

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You understand what's happening here? If this is a huge burden put on this oma. Now we will be standing trial before Allah azza wa jal

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because the people will see Islam as beautiful but not the oma.

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Islam is amazing. But how would I know? How in the world would I know? You know? That's the tech guru, Shahada, Alana's anass all people, which means whichever culture we belong to whichever nation we belong to, Islam can be practiced their

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Islam can survive as a minority and the majority Islam can survive when you're the only Muslim in the village. Islam can survive on your 1 million people and the other one is wondering to people as long as not dependent on numbers. It's not, it's not dependent on environment. You will be witness to humanity no matter what situation no matter what environment.

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Lita kulu Shahada, Allah knows you know what this also taught us this ayah this ayatollahs we cannot stay among ourselves. We cannot stay Muslim among Muslim only Muslims have to deal with Hindus, they have to deal with Buddhists, they have to deal with people of other religions. They have to interact with them they have to share concern with them because there are people that are here but I have never stayed in one place that he always dealing with other people always concerned about other people. You know what? Anybody here nobody Rahim Allah is surrounded with the people of Luth. The angels came to Abraham first. And he said Why are you here? They said we are going to kill everyone

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in the nation of who knows. rhinos. Oh, they're gay. Right? Yeah, kill him.

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What did he do?

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He argued on their behalf.

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If it was one of us, who like got hungry enough finally.

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Is it going to be nuclear?

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And Ibrahim al Islam is huge. Do not call me Ruth.

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We are military called Rahim. We are supposed to be a mercy and a source of power to all people. All people can you imagine how far we've come from that? How far away We are from that being? So that's the first important implication. Then let's listen to this Hadith of the Prophet Solomon say

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you have a new Yeoman chiama amazing.

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New will be brought on judgment day

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for you cannula help Allah

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He will be asked, Did you deliver the message who was being asked?

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Did you deliver the message for your call now?

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He will say Yes, Master. I did. I did. I delivered the message for two so no matter who then his nation will be asked how

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did the message reach you? For your coluna magic and I mean, they're gonna say No, nobody came warning us.

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No, he's saying I did my job. His entire nation says no. What are you talking about? We didn't have any Warner. We didn't have any messenger. For your Coleman shoe man shoe dog.

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Allah will Satan. Do you have any witnesses that can prove that you're telling the truth?

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Allah is asking who now? No, and no answers. Or for Yoku, Muhammad Anwar Amato.

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He says yes, the people that will make defend me will be Mohammed and his alma,

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Muhammad and us us on Judgment. A we never met no had a Salam. But then we recite surah fnU.

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Did we recite out of know that we know that he delivered the message, this Quran we believe it. And so he says,

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For you to be comfortable, then Allah will bring all of you and you will all testify Yes, Newark delivered the message. We learned that in Quran. Allah made us a witness against the people of New

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on the Day of Judgment, even against them. We're not just a witness against the people who live in our time. We're even a witness against the criminals of all history. And it also means we are witness in favor of all of the believers of the past. I'll give you just one example, Shahada, Allah knows us How will you guys know the famous story writers have to have? If the Quran did not teach us how to graph

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these, these young people.

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Everybody in the world would have believed that these are Christian saints who believed in the worship of Jesus.

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That's what the whole world would have believed

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that these were saints. There's a church in their name still their churches in their name Jacobite churches.

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Nobody came to testify and say that

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These were believing men. These believers were good men and they didn't do any *. They stood by Allah except Koran and through Quran this Omar testifies for them

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were the ones who came to defend them.

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This Koran through this Quran, we will testify for all the believers who have ever lived in history, which nobody knows about. And we will be their witnesses. We will be their backup. This is handled in Ireland in the messenger is Allah for all the nations of the world in the future and in the past, even in the past.

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Even for people that we've never heard of, you know, people in history that have we don't know where they're buried, but they believed in the law, we will testify for them. This This woman is so honored so Pamela

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Ito Gina