Ali Hammuda – Amputation without anaesthetic

Ali Hammuda
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The very famous story of Ottawa even noses obey the Son of a Zubaydah milawa, who was promised paradise,

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Ottawa. It was a baby he's Italian, a second generation Muslim. I'm a hadith scholar of Hadith. A historian, one of the seven famous jurists of Medina, Ottawa, a very righteous worshipper, on scholar of the religion

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and he has a fascinating story pertaining to patients.

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Although I was traveling from Medina to Damascus, this is mentioned in almost all of our books of history.

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And during the journey, he began to experience a pain in his foot.

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And by the time he had reached Damascus, he discovered that it was an ACA and Akella means gangrene.

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And it was so severe by the time he reached the mush of Damascus, that his entire foot was consumed by this disease.

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So he entered into the gathering of unbelievable Abdel Malik who was the Khalifa of the time.

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And he said to him, I need you to see something and he showed him his leg. So the Khalifa al Walid he gathered his surgeons, his doctors to assess the situation. They said, This is America, this is gangrene, and it's a consensus needs to be amputated.

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So they brought the bizarre that's what the narration says, What is the Tsar,

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the butcher? Who else is going to amputate the leg? 1400 years ago, they brought in the butcher.

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And they said to Ottawa,

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no speaker camera, we need to give you a drink of alcohol to knock you out. He said No, I will never drink something impermissible in search for wellbeing. If

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they said no sleek and molted we need to give you then something that will put you to sleep.

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He said I don't want a limb of mine to be taken away from me without me feeling the pain I want the reward to be falling.

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And as he was speaking, he saw a group of men coming into the room. He said Who are these people? They said these will be the people who will hold you down.

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He said to them insha Allah I don't think anybody will need to hold me down.

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And he began to praise Allah Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah Allah and the surgeon began.

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And he took out the knife, and he began to cut through the skin, no anesthetic, no nothing to cut through the skin and to cut through the muscles to cut through the nerves to cut through the veins till he got to the bone and he removes the knife and he brings out the soul. He begins to cut through the bone until the bone until the foot is completely detached. And he has not uttered a single word or flinched.

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Then they bring a boiling vessel of oil

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to seal the wound. There's no other way to do it. And they dip his leg inside of the oil and he passes out the pain is overwhelming.

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Moments later he wakes up and he finds himself wiping the sweat over his head. So grueling experience. And he opens his eyes and he sees the surgeons around him the butcher and they're carrying his foot.

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He said give me the foot place. So they gave Ottawa, the foot and he kisses it.

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And he said, Mr. Owen levy Hamill and

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I swear by the one who carried me all throughout my life on you.

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In the hallway, I am an email machine to BT Ilhan Omar. Never in my life did I use you to walk towards a sin.

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Then during the same journey, US was conveyed to Ottawa. They said to Him, we're really sorry, your younger son, who you left

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back home. He was in a nearby stable and a camel kicked him. He didn't make it he died.

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He didn't utter a single word of discontentment

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all the way until he left Damascus. And he's now coming back to Medina. He got to an area called Ydl Quran.

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And he they heard him say the words of Prophet Musa. That's all he said. Lockard Latina. I mean Serena Harada and Asaba. This journey of ours has been a difficult one. I think he made a DUA.

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He said, Oh Allah.

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I used to have seven children.

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You've left me now with six.

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And I used to have four limbs. And you've left me now with three

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further any better later?

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For lack of a

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while in a catheter for outside. And so Oh ALLAH if you've tested me in this way. And I remember that you've given me wellbeing for so many years. And if you've taken

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and things away from me. You've left me with so much more Moloch.

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And I read another narration completing this one, if I can mention this in hysteria, he says that there was a group of men who came from the tribe of apps

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during the same time when this incident happened, and one of those men was blind. So actually the same Khalifa Ibn Abdul Malik sees the man who was blind in their midst. He says, What's your story? What happened to your eyes, he said, I was once in a valley, tending to my property, and I looked around and I realized no one has more property and wealth than me.

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Then Subhanallah assailed meaning a torrent of rain came down from the valley, and it destroyed everything that night. All of my family were dead, and all of my livestock and all of my property was leveled to the ground. In one night, I was left with nothing but a camel and my youngest son.

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And I was attending to my camel trying to restrain it, but it was a stubborn camel. It ran away. I chased after the camel, and I heard my son screaming, I turned to my son and his head was inside of the mouth of a wolf.

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And he died. The wolf killed him. I turned to the camel kicked me straight in the face. And it burst both of my eyes.

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So in one night, I lost all of my money, all of my property, all of my family, and I was left nothing with a camera, but a camel and a child, and they were taken away from me as well.

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So unbelievable, Abdul Malik Khalifa. He said to his people take this man to Ottawa, who's just lost his

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take this man to Ottawa so that he realizes that there are people who have suffered more than him alone.

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