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is the worry

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of those who believe.

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What is Wali?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is the friend

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of the one who loves him.

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He is the protector of those who love Him.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect and he will love and He will guide the one who loves him.

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And in the time of the profits, a lot of us are having some people they used to say to the profits or losses Yeah.

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I love the loss of Panama dollar. Hezbollah.

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They used to say, I love Allah subhana wa Tada.

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So jabrill Allah Islam came to the Prophet ciloxan with ye to answer what they said.

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And what was it? What he told the Prophet? What did the loss upon tell the prophets awesome to tell those people who said they love him? And he told him to have been a war?

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Yeah, they become a law.

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If you really love Allah, then follow me. So Allah made condition, he made it conditional, that whoever really loves Allah, they should follow the prophets allows them and then if they follow the Prophet sallallahu wasallam then Allah will love them and forgive them their sin.

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you find Muslims today in the street, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, shooting people, robbing people, not making any Salah hating Muslims, killing Muslims, planning conspiring against Muslims, and acting like gangsters in dogs and criminals, Muslims, but if you ask them, are they Muslim to say yes. Do you love Allah? Yes.

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How you can love Allah subhana wa Taala but you don't obey Him.

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How you can love Allah subhanaw taala and you don't pray towards him?

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How you can love a loss of Hannah with Allah and hate a believer in a believer.

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It is because you and I, at one time or another have been blinded by Jackie Leah.

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Even though when I spoke about abodo What did he say to Bilal?

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What did he say to our beloved say it said Satan, I believe one day he called him

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Oh, son of a black woman.

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And we're talking and Bill was heavy.

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And the heavy people among the Arabs at that time had a low position.

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So in a in some Jamelia attitude, he said, oh you son of when the prophet SAW Lawson said Oh, Baba, today, you said the foulest thing from JD

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and because of this admonition from the prophets, a lot of them he felt so bad. He felt as if he was like, like a piece of dirt on the ground.

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He went to sit in a VLAN and he apologized. And he put his foot in his face on the ground and he told Bilal, oh, you put your foot on my head

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to correct himself. How many of us are willing to correct ourselves?