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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was happy he he married a man buried. Brothers and sisters Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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So this is the fourth and final session that we have of our Tafseer of surah Qian and Alhamdulillah, we have finished the entire sutra. And this last session is dedicated to understanding just some of the implications behind the jinn world, and especially some important and relevant areas, which we're going to be looking at today in sha Allah hotellin. The first section that we want to look at is the whole discussion or the concept of autopia or exorcism itself. And we discussed this briefly, we define what autopia was, and we discuss just some of the basic fundamentals of what autopia entails. In sha Allah today, we want to look at a little bit of more on the practical end of things,

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some more of the practical issues of the autopia itself, who is qualified to do Rokia? Why are they qualified? What are some of the things that you and I we should look for whenever we go to a practitioner or an exorcist? What are some of the things that you should look for? And also, today, we will also look at some of the signs and symptoms of somebody who is possessed and how the actual exercise system, how he or she themselves would perform the exorcism? What are some of the things that they should look for and then begin to determine or diagnose whether it is a gin possession or not, then that will also take us into the second part of the discussion, which we will conclude with

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which is the discussion of witchcraft or black magic and things along those nature's? So it's basically the same idea of what to look for how do you know when somebody has said or done on them? How do you remove it? And who should you go to to remove it? If you find like an ornament or something in your home? And you know that it's determined or confirm that this is from Sahara? What do you do with that object? Do you come in you bring it to Brother Muslim con and say here you did get rid of it? Or can you do something about it yourself? So those are the things we're going to be talking about insha Allah. So let's begin with total pa discussion. We all know that autopia is

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exorcism and the Roth P is the exorcist or the practitioner himself, the one who practices this science in this field.

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So what are the qualities that you look for when it comes to an exorcist? Number one, this is the most important, I mean, it's the most important for every act of worship that we do. You can all guess what it is. And of course it is the sincerity for Allah azza wa jal having a helaas. To do rock here is basically it's give or take. It's either it's going to work or it's not going to work. If you have sincerity, yo Rukia is going to work the level of that sincerity will determine the level or the effect of that rock here itself. And now why is this so crucial? We we briefly discussed this last week that a lot of the exorcists that do this kind of job. They in their hearts

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internally may do it for the sake of Allah. But externally, they're probably be looking for other things. When you're an exorcist, believe me, you get a lot of attention. And so that whole popularity and that awareness is increased. You need to make sure that you're always focused on what you're doing it for the sake of Allah as a job, because basically, you start getting these titles that are attached to you like I've been called Ghostbusters one time, right? Like you start getting these really weird titles because people admire, you're an exorcist. Very few people can do that kind of job. So you need to make sure that even practically for yourself, just you as a human being

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you as a slave that you're doing it only to please allies, so adyen also, what entails or what revolves around this concept of sincerity when it comes to exorcism is that you don't take any money for it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam forbade this especially when it came to rockier rock there should always be done for the sake of Allah azza wa jal. The reason will one of the wisdoms why you don't take money for it is because you don't have a deadline of when you can say, Well, I'm finished with you, you're, you know, we've diagnosed the problem and it's cured. You're not able to do that. No one can say that you've been cured from Sahara or you will be cured from it.

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A possession in three days, nobody can determine that you can determine that with a lot of other sicknesses. Because like when you go to the doctor, they'll tell you take these antibiotics for 30 days, and after 30 days, then more or less you're cured. With opiate you can do that there's no time limit, there's no expiration date, there's no deadline for it. That's why you can take money for it, or what's one of the wisdom scholars they've given us. But the point is here is because it's a spiritual cure. It's a spiritual medicine. So it is treated only for the sake of Allah azza wa jal number two, the second criteria that you're going to look for when you look for an exorcist is

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you're going to look for the person who has their lm and knowledge, a person who has an A person who has knowledge. Now you're looking for two types of knowledge, particularly more than others, you're looking for the person who isn't well versed in data sciences. So who is strong in towhead? How do you know when somebody is strong until hiddenly tell you that in a moment. And the second type of knowledge that you're looking for from that individual is you're looking that they have the knowledge of the outcome of the Shetty era. So you're looking that they have knowledge of Islamic laws, the do's and the don'ts, the halos and the harems and everything in between them. Now, how do

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you know when somebody has to heat or they have knowledge of tawheed

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First of all, they've gone through all the Basic Books of tawheed all the Basic Books of tawheed. Now, so this is a more of a theoretical indication that this person here has literally gone through books like what I have in front of me. keytab Butoh heat, some of the students sitting here, you've gone through this entire book, this book here is absolutely crucial, when you want to study or become Araki or an exorcist, all of the other books that are related to this, like the old soul, Othello, and upgraded to the wasa to all of these basic fundamental books, these are all the theory or the information that you need, in order to qualify yourself, that you have sound therapy, that

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you have pure Arpita. What also is important when you study tauheed, is that you also have the knowledge or that person should have the knowledge of the different fedorko, or sects of Islam, different groups of Islam, where they stand, what are some of their basic rulings regarding those sects, because you might have a person who is possessed in front of you, but they don't believe in 100, as soon as Arpita they might believe in somebody else's the last prophet, you might believe in something else or some other issue, when it comes to their data, you need to be able to diagnose that and address it and correct it then in there. So that's when it comes to the toe heat of a lie.

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So Jen, what's also crucial when it comes to the knowledge is that that person part of their toe, hey, they should have memorized the entire Quran. Now, this is not a criteria to be an exorcist. But this is something that I personally place on and many of the recall or the, the exercises, they also do this as well. It's not a condition. If you're not happy, the Quran doesn't mean you can perform exorcism. But it's just one of those things that strengthens you as a dowry and as an exorcist. So you're strong in the sciences of tawheed. And in addition to that, you have a last book memorized with you. And it's with you all the time. So you want to make sure that you are you've memorized the

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Quran. In addition to this, you also have to make sure that that exercise can recite the poor and clearly, with an eloquent voice understands all the Tajweed rules. So if somebody says to you, okay, I'm going to perform rokeya on you. So when they start reciting,

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they get Serato, Allah, Xena, and I'm talay him later in Adobe, I lay him on a DA lien, this is a person that's it's silly, and it's not effective at all. This is a person that is not qualified to do Rokia, you should at least be able to pronounce all the letters and all the connotations and the tedros, it should be clear and explicit, that person should be very strong in the recitation of the Quran itself. Number three, so that's the knowledge when it comes to the outcome before we go on to number three, when it comes to the outcome. We're looking for a basic fact here. We're looking for basic physics and fundamentals when it comes to Islamic laws. Why? Because you might have a patient

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in front of you that's not dressed very well. Or you might have a patient that's in front of you that you know, has been smoking or something. You need to be able to know what are the rulings behind this in order to address the issue? Why is this so important? Because sometimes when that person comes to you, and what's apparent in front of you is that they have a weakness of a man, that alone could be the solution and cure their problem. So if you say to them, well look, I can smell cigarettes from you.

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Are you smoking? Or do you smoke? And the person will say yes. So what do you what you will do immediately is you'll stop them and say, quit smoking. And tell me what happens. I can tell you many, many times this has worked, where you just simply tell a person quit smoking, and the gin leaves them. They perform their own little pa themselves, and they don't, and they don't even know that they can do that. So person who has the cam, and rulings of Islam, they're able to determine these little things. Even when it comes to a woman, she might come in front of you. But you know, her hijab is like falling off her head or something. So all of these things, you can address them

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and say, Look, make sure that you're dressed modestly. You dress well, and you have a complete a job in and that in and of itself can cure them from their problems. This is why some of them are limited. They say a woman's hijab is a protection from possession and gin, when a woman is a little hesitant, perfected her hijab, not to wear it. I'm talking about the woman who has perfected her hijab. In other words, if you wear a hijab, and it's transparent, that's not a hijab anymore. It may take the ruling of a hijab, but it's not perfected, she will lose the majority of the reward when it comes to hijab, because the whole purpose of it is to cover that part of herself. And if it's not

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accomplished, then she cannot claim that I'm wearing hijab, or look, this is it. And I mean, a lot of cultures have this problem. So over the person, though, Rocky, he's able to address these issues and make sure that they are corrected immediately. So you see what's happening already. A good Exorcist prepares you for the exorcism itself. A good Exorcist will prepare you he wouldn't just come to you and say, okay, you need an exorcism, then call us. You know, I'll do it for you know, they're going to start to look for some issues and some problems and some and understand a little bit about your background. So and we're going to talk about that shortly. Insha Allah in a few

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