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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The meaning of "ma'am" in various context is discussed, with the host emphasizing the importance of fulfilling promises and showing one's love for the person. The negative impact of people nearing death and the need for people to remember good deeds are also emphasized. The importance of fear and avoiding fearful behavior is also emphasized, along with the need to make cities and countries secure. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing one's love for the person and avoiding fearful behavior.
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welcome to Tech along. I'm your host, Alison and I have with us here on model sugar. We're gonna be talking about the 99 names of a lot today. Now in this episode we are doing min I love and woman and the reason is because I always, you know, man, what does it mean?

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That is a good question. What does the woman mean moment someone's a believer, right? Exactly a believer. So it was always like you're reading it. And it's just what does that even mean? allows the believer the believer in what he read himself. And so when you're looking at this word and look at the meanings, you'll find that there's a couple of meanings. One is a lot. And then the one who fulfills his promises.

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Meaning and he's the one who when he does something truthful, oh, moment is not only is it that they believe, but they're truthful in that belief. Know that a lot of the day when he says he's going to do something, okay. But in nikka, john

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Murphy, yes. Okay. So in a lot of promises, that he's going to do something that it there's no doubt in it, the the the ISS Oh, a lot, you're going to resurrect people, you're going to gather people for a day in which there's no doubt there's no doubt about the Day of Judgment. He said he's going to do it, there's going to be a judgment that's done. Okay. Right. So that's the first connotation of a minister fulfills the promises. So I mean, because the thought that just realized the connection that that I just made, is in relation to the word Amen. In its root being Amanda, which also is a manner, which has to do with the fact that one trusts and it's also refugee services,

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matter if your services your users are plug.

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But, but the thought that knowing that Allah subhanaw taala allotment, meaning that he will fulfill that promise, and you as someone who has a man needs to believe and have trust in Allah, He will fulfill that exactly. Got it. Which leads us to the next one, which is the next connotation of movement is that he's the one who fulfills what his belief what his slaves expect of him. Okay? And that, whether that mean, it means that, for example, he's not going to let you down. So if, as a slave one expects that mercy, like the verse of that poet who said that when asked, yeah,

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but at the same time, if somebody believes that Allah subhanaw taala will punish them? Well, you shouldn't. Okay. You know, I mean, when a person is near their deathbed, I mean, it's that fear is good when a person's you know, living their life, and it's a good check, you know, but when a person's near the end of their, their death, or when they're close to their death, or they're advanced in their age, that's when a person should really hope in the mercy of Allah. And it's actually a sooner that when a person is, you know, near their death, when you're sitting next to the person who's you know, about to die or something like that, you're reminding them of their good

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deeds, okay. That's why I'm in an office, you know, son was doing what I'm doing. I also was about to pass away. And it sounds like Why don't you with a compiler with the promises of them? And didn't you and didn't you? And did you, and I'm gonna made his famous statements that he made earlier than it was. But I don't want to get into that right now. But the point being, I've just said, I don't want to do this, I left me as a cliffhanger. Well, I'm gonna said what he said, you know, at some point, when I was a mushnik, I hated the province otherwise, and there was no one who was me more hated to him than me. And if I had died in that state, I would have been from the people of the

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hellfire. I knew where I would have gone. And then the exhibition ROM, and there was no one who is more beloved to me than the Prophet, some of them. And if I had died during that period, I would have hoped to be of the people of gender. Yeah, like I have a good expectation of where I would have been in that state. But then after he died, we became rulers. And I really don't know where I'm gonna end up. Okay. Okay, so this was like, and his son at the same time is telling him like, you know, he's reminding him of his good deeds. And that was true, you're supposed to do you're supposed to remind people in those moments about their good deeds, so that they have hope and meaning a lot.

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And so a lot as we get his, as his slaves expect to him and end the one knob dB, as Allah says, and I do the footsies as I am, as my slave expects me to be and so we're supposed to expect goodness from a lie xuejun always no matter how dark it gets in our lives that we know that Allah has there yet is a man and Rahim and we know that he's the merciful and you know that he takes care of his lips. Got it? Is that still a part of that? That's all part of movement, okay. And part of what men also is that Allah is the one who testifies to his own oneness.

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Right? Yeah, so it does have this connotation of he's, he's the first one to testify to his oneness. And that's the famous verse and it says, show you the love and know that you know, hello, when America Odin, Allah says, Allah testifies that there's nothing worthy of worship except for him. And the angels testify that to as well as well as the people of knowledge, also have the connotations of men is a man and a man means security. Okay? And so Allah is the one who grants security and Allah is the one who protects Allah azza wa jal is the one who rescues His servants.

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You did jump the jump gun, that's normal for you.

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Right? So a lot as it is the one who grants security and He grants safety. And so when a person is in fear, a person is, you know, desiring for protection, that they use this name that they call upon Eliza yet by the name and movement.

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And he transforms people's fears into security in the dunya, as well as in the hereafter seeking protection. Yeah, and a lot of it is the one who makes people secure laws. God is the one who makes cities secure and countries secure. And if you're a person who just to reflect on how a man made, how much Mecca and Medina and he made these places secure over the, you know, vast majority of these past 1400 years indicates really

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his, his his mercy and His ability. Yeah, that allows again, made the city secure. Although, I mean, one might argue that the judge can use it like See, that's why I said the vast majority, right? It's not just it doesn't some people have transgress the boundaries of the * but if you're looking at from historical concepts, absolutely. in general. Yeah. Okay.

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Cool. Is there anything else on this? That's an allotment? Yes. Yeah. So just really quickly, just how to interact just like I mentioned, how do you interact with them? When you look at these different aspects and every single one of us experiences fear at some point in time, you want to make sure that you know to call upon good

In episode 3 of the series titled ’99 Names of Allah’ Ustadh Ammar discuses the name ‘Al Mumin’ of Allah swt.

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