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In this video, Shaykh Yasir divulges numerous details about the life and times of Saeed Ibn Zayd RA.

Saeed ibn Zaid ibn Amr ibn Nufayl RA was the son of an excellent individual named Zaid ibn Amr ibn Nufayl. He was the nephew of Al Khattab, the father of Umar RA.The reason for the respect that is binding upon him is his absolute detest for idolatry and his inability to fathom the reason for the irrelevant customs and traditions that were being followed by the Quraysh.

Once, while leaning against the Kabah, it is reported that Zaid Ibn Amr shouted:"O people of Quraysh! It is God Who has created the sheep. He it is Who has sent down rain from the skies of which they drink and He has caused fodder to grow from the earth with which they are fed. Then even so you slaughter them in names other than His. Indeed, I see that you are an ignorant folk."

Saeed ibn Zaid RA, hence, without an iota of doubt, had the roots of his father deeply embedded into him and it came as no surprise when he accepted Islam wholeheartedly.

Said ibn Zayd RA was relentless in his love and devotion for Islam and participated in all major battles, conquests and campaigns barring battle of Badr. Details on this can be gathered when we listen to Shaykh Yasir revealing them at great length in this talk above.

An excellent saying by the great sahaba is that he says, "Let me report you something that I heard from the Prophet: The Messenger of Allah said, 'If a person seizes a land that does not belong to him, that land will be wrapped around his neck on the Day of Judgment even if he is under the seventh floor of the earth. A person who dies for his property is regarded as a martyr.'

For more such beautiful Hadith, do listen to the above talk intently and come out enlightened immensely.


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