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Episode Notes

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan makes us get goosebumps just by listening to his lecture on the Devil’s Motive.

In this talk, we comprehend how Shaytaan is sitting to attack us! How ungrateful he is and wants us to be the same. We need to realize that we must always be grateful for the organs, food, shelter, parents, and Alhamdulillah for making us Muslims, and His guidance that Allah has provided us with. Alhamdulillah, there are so many things to be grateful for.

Insha Allah,  with the constant remembrance of Allah we will be able to defeat the devil. May Allah protect us from his whispers and make us among those for whom Allah has chosen this path to be easy. Aameen.



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The history and potential of shaman and Shelton, the origin of hadn't" and " handyman" words used in Arabic, and the potential for achieving success in the future are discussed. The importance of proving success and avoiding punishment is emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness and avoiding promises. The speaker discusses the struggles of proving success and the fear of mistakes, as well as the importance of learning and showing loyalty to one's friend in learning to avoid attacks on one's success.

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Today in shallow Tada, I'll share with you the continuation of the few lessons I wanted to extract from SoTL era, the seventh surah of the Quran, where Allah talks about in exhaustive detail the story of creation and the story of Adam, Adam alayhis salam and the devil at least. And what I wanted to highlight today after speaking about arrogance and jealousy last time, is actually what Allah when Allah azza wa jal asked him or actually commanded him to be expelled, he's lost his rank, he's going to be pushed out from the closeness of Allah. At that point, he responds to Allah. And as I get to that response of the devil, I wanted to first explain to you why the word shaman is

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important to understand it has a non Arabic origin also. But in the Arabic language, it is argued to be from one of two origins that shape, or shorten, there's two possible origins of the word. And the word shuttling in Arabic actually means the bar that means someone thinks someone that goes far far away, someone who's very far and very long distance away. It's actually the same reason why the word Shelton is used in Arabic for a very long, extensive rope. So a super long rope is actually called Hello Mom, dad is actually also called a shotgun. And from it, you get the word shape on the other side of it actually the origin of the word shape, it actually means someone who is engulfed in

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flames because of anger, meaning someone who's fired literally in many languages, you use the idea of man he was fired up or he was on fire, or man, they just they said you what you said set me ablaze or My heart is on fire, the idea of fire being associated, or being ablaze being associated with anger, or hatred or spite that he's set on fire because of his spite. And some have tried to combine both of these meanings, suggesting that he's gone too far in his hate. And anytime there's any opportunity for him to get closer and reduce that hate, he keeps pushing it away and keeps going further and further away. And as a matter of fact, that's part of what he does for us. His job is

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actually to take something that isn't a good quality that we have inside of ourselves. First of all, he wants to set that quality on fire, you know, excite that quality serve as a catalyst, he can't make us do bad things. But there is a potential dangerous ingredients inside the human being already he can encourage you to be careless with those ingredients and start a fire and once you do, then he wants you to keep going and going and going up to shaytani until the loo Balala Merida Francaise. shaitan wants that you go misguided Far, far far away. Just like he himself He wants you to keep going and keep going and keep going and not turn back and he will in inshallah we'll see how he does

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that. How is he successful in messing people up and making sure they stay messed up? So his response to Allah when Allah told tells him to leave his um Livni in Iommi, your iPhone, give me extra time. And it's not a lot of time Nevada would be to give a lot of time um, but I would be to give not too much time. I'm not asking for too much time, until the day when they are resurrected, meaning don't punish me right away. Just give me some ability from even now, until the day they're resurrected. And in the mind of shaitaan. That's not a long time. In the minor shape on who's actually been in the company of Allah been in the company of the angels, he actually understands that from the time

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that this conversation happens until Judgment Day is not a very long time. And actually what he spins to all of us, if you got time, you got all the time in the world, you have to change right now Ramadan is hot for a few months. You're good, you know, so in your head, and in my head, we feel like we've got very long even if death is near, then so what the Day of Judgment Cardinals when that's gonna come in Nome yellowhammer, even when or who kariba they see it is very something very far away. How, why do you have to worry about it right now. So that's one thing that we get from it. The other thing that's on a side note, it's not really part of what I want to give you in the hood.

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But on a side note, some people ask the question, and even recently, I was asked shaytan is someone that like kicked out someone to lead rejected, and yet later on in the story, you learn that he was able to whisper to Adam and our mother, who were still in heaven. So how is he able to whisper to them while he's kicked out of heaven, and they're still in heaven? And possibly the answer to that is actually this ability Allah gave him first of all, he stays at a distance. He's still part of the meaning of his word, he stays at a distance, but Allah gave him the ability to have his whisper reaches anyway. And that's not so hard for us to imagine today, right? People are very far away from

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us and their voice reaches us by means that will in any other century of world history would be considered magic. I can see my mother from across the ocean. That's in any other day and age that would be called Magic today's just an iPhone, or today's just a video call, right? It's just a Skype call. So but the idea that he can reach from a distance and can whisper

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is an ability that Allah allowed him to have until the Day of Resurrection. So and leave me alone, you've assumed and immediately responded, color in the communal marine fine, you are among those who've been given some time, I'll let you have some free space from some free room to operate within that within that room within that space. The other thing here is why did he asked for time he knows punishment is coming. And he's no, he knows it's not that far away. What's he hoping to gain? He knows for a fact he will not avoid a less punishment. He knows for a fact that he's been rejected. There is no success for him. At the end of all of this, there is no saving himself. There is no

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asking for forgiveness, he has given up on all of those things. He's gone far away from all of those things. He's made up his mind. So what's he going to accomplish? In his mind, so long as I can prove to Allah, that I'm not the only failure? I'm a failure. Sure. But my success will be if I can prove that they're also a failure. Haha, see, you think I'm a loser. They're losers too. And I'll prove it to you. Just give me time. This is a success in his head. That's a goal. And you know what, that's a goal, like a virus that he infects other people with. There are some people in whose life The only thing is I don't care if I accomplish or not, I just want to make sure this one doesn't accomplish.

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I just made sure this one doesn't get. This is exactly what happened later on in the sutra and the story of how bieden kaabil. They both offered a sacrifice, one sacrifice was accepted. And the other says, Well, I was accepted. I don't care if mine was accepted or not. I can't have him be successful. That bothers me. You know, jealousy even between human beings, jealousy between siblings, between loved ones, between spouses between parents. I've even met children that have said to me, You know, I don't like my parents. Why don't you like my parents? Because they love each other so much. It bothers me.

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Really, that bothers you? Yeah, cuz I know, I'm never gonna have anything like that. That just makes me jealous. Whoa, that's heavy. I mean, it sounds weird and funny, but it's actually pretty heavy, that a person can actually feel that Shelton can make you want something, even if you're not going to have it. I wish they didn't have it. So long as they're Mister, I just want to make sure they're miserable, then I'll be happy. There are some people who might just be you know, they're okay, so long, so long as they don't hear from you. But if they find out that you're happy, if they find out that you were smiling, it really bothers them. Like, what why is he worried? Why is he happy? What

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just happened? I thought he disappeared. I thought she was miserable. And I see this picture somewhere, or I see this video somewhere or I see this. I heard from somewhere that they were happy. Hmm. What is this? And then the thought of how did they get away with it? How are they smiling again, it just eats away at them when they can get it out of their head. You know, this is this is from the devil himself. The devil can't see us succeed. And so he tells a lie, give me time and I'll prove my case. But then he what he said, I read it, it's so loaded, that it's not going to be done in one foot by his strategy that he it's not even a secret. He didn't even hide what he's going to

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do and how he's going to do it. He actually laid it all out. And a lot laid it all out for us because part of guidance. Part of knowing the road is knowing the dangers on the road. So know your enemy, right. So you can't just let him just give us directions. Here's how you get to heaven. Well, here are all the obstacles on your way to heaven. Here's how all the obstacles that will keep you from succeeding. And here's your enemy waiting for you. So he says to Allah, Allah fathima gluttony. And it is only because you made me turn the wrong way. This is what he says to Allah, it is only because you made me turn the wrong way. Who does he blame? Allah? This was your scheme. This was

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your plan. You knew it would bother me that Adam is made from dirt. And you must because you're all knowing you messed with me anyway. And you made me saying it's your fault, not my fault. You got me into this. You did this to me. You just don't like me, you have it out against me. You're the one who cursed me, you're the one who doesn't want me to be forgiven. And because you did this to me, I'm gonna do this to these human beings that you love so much. So the first part of that is blaming Allah. And because it's first, not in his response, you know, you can see first he refused to do such that. That was a distance away from Allah. Then he took another step and he said, Well, I'm

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better. Another distance, step away from a light. It's an act of arrogance. But now he's taken a huge step away from Allah. When he says, No, not only am I not wrong, you're the one who's wrong. You're the one who did wrong to me. Now he's blaming the law. He's taking even another step, guess what he's going to do with humanity. He's going to come to each one of us. And first he's going to make us disobey Allah.

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Just Okay, and then we all this will be a lie at some point. We all we're not perfect. We're gonna make mistakes.

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But that's one thing, but then he's good. And maybe one time you make a mistake, you feel bad you ask a lot of forgive you repent, you cry, your guilt, you feel guilt inside you, that just makes you human and that makes you like other malasana. But it comes and makes you sin again, and makes you or convinces you to sin again, convinces you to sin again, and the next time, he adds another worst step that takes you away. It's way worse than the sin is sin as bad. But something way worse is when you start justifying it is way worse when you start giving a logical explanation for why you sinned. Well, I was under a lot of pressure when I did this, right. I had this reason or that reason, you

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don't understand what I was going through. I was really upset at the time. You know, I have my reasons. When you start doing that you're being like the devil. He's taking another step away taba, chautala, another step away from Allah. But the worst of it all, is someone keeps going down a road of sin. And then when you say, why are you going down this road? You say Allah wants it this way. You know, if Allah wanted, I would have been a better person. I don't even know why he hates me so much. God just doesn't like me. What is he done for me? And you find people that have now drowned themselves in sin. Now speaking about a line that way, exactly the step by step procedure, Chapin

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took to take another step, another step, another step before he's an infinite number of miles away from Allah, the sister Barada, and all of this out of his rage, fueled by the fuel of his this vehicle is his rage. So he will want that for humanity. And so he says, Now to ally, you're the reason you're the cause. And you know what, not only do I want to get away from this, from my road to Allah, but he says the occludin Allah erotica and Mr. King, he says he promises to Allah.

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cordon Allah home sirotkin Mr. Kim, I promise to you and I swear to you, and I swear to you, and I swear to you, this is called lamb, lamb tokita, noon, satilla and grammar. What that means is, it's really hard to translate in English. In easy English translation will be I will sit waiting for them. That would be an easy English translation. But Kuru actually means to sit somewhere waiting in ambush for an enemy.

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Guru than a mccard in Arabic is where you sit, waiting to ambush your enemy. You know how like cops sometimes pull in behind the bushes on the highway? Waiting for you to speed? That's good. That's actually good. Okay, well, I do work on cola MCAD process of Coca Cola Masada actually our place of ambush. But anyway, the idea of crude is to sit somewhere a long time. And crude is different from juice if I sat on this chair and got up the Zulus, but if I was in crude, I would take my time. So he's got all the time in the world. If you're not messing up, he's okay. He's like, Oh, I got you eventually. I'm waiting. I'm waiting. I'm waiting. He's studying you. In any endeavor who you know

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Morocco, whoever camino mean Hi, Sula, Toronto. He and his minions are constantly watching you serving you from places you can imagine. They're studying your behavior. They're looking at how you respond to things. They look at what upsets you what makes you happy, what makes you slip, and then they use that against you. They are literally the psychological subjects of these devils. And so he promises a lot of strangers promise. He says I will sit, I will wait for them. I will wait there for them. I swear to you, I will wait. I will wait and I will wait where on your path that is straight

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on your straight path. Sometimes people ask the question, I understand when disbelievers mess up. I understand when people who don't believe in God are drinking and clubbing and adultery and all this other stuff. I get it. But I don't understand why people that look religious act religious talk religious, they know Quran they memorized during hijabs. They just came from Hodge. And look what they're doing. Look at how they're talking, looking at how they're behaving. These are supposed to be good people and look at how they're messing up. Guess who he comes after more than anyone else. He actually he he's bothered by people that are on this path. And he waits to attack you. And when

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he fails, he moves down one mile and says okay, when you pass this mile marker, maybe I'll get you then. And when you when you make him fail again, he moves ahead and waits for you again, and you keep going down this path and he will come at you and come at you and come at you. You know people that haven't changed for a lot people that are still in sin. They look at someone who's trying to change and say you're a good person. You know, Allah made it easy for you. Allah didn't make it easy for anyone. The devil comes to everyone. It doesn't matter if you're praying five times a day, it doesn't matter if you're 100 every single night. It doesn't matter if you do Hajj every single year.

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It doesn't matter if you recite the entire Quran and recite it over and over and over again. That will never make you immune from the devil waiting for you and coming at you and coming

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Coming at you. And he doesn't attack people the same way, you know, when you study your enemy. You know, in sports, for example, when what they do with teams right before they have a match with a team, they study the strategy for that team. And the coach tells them, this is how we're going to do our offense. This is how we're going to do our defense against this team. They study their opponent very, very well. So the the, the gameplay of a team is not the same depending on the opponent, even in one on one sports, like tennis and things like that, you get coached, this is how you handle this opponent. This is how you handle their serve. This is how you respond. This is exactly what the

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devil does. His attack is not the same for me as it is for you.

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He's not going to attack you the same way he attacks me. He will study you find out your weaknesses and come at you from your weaknesses, he'll study me find out my weaknesses come at me from my weaknesses. And he knows that Allah has given him that time where he can just allow to allow to sit back and just watch and study and observe. And then come and suggest and then come and give whispers and that to all of it on illustrate path. So you know what we're learning that the hardest thing to do is to actually take one step towards Allah.

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So the hardest thing to do not not make a million miles of progress, one step towards Allah. Because when you're about to take that one step, go way, way, way, way, way, way, way. You are my friend, because when you're going in the other direction, you're the devil's friend.

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But if you turn towards a lot, you just became his enemy.

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You're the reason he got kicked out. He wants to prove that everybody can be his friend and help. So when you turn around even a little bit, and you take even one step, the devil will come at you in every single possible way he can to dissuade you from turning back. I've even met people that say, everything is going smooth in my life, until I start praying. When I start praying, problems start happening.

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All of a sudden, my friends are mad at me, all of a sudden, my health is going bad. All of a sudden, I'm having this trouble or that trouble or the other trouble. So I'm just scared of praying because things just start messing up.

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I knew a scholar one time who his mother was Christian. And she was thinking he kept inviting her to Islam, and he's old himself. And his mother's very old. And he keeps inviting to Islam inviting me to Islam inviting tears, and she's not, you know, she's not ready to leave. And one time she decides that she's thinking about Islam, and she starts getting nightmares every night.

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And literally nightmares every night. And every time she'd hold on to the crucifix and then go to sleep, the nightmares disappear.

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The Devils know you're taking a step. And they've got a comment you, they've got to make sure you go back and be their friend. So he says I will sit there waiting, like a roadblock on your straight path. And but then how is he convincing us to turn away in these few minutes that I have left, I want to give you a picture of what's coming in the in the next hobas he says to Allah samalla rT and the homerun benei ad him woman has won a money him while I'm Shama ilium.

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He says I will attack them from four directions,

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I will attack them from the front, I will attack them from behind, I will attack them from the right, and I will attack them from the left from the front from behind from the right and from the left. Now, that could just mean I'm going to attack him for all sides. But a laws words are very precise. Allows words are very precise. Each one of these is a strategy of the devil. He has a different kind of attack from the front, a different kind of attack from the writing a different kind of attack from the left a different kind of attack from behind. And so we're going to take our time going through each of these attacks. But before we get into those attacks, I'll just tell you

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one goal that he has each of these attacks, how does he know that his attacks are successful? That's the goal to at least today. That's what I want to inform you of how will he know that his attack was success has succeeded. When you do a thorough home shocking, you will find you will not find that most of them are grateful.

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If he can attack you. And by the end of that attack, you are no longer grateful to Allah.

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You're no longer grateful, you're pessimistic and when someone's pessimistic, for example, they're not grateful because to be grateful, you have to think about the good things. You can think about bad things and be grateful That's impossible.

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You can say

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that that's not 100

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you have to think of the positive you thought you have to think of a less favors.

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You can't be grateful if you're in disobedience, how can you be grateful to Allah and show no loyalty to him? What kind of gratitude is that? If he can figure out some way of making you and me ungrateful. Then he succeeded. You know what we're learning. His biggest problem was arrogance. His biggest problem was arrogance and allies teaching us through these ideas.

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The biggest solution to arrogance is what? Being grateful, being grateful and he knows, so long as they're grateful I won't get them

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so long as they're thinking about my favors to them, but alas favors to them. I won't get them. So long as they're positive and hopeful I won't get them so long as they have a good opinion of Allah, I won't get them. Because obviously we can't be grateful to a life we're angry with Allah. You can't be thankful to him if you have bad thoughts about him. So if I can just get rid of their gratitude, I have succeeded. And he will try to get rid of it from the front from the right from the left and from the back and these are the attacks that inshallah Allah we're going to try to explore in some detail. What does it mean that the devil is coming at you from the front? What does it mean that

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he's coming at you from behind? What does it mean that he's coming at you from the right and from the left, and inshallah without as we studied that you become you have to ask yourself, maybe for you the attack from the front is your problem. Maybe for your friend the attack from the left is the problem. Maybe from another friend the attack from behind is the problem. He won't get all of us the same way he'll see all this one didn't work. I'm gonna try this side. Oh, that didn't work. I'm gonna try the other side. Oh, that didn't work on this one. Got them. Okay, I'll stick with this one. I'll keep hammering him this way. You understand? This is why we have to study how is it the

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Chetan is going to ruin our journey along the straight path may Allah azza wa jal keep us firm and committed to the straight path. understand something now when you recite the Fatiha as I leave you, when you recite the Fatiha and you and I say serrata Latina and anti la him, the path of those you made ease for one of the meanings in arm is to make things easy. They see in armies also this neuronal in softness. Allies the only one you know that translate the path of those you blessed. Blessing this name as part of the meaning neuroma is also part of the meaning. Actually the path of those only you could have made the path easy for them. Because without you the devil will make sure

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the path is hard is impossible. So when we ask Allah we don't just ask the path of good people know the path of those who you intervened and you made things easy for them without without you making things easy and smooth for them. There is no way this road was going to be smooth, because until the day of judgment upon is on that road. Chetan and his minions are on that road waiting for you to you to be attacked. How can a road be easy when you're going to be attacked from every direction only when Allah will make that road easy, only when you will be from those and I will be from those who he describes in the Fatiha and Latina and I'm telling him It gives you a new appreciation of what

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you say when you stand in the prayer and using salata Latina and Anthony. Eliza will keep us committed to that path and accept our worship and save us from the whispers of the devil. barakallahu li walakum cinematical