Abu Eesa Niamatullah – Advice for Mosques and Attendees Dealing with The Coronavirus

Abu Eesa Niamatullah
AI: Summary © The importance of fitness for COVID-19 and the need for a personal health program for the elderly is discussed. The speaker emphasizes the importance of watching the message during the mastery of life and avoiding misunderstandings. The use of hamster language and the practice of washing hands are also emphasized. The speakers stress the need to protect the elderly and their immune system, as well as preventing the spread of COVID-19.
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right. So the messages asked me to put forward some points that they want to implement in response to the coronavirus spread. And

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thing that we should consider from a fitness point of view, which should be applied both in this method and then in all massages, actually. So this is a, an advisor to the director general one which is going out to the rest of the massage as well. And, of course, all of these scenarios, they allow us to remind the Muslims ourselves of our responsibilities,

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not just from an obligate obligation points of view, but the things that we should be practicing anyway, especially from the sooner it's an opportunity to learn and to take the reminder. Now, this Coronavirus is not something which is obviously brand new, it's been a few months now. And actually also the Coronavirus is not or COVID-19 is not something which is a deadly killer, like the size of the MERS or Ebola or whatever. It's not the actual virus that we're so worried about, let alone the other Mamas and Hannah metalla that he sends down another way that we can become ill and we can eventually pass away from there are many ways out there that happens, hundreds of 1000s of people

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are dying every day. That's not the the issue or the concern, we accept the father of a lot. And we are now establishing the other of a lot how we respond to these trials. And these tests. The reason that we're worried the reason that we're panicking is because not because it's a killer, that the disease disease itself is not a killer. It's a destroyer of a national health system. That's the reason that we're worried the number of people that will hospitalized at one time is something that no country can cope with. And that itself and the impact of that on those people who are ill or otherwise or who need emergency help otherwise, or who need important operations otherwise, that

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would then have to be put on the back burner, which means it really becomes a threat to the general population. So therefore, even though as as a matter of day to day, we can see it as a life issue, not very serious issue. Some people even joking about it. And yes, it's nothing more than a flu or a cold. Actually, there is a very serious consequence for some people, not only in our community, and especially our elderly. Now, of course, this is being spoken about with respect to the message, which has the majority of its people that come to it regularly, the elderly. And so I'm doing this because the message sees the protection of his elderly as a priority. And so I want everybody to

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listen very carefully. The progress of life has made the prayer and the mastery one of the most blessing and rewarding acts not just for the sacrifice that goes into attending in difficult mornings and late nights. But because it's a sign of a man and the amount of a gem the amount of benefit that one takes when they attend the mastery. However, according to the majority of scholars, it is not obligatory to pray your prayers in the masjid it is a sooner according to the majority of the Imams. Therefore, if any single person believes that they could be ill or might have the indicators or Coronavirus, it is not only not obligatory to attend the masjid rather it is

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obligatory upon you to stay at home. There is no basis for someone to think that they are more religious or more Mottaki or silent by coming to the masjid and then putting at risk the other people in the masjid. This is a very, very important point. To the extent that even the single most obligatory action that you must do in the week in domestic which is the Juma prayer, you are also obligated to remain at home and pray over instead, if you are indeed suffering from the symptoms, or have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. It is not such a this is not some shame or humiliation. This is public self. This is public safety. This is part of the health of the community. And this is

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Islamic response. And maybe some of them actually prohibited people who would eat garlic to come to the masjid, he actually said that the people who eat garlic not come to our job. And that's just because he doesn't want the smell to disturb people, let alone those then come who are actually a danger and a problem. Now, as I said, the fatality rate in the elderly and those who are immunocompromised, and those who are ill, and those who have diabetes, and so on. This is the highest percentage amongst our community, the Muslims who are ethnic in the majority, they have a higher tendency to have these illnesses. So we as a percentage, are more likely to have problems

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because of this than other populations. And so we do need to also remind ourselves of the various exits of our normal day to day life. So for example, that you're hearing a lot about the washing of hands. A lot of people are saying you know what?

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We do that every day. We may go somewhere safer. You don't understand what's being said fine.

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times that hate washing their hands is not what's being recommended by the government. The idea here is that because people have a tendency to touch, pick their nose, rub their eyes, touch their mouth, combing through their gear, we you only realize this once you stop doing this, we are very physical with our fingers. And so you will then transfer that onto your hands. And you will then be touching surfaces and touching, shaking hands, and so on and so forth. And the and the virus at the moment, it is not clear how long it lasts on what kind of surfaces and what kind of temperatures, this is not the Bahamas, there is no reason for anything to evaporate due to the heat, it's going to remain

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on surfaces, hard surfaces, soft surfaces, we're not sure how many hours they can remain. And therefore we have to be very careful with respect to how we think the sunlight is. So for example, we should revisit the concept of shaking of the hands. And shaking the hands is not actually the issue here. But that's why you see there's not a focus on the shaking of the hands, but on the washing of the hands. Because a person can shake their hands of all the people who are infected as much as they want. If you don't touch one of your your membranes that takes the into the body, then you're not going to have a problem. But you will spread it to someone else who will do that. And so

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for us to ask you to calm down on shaking their hands or to stop shaking their hands is also something quite acceptable. In actual fact, I want to remind myself and yourself yourselves as well that it is not a necessary singer per se of the professor license to shake hands. He would praise people who would shake hands and would maintain in that position until the sins would come upon. But he's not alone. his actual sooner was to say a Salaam Alaikum. And other people say well I like the lesser known the concept of hugging, lets us own the concept of kissing on the cheek and so on. These are social customs which are allowed initially, but not for one second, should you think this

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is an Islamic greeting, it is not Islamic to insist on shaking one's hands hugging other people kissing wants people and during this time where it's difficult for us to adjust and how we're touching ourselves and how we're spreading this condition. It is good advice for us to reduce the shaking of hands and the hugging and kissing. This is something which is good advice and something which is allowed initially up to bring a hold to for temporary and for a temporary time. The other thing which is very important is this misunderstanding of what should happen when we cough or sneeze. Now unfortunately, as you know as not as Muslims, but ethnics generally we have a very bad

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attitude when it comes to coughing and sneezing, burping all this kind of stuff, especially with know so much in the massage that we're standing with people who are all over the place. And it's not it's not acceptable, actually, especially when you see the purpose of license actions, the Hadees that speak about the sneezing of the purpose of license and you know, alcocer under this License wobba Yeah, the author of a minor fee, in one hand is the province of nice lm, it says that he would put his yet and I'll come back to that in a second. or his soul, which means a garment or cloth of any sort upon his mouth, in the other narration upon his forehead. And in no narration Do we have

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which is authentic, more authentic than these narrations, the hand or the palm the cap itself. And I want you to know that any generation that has a mention of the caffeine, the two hands or one hand, you know, like the idea that you sneeze into your hands like this, it is not more authentic than the Hadees, which talk about the clothes. And that hand. The yet in Arabic is from here. And so here, the practice of the practice of license is not to soil, the hands, let alone the right hand, it would make no sense for the purpose of my sentence when he's using our right hand for eating and for shaking and for all of the good things to sneeze into and to make dirty his hand. And likewise, the

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idea of the cloth makes it clear that the sooner is to sneeze into one shoulder or into one's forearm like this, or to use something which replaces this, that the clothes of the profits of lines and we're very loose and very natural. And so anything that could be used, you know that the narration of accident that talks about the forehead is referring to this. If I look at my sleep, if you look at some of the Sudanese tile sleeves, or other sleeves, if I put my hand on my forehead, and I sneeze, I'm actually sneezing into this. That makes sense. Okay, so this is that interpretation, I decided that we shouldn't be sneezing into our hands either. Unless you have in

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your hand ready your tissue, your handkerchief and you're able to isolate it and make sure that it doesn't come into contact with anything else, then this is fine. But otherwise, you keep your hands clear so that if you do by mistake, cough or or what's happening to your hands, you're not then spreading it every time you touch surfaces and so on. The massages have now started a protocol and hamdulillah of increasing the cleaning of the surfaces that can spread

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This infection. So the message is also asking those because you know that there are a shortage for soldiers for incentive wives and so on, so forth. So if you do have extra, and you come to the masjid, and you are going by and you see a surface and you wipe it, this is a good job for you. If it's something that would be nice for you to do, the cleaners will be doing it as a cause for themselves. keep increasing the washing of your hands and watch the videos that you see released by the public health services to learn how to wash your hands properly. also understand that this, this what we're talking about is not going to stop this a lot of us pantalla says that nothing will will

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affect us Ilana cassava lallana, except that which Allah has already written for us, it has happened before historically in this world, and to the Muslims as well. We know that containment and quarantine is an Islamic concept to try to protect ourselves as an Islamic concept to not be worried about the condition is an Islamic concept. And to accept the consequences is an Islamic concept. But to protect our weak is a requirement. And I also want to add that some of the messages are suggesting and I think it's a good idea that the elderly themselves and by that we mean the front row that they start to bring their own merciless vaginas which should be used and becomes theirs and

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theirs alone. And the reason for that is that maybe unfortunately, with this, with this virus, the symptoms are not very clear at the beginning. So it can be an incubation period, when you're reading about this incubation period of 1420 days, eight days. What it means is that a person is ill, but they can't, they're not suffering from any symptoms, and they are spreading it. So there will be people attending domestic who look okay, and they are spreading it. Now, if they're praying in such de and they're in the such that they're making this via and sometimes people make it forcefully and so on some people sometimes people call, we do not know how long the surfaces are keeping this jobs.

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Now it's a balance between going too extreme and a balance of doing nothing. You know, as the saying goes that before the event everything seems panic, and extreme. And then after the event, everything seems inadequate, right? So the event is going to come up a conversation. In a couple of months this entire country will be overrun by this, our aim has got to be to minimize the number of elderly that are hospitalized As a result, the majority will just get normal and then get back to normal health. This is not going to go away. By the way. Any we believe in the medical industry that this will become the fifth of the five seasonal flus called influenza and so on, it will become normal but by

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then vaccines will be available to vaccinate the elderly or we can't have now is a large population of elderly becoming ill. So I hope that you understand this advice by both myself and everybody else. There is not a requirement for you to shake hands please reduce that status. Now my requirements are like you said, If you feel that you might have the symptoms, please stay at home. And please avoid the rest of your family and be more aware that this idea you know a lot of people they're very proud of their beards, for example, always stroking always touching, start becoming super aware of this and reduce that anyway, that's a good habit anyway, that said he thinks a lot of

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contrast sends his trousers down to remind us of the things that we should be doing anyway. And the loss of countdown was that's not likely to happen.

Advice to Mosque attendees and those praying in their own homes as well during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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