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Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the meaning of a phrase used by Jesus Christ during his holy service. It describes the two versions of the phrase, one being a holy service and the other being a holy message. The phrase is used to describe the mercy of Jesus Christ's wrath, which is upon the Day of Resurrection.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen this little saintess phrase this one lie can be explained in one holy.

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When we we saw affair to home pray do we reflect upon this meaning?

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Do we really say Alhamdulillah here on biller alamy with understanding with reflection or if you say because we have to say it and we have to get out of pray as fast as possible.

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Or a man or

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two descriptions of Allah the Exalted to beautiful, perfect, excellent names for man his beautiful names, and these five words. Two names are derived from Rama, which is mercy.

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So, what is the difference between the two of them? They're both dear I found mercy or roughness, Rahman r Rahim, the scholars have mentioned the order of man is more intense than or Rahim or the man is endowed with mercy that extends to all creation in this world and to the believers only on the Day of Resurrection. As for Rahim, they had mentioned that it is the mercy is endowed only or extends only to the believers on the day of retribution.

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But Allah to Allah decreases when you resign or of men or of him when you recite this, know that Allah subhanho wa Taala. And his mercy predominates His wrath for indies when he created creation. He wrote in a book that is with him over the phone, over the phone as the Hadith mentions

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over his throne as the 100 mentions, he wrote, indeed, My Mercy predominates my wrath, Allah to Allah is that will merciful. He created mercy in 100 parts and how many paths descend to Earth? How many parts, one part of that 100 mercy and the like, but there's so much compassion, love, comfort, ease on this earth, one part, so much so that the animal who lived in poverty, no one fearing that it might stamp it and kill it.

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Just that one part of mercy,

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some kind of law

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and the remaining 99 is with Allah to Allah in favor of the believers on the Day of Resurrection.

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Maliki yo MIDI. What a beautiful for this, Maliki oma Dean,

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the master of masters, the King of kings, the Lord of law, the judge of judges.

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On a day of resurrection, he is the king. He is the sovereign. He's the one our wine

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because he's the Creator.

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On that day, Allah Allah will place the whole earth in one hand, he'll roll the heavens in the other hand, he'll raise it up high and say, I am the king.

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Where are the kings of the earth? Where are the arrogant Where are the tyrants?

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are another oration that mentions the Allah to Allah will place the mountains the trees on one finger, and here we shake him.

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Here we shake them and say, I am the king. I am en la, la, la, la.

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Maliki Yo,

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yo yo Kumar rule one Allah.

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Allah mana Illa man, Edina la hora, man Oh, Carla. So

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today, when the spirit and the angels You've ruined the angels stand forth in roles. No one on that day will say a word except he who Allah permits and he speaks me the truth.

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