Omar Suleiman – The Beginning And The End – EP 31 Interacting with Jinn

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the topic of marriage and marriage to the jinn, including the belief that women have rights on their partners and the use of snakes in communication. They emphasize the importance of avoiding offense and establishing the wife's rights. The speakers also stress the teaching that people should be considerate of bones and not do anything to bring their harm to them. Additionally, the speakers offer resources for viewers to access more episodes and videos.
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So there are two subjects that if you talk about in any community or in front of anybody, then then they'll love it, they'll eat it up marriage and gin. So I remember, there was once a chef, and I believe it was chef Woody, who said that, you know, instead of just talking about marriage separately, and Jen separately, might as well give a lecture about being married to a jinn and then you'll pack the house, right? Because those are two subjects that everyone wants to hear about. And it's very interesting because Subhanallah that's actually a subject that you find in the books of interaction, the fifth of dealing with jinn and so on so forth is the the sayings of their Anima,

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on, on, on marriage to jinn. And, you know, you talk about a lack of compatibility, right, when you talk about being of a different species, obviously, it's something that's hated. But there are actually people that would try to go out and some of them would even succeed in marrying a jinn that they become so acquainted with that realm, that that actually happens and actually once met a brother, you know, and I'm not, I'm not saying that, that, you know, he was truthful, and everything that he was saying here, but he was like, you know, I tried, I was married to a human being three times and it didn't work out. So I figured, let me go marry again, and that would work a little bit

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better, they give you a lot less trouble. And I'm like, Yeah, you're probably just talking to yourself, but okay, you know, no, no fee, there's nothing coming back to you from a gym. So the point being here, again, is that it's it's there, these types of discussions are there. But what's the first the absolute first thing that we talked about when we talk about anybody else, whether it's another creation, another species or people, the first thing as believers that we are to be concerned with is their right upon us? So when we talk about the jinn, the very first thing we should talk about After establishing who they are, is what are their rights upon us, just like the

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animals have rights upon us the jinn have right upon us the angels as we said, we shouldn't offend them, they have rights upon us. The jinn as well have rights upon us. And this is something that's well established in the Sunnah of the Prophet sly Salim. And the prophets lie Selim even gave us you know, orders and commands along those lines. So it also looks like Salah was approached by some jinn from around the Tigris River in general Jazeera, some that came from the tigress river, and they complain to the profits license them about something and the prophets lie Selim on the basis of that he gave certain commands and certain prohibitions so on one occasion the prophets lie Selim he

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prohibited the Arabs from an anyone in that case in the desert from urinating in random holes, because also loss license that those are actually habitats of the jinn. Those random holes in our model the law and who said that once the prophets lie Selim was delivering a sermon he was delivering a hope and he was mentioning certain snakes to be killed so the prophets lie Selim said if you see the trophy attain a little trophy attain means the snake that has two lines on the back it's a particular poisonous snake that the Arabs were familiar with. So the province license that if you see the trophy attain, if you see that snake, then you should kill it. And he said, if you see a

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laptop, a laptop or snakes that are that have a mutilated or short tail, again, something that the Arabs recognized as poisonous snakes, he said that you should kill those. But then later on even almost all the law and who said that you shouldn't kill allow honor right away or the law till boots and armor or the Why should we use are the house snakes they were used to seeing a particular type of house snake in their time that that didn't pose any harm, and it was very awkward snake. And the prophets lie Selim said, you should actually warn that snake and ask it to leave and the Arabs and the Muslims would actually do this and it would work, okay, because the prophets lysozyme said that

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those alhama those attributes, they actually tend to be jinn. So if they're not one of those harmful and poisonous snakes and realize if you're living in the desert,

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you encounter these types of animals all the time you encounter snakes and scorpions and so on all the time. So it's very easy to catch it at first sight. Well, so long, as I'm said, when you see those snakes that don't cause harm, instead of killing it, ask it to leave, right and give it a chance to leave because it could be one of the jinn. And they would have, you know, that right upon you. I'm loving Mr. Little, the love and he also said that the prophets lie Selim,

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you know, talked about Corinne, he talked about what the Quran has upon us and the Corinne is what Allah mentions in the poor and the jinn that is always around us. There's a jinn that particularly constantly whispers to us, the same way, that there's an angel that's constantly telling us to do good there. And that's also called the perine. And sort of a lot. pantalla calls this gin which is always an evil gin, the Korean is always an evil gin that tries to urge you to do evil and the prophets lie Selim. He says, ma'am, in common, I had an ill avocado, killaby Perino whom in Elgin, there is not a single one of you except that Allah Subhana Allah has caused that there's a Corinne

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from the gym that has stuck to you. And they said, even you Oh prophet of Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, Even me except that I

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Last Anahata Allah and Allah He for Aslam, last panatela supported me against him. And so he became Muslim fellow moderately elaborate height. So this Jin does not commend me or he doesn't advise me except with that which is good, you know the prophets lysosomes Jin actually accepted Islam and that was something from Allah subhanho to Allah. The prophet SAW Selim, he also mentioned to us, you know, when it comes to our food that we eat, he gave, you know, the jinn particular things that they could eat and the prophets I said, I'm taught us to be considerate of the bones that we throw and so on, so forth, because that's something that belongs to them. Now, as far as our interaction with

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them is concerned, you know, one thing we should not do is we shouldn't go to fortune tellers and people that that seem to be able to know something of the future, because are they in communication with the jinn, some of them are, but the prophets lie. Some said what they do is they communicate with the jinn. And those jinn You know, they're able to hear only a few things from the skies, they're able to hear something from from what's being said in the skies and so on so forth. Because after the Quran was revealed, the jinn were forbidden from exiting a semi dunya they're forbidden from exiting this heaven. So they hear very little information and the prophets lie Some said they

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will hear one thing, why is he Duffy hammer at a kettlebell but then they'll they'll add 100 lies to it and they'll give it to you then. So the soothsayer or the one who deals with the gin is not going to tell you the truth. So the Prophet slice I'm told us, he taught us not to go to those that interact with the jinn to try to figure anything out of the future, the Prophet slicin um, he also taught us a way of protecting ourselves from being seen by the jinn when we enter into the restroom. So the prophets lie some taught us to say that a llama in the arrow, the bigger man and hopefully we'll have a lot I seek refuge in You from from and hopefully we'll have both the male and the

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female jinn from seeing me at this point and Allah subhanaw taala he guards the believer as they enter into the restroom, and then obviously, as you come out, you would say, Veronica, you would seek the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa Tada. So it's, it's a matter it's a sensitive issue here of making sure that you don't do anything to bring their harm upon you. You don't do anything, you know, to offend them and at the same time, you protect yourself from their harm and from being seen by them in times when you shouldn't be seen by them and so on so forth.

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