Ridealong – How to Engage When They Draw Muhammad with Belal Khan

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The transcript discusses the recent Hamad incident where a man named Hamad was called in with his name on a paper and faced accusations of racism and internalized racism. The speaker also describes a woman named Elizabeth Jen in a video being insulted by a man in Mecca and how she was liked by a man in a bar. The discussion then shifts to a paper on Hiscuh's presentation of the Prophet Muhammad's presentation of the American University Program and creative ways to inform people about the program.

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Welcome to another ride along with a modern Bilal, we are here trying to make a Mars flight, which is less than 30 minutes away. That's it. 30 minutes away, we're about to turn. So hang on to your

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cell phones need to get myself

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stabilized stabilizer, not a stabilizer all those suction cup tripod thingies for the car, like four bucks on Amazon too.

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All right. So today's topic, we actually had recorded it

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right after the previous one, but then we ran out of battery seems every single time that the drama Hamad issue comes up people start people get baited. Unfortunately, you know, and it's just the easiest way for people to just insult the province of the lightest.

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And then boom, the Muslim world, props to Dallas, they didn't, they didn't take the bait the community there didn't attend or protest or anything like that, you know, I was reflecting on when they did the you know, even with the Charlie Hebdo attacks, or the drawings. It's a prophetic, the Prophet saw the lights and you know, he was insulted and he was ridiculed. Obviously, everybody knows that he was, you know, but in a particular instance he was, you know, they were calling him with them. Okay, Muhammad means the one who's worthy appraisement them and means the one who's worthy of blame. And so what they inverted the meaning of his name, what are the that's always come

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to my mind is that the arguments that people use today and the you know, whether you want to call it slander, or disrespect, or just or whatever, is it something that's ever new?

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I mean, I don't think anything is known.

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I don't think anything is new, but just what's new is that the province of lies and them isn't alive.

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And so he has the option to

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forgive whoever he wishes, right. But after the province alias, and then his death, slander.

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You know, you can't really forgive on people's behalf. Trophies, you know, saying it's offensive people. Obviously, Muslims are deeply offended every time the province on the line is in them is is insulted. But just something beautiful that was from his life is that during one of those instances where he was being called in with them in Mecca,

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he says to a worker, and he says to him, isn't it amazing how Eliza Jen has channeled the insults of Qureshi away from me? Right? The one who they're making fun of his name isn't with him. And my name is Muhammad.

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Right? So it's just like, it's literally just like, you know, water off of his backs and allies, and you know, they're insulting them. And that's not even why I am. And so I was reminded of that, when I was seeing some of these images, some of these drawings that they drew of the province of lights, and, and because the ones that they're drawing, isn't him,

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it's not him, like, it's the easiest thing in the world, you just look up his description, you know, and try to, but he like, a lot as we get channeled their insults even away from the image of the province and the lies and so the ones that they draw are more reflective of their own, like, you know, their racism, their own internal like

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it's not even a description of the province of Alliance, like bushy eyebrows, ugly little beard, you know, lightning in his eyes. I mean, the question that also comes up though, is like I granted, they totally got his description wrong, what would be the appropriate response? Which is somebody just straight up hating on you. Well, you got into a stupid Twitter beef last night with some woman for no reason. I was just joining in on the ring with

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for no reason some lady in India who's obviously hate filled and you decide to appropriate response, I think is to ignore

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it. Funny thing is she, she blocked me.

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Because she realized that you have more time than she does.

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That's what happens when you're rendering video. I was doing research for Consumer Behavior class, when I was in college, and

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university, the online databases, they have a whole bunch of different white papers and things like that. So apparently, somebody and this was actually published on just door J, us or J OS, you know what I'm talking about the there's an online database of academic kind of where it is if they pay good money to get access to it. But anyways, my research and I came across this paper, where somebody was talking about how do you respond or what would be the appropriate response to back when the US Supreme Court put together a frieze of different influencers in history that they I guess admired, and and contributed to society, right. So they have like different you know,

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People like I guess Hercules is one of them I might be completely wrong. But among them they have a frieze representing the Prophet Muhammad salah. And the reason they did it was in honor of him being the greatest legislature legislator that mankind has seen, we don't advocate nor do we approve of imagery being created the property, or any profit for that matter. So, but the question was, how do you respond to him, and it was interesting, it was a sad chef, that had been responded. They had responded and it was documented in that research. And he's basically saying that listen, I mean, these guys are intent is not to insult in fact, is to honor. Right. So that's one thing. The second

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thing is it's like, I mean, they did it. They commissioned it, we really have no say in it. It was interesting, though, he followed that up with actually giving the real description of the property. And it just went on. I think, also, you can be creative. Like, for example, here in Houston, Hakeem Olajuwon

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huge basketball star, took Houston to two finals, part of the I don't know if he's gonna go to the finals anymore after that, but

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they wanted to he wanted to finals for them to championships. And so he's a huge figure here. And they had wanted to create a statue of him outside of the Oh, yeah. Okay.

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David, from Michael Jordan, Chicago. Yeah, exactly. And so because he's Muslim,

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he was able to avoid that. And so when you go there, you're able to there's a statue of his jersey? Oh, nice. Outside of the United Center, not the United Center. Not the data center at the stadium. Oh, the stadium itself. Okay.

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And so he is. So that's like a creative way for you to get avoid these types of things. So I think creativity is well you gotta hand it to those guys who responded with draw Mohammed day with their own draw somebody they don't they, they they know, as Muhammad. I mean, I thought it was kind of clever.

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But I mean, that's more or less. I mean, appropriately, it was a response. But it wasn't something that's proactive. I guess the question that comes up then is, how do you

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know, I'm just saying that brings up the other issue, which is, you know, from our Octo heart place, because you're drawing somebody else and then it comes to the discussion. Oh, then you have the whole other 50 issue like, who are you? What are you drawing?

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Haram? Yeah. And the

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discussion. The question that comes up is I What are some creative ways that you can engage with people at the same time let people know about and inform and educate people about who the problem is? Just cinemas?

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Yeah, that's a good question. What do you guys think? Love to hear your thoughts are almost at the airport. Let's see if a man makes his flight. Peace.