The Consequences of Your Actions

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And now that same word is being used for these people, and they're being pulled the time to have suburb and it has some value was in this life

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what to what it means to

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then the Quran Allah never lets it go to waste. When does butyl highroller come even in the worldly sense, some man young man who really has a lot of desires, he wants to get married but he can't get married. He can't afford to get married yet. Allah says to him, Well undisputable, halal local, instead of marrying someone, let have less character, if you just can be sub have sub, but it's better for you. If you can have somebody it will be better for you. So even that someone will lead to something better. And of course, the biggest one was below in Allah Azza Burien have Subhan Allah is with those who have suffered. So sub Rosa one of the highest qualities the climax of Soto hacer

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la La Nina Aman, why middle Salekhard, whatever. So we'll help and the top of it all, what also be subdued. And now that same word is being used for these people, and they're being pulled the time to have server, and it has some value was in this life.

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When sub had value, everything that used to have value here has no value there. You see doba used to have value here. Dovan Judgment Day has no value. believing in Allah has value here, believing in Allah and judgment day has no value. You see,

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asking Allah to get another chance in this life has value asking Allah for another chance on that life has no value.

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So everything that used to have value here doesn't have everything that used to

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even in the material sense, wealth used to have value children used to have value, these things have value on Judgment Day. Allah says even if you try to give me the entire world, there won't be any good, you can't save you, that doesn't have value anymore. And so someone has a lot of value in this life.

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And then the co founder told this is the subject you, you needed a lot less stubborn in this life, a lot less. And you could have avoided this. But now if you didn't want to have somebody in this life, well then enjoy having supper or not in the next life. This middle, I will let us middle self Salam aleikum. And finally, in nama to design Quantum Time Alone, the last piece of this, which is to me a very powerful piece of the IR. So I want you to understand the difference between in NEMA to rizona Bhima, Quantum Time balloon, and in number two, zona. Now Quantum Time balloon, there is one of them I read with a B. Yeah. But the eye doesn't have a B. Okay, so what's the difference if the B was

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there, or the beat was not there.

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If the buyer is there, it actually means you are being paid, you are being rewarded based on what you did.

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Okay, so for example, give you an easy example at work. You're being given this money based on your, your performance, you're again being given this promotion based on your work, you're being given this grade and school based on your term paper, you understand. So based on this, you get this.

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But this is not with a BA, this is without a BA actually it means this is exactly what you did that you're being given.

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You're not being given something based on your actions, you are actually being given your actions themselves.

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Like you thought your actions were playing around, but your actions themselves were fire.

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Allah describes this and other places have murkiness totally unphysical This is the treasure you gathered for yourselves sarcastically he says, this is actually the treasure you gathered for yourselves in a little place in the Quran, he says about people who steal money from orphans, right? They're supposed to take care of the orphan but they steal their money instead. And they eat it for themselves in nama. Yeah, coluna Phoebe Tony him Nara. They're only putting fire in their belly.

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So they're actually putting chicken in their belly, or they're putting fish in their belly or rice in their belly. But the reality of that chicken is it's not chicken at all. It's not rice at all. It's actually fire. So Allah is redefining something in this world by the Acuras definition.

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I know that's a hard concept to understand the way I can think of it as you know how sometimes you have like these X ray glasses, like the X ray machine at the airport, and you can see the insides of your laptop. Like Whoa, that looks cool. Right? Or they can see how dirty your packing is.

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especially when they say open it up. I like

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my socks were on top

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so, the thing is, the outside of it is just joking around.

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But the inside reality of it is, it was actually the march towards hell. You're being given exactly what you did

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not based on what you did, this is what you did. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job at Vienna is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section