Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Minimalist Attitude

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of Islam and the "ored up feeling" of people traveling for business to avoid deaths. They stress the need for minimalist thinking and the danger of being recognized as a minimalist. The "ored up feeling" is essential for avoiding deaths and avoiding the danger of being recognized as a minimalist.
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I'm a little bit early I mean Senegal so there are a lot of interview and we're sitting while it was I was made that I was rounded

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elements and a woman marva

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Guna filaria with a formula bajo una de Sevilla.

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ravine people sala de kado la Santa Monica de Malian fusi comin hiding Desi Doreen Allah who acquired Oh Raja was stopped for Allah in allow for a

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my brother's an elder I find myself when you notice that in his beautiful layouts, what does that mean? And the is the Tafseer of it is very beautiful and so on, we will not go into the details of that, but the part of the ayah which I recited

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the last thing that we know

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with regard to desire is with regard to worship Allah Serrano's Allah, and Allah says that Allah, Allah knows that some of you may be sick when komaba analysis

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Allah and some of you are traveling in the earth searching for the father, no one has ran out

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to traveling in the earth for reasons of business and for earning a living and so on. Aurora yoga therapy is available.

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And some of you are participating in judge visa visa,

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which is the highest form of

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what is the last one that is even after that sakara omada cerami

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even for all of this, even if you are sick even if you are traveling for the sake of business, even if you're fighting in the battle as rhinos data, read some of the horror and reside some of the poorer whatever you can do conveniently and easily. Then will Aki Masada

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aka the four iron of Islam do not get canceled because you are sick or because you say well you see I'm fighting in the bottlenose Rhino That is why should I pray? I'm already doing something which is

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the highest form of the button.

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There is nothing which cancels out the file. Okay, Masato Sokka and then

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wackernagel law

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what is a Corolla

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it is saga cart and Hydra, which is in addition to the car,

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because I already mentioned

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Walker's Ola Kanaka. And what in addition to that, Alice's give more mama Lucas, the Boolean Fujiko whatever you set in the volume,

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the mooli unmusical mean, that is over in the law. You will find it without regard and as much better states because Allah will reward you and give you more.

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inshallah German and Dallas is what was taught through law

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as the forgiveness of Allah,

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who's forgiven as well as Rosa, even the one who is fighting in the path of Allah subhanaw taala, who has established the salah, who has paid Zakat and was given sadaqa in addition to saga must ask the forgiveness of Allah

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to ask the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala after doing good deeds is a sign of Eman is a sign of decoy

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and inshallah it is the way in which we begin the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala that vial of blood what is the last piece of the eye in a la hora a?

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very relevant for

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my brother I remind myself when you will because today we are used to a very minimalist thinking with regard to Islam. When it comes to the things to do with Allah subhanaw taala we'll search for loopholes and we search for escape routes to try to do the minimum possible.

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minimum possible

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we pray for karma and we do not pray this woman

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that for the law we will not bring the Muslim bread anywhere.

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We do not break the hijab we not prayed often. We pay the guy two and a half percent that's it.

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minimalist thinking. We go for Amara we spend a lot of money traveling from far off lands to go all the way to Makkah to make Amara and then when it comes to do Halak to shave your head, you will not tell you how to cut your hair and you realize it was de la

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la What about the Hardys or

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where is it? May Allah forgive the man who shaved his head

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and somebody Arizona What about the one who gets you there?

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The restaurant May Allah forgive the man who shaves his head, yams Allah, whatever. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive the man who shaved his head. We are Salah, what about the man who catches it also?

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We are thankful to the Sahaba watching the question again and again so that you got your excuse of cutting your hair

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but three times Allah the mercy of Allah tala clearly he's making that may Allah so Allah this oma cannot even cut it there for the sake of Allah today. How will you get your head?

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How will you stand the water before these the enemies of Allah and sacrifice your life you can't even sacrifice the hair on your head.

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in that election analogy, people go for Hutch. They go for heart they undergo all the puja and then they go and take a haircut they will not shave the head at the end.

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So hot

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the hot water when it comes to Allah minimalist thinking the minimum possible you want to do but when it comes to yourself

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we what we eat too much we drink too much. We build bigger, big houses which we don't need. We buy cars which we don't need.

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Everything has to be more more more, more more for ourselves.

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But when it comes to the

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minimalists, what is the meaning of this? minimalist thinking is the surest sign that there is something since severely wrong with our appraiser and our cane with regard to the upper

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because if you believe if you seriously believe

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the Boolean Fujiko min criterion that is a horrendous law. If you sincerely believe this,

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at the level of Jeopardy in which we should believe that whatever we said before, we are going to find it in a much better situation with a lot Renata, if we sincerely believe this, that we would live the lives of the top

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we will live the life of the Sahaba so Allah in the depths of the depths of our nano when there was vanilla coming into Medina from all over the place, gold and silver, silver and all that the lab used to be worried there are stories of the Zara going double minute and crying when our moment would give them seven armor is to give us especially to the buttery bizzabo mother used to give you know a lot of vanilla gifts. People used to refuse

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people's reviews and why do you refuse is that because I don't want to take everything here I want my reward with Allah subhanaw taala while giving me this give it to somebody else. I don't want this

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I don't want to take the reward here. I don't want gold I don't want

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anybody coming in the room is coming to them as a gift from Neville momineen that

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this is a no we don't want to take it back. We don't want to take into this world we want him to be able

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to convince them that look this is this does not affect your rocket engine Allah will give you the opera bow. This is this is the Bashar Coronavirus. So please accept.

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Seriously minimalist thinking is an indicator. It's a very very big danger sign it's a huge red flag. It is flashing red lights.

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But if you're blind you can see the red lights or the red flags. Like he was the was the end of the season. This is the biggest time that we're that Barack, the Acura and the champagne and so on of the after is either very weak or it does not exist.

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Malan Davis, my brothers, please understand this very carefully. I keep on talking about the beard. You know why? Because this is a greatest indicator of the love for hope for Bahama, Salalah Thompson and so on. I think about this in the month of Ramadan, when this has been a change

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when the power of the shutdown is weakened,

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even at that time of the shutdown still have enough power to make you shave your beard to make you deliberately every single morning deliberately break so now

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ask yourself what will happen to you on the day when you are dying?

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Because the time when you are dying

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that will come with his full power.

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He will come with his full power because that is the last moment. If he gets you out that day he has you forever.

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And if he loses you on that day that he has locked you Wherever

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he will come with his full power.

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In 100, this desert Jetta will come in the in the form of your mother or father was passed away.

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And they will come and tell you this after the knowledge nothing did I know that

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you can't even really shed them in rabada

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yo under his head not on the on your deathbed

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please wake up, wake up.

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We need the help all of manual data to to fight said that Allah God that the first time we law ministry that God asked for the protection of Allah Vegeta.

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Fight the agenda

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for that is

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that you become his enemy, fight the

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fight the children, do not go into tsunamis and

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do not disobey Allah subhanho data, get rid of this minimalist thinking, do more for the sake of Allah subhanho data, not just what is more, do more than the part come to the masjid early pray to

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sit and wait for the Salah, read the Quran, all of this is counted as part of Salah do the part after that reason.

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And then you go home and that will give you the reward more of this I can understand on a particular day you are in a hurry and so on so forth is a different matter.

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But we do it rather than

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what about the monarch will not will

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be preferred only.

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What about fasting on Mondays and Thursdays? Who is going to do that?

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Do these things do these things because these are the things which are the protection against that these are the things which get us close to Allah subhanho data so that when the time comes when we are on our at the at the moment of our death,

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then we can rely on the survival data. Where is that?

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even go Allah Allah.

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He says we are close to what you cannot see us. And we can then rely on the help of another $100 to fight the shots and at that moment to give us so that we will have the trophy to make Toba and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make that time moment of our completely secure projector, and to give us a chance to make Toba and to access our Toba and do that to enter as the two gentlemen for those who are but for that we have to make effort here and make effort now and make a clear intention and say I will not disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I will not break the sun of individual a man, no matter who says what.

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No matter who says what. Because whoever is telling you, whoever is trying to influence you to break the tsunami is not going to come with you and you are believing.

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Why are you bothered about their opinion?

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Why are you bothered about the opinion of people who are dissuaded? Why are you bothered about the opinion of somebody who just wanted to break the tsunami?

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You should not even have to

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worry about the people who love Allah? What about the people who love amasa worry about their opinion, don't worry about opening up people who don't have they do not even understand

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why what about them? This minimalist thinking let us get out of our mind, let us do the most we can one was run over because that is what I was saying in the forum. And the I gave you that at the end, I'm not giving you my opinion. I'm giving you the end of the

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day, even if you're fighting in the

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complete the fight, and then do both.

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And you will find this in a much better form with a loved one odor. And this is what we look forward to. And we are going

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to do this to make it easy for us and then to accept this ama from us, because we will make Toba and it's the part and turn towards Allah and begged him to accept this ama from us. Because it is not our eyes on Allah that He should accept the AMA. It is Allah right on us that we should do the AMA, but we have no authority

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and therefore we will not be in his ministry German country adequately when olaya bruiser Viola that era we have we have we have dragged us out of the Opera House and we make no one in the back. Oh we are not please accept this comment from us. And this is what we are fellas Ronald Bella was a la la la la la linea wasabia

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